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Deep Purple Mk8  Ian Gillan: December Letter On Caramba  *24.12.04*

Ian Gillan has posted a letter to his fans at www.gillan.com, which includes some his plans for 2005... these include a TV/ DVD documentary celebrating his 40 years of touring, new recordings of tracks from those years, and a book based on his website. Ian is recording a CD in America during February, and this will feature new versions of many of his favourite Deep Purple tracks from over the years, as well as other bands he's been in. He aims to cover one song from every album he's ever sung on. The DVD is expected later this year and according to Ian: 'Joe Satriani, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Sir Tim Rice, Claud Nobs (Funky Claude), Luciano Pavarotti, Joe Elliott, Jon Lord, the current Purple Guys and many others have generously given time for the camera. The team - producer Craig, along with camera and sound men, Barry and Brian - has gone to extraordinary lengths to capture material for what Craig confidently claims will be the best ever Rock Documentary.' JR #700136 (thanks to Steve Campbell)

Deep Purple Mk8  The Wall Street Journal  *14.12.04*

In the Friday December 10th edition of the Wall Street Journal, there's a large article on Deep Purple and their popularity in Russia. There's even a picture (drawing) of Ian Gillian on the front page. An excerpt: 'Fans like Ekaterina Naumova, 17, say the band has an appeal for young people, because the harsh, hard-rock sound fits well in a country of industrial wasteland and frozen, crumbling cityscapes. Ms. Naumova came to hear the band at the Soviet-built hall of the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy, and she burst into tears at the sound of guitarist Steve Morse's solo in "Well-Dressed Guitar." "Children of Russia are brought up on this music, and I think correctly," she said. "It is already a part of our past and our culture." ' Jim Kennedy #700135

Deep Purple Mk8  Page & Plant  *8.12.04*

Brighton's daily newspaper The Argus carried a report on November 24th that: "Deep Purple, who played at the Brighton Centre last Tuesday night, belted out all their greatest hits to an appreciative crowd and two very special guests. Led Zeppelin stars Jimmy Page and Robert Plant came along to the sell out gig but after being begged to get on stage and join their old muckers they declined, preferring to watch along with the fans." Tim Summers #900134 (thanks to Vince Brightling)

Deep Purple Mk8  BBC Radio Special  *29.11.04*

There's a show on BBC Radio 2 this Thursday at 9:00pm GMT: 21:00. "Masters of Rock". 'Bruce Dickinson traces the evolution of hard rock. Ian Gillan: The story of Ian Gillan's time as lead singer of Deep Purple, from the early days of conflict and walk-outs to today's new material.' Radio 2 is also available via cable and satellite TV in the UK, and is available on the net at the BBC website www.bbc.co.uk/radio2 - both as a live-stream and sometimes as a temporarily-available repeat on the site's "Radio Player". Nick Naylor #900133 (thanks to Mike Woodward)

Deep Purple Mk8  Holiday 2005  *23.11.04*

Although 2005 was originally slated as a gap year, there are some limited concert appearances now planned. Canada in June, Greece and Istanbul in July, Asia in November, with India also possible. None of these are as yet confirmed but we'll bring you more news as and when. The band, plus producer Michael Bradford plan to spend February working on ideas for the next studio album, and Gillan will also cut a new solo CD. There will be a 90 minute documentary on Gillan's career on TV in 2005 too. SR#700132

Deep Purple Mk8    South American Release Dates  *21.11.04*

The LIVING LOUD 2 x DVD package was officially released in BRAZIL / South America on 10th November, with the CD following on Friday 26th November. There is also a single DVD verison and double pack.  DT#700131

Deep Purple Mk8  UK Tour 2004  *updated 5.11.04*

Deep Purple are set to tour Britain with a series of triple bill shows in November, following the success of the Deep Purple / Lynyrd Skynyrd / The Darkness match in 2003. Support acts this time are Thunder (who played on a European date in late 2003) Peter Frampton, and ex-Gillan guitarist Dean Howard (who plays all shows except Plymouth) and Blue On Black (Plymouth only). The timetable (at least for Glasgow and Newcastle is: 6:00 doors open / 6:45-7:05 Dean Howard Project / 7:20-7:50 Thunder / 8:10-9:00 Peter Frampton / 9:30 Deep Purple. MR#9001172

Deep Purple Mk8    Gap Year  *31.10.04*

Deep Purple plan to take 2005 off as a touring band, following their most successful tour since Morse joined. The band, plus producer Michael Bradford plan to spend February working on ideas for the next studio album, and Gillan will also cut a new solo CD. There will be a 90 minute documentary on Gillan's career on TV in 2005 too. SR#700130 (Thanks to Adrian Smith).

Deep Purple Mk8  Russian Tour Letters  *17.10.04*

Steve Morse's latest letters from the road can be found at www.stevemorse.com, both written during Deep Purple's current Russian tour. An excerpt: "Gigs have gone very well. All sold out, and very attentive audiences, who are also willing to be quiet in the occasional mellow moment. One time a child was walking up to the front of the stage to offer a piece of paper to be autographed. The police guard started to do his usual pushing back, but Ian Gillan gestured for her to go ahead and he signed it, to the applause of the entire audience."   Daniel Bengtsson #700129

Deep Purple Mk8  Basel For TV  *updated 21.09.04*

Deep Purple's show at the Festival Hall, Basel on November 14th was recorded for Swiss TV show "AVO Session". One hour of Deep Purple's set aired in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland on the 3Sat channel on the night of Friday 6th August / early hours Saturday 7th at 1.15 am CET (12.15am BST). Deep Purple on 'AVO Session' is being shown on Swiss TV channel SF2 on Saturday, September 25th from 22.40 to 23.40. Kurt Senn #700744

Deep Purple Mk8  Rockline & Dream Ticket  *30.08.04*

Roger Glover is one of the featured guests on the nationally syndicated US radio show 'Rockline', airing on Wednesday, September 1st. The live show begins at 8.30pm.BR PT, and 11.30 p.m. ET. Fans are encouraged to call in with questions during the program at (800) 344-ROCK (7625). For more information on how to listen in visit www.rocklineradio.com. (thanks to Blabbermouth.net) Deep Purple also feature on BBC 6 Music's 'Dream Ticket' on 1st Sept. No details on where / when the concert is from, in the past they have been cut-down 1970s 'In Concert' appearances.   MR#900126

Deep Purple Mk8  US Tour With Joe Satriani  *20.08.04*

Deep Purple's August / September North American Tour got underway on August 10th in Montreal. The support acts on the package are Thin Lizzy and Joe Satriani. Jim Nowicki caught the show in Holmdel, and reports that the band are in top form:
"Deep Purple were outstanding. The sound quality was superb and the set list perfect (although it could have been about 6 hours longer). Ian Gillian was in very good voice and the rest of the band top notch. They showed their total professionalism by improvising through a guitar/amp malfunction on Steve Morse's gear. Bottom line- these guys are something becoming rare in today's music scene, master professional musicians. I really can't say enough about this band. Long Live Deep Purple!"  DB#900128

Deep Purple Mk8  Steve Morse: Connections  *4.08.04*

Dream Theater keyboard player Jordan Rudess' new solo album "Rhythm of Time" will be released by Magna Carta on August 31st, 2004. The album features Joe Satriani and Steve Morse (among others) on guitar, Dave LaRue on bass, and Rod Morgenstein on drums. I don't know how involved Steve is - or Satriani come to that - 2 DP connections for the price of one... TS#900127

Deep Purple Mk8  Cancellations & Changes  *14.07.04*

Deep Purple's current European tour has been further shortened by the cancellation of shows in Italy on July 14th, and Portugal on July 18th. Meanwhile, two of the September US shows (Concord & Sacramento) have switched days. See our updated tour dates list. NY#900126 (thanks to Bettina Demus)

Deep Purple Mk8  European Festival Dates   *updated 25.06.04*

Deep Purple have been lined up to play a number of European festival dates in June and July 2004. Two of the German dates (Lennestadt and Leipzig) have recently been cancelled, and we now hear that the Midfyns Festival in Denmark has had to be called off, apparently due to poor ticket sales, with the 14,000 needed out of reach. The organisers have filed for bankrupcy. The Roskilde Festival, scheduled for July 4th (and not featuring Deep Purple), has offered entry to Midtfyns ticket holders. See our latest tour dates. A replacement Deep Purple show for June 26th has been lined up at the Ringsted Kongrescenter. Midtfyns Festival tickets will not be after all be valid for the show, but a refund will be available. Jan Møller Hedelin #9001093

Deep Purple Mk8  Steve Morse:   Guitar Workshop In Iceland  *8.06.04*

Steve Morse will host a guitar workshop on June 24th in Reykjavik, Iceland, at FIH, Raudagerdi 27. 'FIH' stands for the Musicans Union of Iceland, and they have a hall which seats around 300. The event is being done in co-op with Ernie Ball / Music Man and Tónabúdina in Iceland. Finnbogi Marinosson #900122

Deep Purple Mk8  Ian Paice: Drum & Guitar Clinic  *updated 31.05.04*

Ian Paice took part in a "drum & guitar clinic" in Amstetten, Austria on May 25th at Waidhofnerstrasse 58, 3300 Amstetten. The show was photographed, and reviewed for us (German language only) by Gerhard Jahnel: DPAS Live Review: Ian Paice - Amstetten, May 25th 2004. Ian was then off to 'Planet Music Wien' at 9pm for what's listed as a 'Drumming Battle... Ian Paice & Bernhard Welz with the Zvonko Kaintner Band'. Further dates in Croatia and Slovenia were also planned. GJ#900118

Deep Purple Mk8  Ian Paice: Never Before  *25.05.04*

According to Rhythm magazine (June), Paicey is scheduled to appear at a drum clinic on Monday 21st June at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon. The event is being organised by The London Drum Company (www.londondrumcompany.co.uk), and via their website: /www.fairfield.co.uk. Tickets are £12 and available direct from Fairfield Halls (tel: 020 8688 9291). The bill also features Feeder’s Mark Richardson, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith (who is apparently a big Ian Paice fan!). Mark Brandon #9001212

Deep Purple Mk8  Living Loud: Living Loud Live  *16.04.04*

Living Loud are doing two late night shows right after Deep Purple's gigs in Melbourne and Sydney. They are exclusive to Deep Purple Australian tour ticket holders, who can purchase tickets to see the shows. The venues are: Melbourne Metro on 25th April, and Sydney Stage 11 (Fox Studios) on 26th April. Both clubs are close by to where Deep Purple will be playing. These will be the band's debut. As DP like to get off early these days, it shouldn't be too late a night!  NY/DT#900119

Deep Purple Mk8   Don Airey: Fuze Interview  *9.03.04*

The Fuze have a new Don Airey interview on their site, conducted by Todd Seely. It includes Don's description of being asked to join Deep Purple: "I’d come home from a gig in London at two in the morning, and there was a message from Bruce Payne – ‘Please ring me. Very urgent.’ I phoned him up and said “What do you want, this time of the morning?” He said “Purple want you to join.” I said “Ok!” So at two o’clock in the morning I had whiskey. He said “It’s a done deal. We’ll sort it out next year.”
Read the full interview at www.the-fuze.com.
Todd Seely #900115

Deep Purple Mk8   Canadian TV Appearance *updated 28.02.04*

Deep Purple appeared on Canadian TV, Friday, February 27th, at midnight, on The Mike Bullard Show, a five nights a week talk show on the Global Television Network. The programme was taped in front of a studio audience at the Global Theatre at The Esplanade in Toronto. Purple performed 'Highway Star' and 'Silver Tongue' live. Bullard also had a short chat with Ian Paice. NY #9001151 thanks to Carl Valentine

Deep Purple Mk8  Letter From America  *28.02.04*

Steve Morse's latest letter from the road is online now at his official website. In it Steve discusses Deep Purple's current North American tour: "In Galveston, some of the NASA astronauts and families of the Columbia STS107 disaster attended our concert. We shared some fine moments of greeting, conversation, and exchanging some momentos. Outside, though, was the most partying crowd. It was their Mardi Gras festival, with everyone drinking and standing. It was a sad decision to not play "Contact Lost". In a large outdoor space like that, spread over several blocks, it's impossible to get everyone's attention, and especially to get them to come to nearly complete silence for a couple of minutes." See www.stevemorse.com to read the rest - tales of having beads chucked on stage, of Joe Satriani joining the band onstage and more... MM #9001145 with thanks to Daniel Bengtsson

Deep Purple Mk8  American Tour News  *updated 24.02.04*

Deep Purple's current US / Canadian tour has certainly included a few surprises. At the third date (Warfield Theater, San Francisco on February 11th), a sell-out crowd witnessed Ian Gillan inviting "all former members of Purple in the house" up on stage for the encore. Joe Satriani joined them for 'Black Night', see our Photo Gallery for pictures of the event! At The Wiltern, Los Angeles, on February 14th 'Speed King' replaced 'Black Night' as final encore. Bananas producer Michael Bradford and 'Haunted' backing vocalist Beth Hart joined the band for 'House Of Pain', with Bradford and his guitar reappearing at encore time for 'Hush'. Live Review + set list : The Wiltern, Los Angeles, Feb 14th 2004. PJ #9001141

Deep Purple Mk8  Guitar Techniques   *16.02.04*

The Dixie Dregs are/were in the February 2004 issue of "Guitar Techniques" magazine. It's a tuition magazine with 14 pages of the musical score for "Take It From The Top". There's also two pages of technical guitar information with a photo of the band (including Steve), plus a nice full page photo of Steve with his signature blue Music Man guitar. There's a free CD which includes the full track, and backing tracks 1 and 2. The magazine is priced £4.99 and has Angus Young on the cover. Martin Burton #900114

Deep Purple Mk8  Bradford On Bananas  *updated 13.02.04*

Mike Eriksson at the Swedish DPAS interviewed Michael Bradford late last year. The full interview can be read in the new issue of Darker Than Blue. An excerpt : "I had actually written "Walk On" some time ago, but I never had a use for it. I played it on guitar for Ian and Roger, and they really liked it. Ian re-wrote the lyrics in a way that made the song flow better, and had removed some of the bitterness of my original lyrics. In rehearsal, I started the song off by playing that little rhythm part that gets the groove going. We did it that way for so long, that we cut it that way as well. That left Steve able to do the other stuff while the track was going down."   Mike Eriksson #700791

Deep Purple Mk8  What A Cover!  *16.02.04*

The current issue of "Rhythm" magazine (issue 96, March 2004, price £4.50) has a 7 page interview with Ian Paice in which he discusses his time in Deep Purple, his influences, and how he got into drumming. He's also featured on the cover. The magazine comes with a free CD which includes Fireball twice, with and without the drums. Both are without vocals. The one with drums has them high in the mix. Ian's also pictured (though very small) alongside a host of other drummers in the free Pearl magazine that also comes with the issue. And there's a John Bonham fold-out poster too. The whole lot comes wrapped in a clear plastic bag. Martin Burton #900113 (thanks Martin!)

Deep Purple Mk8  Return To Oz   *11.02.04*

Deep Purple look almost certain to play April dates in Australia, taking in Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney , Melbourne and Adelaide. Although venues are yet to be decided , there may also be the possibility of a "festival event" to finish off the tour. Stay tuned. DT#900112

Deep Purple Mk8  Living Loud   *updated 11.02.04*

The recently recorded Bob Daisley project which was working under the title 'The Meek' will release their debut album as .. .. Living Loud. The band features Daisley along with Lee Kerslake (ex Ozzy Osbourne band), Jimmy Barnes and Steve Morse. Jon Lord did not take part, instead Don Airey added keyboard parts. The first single will be 'In The Name of God', written by Barnes, Daisley, Kerslake and Morse, due for release in late March. The album, 'Relentless' will be released through Liberation Records in Australia, in April. The album cover has not been finalised either , but the first drafts can be seen here. You can check out www.deeppurple.com.au regularly for the artwork development. The tracklisting is: 1/ Last Chance, 2/ I Don't Know*, 3/ Every Moment A Lifetime, 4/ Crazy Train*, 5/ In The Name Of God, 6/ Flying High Again*, 7/ Pushed Me Too Hard, 8/ Mr Crowley*, 9/ Tonight*, 10/ Walk Away, 11/ Over The Mountain*. It includes six songs (marked with asterisks) which were originally recorded by Ozzy Osbourne but written by Daisley. According to Bob Daisley's website: "There are five new original songs written by Steve, Jimmy, Lee and Bob together which fit right in with the old classics. The total recording took just 15 days, which in this day and age seems like a miracle." Check out www.bobdaisley.com for more details, plus a photo gallery from the sessions. DT/SR#9001045, thanks to undercover.com.au

Deep Purple Mk8  Slash & Burn   *10.02.04*

There's a major feature (about 20 pages) on shred guitarists for the March issue of 'Record Collector' magazine in the UK,, featuring interviews with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and John Petrucci, plus a long and very funny one with Yngwie Malmsteen. There's also a major discog. on him, plus mini ones for nine other artists featured (Satch, Vai, Chris Impelliteri, David Chastain, Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine and Paul Gilbert). The issue is due out on February 19th. Copies can be ordered via janice.mayne@metropolis.co.uk. DB#900111, thanks to Tim Jones / Record Collector.

Deep Purple Mk8  Start Of The North American Tour   *9.02.04*

Deep Purple began their latest North American jaunt in Vancouver on Sunday, Feb.8th. The set list for the first half was: Silver Tongue / Woman From Tokyo / I Got Your Number / Strange Kind Of Woman / Bananas / Knocking At Your Back Door / Contact Lost / Well Dressed Guitar / House Of Pain / Perfect Strangers. The second half (introduced by vintage band photos projected on a screen) consisted of all seven tracks from the Machine Head album (performed minus in-between song intros) plus When A Blind Man Cries. Encores: Hush / Black Night. Joy Pettit #900110, photo by Daniele Purrone

Deep Purple Mk8  2004 North American Tour   *updated 2.01.04*

So far fourteen shows have been lined up for Deep Purple's 2004 North American tour, kicking off in Vancouver, British Columbia on February 8th. Thin Lizzy will be the support act for most (and perhaps all) of the shows. Tickets are on sale now, and we'd advise you to get in there quickly_ the Toronto show (February 26th) apparently sold out within fifty minutes! Promotion for the tour is rather unexpected, reports from Canada say that it's being advertised as the 'Machine Head Tour', indeed it's now emerging that the band are due to play the Machine Head album in its entirety, followed by a selection of newer material. MA #9001101 (thanks to Vince Chong & Bruce Enfield) Photo by D.Purrone

Deep Purple Mk8  Tribute Show In Italy   *2.01.04*

Don Airey is due to play a show in Italy on January 23rd at the Cinema Moderno, Montecosaro Scalo. He'll be joining the Perfect Strangers band for a 'tribute to his career', featuring music from his time with Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake and others. DB #900111 (thanks to Francesco Caporaletti).

Deep Purple Mk8  Documentary On Welsh TV   *updated 9.12.03*

The Roger Glover TV documentary (see our earlier report from July) was aired as a half-hour long 'Wales This Week' special on ITV1 Wales, on Thursday, December 4th, at 11pm. Filmed during the summer, and at Deep Purple concerts in Dublin, Glasgow and Liverpool, it featured interviews with Roger Glover, Ian Gillan and Ian Paice, as well as with Roger's wife and his mother. NY#9001082 thanks to Craig Hooper

Deep Purple Mk8   In The Magazine Rack *updated 8.10.03*

• Guitarist - "The November edition celebrating 35 years of Deep Purple amounts to a 10-page article, "Purple Reign": 2pgs intro/Hanwell pic, 3pgs RB interview & pics, 2pgs SM interview and pics, & 3pgs tabs for a track on the CD written in the styles of RB, Bolin and SM ." NY
• Guitar - "October. Morse on the cover [Jon in the background], 6 pages on Purple, interviews with SM and RG, gearfiles and they both talk about some of the old songs, taking 5 each." NY
• Classic Rock - "November has Ian Gillan featuring in the 'Day In The Life Of' section - an ordinary, illustrated tale of fishing, fondu making, and destroying greenhouses by falling off ladders." Tim Summers
• Powerplay
- "October has a Gillan interview about 'Bananas' & an amusing "Pro-File" where he confesses his dislike for Richard Whiteley!!! BANANAS IS ALSO ALBUM OF THE MONTH WITH A 9/10 SCORE - so it's not just me who loves the album." Tom Dixon  

Deep Purple Mk8  Bananas On Sanctuary *5.10.03*

Bananas is due to be released in the USA by Sanctuary Records on October 7th. The label mentions House Of Pain as being "the lead single" from the album (indeed promo singles of the track are already doing the rounds). Sanctuary also carry news that a North American tour is being planned, to begin on January 15th 2004.    NY#900109

Deep Purple Mk8  Bananas Down Under *4.10.03*

Bananas was released in Australia on 9th September. Unfortunately it was released not as a regular Compact Disc (ie.a Red Book standard article) but as a "Copy Control" disc. Richard Schofield #900108

Deep Purple Mk8   Ian Paice: More Drum Clinics In Italy *2.10.03*

Ian Paice has two more Italian drum clinics / shows with Deep Purple tribute bands lined up his year. In addition to Brescia on 11th October he's now playing Ascoli Piceno on 12th October, and Barletta on 13th. More details on the tour dates page. DB#900107 thanks to Francesco Caporaletti

Deep Purple Mk8   Bananas Around The World  *updated 26.09.03*

Israeli radio station Glatz aired a 5 hour Deep Purple special - covering all the history of the band on 19th September at 22:00 (UK). (Every copy of Bananas brought into Israel has sold out! A new shipment containing double the amount of the cd was due this week). One week after its release in Brazil, and with the band currently touring the country, Bananas is now at number 4 in the Brazilian album chart, which is compiled by the country's bookstores. Eyal Ortal #900106, thanks to Reinaldo Barroso Alves

Deep Purple Mk8   Get Haunted  *19.09.03*

Haunted may not be coming out in the UK but is out in Germany on Monday, September 22nd as a 5" CD single - EMI 7243 5 52563 2 4. 1/ Haunted (album version) 4:21. 2/ Haunted (Mellow Mix) 3:59. The 'mellow mix' lacks the first twenty seconds of the guitar solo, and the guitar is mixed very low over the orchestration. SR#900107

Deep Purple Mk8   Bananas In The European Charts *updated 15.09.03*

Just one week after its release the new Deep Purple was making healthy inroads into the album charts of some European countries. In Greece it went straight in at no.2, Germany no.3, The Czech Republic no.5, Finland no.6, Switzerland no.13, Italy no.13, Sweden no.18, and Norway no.19. The album only reached 85 in the UK - summer support act The Darkness's album went straight in at no.1 the same week. Bettina Demus #9001052, thanks to everyone who has sent in details

Deep Purple Mk8   In Brazil *updated 15.09.03*

Deep Purple have been busy in Brazil in advance of their tour there (see our 2003 tour dates page). On September 8th Ian Paice held a drum clinic at the "Blen-Blen" in Sao Paulo. On September 10th Deep Purple were interviewed on Brazilian talk show "Programa Do Jô" where they also performed three songs (Haunted, I Got Your Number and Smoke on the Water) . Marcelo Soares #9001062 (thanks to Ron Melussi and Vitão Bonesso)

Deep Purple Mk8   Ian Paice: On The Drums  *updated 3.09.03*

The Ian Paice DVD has finally got a proper retail release in Europe via T2Media. The contents remain much as before, though the DVD has been repackaged. To recap, it includes two hours of specially filmed material: on and off stage footage, interviews, live and studio work and unique material shot specially for drummers. Includes several complete live Deep Purple tracks. Available now! T2 titles are available in stores in Europe and can be ordered via dpas online. Any orders from now on will automatically be held over for the new edition. DVD Review: Ian Paice 'Not For The Pro's' & 'On The Drums' SR #700702

Deep Purple Mk8   Steve Morse : Cruise Control   *updated 3.09.03*

This DVD from T2Media highlights STEVE MORSE with The DIXIE DREGS live in Connecticut 2001, along with a solo Steve Morse performance in New York 1992. Previously available only at gigs in early 2003 and by mail order, the DVD has been retitled, and remastered for full retail release to include both full stereo and DTS 5.1 sound. Much of the bonus material has been dropped to make space for the extra sound layer. Available now! T2 titles will be available in stores in Europe and can be ordered via dpas online. DVD Review: Steve Morse 'Sects, Dregs..' & 'Cruise Control'  SR #700713

Deep Purple Mk8   Bananas: Japan, Canada & Australia *updated 3.09.03*

According to dpas man Chris Meloche who works in a Canadian store, the date on his EMI release sheet says September 9th for Bananas there. EMI Australia say their release date is September 8th. No definite word on the US date yet, though the end of September has apparently been mentioned. More news as and when. Re. Japan, where the album has already been released: "I just wanted to let you know that I received the Japanese version of Bananas and there is no bonus track. I did get a really cool OBI strip and Japanese lyrics though."   SR/DB #700801 (thanks to David Brown)

Deep Purple Mk8   Ian Gillan On BBC Radio   *updated 25.08.03*

With the latest batch of Deep Purple European shows now completed, ending with a Bananas launch concert on August 20th in Berlin, (now in our live reviews section), the band are undertaking a number of interviews in support of the new album. Ian Gillan was interviewed on BBC Radio 2 on August 21st by Noel Edmonds, and on BBC 5 Live's morning programme on August 22nd. Latest on the list is this on BBC Radio 2, August 25th: "19:00. Album Chart Show. Simon Mayo with the official Top 20 album chart rundown, plus interviews and previews of new releases. Tonight's special guests are Ian Gillan and Richard X." If you can pre-warn us of any other forthcoming radio or TV appearances, please get in touch. Anthony Clowser/ NN#700751

Deep Purple Mk8   TV & Radio Updates   *updated 25.08.03*

There are more radio & tv appearances to look out for, and to catch up with. There is a Roger Glover interview from August 10th, done by Belgian Radio 21 before the Nandrin Festival. Radio 21 have put it online. To play it click www2.rtbf.be/radio21. There are two German TV appearances lined up for Monday, August 25th. Firstly 'Volle Kanne' on ZDF, which begins at 9.05am CET (8.05am BST). (well, I didn't bloody notice them on that one..). Secondly, 'Nachtrichten', the every hour on the hour news round-up on satellite news station n-tv. NY#700761  (thanks to Maxime Cromps at www.classic-rock.be.)

Deep Purple Mk8   The Purple Singles Bar   *24.08.03*

There's more Purple reading matter at Michael Bradford's chunkystyle website to check out. He mentions the plans for single releases from Bananas: "• Haunted will be the first single. I have mixed it a few other ways, for the listener who wants less embellishment. The single is being supplied with the following mixes: 1/ Album Version 2/ No Strings - No Background Vocals 3/ With Strings - No BGV 4/ Slightly shorter solo (for radio only).  • Walk On will be available eventually as well. This single will simply have the long intro and outro removed, making things easier for radio to handle.  • Never A Word was written as a chamber guitar piece, and is therefore short and sweet. However, I made another edit which is longer, introduces the vocals a little at a time and then finishes up with a complete verse at the end. There is also a version where the vocals start near the front, followed by a musical interlude, and then a reprise of the vocals. These mixes will be available later as part of the single. All singles will include the album version, as well as the individual edits. Other songs may become singles too; however, these are the only ones with alternate versions." NY#70077, thanks to Michael Bradford.

Deep Purple Mk8   60 Second Interview   *18.08.03*
UK website Metro Cafe had a short interview with Ian Gillan in which he discussses, among other things, why it took five years to record a follow-up to Abandon: "We were reluctant to press on with it at the time because [keyboardist] Jon Lord's been leaving for five years - I mean, bless him, he's a monument in the band but that was kind of unsettling. We didn't know whether to include him in the writing as he had his mind on other things. When Jon finally made the decision, it was a bit of a relief - we could all focus." NY #70072
Deep Purple Mk8   Bananas Tour First Leg *updated 14.08.03*
Deep Purple have confirmed their Autumn / Winter Bananas tour first leg, but as feared there are no UK dates included. It looks like British fans will have to wait for 2004 for the tour and new set to reach here. Shows in Germany and Spain might be an alternative (to spouse : "fancy a week in Spain? I hear it's nice during early October..."). um." A prelude of European outdoor shows kicked off on August 10th.
Deep Purple Mk8   South America In September *updated 9.08.03*
Following hints from Ian Gillan on his website, Deep Purple are to open their Bananas World Tour in South America. "The next round of Kaiser Music, which happens in September and will be dedicated to rock, will feature Deep Purple, Sepultura and Hellacopters. They will play in Porto Alegre (Sept 18), Curitiba (Sept 19), São Paulo (Sept 20) and Belo Horizonte (Sept 21)". Four further dates have been added, three in Brazil, one in Mexico. For more info, see the tour dates page. NY700981, & Marcelo Soares
Deep Purple Mk8   Intruder *9.08.03*
'Silver' - Bob Daisley on bass, Don Airey on keyboards, Bernie Tormé on lead guitar, Gary Barden on vocals and Bertram Engel on drums - are scheduled to release their 'Intruder' album on September 29th through Point Music. NY700101
Deep Purple Mk8   Let's Go.... Bananas  *updated 2.08.03*
Deep Purple are having a European press conference in Berlin on August 20th to launch Bananas. It ties in with a 'Bananas live CD presentation' concert that evening at the Columbiahalle, Berlin. There are only 1200 tickets, which went on sale on Saturday, August 2nd. The band will give press interviews the following day. SR701001 (thanks to Gerd Lange)
Deep Purple Mk8   The Well Dressed Guitar *31.07.03*
We've had numerous enquiries about Well Dressed Guitar not being on the new album, which we put to Roger Glover who replied - "Well Dressed Guitar was indeed recorded at the same time as the album. As fas as I know, at the moment, it will the bonus track in various territories, but I don't know which. There has been some debate as to whether it belonged on a DP album or not, seeing that it is more well known as a Steve Morse piece (personally I would have liked to have seen it on). The decision was finally left to EMI." We'll let you know if it does surface as a bonus or single cut anywhere. SR70099, with thanks to Roger Glover
Deep Purple Mk8   Ian Paice: Brum Drum *updated 28.07.03*
Ian Paice featured in an all star Drumfest in Birmingham on Sunday July 27th. Other drumming names included Greg Bissonette, Zoro, Jason Bowld & Mark Mondesir. A treat for all DP and/or drumming fans! DPAS REVIEW: Birmingham NEC 'Drumfest'   Mark Brandon #700921
Deep Purple Mk8    Don Airey: The Gransden Charity Concert *21.07.03*
The "Gransdens' 10th Anniversary Blues and Soul Charity Concert" organised by Don Airey, took place on July 12th. Doogie White has photos of the event on his official website, along with thoughts on the show:
"Don Airey had 4 songs in mind for me to sing. 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago, Gimme All Your Lovin', Superstition and Dazed & Confused. We got together at Don's place and never got to Dazed.. because we replaced it with Black Night and Hard to Handle. The gig was great, about 1000 people enjoying a night of quality music in temperatures normally associated with the Gobi desert. As I was finishing up my vocals on the last song I could see Bernie Marsden just off stage. He asked me after I came off if I fancied singing a couple of Whitesnake tunes with him and Micky Moody. A top night for me and hopefully everyone else." Read more at www.doogiewhite.co.uk
   NY#70097, with thanks to Doogie White.
Deep Purple Mk8    New Michael Bradford Interview *7.07.03*
There's an in depth interview with Deep Purple's producer Michael Bradford www.electricbasement.com on the making of their new album.One topic discussed is the presence (or not) of The Well Dressed Guitar in the final track list.. "We recorded 13 songs. My understanding is that “The Well-Dressed Guitar” will be on as a bonus track in certain countries like Japan, but it won’t be on the main album listing. This is because it already appeared (in a different form) on a previous live album." DB#70094, with thanks to Brian Coles.
Deep Purple Mk8   Roger Glover: UK TV Documentary *4.07.03*
A TV documentary is in production on Roger Glover and is expected to be transmitted on HTV, in Wales, later this year. They were filming Deep Purple in Dublin and Glasgow, possibly the two best nights of the latter half of the tour, doing voxpops with fans, management and crew, and interviewing RG backstage in Glasgow and Liverpool just before he went on stage. Although they hadn't originally planned to cover the Liverpool gig, they made some last-minute arrangements in order to be there. The programme is being made by the same people who did a brief news item for HTV on Blackmore's Night in 2001. More details will be posted, as and when we receive them, before transmission, thought to be in October. NY#70093
Deep Purple Mk8   Bananas Concept  *29.06.03*
In the run up to the Liverpool Pops live show, an interview with Roger Glover has appeared in the Liverpool Daily Post in which he talks about the naming of the band's new album.. "About three years ago we were on a plane from Australia and looking through the Sunday papers. I was looking at a travel feature about Vietnam and there was a picture of someone on a bike which was covered in bananas. I turned to Ian Gillan and said. 'Wouldn't that be a great picture for the front of the album, we could call it Bananas.' Then to my surprise he was saying. 'Yeah that's a great idea.' That's where that came from. We've got the picture now so you will have to just wait and see what happens." NY#70091
Deep Purple Mk8   Vinyl Bananas *updated 19.06.03*
According to EMI, the new Deep Purple studio album is Bananas (ie. that is the title). Two tracks are being performed on the band's European tour; 'I Got Your Number' is a partially rewritten version of 'Up The Wall' (played on last year's February UK tour), and a slowie called 'Haunted' which is planned as the first single from the album. EMI are promising a vinyl edition of Bananas, the first new release on this format in ten years. Before vinyl collectors get too excited, it will probably only be pressed if they get enough interest from shops. DB/SR/NY#700872, photo Marc Brans
Deep Purple Mk8   Ian Gillan: New Q&A Session At Caramba *18.06.03*
Ian's latest Q&A session has just gone up at www.gillan.com, including a chronology of the recording of 'Smoke On The Water': "The master take of 'Smoke...' was recorded at The Pavillon. However that master take did not include any vocals...no tune and no words...just the wonderful Dan dan dan bit and an empty arrangement. The song itself was titled and written at the end of the session in Montreux, when we realised that we were short of material, and, thankfully, revisited what we had in the can, that was still undeveloped."
DB #70089 (thanks as ever to Steve Campbell)
Deep Purple Mk8   New Album Release Date Confirmed *5.06.03*
Deep Purple's new album is officially released on August 25th by EMI Records in Europe. EMI Germany had already revealed that they are so impressed with it that they are making it a "priority release." SR #700831, thanks to Erik Solum
Deep Purple Mk8   Live With Pavarotti 2003 *updated 30.05.03*
Deep Purple took part in Luciano Pavarotti's annual bash; on 27th May at the Parco Novi Sad in Modena Italy in front of a crowd of 20,000. Other guests included Eric Clapton, Bono, Queen, Lionel Richie and Ricky Martin. Purple last appeared there in 2001, performing 'Smoke On the Water', after which Ian Gillan duetted with LP on 'Nessun Dorma', and it was the same again this year. The show was broadcast live on Italian TV, RAI-UNO. On May 28th in the UK, BBC3's 'Liquid News' had a short feature on the do, including a short clip of Ian singing and a predictable comment about the band's age.Yawn.... JR/NY#700841
Deep Purple Mk8   Don Airey: Cambridge Charity Show  *30.05.03*
Don Airey has put together "Gransdens' 10th Anniversary Blues and Soul Charity Concert" for July. According to Cambridge Online: 'Members of Rainbow, Whitesnake, Thunder, Moody Marsden and Jamiroquai are expected to arrive for the show, which takes place at Great Gransden Sportsfield on Saturday, July 12. Tickets cost £15 and are available from the Crown and Cushion in Great Gransden on (01767) 677214 and The Chequers pub in Little Gransden on (01767) 677348.'   NY#70088
Deep Purple Mk8   Interview With A Sunderland Supporter *21.05.03*

There's a very entertaining BBC interview with Don Airey at the BBC's Wearside website. Among other things Don reveals that he's busy writing a book about his varied career, is also planning a follow up to his K2 album, and is putting together another Airey & Bonnet tour for this summer..... BBC Don Airey interview. Other recent extra-curricular activity saw Don playing keyboards for Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden and Neil Murray's M3 at the Wembley guitar show on May 11th. NY#70086

Deep Purple Mk8   Steve Morse: Major Impacts II *12.05.03*

There's a new downloadable video letter from Steve at www.stevemorse.com, in which he talks about the upcoming release of Major Impacts II, and lets us hear a couple of short snippets.Release is set for August 2003 on the Magna Carta label. DBe #70085

Deep Purple Mk8   European Tour Plans *updated 7.05.03*
Deep Purple are due to play a number of European dates in June 2003 alongside Lynyrd Skynyrd. However, due to complications in guitarist Gary Rossington's recovery from heart surgery, the Pretenders will now be the supporting act for the four Italian shows. The Helsinki show has been rescheduled for November 21st, and gigs in Denmark & Sweden have been pulled altogether.The Schwung Festival in Belgium will be going ahead as planned, with Motorhead replacing Skynyrd on the bill. The Purple / Skynyrd double header is due to kick in on the German dates. See the amended list on our 2003 Tour Dates page. In a new interview at classicrock revisited.com, Roger Glover reckons that the only tracks to be debuted on the summer tour will be old tracks never before performed by the band. (no that's not a hint!) MA/NY #700677 (thanks to Marc Brans) 
Deep Purple Mk8   Summer Pops In Liverpool *updated 17.04.03*
Just seen in the Liverpool Echo: "Liverpool's docks are going to be rocking to the sounds of heavy metal. The latest signing for this year's Summer Pops is legendary 70's rock band Deep Purple. The British band will kick off this year's annual extravaganza at the Big Top Arena on Tuesday July 1st. Lead singer Ian Gillan said "We're looking forward to coming back to play Liverpool. I remember some great nights there in the past." The five piece band is one of the longest surviving hard rock acts in the music industry - currently enjoying it's fourth decade in the business. The band will be playing alongside fellow 70s rockers Alice Cooper and Status Quo. For information and tickets call the Summer Pops hotline on 08707 460000."
Ian Holden #700821
Deep Purple Mk8   German Dates For November  *17.04.03*
Deep Purple tour dates are emerging for later and later in the year. In addition to the Swiss festival date in August, tickets are on sale for two German shows in November. Cheap Trick are slated as 'guests' for the second one - in Nurnberg on Nov. 8th. See our 2003 Tour Dates page. (for ticket information,see www.eventim.de ) DB #70081 (thanks to Bettina Demus)
Deep Purple Mk8   German Dates For November  *17.04.03*
Deep Purple tour dates are emerging for later and later in the year. In addition to the Swiss festival date in August, tickets are on sale for two German shows in November. Cheap Trick are slated as 'guests' for the second one - in Nurnberg on Nov. 8th. See our 2003 Tour Dates page. (for ticket information,see www.eventim.de ) DB #70081 (thanks to Bettina Demus)
Deep Purple Mk8   Another Bash Around The World *9.04.03*
Ian Gillan's latest Q&A selection has just been posted on his official website. Regarding Deep Purple's 2003-04 tour plans, Ian writes: "This June tour is one of those fun things and then I think we are having July and August off (mostly), before the big tour starts in September, to coincide with the release of the new record. I understand we'll be doing Europe first, and then North America in January 2004, followed by the usual bash round the world." Check out this and all the latest Q&A's at www.gillan.com MM#70080
Deep Purple Mk8   Roger Glover: On Rockline  *6.04.03*
On April 16th Roger will be fielding questions on 'Rockline', available to hear online: thebone.com & on US radio tations:www.drchuck.net. JR #70079 (thanks to rockline)
Deep Purple Mk8   Steve Morse: The Dregs Go East *updated 4.04.03*
The Dixie Dregs are lining up a US East Coast tour, now enlarged to twelve shows in eleven days. It kicks off at The Birchmere, Alexandria VA on April 23rd, and ends with a show at The Culture Room, Ft.Lauderdale on May 4th. The full list can be seen at Steve's official site, www.stevemorse.com   DBe #700782
Deep Purple Mk8   The New Album *updated 30.03.03*
Producer Michael Bradford has added some fascinating details to his website concerning the recording of Deep Purple's new studio album. "We cut about 14 songs. One song will even have a live string section, courtesy of my good friend Paul Buckmaster, who has worked with everyone from Elton John to Train. The band has stretched in many directions. One song is even in two different time signatures, but Ian came up with a solid melody that keeps the whole thing grounded. Ian’s also doing some great multi-tracked vocals ala Brian Wilson. We took advantage of great vibes, a great studio and the best that modern technology has to offer." Release is still set for August. Read the full report at www.chunkystyle.com Steve Morse's latest essay at www.stevemorse.com also discusses the sessions, including news of a short instrumental called 'Contact Lost' written in response to the space shuttle Columbia tragedy. NY #700743
Deep Purple Mk8   Poll Winners *updated 29.03.03*
Just received the April 2003 issue of UK's Classic Rock Magazine - the results from the 2002 poll show Deep Purple as winners of the Best Gig & Ian Gillan as Best Vocalist. I seem to remember the last UK poll which Deep Purple won was in Sounds 1984 (first in the 'best new band' category!) Also, Purpendicular has been voted "best album in the last ten years" by the contributors of Brazil's "Cover Guitarra" magazine. And, in the April 2003 edition of the UK's Powerplay Magazine..... Jon Lord was voted Number 3 'Best Keyboard Player', the other winners are Nu! Tom Dixon / Reinaldo Alves #700792
Deep Purple Mk8   The Sound Of Purple  *27.03.03*
Michael Bradford discusses both his recording techniques, and working with Deep Purple on their new album at www.digidesign.com: "Deep Purple is still using the same road-stained B3 that they used on every classic DP hit. When Jon Lord recently had to step down from touring life he bequeathed his B3 to the band." The feature, which seems to have been written before the recent recording sessions, anticipates Jon performing on a few tracks. (although at this moment there has been no official word of that happening.) There are snaps from the recording sessions in our photo gallery SR#70080
Deep Purple Mk8   Ian Paice: Guesting On Tolo Marton CD   *26.03.03*
Ian Paice is the" very special guest" on Italian guitarist Tolo Marton's new double live CD "Dal Vero " recorded in 2001/2002 in Italy, and officially released there now. Together with Don Airey he played a show in Genova with Marton on 6th October 2002, rounding off a series of gigs and drum clinics in Italy. dpas online now have the cd in stock. Ian plays on two tracks.    MM#7006512
Deep Purple Mk8   Ian Gillan: Artwork Auction  *15.03.03*
"I've organised an online charity auction of celebrity drawings for the Dorset Wildlife Trust and I'm pleased to say that Ian Gillan has sent us one to auction." The final price was £180. Les Bunce. DB #70077
Deep Purple Mk8   Ian Gillan: Purpelization  *13.03.03*
Ian Gillan's latest Q&A selection has just been posted on his official website. Asked about Deep Purple's writing processt, Ian writes: "Generally speaking we work up ideas from a jam in the studio or rehearsal room. Quite often Steve and Roger will introduce a more developed idea, which we then Purpelize..." Check out this and all the latest Q&A's at www.gillan.com     DB #70076 (thanks to Steve Campbell)
Deep Purple Mk8    New Album Finished  *16.02.03*
Ian Gillan's latest Q&A selection has just been posted on his official website. Asked about the latest Deep Purple studio project, Ian wrote: "The album is finished. I think it sounds great, but my viewpoint is what you might call subjective. You can't compare it with anything we've done in the past, which is the whole point of doing it as we have done." Check out this and all the latest Q&A's at www.gillan.com. DB/SC #70072
Deep Purple Mk8    September UK Tour Recordings  *updated 2.02.03*

News from the official Deep Purple website at www.deeppurple.com.au is that a number of shows from the recent September UK tour were recorded, including the second Hammersmith show, Birmingham NEC, and Jon's farewell at Ipswich. More news and details in Darker Than Blue 55. DB/DT#700611

Deep Purple Mk8    Life On The Road  *updated 2.02.03*

Since the Japanese tour in 2000 Ian Gillan has apparently been working on a video documentary about life on the road with Deep Purple. As well as using his own personal digital video 'home' recordings, professional footage is also due to be included. "The content to date is nothing short of sensational" according to the official Deep Purple website at www.deeppurple.com.au. DB/DT#700601

Deep Purple Mk8   Italian Tribute Shows  *20.01.03*
Ian Paice will be taking a break from the new Deep Purple album to play a couple of Italian shows in February along with Gianluca Tagliavini's DP tribute band. (Ian appeared on their guitarist Max Magagni's 2001 album 'Twister'). On 19th they'll all be playing Il Boscaccio, Bereguardo, and on the 20th Giostra Cafe, Bologna. Deep Purple are due to release their new studio album on August 1st 2003.   DB #70069
Deep Purple Mk7    Arrow Classic Rock Festival  *9.01.03*
More details have emerged concerning the Dutch date on Deep Purple's 2003 European Tour. On Friday June 27th they will play at a festival site called 'De Schans' in Lichtenvoorde. This is as part of the first Arrow Classic Rock Festival. Arrow Classic Rock is a Classic Rock radio station in Holland. Other bands are: Status Quo, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Uriah Heep, L.A. Doors and Wishbone Ash (more bands might be added later). FdL #70069 
Deep Purple Mk7    A Label Down Under  *9.01.03*
Some of the previously Australian only DVD titles will soon be relaunched with proper European distribution. The IAN PAICE and STEVE MORSE DVD titles will be first up on a new label called T2Media which is being set-up now. We understand that both these titles will be tweaked slightly, with a stereo layer being added to the Steve Morse DVD. The packaging will also be expanded. Because of this dpas online will be waiting for the new edition and not stocking the current import version of the Steve Morse title. Anyone who has the Paice DVD on back-order will be offered the chance to wait for the new edition.   DB #70068

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Deep Purple Mk1-6        Burn The Best *22.12.04*

This month's Classic Rock magazine (UK), lists the top 20 rock reissues of 2004. Number one, as chosen by Classic Rock critics: Burn, beating the more critically fashionable Tommy, London Calling, Rumours, etc. Deep Purple's 'Early Years' also made 10th in the best of the 'best ofs' category. NY#90090

Deep Purple Mk1-6        Burnt  *1.12.04*

Beware what seems to be a pirate edition of Burn doing the rounds on eBay; it has the eight album tracks plus three extra tracks pinched off Made In Europe era tapes and is clearly designed to sting people looking for copies of the new remastered edition. SR# 90077

Deep Purple Mk1-6       Artie Mogull   *30.11.04*

Artie Mogull, the former President of Tetragrammaton Records in America, died on 25th November. It was Artie who, in May 1968, signed up Deep Purple and kickstarted the band's American successes, without which their history would have been very different indeed. SR# 900753 (Thanks to Tony Edwards)

Deep Purple Mk1-6        The Burn Remaster   *updated 23.11.04*

The UK stock finally arrived to ship October 4th but shops and mail-order stockists were only sent half their allocation by EMI. The bulk of copies ordered via DPAS Mail Order went out Monday 4th /Tuesday 5th. EMI UK had found printing faults in the booklet, and decided to reprint, putting back the UK release a week. No printing faults have yet been reported on the European edition, which unlike the UK is copy protected. The CD comprises: Remastered album: [1] Burn, [2] Might Just Take Your Life, [3] Lay Down, Stay Down, [4] Sail Away, [5] You Fool No One, [6] What's Going On Here, [7] Mistreated, [8] A 200. Single b-side remixed: [9] Coronarias Redig. Bonus remixes: [10] Burn, [11] Mistreated, [12] You Fool No One, [13] Sail Away. Total running time 71.49. The remixes were done at Metropolis studios in London late last year and sound really powerful. Roger Glover was originally set to oversee work on the project but later decided not to get involved. Cassettes of some of the Burn rehearsals were located, but sadly the sound quality is not felt to be good enough for them to feature. There has been discussion of a 5.1 mix for an SACD but there is nothing scheduled. DB #600764

Deep Purple Mk1-6        Live Encounters   *updated 21.11.04*

A Deep Purple live DVD called 'Live Encounters' has now been released. Aside of a regular DVD issue (listed as NTSC, Region 0), other release formats are: 1/ 'Digi Box incl. DVD + 2 CD, limited to 5,000 copies'. 2/ 'Slim Box incl. DVD + 2 CD limited to 2,000 copies, 3/ 3 LP gatefold release, limited to 2,000 copies' 4/ '3 LP purple vinyl gatefold release, limited to 1,500 manually numerated copies'. All the different formats appear to have the same sleeve art, although the shade is greener on one of the vinyl editions. It originates from a show in Katowice, Poland on June 3rd 1996, which was broadcast soon afterwards on Czech TV. The Katowice 'No One Came' will only appear on the audio formats. SR# 900753

Deep Purple Mk1-6        Live Encounters   *updated 21.11.04*

Chad plays drums throughout Soul Mover, which also features ex-Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro on the title track. A video has been filmed for the song, featuring the trio in the California desert. Navarro described “Soul Mover” as “…killer, with a kind of harder Lenny Kravitz vibe to it” on his website. Far from simply ‘guesting’ on the album, Chad has been actively involved in all aspects of the recording and production of SOUL MOVER, and his enthusiasm and commitment has been pivotal in making this Glenn’s most significant release since his days in Deep Purple. Glenn, Chad and guitarist John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) recently recorded a phenomenal version of “Nights In White Satin” which captures one of Glenn’s greatest ever vocals. Both this song and the track “Soul Mover” were mixed by world famous engineer Jim Scott (Audioslave / Red Hot Chili Peppers). ." MK #900181

Deep Purple Mk1-6       Burn On Vinyl   *updated 2.11.04*

The BURN vinyl edition has been confirmed, thanks in no small part to the amount of interest shown by people registering an interest via this web site. It will be even better than expected; a 2 LP set. Disc 1 will have the album remastered, Disc 2 will have the remixes. The vinyl edition sleeve will be a wide spine version of the original, with the two albums in picture bags inside. EMI say that the Burn vinyl release has passed the test pressing stage and is confirmed for release on November 8th. The Burn vinyl edition is technically sold out. People who ordered via DPAS Mail-Order up to and including November 2nd are guaranteed their copy. We are trying to get a further allocation, but anyone placing an order after that date is being told of the situation. A note is also on the web catalogue. dpas mail order customers will be allocated the specially numbered copies in order; the oldest orders will get the lowest numbers we are allocated, and so on. The white label test pressing prize has also arrived from EMI and a winner will be drawn from the orders shortly. MR#900696

Deep Purple Mk1-6      California Jam & Live In Denmark DVDs *12.10.04*

More details of the forthcoming CALIFORNIA JAM and LIVE IN DENMARK DVDs are now emerging, along with details of Limited Edition versions for DPAS buyers. T2 Media are still heavily involved in the production of these two DVDs but say the titles will now appear on EMI worldwide, except for America (Spitfire/Eagle) and Japan (VAP). This is to ensure better co-ordination and to help combat piracy which has affected DVDs in some territories. • CALIFORNIA JAM - this title will have a bonus track, spoken commentary, picture gallery, plus alternate camera angles on some tracks. In addition a deluxe edition will only be available to people purchasing via the DPAS Mail Order Catalogue; this will include special packaging, reproduction ticket, a poster and other material. • LIVE IN DENMARK. Both titles are now at the authoring stage and are due for release in 2005, with Copenhagen / Hofstra coming first. Further volumes will be announced in due course. Both T2 and Deep Purple Overseas have issued a warning about the recent "Inside DP" DVD, saying the clips on it have not been licensed, are of poor quality, and are clearly sourced from unofficial VHS sources. SR #60077

Deep Purple Mk1-6        Copenhagen & The California Jam  *updated 8.10.04*

In a surprise move, details of the forthcoming Cal Jam and Denmark 72 DVDs have suddenly appeared on the T2 web site. What's more they even have sleeve designs up, although say these are only temporary. Here's what else they have to say: "Although the California Jam DVD is not scheduled until the Spring 2004, T2 are issuing this information now as some dealers in Europe and America are selling older NTSC copies from Japan, authored off third generation masters originally prepared for the VHS edition. There are also straight pirate copies about from Brazil, authored from early laser discs. Buyers should avoid these editions, or at least beware their limitations." On the Cal Jam, T2 say interviews with band members and road crew are being filmed, and additional 8mm footage taken from the control tower and at the motel where the band were staying is a further bonus. Picture and memorabilia galleries are to be included, and the package will also be issued as a special edition with a poster and reproduction ticket. So if you're tempted by the imports our advice is to wait a little longer for these much improved versions. MR#60041 (thanks to www.T2Media.net for the info)

Deep Purple Mk1-6       Classic Rock in November *28.09.04*

The November 2004 issue of Classic Rock is (classic) Deep Purple heavy with a lengthy feature on the remastered "Burn", several previously unpublished photographs from the era, and quotes from Paice, Coverdale and Hughes. The album gets an full page 5 star review from Mr. Geoff Barton (who normally pans any and all Deep Purple reissues), and there's also an EMI half page advert for the CD. Sadly the promised DP cover was nicked by Slash and Co. at the last moment. SR#600595

Deep Purple Mk1-6     Slipcased Doubles   *24.08.04*

EMI have two more slipcased Deep Purple doubles lined up for release this year. The first comprises regular CD editions of "Burn" and "Stormbringer", the second has remastered editions of "In Rock" and "Who Do We Think We Are".Both are due in September, and both will be deleted at the end of January 2005. SR#60074

Deep Purple Mk1-6        Guitar Techniques  *12.07.04*

The current issue of the UK 'Guitar Techniques' magazine (August 2004) contains an article on how to play 'Speed King'. The first two pages has written information and an almost full page colour photo of Blackmore from the 1982 Rainbow tour. The following 8 pages is a musical transcript for the guitar on 'Speed King'. There's also a free CD on the cover which contains the full track (not by Purple) and the backing track (not by Purple). And those nice people at 'GT' have also included in the contents page a colour photo of Ritchie on stage during the Mk 3 days (note the guitar on the floor which Mr. B appears to be walking on!) The mag costs £4.99.  Martin Burton #60072

Deep Purple Mk1-6        Burn On Double Vinyl  *11.07.04*

EMI say that the Burn double vinyl album will be sold on "initial orders only" basis; in other words they will do one pressing to cover this and no more. It may be that demand could cause them to change their mind but previous DP vinyl was all done this way so don't miss out if you fancy it. Pre-order at the DPAS Online Store. Glenn Hughes has listened to the remaster and mixes and says he's really pleased with the results. He has also penned his recollections of the album which will appear shortly.  SR#60071

Deep Purple Mk1-8    Early Years *updated 26.03.04*

EMI's DEEP PURPLE / EARLY YEARS Mk 1 compilation is now available. This is the first time this line-up has been properly compiled on CD by EMI. The set includes tracks from all three Mk 1 albums, some newly mixed from multi-tracks specially for this set. There are also further rarities including an alternate studio take of Kentucky Woman and a 1968 monitor mix of Hush. The 12 page CD booklet has rare and unpublished pictures, with sleeve notes by Kieron Tyler. Check out our special report from Abbey Road studios, which explains how the new mixes came about and which includes mp3 clips of a number of rarities from the collection. There is also a preview of the album in our cd reviews section. Classic Rock magazine awards the CD 4 stars out of 5 in its March issue, calling it a "vital collection"; "a fascinating insight into the pre Gillan Glover group" and "an absorbing account of a highly adventurous young band" amongst other things (though bizarrely because he doesn't like the last track, the reviewer concludes by saying he "can only really recommend it for completists"!) SR#600417

Deep Purple Mk1-8     The Burn Remaster   *updated 11.03.04*

EMI asked Roger Glover to oversee work on the Burn reissue but in the end he decided not to get involved in the project. Instead the extra match-mixes were done at Metropolis studios in London. It is hoped Glenn Hughes will check the results and provide input into the project, which he is keen to do. The album has been scheduled to appear in April 2004 as a Thirtieth Anniversary Edition. Latest thinking for the track line-up is as follows: Remastered album: [1] Burn, [2] Might Just Take Your Life, [3] Lay Down, Stay Down, [4] Sail Away, [5] You Fool No One, [6] What's Going On Here, [7] Mistreated, [8] A 200. Single b-side remixed: [9] Coronarias Redig. Bonus remixes: [10] Burn, [11] Mistreated, [12] You Fool No One, [13] Sail Away. Total running time 71.49 Cassettes of the Burn rehearsals have been located, but sadly the sound quality is not thought good enough for them to feature. There has been discussion of a true 5.1 mix but such a mix has not been done and is not currently scheduled. More details DTB 56.     DB#600592

Deep Purple Mk1-6       The Originals *updated 5.03.04*

The Hewlett Packard / Smoke On The Water TV commercial was launched during the Oscar (TM) awards ceremony break in America on Feb 29th. Featuring a host of youngsters trying to learn the famous riff, and ending with the "Machine Head" version and the logo "The Originals", the advert was several months in planning and is one of a number in the computer hardware company's latest campaign. SR#600681, thanks to Matthew Burbridge

Deep Purple Mk1-6   Live In Paris  *updated 20.02.04*

Deep Purple / Paris, April 7th 1975. The complete show from this historic concert has been released as a double CD on Purple Records, and is shipping from dpas online now. Deep Purple Mk 3's last performance, it was also Ritchie Blackmore's final concert. Although some tracks surfaced on the Mk3 Final Concerts release in 1996, this is the first time the show has been issued in full. The new edition has been properly remixed from the multi-tracks. Track-list: Burn / Stormbringer / Gypsy / Lady Double Dealer / Mistreated / Smoke On The Water / You Fool No One / Space Truckin' / Going Down / Highway Star. The 2CD set is being issued by VAP / Purple in Japan. A box set with all three surviving shows from this short tour has been planned, but there is no firm release date for it.  MM #600531

Deep Purple Mk1-6      Audio Fidelity *updated 20.02.04*

Audio Fidelity have issued a stereo SACD edition of the Deep Purple BBC 1972 In Concert show in America. They've worked from a two track source, and the mastering was done by their regular sound engineer Steve Hoffman. The SACD layer contains all 8 tracks from the show, plus mk1 studio cuts Hush and River Deep by Mk 1 (don't ask!). The stereo layer has the same cuts minus Lucille. Available from dpas online now. SR#600642

Deep Purple Mk1-6     Classic Rock *updated 20.02.04*

Classic Rock' magazine really blew their Top 50 Live Albums article a couple of issues ago; not one Deep Purple album amongst them! After lots of letters complaining, they are now running a readers' poll. The March 2004 issue has Glenn Hughes in the Survivors column (they did it so you don't have to!), and a full page review of The Early Years. SR #600661

Deep Purple Mk1-8      Bombay Calling Again *14.02.04*

Thames / Thompson are releasing an enhanced version of their 'Bombay Calling' DVD in April. The set, which contains an Indian TV recording of a 1995 Deep Purple show in Bombay, was first released on DVD in 2000. For the new version the audio selections have been enhanced: "Audio formats include : 1: 2/0 STEREO PCM, 2: 2/0 STEREO Dolby Digital, 3: 2/0 STEREO MPEG1 Layer 2." Bonus tracks from the Seoul 1995 S'Korean TV performance have been added : Black Night / Woman From Tokyo / When a Blind Man Cries / Perfect Strangers / Child in Time / Speed King / Highway Star / Smoke On The Water . Of those, 'Woman From Tokyo' has previously appeared on T/T's 'New Live & Rare' DVD, and 'Child In Time' on the now deleted 'Around The World' video.   DT/DB #90065

Deep Purple Mk1-8       Sonic Zoom - New Live & Rare CD *updated 18.01.04*

DEEP PURPLE: NEW LIVE & RARE. Sonic Zoom PUR 209. The latest Sonic Zoom title is an interesting looking CD collection of various one-off live tracks, none of which have been issued officially before, although some have surfaced on bootlegs. While the audio quality is not always of the highest, the usual restoration work has been done and the tracks feature the group in extraordinarily fine form throughout. Track list: Wring That Neck from a bootleg of a show in Amsterdam, August 1969; Child In Time from July 1970; Black Night specially recorded for TV in 1970; Strange Kind Of Woman from a gig at Long Beach Arena in 1971; Into The Fire and Demon's Eye from Germany in 1971, and two bonus items_ ten minute edits of Wring That Neck and Mandrake Root from Belgium in August 1969 which feature some really astonishing playing from the band. This collection is also coming out in Japan where it will be titled New Live & Rare Volume 2, as there was an album of this name some years ago. The album was released on January 6th 2004, and is available from dpas online. MM#600623

Deep Purple Mk1-8       Day By Night  *updated 18.01.04*

Several years in the making, volume one of Nigel Young's eagerly awaited Deep Purple chronology Day By Night, covering the EMI years 1968 to 1976, is making good progress and is scheduled to be finished and published in 2004. The book seeks to list every live show along with reviews, tickets, adverts and associated material where available. If you have any gig-related material to contribute, please contact Nigel. It is possible that a cover mounted CD will be included with the first copies. This will round-up all sorts of collectable nonsense - music, spoken word, commercials, etc. - that haven't been given a home elsewhere. SR #60048

Deep Purple Mk1-8       Masters Of Rock *1.01.04*

Listed for BBC Radio 2 at 9pm-10pm on New Year's Day is: "Masters Of Rock: Bruce Dickinson celebrates hard rock and heavy metal music, whose CD sales have soared recently. 5: Deep Purple A look at the early heavy rockers whose classics include Hush, Black Night and the quintessential anthem Smoke on the Water." The show may be based on his previous 30-minute shows from early 2003. NY#60063 (thanks to Mike Woodward)

Deep Purple Mk1-8      Tip For The Top   *updated 1.11.03*

Warners in America are launching a series of reissued CD singles early in the new year, and amongst them will be "Smoke On The Water/Woman From Tokyo" -- for release January 6th 2004. If enough American fans can dash into their stores that week we may see this back in the US charts! Also, Rhino is releasing a 180-gram vinyl pressing of Machine Head on November 4.See www.rhino.com SR#60060

Deep Purple Mk1-8       Burn Remixed *1.11.03*

EMI asked Roger Glover to oversee work on the Burn reissue but in the end he decided not to get involved in the project. Instead the extra match-mixes are being done at Metropolis studios in London. After this it is hoped Glenn Hughes will check the results and provide input into the project, which he is keen to do. Simon tells us that the new match mixes are really powerful yet stay true to the balance and spirit of the originals, with some stunning work on Sail Away, a real boost for Mistreated and a total face-lift for You Fool No One. It was hoped that the remixes would be finished by the end of October, but due to the delays it now looks likely that the album will appear early in 2004 as a Thirtieth Anniversary Edition. The CD will of course also contain the original album mixes, digitally remastered, along with the b-side. Cassettes of the Burn rehearsals have been located, but sadly the sound quality is not thought good enough for them to feature, though Abbey Road are having a listen to see if some snippets can be rescued. EMI have given www.deep-purple.net the OK for some exclusive sound clips, so watch out for these. DB#600591

Deep Purple Mk1-6        Live At Ontario Speedway  *updated 31.10.03*

This Purple Records / Sonic Zoom title features Mk 3's complete California Jam set from April 6th 1974, a huge improvement on the previous CD. It also includes the missing track Lay Down, Stay Down. The audio source is the same as a VAP / Purple Records version out in Japan. The cd can be ordered from dpas online. Discounts for dpas members apply. Check out our California Jam CD discography, photo galleries and cd review with mp3 sound clipsMR#600395

Deep Purple Mk1-6        Perks & Tit   *updated 2.10.03*

The new Sonic Zoom title is 'Perks & Tit', recorded live at the San Diego Sports Arena, April 9th 1974. Tracks on this single CD are Burn / Might Just Take Your Life / Lay Down, Stay Down / Mistreated / Smoke On The Water / Lord solo. The CD has been restored from original tape sources, fully cleaned up and with the inclusion of the previously missing between song patter, the hard to find "Smoke.." and a four minute keyboard solo. According to the label, the rest of the show has sadly been lost. "Mistreated" from this gig appeared on the EMI box set. The CD has been released and is shipping from the DPAS offic. It can be ordered from dpas online. Discounts for dpas members apply.  MM#600376

Deep Purple Mk1-6       Starship Troopers   *21.09.03*

There's a fab article at nytimes.com concerning the legendary 'Starship' airliner which Deep Purple chartered for their 1974 US Tour. A small clip: "Ian Paice fondly recalls being in Miami and, on a whim, flying to Boston for a lobster dinner. Groans Bruce Payne, the band's manager, ''that probably cost $11,000.'" NY#60058

Deep Purple Mk1-6       The Ultimate Deep Purple Collectable For Sale *10.09.03*

For those of you who fancy a totally unique piece of Deep Purple memorabilia, as well as somewhere to store your collection, then Deeves Hall is on the market for the first time in years. This is the property the band hired to audition and rehearse in early 1968. The asking price is £1.25 million. If everyone who logs on to this page regularly sends us 50p we could buy it for the nation! SR#60057 (thanks to Mark Jones)

Deep Purple Mk1-6       Tommy Bolin & Mk4 In Classic Rock *6.09.03*
Journalist Geoff Barton has penned a four page article on Deep Purple Mk 4 and Tommy Bolin in the new issue of UK's Classic Rock magazine out now. It's based on his recollections of seeing them Stateside in 1976 when he was writing a tour report for Sounds magazine. Picture content is low but he's a bit more candid than he could be in 1976. Oh and they pan Bananas. Tim Summers #60056
Deep Purple Mk1-6       TV Appearances   *updated 6.09.03*
EMI Germany have noted a forthcoming appearance on RTL's "Die Ultimative Chart-Show" on September 8th, German TV. A previously mentioned WDR Rockpalast Special on August 31st included Lynyrd Skynyrd doing 'Freebird' at Bonn this year, and ended with two short clips of Deep Purple performing 'Smoke On The Water' and 'Haunted', also from Bonn 2003. Hopefully that's just a taster.. NY/DB#600541
Deep Purple Mk1-6     Cut & Paste Compilation CDs *20.08.03*
Two new Deep Purple related budget collections hitting the stands any moment; 'The Deep Purple Story' (sic) (2CD) mixes Eagle Rock era Deep Purple tracks from the 1999 Concerto CD with a hotchpotch of bits from the Ian Gillan Band, Nick Simper, Eddie Hardin and others. Also out is Deep Purple - 'Purple & Other Colours' (2CD) with a very similar selection of material. Absolutely nothing rare for collectors on either title. Both will be logged in DTB Issue 56. dpas online can supply these if you must have them. SR/NY #60055
Deep Purple Mk1-6       Forthcoming TV Appearances   *8.08.03*
BBC2's TOTP2, a spin-off of the long running Top Of The Pops show, is to include Deep Purple, along with Right Said Fred, Yazoo, Anita Dobson, Grace Jones and Wet Wet Wet, on their August 13th show at 6:20pm (it was Black Night again). EMI Germany also note forthcoming appearances on two German TV shows, WDR's Rockpalast Special on August 30th and RTL's Die Ultimative Chart-Show on September 8th. WDR have their show listed for August 31st and mention Lynyrd Skynyrd from Bonn this year so this may turn out to be new Purple footage (two tracks from Bonn). NY#600541
Deep Purple Mk1-6       Concerto SACD Competition Winners   *2.08.03*
• Q1 - The Concerto took place on September 24th 1969, but was originally scheduled for another date. What date? • A1 - September 15th 1969. • Q2 - The Concerto album was pressed in coloured vinyl in Japan in 1970. What colour of vinyl? • A2 - Red. • Q3 - Which charity was the 1969 performance in aid of? • A3 - Task Force. Thanks to everyone who entered the Concerto SACD competition to win one of the new discs. The two chosen out of the hat were Palle Hichmann in Denmark and Scott Wood in America. The discs are on their way to you! SR#60042
Deep Purple Mk1-6        Record Of Your Life   *4.07.03*
The Spanish newspaper El Pais recently started a promotion, 'the records of your life', 25 CDs, each for under 6 euros plus the cost of the newspaper. The 20th CD, for the week 4th-10th July, will be Made In Japan, the original version. It isn't clear if these will be stock EMI copies or if they will carry a new catalogue number. According to Al Cabal: "The cover is the classic in gold, with a legend in the left side of the box that says "El Pais - Los discos de tu vida"." NY#60040
Deep Purple Mk1-6        Finland Collection  *updated 18.06.03*
A new Deep Purple CD collection is now out in Finland, compiling thirty classic and reunion era tracks, and titled "Purple Hits - The Best Of Deep Purple". The track list: Hush / Kentucky Woman / Wring That Neck / Black Night / Speed King / Child In Time / Fireball / No One Came / Strange Kind Of Woman / I'm Alone / Highway Star / Pictures Of Home / Smoke On The Water (could be quad mix) / Lazy / When A Blind Man Cries / Woman From Tokyo / Burn / Mistreated / Stormbringer / Soldier Of Fortune / Comin' Home / You Keep On Moving / Perfect Strangers / Knocking At Your Back Door / Fire In The Basement / Ramshackle Man / The Battle Rages On / Ted The Mechanic / Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (single edit!) / Any Fule Kno That. Sleeve notes are in Finnish. At 20 Euros it's quite cheap, even though the track list could have had been more adventurous. Heikki Heino #600491 (thanks to Petri Myllylä)
Deep Purple Mk1-6       The Machine Head SACD *5.06.03*
First promised in August 2002, the SACD edition suddenly surfaced in shops in late May 2003. The track listing is: 1. PCM / DSD Stereo layer : Highway Star / Maybe I'm A Leo / Pictures Of Home / Never Before / Smoke On The Water / Lazy / Space Truckin' . 2. DSD multi channel layer : Highway Star / Maybe I'm A Leo / Pictures Of Home / Never Before / Smoke On The Water / Lazy / Space Truckin' / Maybe I'm A Leo / Lazy / When A Blind Man Cries. The first layer contains the original album in stereo and can be played on any CD player, the second layer needs the correct hardware and contains the album fully remixed for 4.1 sound from the original 1972 quadraphonic mixes plus two tracks and the b-side specially remixed. The booklet which came with the remastered edition of the CD is included. MR#60052 (thanks to Paul Hackett)
Deep Purple Mk1-6        Burn Onwards  *7.05.03*
It was always likely that the critical and commercial success of the EMI remastered Deep Purple albums would continue with the three remaining studio albums. EMI asked Roger Glover to oversee work on the Burn reissue. After talking with Ian Paice and Jon Lord it emerged that they were happy for him to do so. However, Roger Glover has decided not to get involved in the Burn remastering project after all, according to EMI's reissue department. Simon has tracked down all the masters for "Burn", including the b-side. Cassettes of the Burn rehearsals have been located, but sadly the sound quality is not good enough for them to feature. DB#600024 " NY#60040
Deep Purple Mk1-6        EMI Schedule   *updated 26.03.04*

Although these projects have been or will be itemised separately on the news pages we thought you might like an overview of what's up and coming from EMI in the way of Deep Purple and associated projects. Certainly Mk 3 fans will continue to be well serviced over the next twelve months or so.

• DEEP PURPLE - BURN. Out October 2004
  (This is an ongoing series of 3CD sets, there will be no rarities on it)
  This remix is now set for September 2004.
• DEEP PURPLE - STORMBRINGER. Probably due early 2005.


Deep Purple Mk1-6        Launches For March *4.03.03*

Out on 17th March is "Burn" + "Stormbringer" packaged together in the EMI Double Original Series. This differs from the one that came out in September. The albums are not remasters. Also 'launched' on 24th March is Deep Purple "The Essential" (583 2462). The Essential range is being aimed at the casual music consumer so don't be surprised to find this racked in the supermarkets! Not of much interest to anyone other than completists I suspect, both can be ordered from the dpas online store.  SR#60044

Deep Purple Mk1-6        Masters Of Rock *14.02.03*
A little late, but there is a new series called Masters of Rock on BBC Radio 2. It started last Wednesday, introduced by Bruce Dickinson, covering 1969 & continues at 10pm each Wednesday for the next 5 weeks. It is also available to hear again via the BBC website. This week featured snippets of an old Blackmore interview & mentioned the 'signifcant' occurrence of Gillan joining. (Gillan himself is heard talking about his Black Sabbath days). They played a bit of Hush & closed the show with Black Night as a taster for next week; which will cover 1970 & feature Purple even more prominently. Fairly interesting although difficult to cover the subject in just half an hour! Tom Dixon /NY#60040
Deep Purple Mk1-6        Kneel & Pray *updated 14.02.03*

The latest official Deep Purple live Mk 2 title on the Sonic Zoom label is from the Montreux Casino, Switzerland, Oct 4th 1969. A very early Mk 2 show, it includes embryonic versions of "Speed King" and "Child In Time", as well as a cover of "Kentucky Woman" - the only known tape of them doing this. It's issued as a double CD with the full gig and the usual booklet/digipak. There is an extra discount for DPAS members via the dpas online store. DPAS Photo Gallery: MK2 in 1969. Deep Purple Live In Montreux 1969: Review + Audio Clips DB#600317

Deep Purple Mk1-6       Heavy Metal Pioneers *updated 7.02.03*
On January 27th 2003 Warner Bros Vision released the extremely dubious Deep Purple 'Heavy Metal Pioneers' on DVD (region 2) as part of a series of re-issues; eleven years after it originally appeared on video. At the time it proved to be a deeply disappointing sixty minute band history, which promised a lot of rare footage but actually contained very little of interest. There was latterday interview footage of Paice, Lord, Glover, Blackmore, Turner and Gillan, interspersed with badly edited clips from available footage such as the Cal Jam 74 and Copenhagen 72. The only rarities were a clip of Hush from 'Playboy After Dark' 1968 (harshly edited), and 1 minute of MK4 live (overdubbed with a MK3 studio track). The DVD is sixty minutes long, and contains no additional footage to the video. Another less than esssential video to DVD transfer has come to our attention, namely Hard'n'Heavy Vols I & II. These are 90 minute compilations taken from the short-lived late 80s / early 90s HM video magazines styled on MTV. If you're game, Vol I includes footage from the recording of 'Rock Aid Armenia', while Vol II lists Whitesnake & Joe Satriani.    DB#600351
Deep Purple Mk1-6        Concerto Remasters Update *30.01.03*
There is still no definite release date for the SACD version, no reason has been given. There have been a number of complaints about the new CD edition. For some reason, there is a two and a half minute edit in the drum solo along with a number of other niggling points (the guitar comes in a beat too early in third movement etc), and questions about the artwork. We have passed the questions on to EMI. Simon at the DPAS thanks everyone who has written to us, but in his defence would like to point out that (sadly) he had nothing to do with this release other than supplying most of the images. The unremixed / unedited CD edition from 1990 has now actually been deleted so we're informed, though dpas online have secured a few final copies. If you want it, best be quick!   DB#600304
Deep Purple Mk1-6        Zill Pics *30.01.03*
A big book of Dieter Zill's Deep Purple photographic archive has recently been published in Germany. There are over 400 pages of images, approx 50/50 pre and post reunion, with a few in between era shots. A couple of reviewers have flagged up problems with the quality of the printing, back to front images, and poor repro work. The cost is approx £50. There is a detailed review in Darker Than Blue issue 55. The book is available from the publisher's website. SR #60040
Deep Purple Mk1-6       Live In Denmark 1972 *updated 30.01.03*
Denmark 72, which appeared on the Sonic Zoom mail-order series, is now available in Japan as a normal retail item, in a mini-album sleeve format. To avoid import problems, the Sonic Zoom edition has also been released in the EU as a retail item, for a limited period. It is identical to the mail-order version in every respect. The rest of the Sonic Zoom series remain as mail-order only titles. SR#600331
Deep Purple Mk1-6        Disco 72 *30.01.03*
Joint German/Swiss/Austrian satellite TV station 3Sat are to repeat an edition of Ilja Richter's old pop show 'Disco' on Friday, January 31st at 2.15pm CET (1.15pm GMT). The show was originally broadcast by ZDF on January 15th 1972, and features Deep Purple miming to Fireball, while the surrounding studio audience attempt to dance to it! DB #60038 (thanks to Axel Rudi Pell)

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Other News, Blackmore's Night,   West Coast Tour  *updated 30.12.04*

Blackmore’s Night are lining up five shows for the American West Coast in January 2005. A show initially listed for Sacramento on Feb.2nd is not going ahead. The full list is: Jan. 27, House of Blues, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Jan. 29 , 4th and B Concert Theatre, San Diego. Feb. 1, The Independent, San Francisco. Feb. 4, The Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim. Feb. 5, Wilshire Theatre, Los Angeles. Tickets for San Francisco (the most recently unveiled date) will be going on sale on January 2nd. For more details see the official Blackmore's Night website. MR#901861 (thanks to John Harjo)

Other News, Jon Lord,   German TV & Radio  *updated 19.12.04*

Jon has two German TV appearances lined up for the Christmas period_ • Thursday 16.12.2004_ 20:15 CET_ ARD  The 10th José Carreras Gala • Friday 24.12.2004_ 18:00 CET_ZDF Alle Jahre Wieder. Also, he's appearing in a 45-minute radio show on December 20th at 22:05 German time, on DLF.  NY#901861

Other News, Blackmore's Night ,   Christmas Eve & The New Year *18.12.04*

Blackmore's Night track 'Christmas Eve' is apparently getting airplay on a variety of US radio stations, and a promo video for the song has been aired on US and Canadian TV. According to their website the band have "many new projects planned for release in 2005" - including a live DVD, possibly including the recordings from Germany in 2002. (see our Castle Solingen, July 2002 review). A new studio album is planned for the end of summer 2005.   DB#90187 (thanks to www.blackmoresnight.com)

Other News, Jon Lord,   Jon & Frida On ZDF  *24.11.04*

Jon and Frida will be appearing on the "Adventsshow", ZDF (Germany TV), at 10:47am CET, Sunday November 28th. The show is being recorded on November 24th 2004 at Europa-Park´s 'Silver Star Dome' (near Freiburg, Germany), hosted by TV entertainer Andrea Kiewel. Other guests scheduled include: Alexander, Thomas Anders, Naturally 7, Hanne Haller, Mary Roos, Al Bano Carrisi,and 'many surprise guests'. On November 28th there's also a radio programme featuring Jon: Radio Bremen / Nordwestradio: 'On The Tracks' 10.05 - 12pm CET NY #900184 (thanks to Tim Sinzenich)

Other News, Glenn Hughes,   Hughes / Iommi Album In 2005 *22.11.04*

Tony Iommi has finally confirmed that he and Glenn are readying new material for a new album to be recorded next year. If all goes well the pair will then tour later in 2005 to promote it. Tony was all set to guest on some of Glenn's December shows too before they had to be cancelled. More in DTB 57. SR#900182

Other News, Glenn Hughes,   Soul Mover *19.11.04*

Chad Smith plays drums throughout Soul Mover, which also features ex-Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro on the title track. A video has been filmed for the song, featuring the trio in the California desert. Navarro described “Soul Mover” as “…killer, with a kind of harder Lenny Kravitz vibe to it” on his website. Far from simply ‘guesting’ on the album, Chad has been actively involved in all aspects of the recording and production of SOUL MOVER, and his enthusiasm and commitment has been pivotal in making this Glenn’s most significant release since his days in Deep Purple. Glenn, Chad and guitarist John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) recently recorded a phenomenal version of “Nights In White Satin” which captures one of Glenn’s greatest ever vocals. Both this song and the track “Soul Mover” were mixed by world famous engineer Jim Scott (Audioslave / Red Hot Chili Peppers). MK #900181

Other News, Glenn Hughes,    Tony Iommi, DEP Sessions Interview *6.11.04*

Tony Iommi is due to guest on Bruce Dickinson's digital radio 'Rock Show' on BBC6, Saturday, November 6th from 23:00-02:00 GMT. This broadcast can be heard online at: www.bbc.co.uk/6music/presenters/bruce_dickinson/index.shtml Bruce's BBC home page had this to say about the upcoming show: "This week the Rock Show is joined Tony Iommi on the back of the recent release of his DEP Sessions CD. Originally recorded in 1996 with singer Glenn Hughes, these tracks initially only surfaced on a badly pressed bootleg. They've now been mastered and released via the Sanctuary label." MK #900179

Other News, Q Magazine,    Classic Rock Special *1.11.04*

Magazines 'Q' and 'Mojo' have just produced a special edition entitled "The Greatest Classic Rock Albums Ever". This includes pages on Machine Head and Rainbow Rising, as well as a feature about Ritchie Blackmore which concentrates on Deep Purple and Rainbow's line-up changes. It is published as a Q Special Edition in the UK and a MOJO Special Edition overseas, including the US. DB# 900178

Other News, Whitesnake,    2004 European Tour  *updated 25.10.04*

Whitesnake are currently touring the UK, including their first show in Northern Ireland since 1984. See our latest tour dates list. The band line-up is still David Coverdale / Doug Aldrich / Reb Beach / Marco Mendoza / Timothy Drury / Tommy Aldridge.
Check out our Whitesnake: UK / European Tour Noticeboard.
 NY #9001524

Other News, JR Blackmore,    CD EP  *17.10.04*

Ritchie's son Jurgen Blackmore has a new 4 track 15 minute CD EP out; four electric rock instrumentals. Accomplished guitar work, it'll be reviewed in Issue 57. Album due early 2005. Check for more details and how to order at www.jrblackmore.de.
SR #900184, thanks to Rob Fodder.

Other News, JL Turner,   Stuart Smith - Heaven and Earth Reissue *17.10.04*

Black Star Records are re-releasing the first Heaven & Earth CD, which featured Glenn Hughes singing on one track and Joe Lynn Turner on three. The new edition features two previously unheard bonus tracks. The first is "Life on the Line," which was written by Joe Lynn Turner, Bobby Held and Stuart Smith, was recorded back in 1997 and has been updated to feature Toto's Bobby Kimball on vocals. The other song is a remake of Gary Moore's "Still Got The Blues," which features Joe Lynn Turner on vocals. The CD will be in US stores on November 2nd.  Stuart Hamilton #900185

Other News, Whitesnake,   Live In Hammersmith DVD *14.10.04*

David Coverdale has written on www.whitesnake.com of his illness which lead to the postponement of Whitesnake's October 7th Glasgow show (now rescheduled for December 2nd). Happily he was back in action for Newcastle on October 8th. Further UK Whitesnake dates have recently been added for late November, see our tour-dates list. He also announced that the Hammersmith Carling Apollo show on October 20th is due to be filmed for a DVD.    NY #900183

Other News, Blackmore's Night,    Beyond The Sunset  *updated 6.10.04*

The first Blackmore's Night compilation "Beyond The Sunset- The Romantic Collection" is out now. Designed to break the band into new markets, it brings together 13 ballads from across their catalogue. Fans are served by one brand new track "Once In A Million Years", plus a new version of "Ghost Of A Rose. The CD is available from the dpas online store. SR #9001595

Other News, Glenn Hughes,   Live In The City Of Angels  *updated 30.09.04*

Glenn Hughes "Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels" is now out on Frontiers Records, as a double CD and a single-disc DVD. It was recorded live on January 11th 2004 before a specially selected audience at the Sound Image Studio in North Hollywood, California. His band included guitarist JJ Marsh, keyboard player Ed Roth, and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Helping out on backing vocals were former Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow and ex-Santana man Alex Ligertwood, with second guitarist George Nastos doubling up where appropriate. The tracks range from newer material such as 'Written All Over Your Face', 'Higher Places (Song For Bonzo)', 'Wherever You Go' and 'Can't Stop The Flood' through to vintage tracks by Trapeze ('Seafull' and 'Medusa'), Hughes/Thrall ('First Step Of Love') and Deep Purple ('Mistreated', 'Gettin' Tighter' and 'You Keep On Moving'). There are two studio bonus tracks in Europe: 'The Healer' & 'Change'. The DVD adds an interview with the main man. The European release date is given as September 20th 2004. Japanese release will happen on Marquee / Avalon and Brazilian on Hellion Records. Cleopatra / Deadline Records will issue the set in USA. The CD/DVD is on the dpas online order form to order, early copies are in a special digipak format. NY #9001653

Other News, ex-Rainbow,  The Rainbow Songbook & The Lizards  *30.09.04*

New York based Rainbow fans out there may be interested to check out "Long Live Rock 'N' Roll: Music From the Rainbow Songbook", a show featuring: Paul Morris - keyboards (ex-Rainbow) John O. Reilly - drums (ex-Rainbow) Jimmy Kunes - vocals (ex-Savoy Brown) Angus Clark - guitar (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) Pemberton Roach - bass (ex-Satanicide, David Roter Method) on Thursday, October 7th at 9pm, at 'CODA', 34 E. 34th Street (between 5th and Madison), New York City. Phone: (212) 685-3434 . Meanwhile, there's even more action on the ex-Rainbow musicians' front with The Lizards (featuring Bobby Rondinelli, and Mike DiMeo ex of Riot) touring Europe in support of "Travers & Appice" from October 30th. For more information check out www.thelizardswebsite.com.    DB #900178

Other News, Dougie White,   White Noise Support Slot  *26.09.04*

1990s Rainbow front man Dougie White's 'White Noise' project have been announced as replacement support act for Manfred Mann on Uriah Heep's October / November 2004 UK Tour. As well as Dougie, White Noise also feature three members of Mostly Autumn. They will apparently be performing some Deep Purple tracks, as well as material from Dougie's tenure with Rainbow. DB #900177 (thanks to Hubert Allusson)

Other News, Jon Lord,   European Tour Changes  *updated 25.09.04*

Jon Lord has told the DPAS that he will shortly be launching his own web site, and will be trying to sum up his thoughts and feelings on the last two eventuful years once the site is live. Jon is also planning a full European tour starting at the end of September. His management are currently firming up dates across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and more. It is hoped the tour will reach the UK early in 2005. Some tour dates are on our tour dates list, though some are still liable to change. Tickets for the German shows are available from many outlets, such as karsten-jahnke.de. The concert in Cologne, October 5, will be filmed and recorded for a DVD in November. The shows will feature rock musicians and a small orchestra and are likely to promote Jon's new album which he starts recording in the summer. He says it will be "more uptempo" than his last one. Musicians listed for the tour include Sam Brown (vocals) and the Trondheim Soloists. Pete York will not now be doing the Jon Lord tour, and is currently out of action with a broken shoulder.    SR/DB #9001395, with thanks to Peter Wiesner

Other News, Jon Lord,   Sunday Night Classics  *updated 22.09.04*

Jon Lord appeared on German TV show 'Sunday Night Classics' on Sunday, September 19th. Jon previously informed us that the show was recorded in Munich on September 6th. Former Abba singer Frida (Anni-Frid Lyngstad) performed the song "The Sun Will Shine Again" from Jon's album 'Beyond The Notes' (released September 20th), backed by an orchestra, and Jon on grand piano. Together with the Munich Symphony Orchestra Jon also performed a new instrumental track from 'Beyond The Notes' called 'The Telemann Experiment'. He also accompanied Hayley Westenra singing Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights". DB/NY #9001671 (thanks to Uwe Gerecke)

Other News, Bernie Marsden,   Alaska Alive DVD *19.09.04*

Majestic Rock have issued an old live show by Alaska on DVD featuring Bernie Marsden - however one buyer tells us it is a very poor image, seemingly dubbed from a VHS original, so be wary.  SR #900175 (Thanks to Phil Cohen).

Other News, Art Book,  Deep Purple In Art *19.09.04*

Following the exhibition we mentioned before, artist Olga Stozhar's book of artworks inspired by the songs of Deep Purple has now been published. There will be a full review in DTB 57. If anyone wishes to order the book, you can contact Olga at deep.purple.in.art@web.de Our thanks to Olga for the review copy. SR #900173

Other News, Tommy Bolin,   Teaser & Private Eyes Remasters  *updated 5.09.03*

Sony Legacy in America are still working to restore Tommy Bolin's two studio albums to the best possible quality but at present the whereabouts of the original album multi-tracks is still unknown despite extensive enquiries. The London studio where Teaser was mixed was sold in the eighties and nobody is sure where the remaining tapes stored there went. MM#900501

Other News, Glenn Hughes,   Eighth Star  *updated 1.09.04*

Tony Iommi is preparing the unissued 1996 recordings from DEP Studios, Birmingham, featuring Glenn Hughes and Don Airey, on Sanctuary Records under the title “The 1996 DEP Sessions”. Release dates have been reported for late September 2004. This material was abandoned and Iommi later did a solo album called "Iommi". The 1996 tapes have been bootlegged, but the new release will be taken from his own tapes, properly mixed.   MK #9001362 (with thanks to www.iommi.com)

Other News, Bobby Rondinelli,    The Lizards  *1.09.04*

Blue Oyster Cult drummer Bobby Rondinelli has officially quit the group in order to pursue his work with hard rock ensemble The Lizards. Rondinelli, who has also played with the likes of Black Sabbath and Rainbow, has toured and recorded with The Lizards for several years now and is looking forward to exclusively dedicating his drumming talents to the band. Most recently Mike DiMeo of Riot has taken over the lead vocal spot for The Lizards. The group is currently preparing for a major tour with T&A - a new supergroup featuring Pat Travers and Carmine Appice. Plans to perform in Scandinavia, Russia, Germany and Denmark in October 2004 are in the works. For more info: www.thelizardswebsite.com.
AW #900173

Other News, Sir Malcolm Arnold,    South Bank Show Special  *29.08.04*

Sir Malcolm Arnold, conductor of the original 1969 Concerto performance, is the subject of a two part 'South Bank Show' special on ITV1 (UK), Sun 26th Sep 23:05 and Sunday 3rd October. Contributors to the show include Tim Rice and Jon Lord. It is directed by Tony Palmer. Arnold is described as "The last survivor of a generation of great British composers who dominated the musical landscape in the last half of the twentieth century. Nothing prevented this genius from writing in excess of 500 works including over 120 film scores and nine monumental symphonies." NY #900171

Other News, Blackmore's Night ,    Compilation & DVD  *updated 26.08.04*

The first Blackmore's Night compilation "Beyond The Sunset- The Romantic Collection" is due out soon. Designed to break the band into new markets, it brings together 13 ballads from across their catalogue. Fans are served by one brand new track "Once In A Million Years", plus a new version of "Ghost Of A Rose". A Limited Edition CD with 5 track DVD is now being enhanced with a three track Christmas single, details to follow. Anyone who has pre-ordered the Limited Edition from the dpas online store will get this as well. The discs are issued by RSK/SPV. DB #9001593 (thanks to the Rainbow Fan Clan)

Other News, Tommy Bolin,    2004 Tommy Bolin Music Festival  *updated 5.08.04*

The 11th Annual Bolin Music Fest is just around the corner. This year's special guests are Derek St. Holmes (ex Ted Nugent & MSG) joining Vanilla Fudge, and Glenn Hughes as part of Saturday's all-star lineup. It should also be noted that the Lizards have had to withdraw from performing due to the unfortunate illness of one of their members. Tickets are still available for both nights. Friday night, July 30th: the reunited Tesla with special guest Glenn Hughes. Saturday night, July 31st will be Johnnie Bolin and Friends, Billy Lee Janey, Vanilla Fudge, Derek St. Holmes and Deep Purple's Glenn Hughes. Mention The Bolin Foundation and receive a 2-Day ticket discount. For tickets please visit www.surfballroom.com or call 641-357-6151 For further information please visit www.tommybolin.org or www.the-fuze.com. Todd Seely #9001382

Other News, Blackmore's Night,  German TV In July  *updated 20.07.04*

On Sunday 25th July Blackmore's Night will be appearing on German TV as guests on ZDF's 'Fernsehgarten', at 10.45 CET (09.45 BST), to promote their "Beyond The Sunset - The Romantic Collection" compilation CD. It'll be the band's fourth time on the show. In previous years they have mimed to 'The Times They Are A' Changing', 'Home Again' and 'All For One'. DB #900163 (thanks to Kurt Senn & Marc Brans)

Other News, Blackmore's Night,  The 2004 Touring Season  *updated 19.06.04*

Blackmore's Night kicked off their 2004 touring activity with two US shows in New Jersey & Pittsburgh on May 13th & 14th. The Pittsburgh show featured 'Child In Time' in the set for the first time. DPAS Live Review: Pittsburgh, 14th May 2004 There has been a change to their German Castle Tour schedule. www.blackmoresnight.com have announced that "due to the production of the new DVD, the show in Kempten has been cancelled. All other dates remain as scheduled. We look forward to seeing you all on our summer tour."   DB #9001413

Other News, M3,  Live In The UK  *16.06.04*

M3, featuring Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody, Neil Murray, Jimmy Copley, Mark Stanway and guest vocalist Stefan Berggren have just completed a 'mini jaunt' around the UK (see the Burnley review listed below), and are now off to play a two shows in continental Europe; 26th June, a Festival in Uelzen near Hannover (see www.rock-im-bad.com), and 27th June, the Danube festival in Vienna. As previously reported Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody are special guests for the Toto concert at the Royal Albert Hall on June 28th 2004. Quite a prestigious gig for the ex-Whitesnake guitarists.
DPAS Live Review: M3, Burnley Mechanics 12th June 2004 
SR #9001442 (with thanks to John Blackburn)

Other News, Jon Lord,  Locomotive Breath  *updated 11.06.04*

Jon Lord appeared on ZDF (German TV) on Saturday April 17th as part of a two and a half hour extravaganza called '50 Jahre Rock'. He played Hammond in the 60s-70s era houseband 'The Soulmates', memorably bashing out tracks such as 'Smoke On The Water', Jethro Tull's 'Locomotive Breath' and Manfred Mann's 'Blinded By The Light', in the company of Ian Anderson, Chris Thompson and Peter Frampton. Great fun! Deep Purple appeared via a video link saying they couldn't make it as they were in Hong Kong! The show is being repeated tonight on ZDF at 23.00 CET.   DB #9001452

Other News, Jon Lord,  Handel Fest 2004  *6.06.04*

As part of this year's 'Handel Festspiele' Jon Lord is set to appear in the 'Bridges To Classics' concert (directed by Bernt Ruf) on Saturday 12th June at the Galgenbergschlucht in Halle, along with the Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Halle. Tickets are 18 Euros. Also, Jon Lord and the Trondheim Soloists are due to play the Hell Blues Festival in Norway, on 9th September. Sam Brown is listed as a guest performer for the show.  NY #900157 (photo: Lylian Pothron)

Other News,   Deep Purple In Art  *2.06.04*

German abstract artist Olga Stozhar has a major exhibition of 100 artworks inspired by the songs of Deep Purple. This is on now at the Stiftung Starke, Koenigshall 30-32, 14193 Berlin Grunewald, Germany. The exhibition closes on June 20th 2004. SR #900155

Other News, Lord Sutch     Biography  *2.06.04*

There's a new book on the life of Screaming Lord Sutch due shortly, which promises to cover his early days with The Savages and Ritchie Blackmore, amongst others. More news when we have it. SR #900154

Other News, Blackmore's Night,    Fan Night In Germany *2.06.04*

News from Blackmore's Night: "We are happy to announce that we will hold a special fan appreciation concert in Schloss Abenberg in Germany on August 3. Entrance will be only by special invitation ticket. We do greatly appreciate all our fans, but the capacity for this performance is very limited. Make your reservations early-it will sell out quickly. The price will be about 60 Euros and a buffet will be included." NY #900156 (thanks to www.blackmoresnight.com)

Other News, Tommy Bolin,   Bolin Music Festival Preview *23.05.04*

There's a new Glenn Hughes interview at www.the-fuze.com which "is a preview of the upcoming Tommy Bolin Music Festival, which Glenn will be headlining once again. Glenn talks about his days in Deep Purple with Bolin, where he fits among the Blackmore's and Moore's of the world, and mentions a few projects to look for later this year." DB #900153, thanks to Todd Seely.

Other News, The Garden Of Earthly Delights  *19.05.04*

Deep Purple fans interested in learning more about the work of Hieronymus Bosch, may like to watch BBC2 tonight at 11:20pm, for a 65-minute show called, "The Delights Of Hell". The cover of the group's self-titled third album (a black and white extract from the right-handside panel, known as "Hell", of the heavily symbolic triptych "The Garden Of Earthly Delights"), caused offence to some and attracted a certain amount of disdain and publicity at the time of its release in 1969, despite the fact that the almost 500-year old original was displayed in the Prado Museum in Madrid. It is named after the luscious garden which is in the central panel, and depicts the history of the world and the evils of sin. From the creation of the world on the outside shutters, the story progresses from Adam and Eve and original sin on the left panel to the torments of hell (where a lot of the instruments of torture are musical instruments) on the right. NY #900151

Other News, Various Artists,   Rubber Monkey  *updated 15.05.04*

Santa Barbara Machine Head, the short lived Jon Lord pre-Purple group, have their Hammond heavy instrumental Rubber Monkey covered by Italian band The Link Quartet shortly. The original is on the Pre Purple People CD collection. Meanwhile ex-Quiet Riot vocalist Kevin DuBrow is covering Speed King on his debut solo CD In For The kill, issued on Shrapnel in America. Black Sheep Of The Family - first covered by Rainbow - is re-covered. Out May in USA. He also has a bash at Silverhead's 'Rolling With My Baby', the original of which is on the Purple Records 'Purple People' CD. NY/SR #900150

Other News, M3,   Musical Differences  *25.04.04*

Singer Tony Martin has parted company with Marsden, Moody & Murray's M3 after their recent Russian mini-tour. Later this year M3 are due to release Volume 2 of their 'Classic Snake Live' CD series, also offering the product as a paid for download. MM #900146

Other News, Graham Bonnet,   UK Tour with Elektric Zoo *25.04.04*

Graham Bonnet will be performing in the UK with his new band Elektric Zoo at the following venues: Thursday May 6th - Limelight, Crewe, Phone No. 01270 251929. Friday May 7th - Rios, Bradford, Phone No. 01274 735549. Saturday May 8th - West One Four, London, Phone No. 0208 7462429. Monday May 10th - Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen, Phone No. 01224 619930. Tour support are Aesculus Hipp. DB #900147

Other News, Joe Satriani,    Touring With Deep Purple *30.04.04*

Joe Satriani is backing his recently released album, "Is There Love In Space?" by touring the USA alongside Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy in August / September 2004. "Is There Love In Space?," Satriani's ninth studio album, was released on April 13th. Mp3 clips of all 13 of the album's tracks are being streamed from Joe's official website.   NY #900148

Other News, DPAS,    Darker Than Blue 56  *updated 18.04.04*

Darker Than Blue magazine no.56 is currently being sent out to DPAS members around the world. Issue 56 seeks to wrap up the events of 2003 with a look at the recording of the Bananas album together with Michael Bradford interviews. The live shows from May - Dec 2003 are covered in depth, with tour dates and set lists, and a review of the programme. The 68 page issue comes with a colour cover, plenty of Mk 7 news and Mk 1-4 reissue details, plus articles covering (amongst other things) the sale of Deeves Hall, Gillan in Gillingham, Kneel And Pray, Mastermind, the Montreux 69 flyer, St. Anselms, The Long And Winding Road and Tintin Magazine. The extensive CD / Vinyl sections cover Burn remastered, Bananas, rare Discoveries, an Early Years report, VAP Japan check-list and all the recent releases. Regulars include Competitions, Book reviews, DVD/Video news, Fan Clubs News, How We Got Into..., Letters, Questions & Answers, Purple Records news and the latest adventures of Richard Head. Individual columns on the individual members cover the Blackmore, Hughes and Whitesnake UK Tours. A feature on Black Sabbath with Gillan to mark the 20th Anniversary of Born Again rounds things off. So if you're a Deep Purple fan, get ready for another two day sickie to cope with it all! To join The DPAS in time for the new magazine you can use our secure subscription form, the cost of subscription covers four magazines. MM #9001372

Other News, Marsden & Moody,   Guests of Toto *2.04.04*

Bernie Marsden (and Micky Moody) are special guests for the Toto concert at the Royal Albert Hall on June 28th 2004. Quite a prestigious gig for the ex-Whitesnake guitarists. SR #900144

Other News, Jon Lord,   Disguises  *24.03.04*

Jon Lord played a show with Trondheims-'solistene' (soloists) in Trondheim, on March 20th. According to local news, he played part of his new work 'Disguises', which (as previously reported) is also to be performed in Bergen on May 23rd . Jon told journalists that he is due to record a new album in Oslo and Germany later this year, with Trondheims-solistene playing a part. Hans Peter Jenssen/SR #900142

Other News, Glenn Hughes,   Trapeze  *5.03.04*

Lemon, who issued the Trapeze album "You Are The Music" recently, have just announced "Medusa" and "Trapeze", the bands second and first albums respectively - to follow. SR #900140

Other News, Jon Lord,   European Tour  *3.03.04*

Jon Lord has told the DPAS that he will shortly be launching his own web site, and will be trying to sum up his thoughts and feelings on the last two eventuful years once the site is live. Jon is also planning a full European tour starting at the end of September. His management are currently firming up dates across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and more. It is hoped the tour will reach the UK early in 2005. The shows will feature rock musicians and a small orchestra and are likely to promote Jon's new album which he starts recording in the summer, and which he says will be "more uptempo" than his last one. Meanwhile he also guests on a live German ZDF TV show celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth of rock and roll (it was born?) at the Hanover Preussag Arena on April 17th. Tickets are being sold at eventim.de. More info at www.zdf.de. On May 23rd Jon will be playing a special show with the Trondheim Soloists for their concert at Korskirken in Bergen, Norway. The programme includes a piece by Strauss and works by Jon Lord. SR #900139

Other News, HTP,   Hughes Turner Project II  *updated 13.02.04*

The second Hughes Turner Project album is now out in Europe. The Japanese release includes a bonus track, Keep On Shining. The line-up on the album is Glenn Hughes (Vocals, Bass), Joe Lynn Turner (Vocals), J. J. Marsh (Guitars), Ed Roth (Keyboards) and Shane Gaalaas (Drums), with guest appearances from Steve Vai and Jeff Kollman on guitars and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums. PT/NY#9001052. DPAS REVIEW: Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner: HTP2

Other News, Glenn Hughes,  Go West  *updated 13.02.04*

Glenn Hughes filmed a live concert on January 11th in L.A. before an invited audience. The results will be issued as a live DVD and CD in April 2004; the CD will have an extra track. The results will be issued as a live DVD and CD in April 2004; the CD will have an extra track. FdL#9001331 (thanks to Paul Thomas)

Other News, Jon Lord,  The Basement Tapes   *updated 13.02.04*

Jon Lord & The Hoochie Coochie Men. "Live At The Basement" This double CD and DVD will finally appear in Europe on EMI on April 19th. A two hour r'n'b show featuring Jon Lord with Bob Daisley (ex-Rainbow and Ozzie Osbourne) and his band, recorded at The Basement Club in Sydney, Australia in February 2003, covering Willie Dixon, Howling Wolf, and Jimmy Smith classics, Lord's Hammond high in the mix. Jimmy Barnes guests on three numbers. The set was issued in Australia in December. The EMI edition will not differ musically. MM#9001044

Other News, Whitesnake,  The Early Years  *updated 4.02.04*

Whitesnake / The Early Years (EMI 7243 592019 2 4) is out on Feb 24th 2004, a single CD, part of the EMI programme of early collections of many of their major catalogue artists. The 18 tracks span the years 1978 - 1984, and only four duplicate the recent anniversary sets. Coverdale chose the tracks and wrote the sleeve notes. There are no rarities on it, tracks included are: Walking In The Shadow Of Blues / Sweet Talker / Would I Lie To You / Trouble / Gambler / Love Hunter / Don't Break My Heart Again / Ready An' Willing / Child Of Babylon / Here I Go Again / Carry Your Load / Rough An' Ready / Wine Women An' Song / Lie Down / Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Live) / Fool For Your Loving (Live) / Take Me With You (Live) / We Wish You Well. David was asked on his message board by Paul Harrison about the absence of Crying In The Rain... "I purposely arranged the music on the two projects "Silver Anniversary" and "The Early Years" to be 'companion' CDs... I believe the only 'double' is "Don't Break My Heart Again"... All the rest are 'live' or 'studio' versions of the same songs...I hope that makes sense...and somebody asked me why I didn't put "Crying In The Rain" on either collection...well...as you can imagine...it was IMPOSSIBLE to put EVERYTHING on!!!...Tho' ,as usual, there was a little 'method to my madness...in that I will be talking to EMI about putting together "The Epics"...which will be ALL the power blues...the over 6 minutes songs!!!..."Mistreated"..."Crying.."..."Sailing Ships"..."Take Me Back Again"..."Still 'o' De Night"...you know...THE EPICS!!!" David also mentioned that he's currently writing new material with Doug Aldrich although no new studio album is planned_ "tho' you never know!" DB#9001313 , thanks to Paul Harrison

Other News, Jon Lord,  Gone Troppo *3.02.04*

George Harrison's 1982 album "Gone Troppo" is being reissued on CD shortly. JON LORD guested on one track called "Circles". Details in DPAS Discog / DTB Issue 57. SR#900139

Other News, Glenn Hughes,  Classic Rock Revisited *2.02.04*

There's a new Glenn Hughes interview online at classicrockrevisited, in which Glenn touches upon his times with Trapeze, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath...("Tony (Iommi) asked me to sing on a project that I thought was supposed to be his solo project but then Warner Bros got greedy and wanted to call it Black Sabbath. I was singing without playing bass, which is something I’d never done which was really stressful for me. Then there was the incident where I got beat up backstage before the 1st show, my eye socket broke and I couldn’t sing.") Glenn also mentions an idea to record HTP live in a Swedish opera house for a future DVD release.   NY#900138

Other News, HTP,   Hughes & Turner 2004 Tour  *updated 26.01.04*

Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner are due to begin the second Hughes Turner Project tour on February 3rd 2004 with five Japanese shows. They then move on to Europe for a number of shows; beginning with the "Heroes Of Fate" Festival - in Moscow on February 23rd. NY/FdL#9001322

Other News, Joe Lynn Turner,    Hey Mr VJ  *21.01.04*

Joe Lynn Turner has been lined up to guest on cable TV station VH-1 Classic (USA), starting at 6am on January 31st. Turner's guest VJ shift will appear in segments throughout the following weekend. Joined throughout by VH-1 regular Amy Scott, Joe will "reveal never-before-aired stories about his work with Ritchie Blackmore, Billy Joel, Cher, Lita Ford and Leslie West among others. Joe Lynn will give viewers insight into the making of some of the videos he was in as a member of Rainbow, Deep Purple and Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force. Fans will also be treated to vintage video clips from artists that Joe has worked with. Scott and other VH1 staffers said that Joe's stint was one of the best they have ever taped."   NY#900135, with thanks to Rob Fodder

Other News, HTP,    Mine Of Information  *18.01.04*

The 'Rockline' radio show featured both Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner on Thursday January 15th. The Glenn Hughes gig recorded on Jan.11th is being edited now, with an April 2004 release date being aimed at. When JLT was asked if he still was in contact with Ritchie Blackmore he replied that contact was recently renewed. Joe has been asked to sing a duet with Candice Night which he is eager to participate in. When asked whether there will be a HTP3 release both Glenn and JLT replied that they have to survive the upcoming tour first but plans have been made to start recording HTP3 in October 2004. Deep Purple's Roger Glover will guest on Rockline on Wednesday 28th Jan. 2004. Gerard Stam #900134

Other News, Doogie White,   Doogie's Choice  *10.12.03*

Former Rainbow frontman Doogie White is chatting on www.totalrock.com on Thursday 11th Dec between 4 and 6pm, playing tracks from his past and present, and some recent faves. "I get to play whatever songs I like from my chequered past, so listen out for tunes from Cornerstone, Rainbow, Yngwie, Chain and Midnight Blue as well as me singing Maiden and maybe even Whitesnake." It may be possible to e-mail Doogie while he is live on air. Rob Fodder #900131 (thanks to www.doogiewhite.co.uk)

Other News, Tony Ashton,   Exhibition  *24.11.03*

There is a two day exhibition of works by TONY ASHTON and KIM GARDNER (both from Ashton, Gardner & Dyke) at The Basement Gallery, 42-43 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7RG. It's on for just two days, 6th and 7th December from 11am-2pm. We suggest you contact the Gallery direct to check times. We are not sure if this is a selling exhibition or just a viewing one. MR#900129

Other News, Jon Lord,   The Gemini Man  *21.11.03*

The Gemini Man is a brand new softback book concentrating on the orchestral works of Jon Lord, written by Vince Budd and published by Gnosis Press. Over 100 pages long, A5 format, with just a few illustrations, it is a very detailed analysis of Lord's work in this area. Vince looks at both the influences behind the work, as well as placing the pieces firmly in their classical context. It's unashamedly a scholarly work; anyone who has read Vince's notes for the CD reissues will have spotted that he is both a huge fan and someone who knows his classical onions, but it is a well written work, full of interesting detail and perceptive comment. The print-run is quite modest and it hasn't been cheap to print, but Vince has generously agreed to give DPAS members a discount. Details are on the dpas online catalogue now. A fuller review will appear in DTB 56. SR#900126

Other News, www.deep-purple.net,  Singing And Dancing  *21.11.03*

The Deep Purple Appreciation Society's online catalogue has been through a major revamp over the last few months and people can now check the results out at dpas online. The whole catalogue has been given extra features; most CDs now have track listings and sleeves for example, and there are improved search facilities, sections for new and forthcoming titles, shopping baskets and further layers of security for people who wish to order online. More extras are in the pipeline. Anyone who orders from the DPAS is also helping to further the work of the society. What's more DPAS person Simon Robinson has been persuaded to answer a load of questions about this area of the appreciation society for this site. Read it here. At the same time, the Purple Records web site has also been overhauled big time recently, so you might want to check that out for the sound samples (over an hour's worth!) and other features.  JR#900128

Other News, IGB,  Live At The Budokan  *10.11.03*

This classic early recording of the Ian Gillan Band in Japan has been reissued by Repertoire Records in Germany. It contains all the songs from the original two albums issued in Japan. The release seems to be licensed from Ian's 'Caramba' organisation. SR#900125 Thanks to Hubert Allusson

Other News, Black Sabbath,  Gillan & Hughes Era Interviews 1983 & 1986  *8.11.03*

The Swedish DPAS's Mike Eriksson has put up two Black Sabbath interviews on his Atlantis Online website. One is with Ian Gillan, done in 1983 just prior to the release of 'Born Again', the other is with Tony Iommi from 1986, during Glenn Hughes's short sojourn with the band. DB/Mike Eriksson #900124

Other News, Blackmore's Night,   Edinburgh Show Cancelled  *8.11.03*

Blackmore's Night cancelled their November 7th show in Edinburgh, apparently at three - four hours' notice. We have no news as yet of a replacement gig, or if the Birmingham show for November 9th will still be going ahead. The reason given for the cancellation was Candice Night being ill. MM #900125, with thanks to John Blackburn. Keep an eye on www.blackmoresnight.com for further developments.

Other News, Blackmore's Night,   Live And Electric *updated 22.09.03*

On a short US tour Blackmore's Night played shows in Philadelphia, PA on Sept 17th and in Westbury, NY Sept 19th. Pat Stratton caught the Westbury show: "The opening song was Cartouche. There was a two song encore encore: Ghost Of A Rose, and All For One (electric). Other songs played included The Clock Ticks On, Play Minstrel Play, Minstrel Hall, Renaissance Faire, Under A Violet Moon, Past Times With Good Company, Durch den Wald Zum Bach haus, I Still Remember, Village On The Sand (electric), Diamonds and Rust, Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword, Soldier Of Fortune, and 16th Century Greensleeves (electric). At 90 minutes the show was a bit shorter than other ones I've seen. Nevertheless it was outstanding, and Ritchie seemed in a very good mood throughout. He was especially amazing on the Fender". Details of 2003 European dates (including the UK) are on the Blackmore's Night tour dates page. Richard Gillitt / NY#9001122. Visit www.blackmoresnight.com for further details.

Other News, Black Sabbath,   Never Say Die *14.09.03*

Rockdetector (www.rockdetector.com) has just published a 400-page Black Sabbath biography."Never Say Die!" documents by way of exclusive interviews the post-Ozzy years from 1979 -1997, telling the story of how Tony Iommi persevered for twenty years with an ever fracturing line up. Author Garry Sharpe-Young "has interviewed exclusively for this work Ronnie James Dio, Tony Martin, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, Neil Murray, Bob Daisley, Bobby Rondinelli and many, many more. Also included are Garry's face-to-face interviews with the late Cozy Powell and Ray Gillen. The book is packed with 32 pages of photos, most exclusive pictures from band members personal collections." DB#900119 (& Rockdetector)

Other News, Glenn Hughes,   Freak Out Session *11.09.03*

IMR/Frontiers are due to release Chris Catena's "Freak Out Tonight!" as a single in September, containing edited and remixed versions of the song, which features Glenn Hughes on vocals. In addition the single will include a non-album cover of Play Me Out track "I Found A Woman". A clip of "Freak Out Tonight" is available to download from glennhughesitalia.com. The album "Freak Out!" will be released in October. The European version has 15 tracks. In addition to Glenn (who sings on the one track), other guest musicians include Tommy Aldridge, Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody, Tony Franklin and Al Kooper. DB#900118 (thanks to Chris Catena)

Other News, Nick Simper,   Rare Session *7.09.03*

Nick Simper guests on a Wee Willie Harris CD called Rag Moppin', issued last year. He plays bass on three tracks. dpas online will have copies in stock soon. Harris was a pop star in the fifties and early sixties, this CD however is a recent recording. There's also a page of info on Nick's rock'n'roll outfit The Good Old Boys at the HGSA Music Club website. Thanks to Nigel Young. SR#900117

Other News, Graham Bonnet,   Bonnet for Purple in 1973?  *updated 5.09.03*

The high-brow BBC TV quiz Mastermind asked an incorrect question on the August 4th edition. One contestant chose DEEP PURPLE as his specialist subject. The only question he passed on was, "Which former Marbles singer replaced Ian Gillan before David Coverdale joined?" The answer they were seeking was Graham Bonnet, though he wasn't in the running at all. We suspect the BBC were getting muddled up with Paul Rodgers from Free. For all those who missed the show and wish to pit their wits against John Humphreys, DTB 56 will have the questions and answers in Issue 56!   SR#9001131

Other News, Pete York, Superdrumming On DVD *updated 5.09.03*

"Pete York's Super Drumming Vol 1" sneaked out on DVD in Germany late in 2002 on the Inakoustic label, containing highlights from the first two series. Ian Paice drums on two tracks Jon Lord appears more often, including splendid versions of Gigue and the title track from Sarabande, though his introductory interview with Pete York is missing. DPAS Review: Super Drumming Vol 1 . A Volume 2 has now appeared, covering the third series. It's a thumping 185 minutes long, and includes Ian Paice performing 'Smoke On The Water' and 'Black Night' with Miller Anderson on vocals. Jon Lord is more heavily featured, performing more of his solo work, including parts of The Gemini Suite / Windows and Sarabande. SR/DB #900771 (thanks to Joerg Planer)

Other News, Jon Lord,   DVD In The Making *updated 5.09.03*

According to the official Deep Purple website in Australia an 'on the road' overview of the Jon Lord tour there earlier this year is now in preparation, featuring footage from the Concerto performances in Sydney & Perth, Boom Of The Tingling Strings in Brisbane, and interviews with Paul Mann and Jon. DT/DB#900871

Other News, Hughes Turner Project,   HTP Website Launched *20.08.03*

David & Shirean from the Coast To Coast online Glenn Hughes magazine at www.ghpg.net have launched a new site dedicated to HTP (Hughes Turner Project): www.htpsupportersclub.org: "The HTP Supporters' Club is dedicated to helping people discover, promote and support the music of Hughes Turner Project. It's based around the fans and more importantly...potential new fans." TS#900116 (thanks to Daivid & Shirean Harrison)

Other News, Glenn Hughes,     UK Shows This Year *11.08.03*

The first dates of an upcoming Glenn Hughes autumn UK Tour have been made available. People living in the UK and those prepared to fly /row /drive to it can start their countdown. Rob Fodder #900115

• Friday, October 17 2003 - Rio's, Bradford
  (Thorn House, Woodhead Road, Bradford) Box Office; 01274 735549
• Saturday, October 18 2003 - JB's Dudley
  (15 Castle Hill, Dudley) Box Office; 01384 253597
• Sunday, October 19 2003 - The Junction, Cambridge
  (Clifton Road, Cambridge) Box Office; 01223 511511
• Tuesday, October 21 2003 - Mean Fiddler, London
  (165 Charing Cross Road, London WC2 ) Box Office; 0207 344 0044

Other News, Whitesnake,     VH-1 Classic *7.08.03*
David Coverdale, according to the press release, "the golden voice of 80s metal band Whitesnake", is due to co-host VH1 Classic in America this Saturday, August 9th, with VH1 Classic's Eddie Trunk. The programmes include, "Rock Fest", "We Are The 80s", "All-Star Jams" and "Metal Mania". Whitesnake play Bonner Springs Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on August 9th, on the Rock Never Stops tour. NY#900114
Other News, Whitesnake,     Rock Never Stops Tour  *updated 28.07.03*
Whitesnake have have now started into their July / August North American gigs with Warrant, Slaughter and Kip Winger. See our Whitesnake tour dates. Bit of a mixture; some are House Of Blues, some are nice-looking open-air venues. They even played a couple of the venues earlier in the year!
DPAS REVIEW: Fort Dodge, Iowa. July 19th 2003.   NY#900103
Other News, Joe Lynn Turner,     Live Shows With Brazen Abbot  *27.07.03*
Joe Lynn Turner is at present in Bulgaria to perform a short tour with guitarist Nikolo Kotzev's Brazen Abbot. Joe has sung on three of Kotzev's albums, the two also toured together in 1997, playing a mix of Brazen Abbot and Rainbow songs. They kick off in the Black Sea resort Zlatni Pyasutsi (Golden Sands) on July 27th, then play the capital Sofia on July 29th and Plovdiv on July 31st. For more info, see the Brazen Abbot homepage. On July 25th Turner also made an appearance on leading Bulgarian TV talk show 'Slavi's Show'. Joe's latest album 'JLT' is now included in our reviews page: DPAS ALBUM REVIEW:
Joe Lynn Turner: JLT 
and is available to buy from dpas online NY#900111
Other News, Jon Lord,     Jon Lord Goes North  *22.07.03*
Jon Lord is guesting at this year's Hell Blues Festival in Norway, following in the steps of numerous DP family musicians. He is scheduled to appear as part of the house band, as well as playing piano at a special show in Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim on September 14th. For this he has announced that he will revisit some of his own classical / rock work, as well as doing pieces by classical and jazz musicans. Sam Brown and Miller Anderson will join him. NY/SR#900110
Other News, Ian Paice,     EMI Gary Moore Reissues  *11.07.03*
The dpas online store now has the following Gary Moore titles - reissued on CD by EMI with bonus tracks (no details yet). All are on the order form & all feature Ian Paice. • Gary Moore - Corridors Of Power MOORECD 1 / • Gary Moore - Rocking Every Night (Live) MOORECD 5 • / Gary Moore - Victims Of The Future MOORECD 2 • / Gary Moore - We Want Moore (Live) MOORECD 3. AW#900108
Other News, Blackmore's Night,     Return To Fernsehgarten  *6.07.03*
Blackmore's Night began the second leg of their European tour on July 3rd with a show at Wuppertal Stadthalle (see the dpas review). The merchandise includes the band's first ever tour programme. The band also appeared (for the third year running) on German TV's 'Fernsegharten' family entertainment show on July 20th. They have also made a promo video for 'Way To Mandalay', filmed in Poland, at the Wieliczka salt mines and at a castle. "Touring update: Please note we are in the process of completing our routing for the fall Blackmore's Night Tour. We hope to have a few dates on the East Coast of the US in mid September these will be posted as soon as we have them. We will be in Moscow at the Moscow Youth Theater Oct 10 and Oct 11 then on to the UK, Holland, and a few more countries we are confirming in the next few weeks." (for more info visit www.blackmoresnight.com) DB#900107
Other News, Whitesnake,     Live Album Planned  *4.07.03*
David Coverdale plans to release a live Whitesnake CD later this year. Although the possibility of a DVD was mentioned before the tour, this will not be happening. Writing on his website, he recently explained: "There will likely be a 'live' album from this year's activities...I recorded most, if not all the shows in Europe, as well as in the US...It will definately be a GLOBAL live album." David has also mentioned that there will be no more concerts this year after the Japanese tour in September but that Whitesnake will be back next year. NY#900106, photo: Niklas Nilsson
Other News, Glenn Hughes,      Songs In The Key Of Rock *updated 19.06.03*
Glenn's latest studio album “Songs In The Key Of Rock” has been released in Europe by Frontier Records. The album has been produced by Glenn and guitarist Jeff Kollman. Japanese release was due in May, with bonus track 'Change'. Glenn's new CD is now in stock at the dpas online store, and (though the record company didn't announce this) initial copies come in a digi-pak and contain one bonus track. PT/NY#900717
Other News, Tommy Bolin,      10th Annual Tommy Bolin Festival  *16.06.03*
"Promoter Kevin Schoneman, in association with The (Tommy) Bolin Foundation has announced the line-up for the 2003 Bolin Fest concert. The event, held annually in memory of the late guitarist/songwriter Tommy Bolin, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and will be held Friday & Saturday, August 1st and 2nd, at the legendary Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa. This year's special guests include: Crow, guitarist Rocky Athas, Craig Erickson Project, Les Dudek, Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown, Vanilla Fudge, Leslie West & Mountain, ex-Deep Purple vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes and guitar great Pat Travers. This year's event promises to be one to remember. Seating and accommodations are limited. Make plans now to attend The Ultimate Bolin Fest!"   FdL#900103
Other News, Glenn Hughes,      Songs In The Key Of Rock *11.06.03*
Glenn has finished recording “Songs In The Key Of Rock”, his latest studio album. According to Frontier Records who hope to release the album in Europe on June 9th, "the album is definitely a step in the hard rock direction.The final tracklisting will include the following songs: In My Blood; Lost In The Zone; Gasoline; Higher Places (Song For Bonzo); Get You Stoned; Written All Over Your Face; Standing On The Rock; Courageous; Secret Life; The Truth; Wherever You Go." The album has been produced by Glenn and guitarist Jeff Kollman. Japanese release is due in May, with bonus track 'Change'. The album is available now, and can be ordered from the dpas online store. www.melodicrock.com has mp3 samples of all tracks , plus comments from Glenn about each song.   PT/NY#900716
Other News,  David Coverdale,       Early Years 1976-77 *11.06.03*
David Coverdale: 'The Early Years' - Whitesnake / Northwinds. Purple Records PUR 340D - 2CD set 5 022911 340315. Purple Records have announced the release of Coverdale's first two solo albums back to back on a double CD set. These are basically the same versions that were released separately three years ago, with the same tracks, but better value for money. No skimping on the packaging however, with a 12 page illustrated booklet, the original album sleeves and a full page reproduction of the rejected Northwinds sleeve. It also means both albums are returning to the Purple label where they were first issued 25 years ago. They've used the European style Purple logo and label too. This title can be ordered at the dpas online store, and there's a discount for dpas members too. See our Whitesnake & Northwinds illustrated discographies. MM#900101
Other News,  Blackmore's Night,       Ghost Of A Rose *updated 11.06.03*
Blackmore's Night will be releasing their fourth studio album on June 30th. It includes fifteen tracks, including Joan Baez and Jethro Tull covers. A limited edition in a special digi-pak is also planned. Both the regular and limited edition versions can now be ordered from the dpas online store. Blackmore's Night: 'Ghost Of A Rose' SPV 08574992 June 30th 2003 CD. Tracks: Way To Mandalay / Three Black Crows / Diamonds & Rust / Cartouche / Queen For A Day pt 1 & 2 / Ivory Tower / Neu Eine Minute / Ghost Of A Rose / Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword / Loreley / Where Are We Going From Here / Rainbow Blues / All For One / Dandelion Wine. (Diamonds And Rust original by Joan Baez, Rainbow Blues original by Jethro Tull).   DB#900951
Other News,  Joe Lynn Turner ,       JLT *updated 11.06.03*
Joe Lynn Turner, 'JLT'. (SPV MTM 068174) : June 16th 2003 : CD. Joe Lynn Turner's new CD, with guest performances from the usual suspects including John O'Reilly and Paul Morris from later Rainbow days, can be ordered now from the dpas online store. SR#900971 For further details visit Joe's official website.
Other News,  Jon Lord,      & The Hell Blues Group *10.06.03*
Jon is due to participate in the "Hell Blues Night Extravaganza" at the Rica Hell Hotel, Trondheim/Værnes, Norway, on 13th September, in the "Hell Blues Band". The bill also includes "Peter Green & Splinter Group", "Big Boy Blues Band" featuring Bernie Marsden, and "The Norman Beaker Band" with Chris Farlowe. For more info see www.hellblues.com.    PJ#900105
Other News,  Smoke On The Effects Pedals *4.06.03*
Skunk Anansie guitarist 'Ace' has set a new world record for playing with the largest number of effect pedals switched on at the same time. He broke the record while playing 85 bars of 'Smoke On The Water', cheered on by a crowd of 150 on Brighton seafront. NY#900102
Other News,  Blackmore Sessionman *1.06.03*
Sanctuary Records have launched a new series devoted to British guitarists of the sixties with a volume devoted to Jeff Beck, who was very co-operative over the venture. Jimmy Page is next, and a volume devoted to Ritchie Blackmore is planned, with a number of rare sessions, some previously unissued on CD, as well as better known tracks by The Outlaws (pictured left), Heinz etc. The series is nicely packaged, with big booklets and a slipcase. More details when we have them. DB#900100
Other News,  Rainbow, The Rainbow Anthology *updated 1.06.03*
The Rainbow Anthology originally scheduled for March 2003 has now been released. This is the sixth Rainbow CD compilation in six years. Tracks are: Man On The Silver Mountain / Sixteenth Century Greensleeves / Catch The Rainbow / Tarot Woman / Starstruck / Stargazer / Light In The Black / Mistreated (live) / Long Live Rock 'N' Roll / Gates Of Babylon / Kill The King / Rainbow Eyes / Eyes Of The World / Since You Been Gone / All Night Long / Weiss Heim / I Surrender / Spotlight Kid / Can't Happen Here / Jealous Lover / Death Alley Driver / Stone Cold / Tearin' Out My Heart / Power / Can't Let You Go / Desperate Heart / Street Of Dreams / Difficult To Cure (live, Tokyo 1984) 
dpas review: Rainbow / Catch The Rainbow • The Anthology
Other News,  Blackmore's Night , Return To Moscow *27.05.03*
Blackmore's Night are scheduled to tour Russia later in the year. Known dates so far are 10th & 11th October in Moscow at the MDM hall (Moskowsky Dvorets Molodeji) - which means Moscow Youth Palace (capacity: 1800 -1900). You can view the hall at mdmpalace.ru. Tickets can be pre-ordered now - tel. +7(095)-230-10-12 - the promoter is JSA (they also brought BN to Moscow last year). Shows in St. Petersburg are scheduled as well but we don't have the dates as yet.  AG (Andrey Gusenkov) #90099 Keep a look-out at the Blackmore's Night website for details of the tour as they emerge.
Other News,  Blackmore's Night , Ghost Of A Rose Tour *updated 26.05.03*
Blackmore's Night are due to play two European tours this year. The "Ghost of a Rose - Spring Tour", starts off in Poland before visiting Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Denmark. A list of dates is on our Blackmore's Night 2003 tour dates list. The first show, originally set for Poznan on May 23rd was moved to King's Chapel, Wieliczka (near Cracow). "It's a part of a salt mine, the chapel hall is located underground, created inside a cave where the salt used to be mined. The place has an altar with the sculptures made of salt too. It's really a magical place, one of those extraordinary locations that Ritchie is always looking for." Tour Review: Kinga Chapel, Wieliczka, Poland. May 23rd 2003 Tickets are now on sale, the selling outlets are listed at Ritchie's site: www.blackmoresnight.com. As ever, "those in Renaissance Garb will get preferential front rows seating, so please mention it when you purchase your tickets." DB#900866 (thanks to Martin in Wroclaw) Check out the Blackmore's Night website for details of the tour.
Other News,  Glenn Hughes, California Jam in Genoa *20.05.03*
Glenn Hughes has a broad range of live appearances lined up in USA and Italy during the next month or so. These include an acoustic show at a Frontier Records artists' showcase on May 27th, and an appearance on June 28th at a Genoa poetry festival (!) performing with Italian DP tribute band 'California Jam'. DB#90098
Other News,  M3, 'Classic' Whitesnake *updated 16.05.03*
Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody and Neil Murray have started a new project called M3, consisting of Tony Martin / vocals; Bernie Marsden / guitar; Micky Moody / guitar; Neil Murray / bass; Josh Phillips / keyboards; Jimmy Copley / drums. Their press release says: "As the latest lineup of Whitesnake does not play many of the classic songs of the late 70s and early 80s, (M3) aims to be the band to fill that gap and play the Whitesnake songs that everyone wants to hear." Live Review: M3, Diest, Belgium, May 7th 2003 The M3 website is at www.classicwhitesnake.com    PT #900912 (thanks to Marc Brans)
Other News,  Whitesnake, Snakes In The UK *updated 16.05.03*
Whitesnake are currently touring the UK & Rep.of Ireland under the 'Monsters Of Rock' banner, along with guests Gary Moore and Y&T. The tour runs through to Newcastle on 23rd, and began with a Whitesnake only 'warm up' show in Ipswich on May 10th. Check out the full list of Whitesnake's 2003 tour dates. Whitesnake, UK Tour Noticeboard   DB#900784
Other News,  Whitesnake, On The Box *11.05.03*
David Coverdale has been interviewed (week beginning May 5) for an ITV Tyne Tees area documentary. This will part of a second series of half hour documentaries looking at local rock stars to be screened later in the year. The show will include archive Deep Purple footage, possibly some material not shown on UK TV before. We'll keep you informed. David also appeared on BBC3's 'Liquid News' (see left) on Wednesday May 7th, sorry we were unable to post an alert beforehand. SR/NY#90094
Other News, Hardin & York,  Wind In The Willows Live DVD *updated 10.05.03*
A DVD has been released of Eddie Hardin's 'Wind In The Willows'. It comes from a live concert staged in Germany in 1991 by Pete York and Eddie, and features guest performances from the likes of Jon Lord, Don Airey, Tony Ashton and Graham Bonnet. There are photos from the show in the photo gallery. The DVD format is Region 0 (PAL only), and is available to buy now from the dpas online store. A dpas review of the DVD is now on the site.  SR#900831
Other News, Eddie Hardin,   The Wizard's Convention *updated 5.05.03*
Purple Records are preparing Eddie Hardin's 'Wizard's Convention' album [PUR316] for release in May 2003, complete with a new cover and booklet. The music was originally recorded in Kingsway, London in April / May 1976 - shortly after the last Deep Purple mk4 gig. Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale took part, as did Jon Lord and Roger Glover. Other participants included Pete York, Ray Fenwick, and Tony Ashton. The (newly remastered) single cd carries two bonus tracks which include Ronnie Dio. The album can be pre-ordered from the dpas online store. For more detais check out our Wizard's Convention illustrated discography, and our new Wizard's Convention photo gallery     DB#9000831
Other News, Señor Coconut ,   Ay Caramba.... *3.05.03*
"Señor Coconut and his mighty Orchestra have returned with their latest masterpiece Fiesta Songs! The Orchestra really swings with its interpretations of classic cuts like "Smoke On The Water", "Riders On The Storm", and "Beat It" So grab your friends and CHA CHA CHA!" MA #90093
Other News, Whitesnake,   Comin' Home *3.05.03*
According to himself, David Coverdale is flying back to the UK this weekend ahead of the European leg of Whitesnake's tour, which is due to kick off at the Ipswich Regent on May 10th. According to the Ipswich Evening Star: "The concert on May 10 had been billed as sold out but another 200 tickets were released for sale today meaning those who thought they had missed the opportunity to catch this gig still have a chance to book their seat." NY #90092
Other News, Whitesnake,   Anthology Double CD *updated 17.04.03*
Hot on the heels of Whitesnake's single cd Greatest Hits from EMI comes the double CD "Silver Anniversary Collection" which also includes Coverdale Page and latterday solo tracks, apparently chosen by David Coverdale himself. It's due for release on May 12th. Tracks are : Disc 1: Fool For Your Loving (original version) / Don't Break My Heart Again / Hit An' Run / The Time Is Right For Love / Love Ain't No Stranger / Too Many Tears (Into The Light version) / Pride And Joy / Victim of Love / Judgement Day / Is This Love / Take A Look At Yourself / Straight For The Heart / Now You're Gone (US remix) / Looking For Love / Sailing Ships (Starkers version) / Soldier Of Fortune (Starkers version) / Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues (Live in the Heart version) Ready 'n' Willing (Live In The Heart version). Disc 2: Into The Light / River Song / Slow n Easy / She Give Me / Shake My Tree / Guilty Of Love / The Deeper The Love / Blindman / Love To Keep You Warm / Love Is Blind / Ain't Gonna Cry No More / Slave / Lonely Days Lonely Nights / Give Me All Your Love / Till The Day I Die / Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City / Here I Go Again (87 version) / Still Of The Night / We Wish You Well. Both collections can be ordered from the dpas online store.   Neither is connected with the Geffen "Here I Go Again: The Best Of Whitesnake" released in the USA last year. Martin Waldron / MM#900892
Other News, Whitesnake,   Mega-Feature In Classic Rock *6.04.03*
Coverdale looking good on the cover of April's issue of Classic Rock magazine out now, with a big twelve page feature inside. Coverdale is interviewed by Mick Wall, and the history of the band is detailed. Lots of pictures, mostly more recent shots. The issue also contains the 2002 poll results. SR#900090
Other News, Whitesnake,   Mega-Feature In Classic Rock *6.04.03*
Coverdale looking good on the cover of April's issue of Classic Rock magazine out now, with a big twelve page feature inside. Coverdale is interviewed by Mick Wall, and the history of the band is detailed. Lots of pictures, mostly more recent shots. The issue also contains the 2002 poll results. SR#900090
Other News, Hughes Turner Project,   Live In Tokyo CD *updated 20.03.03*
The Hughes Turner Project live album is available now from the dpas online store. It was recorded at Club Quatro,Tokyo on May 17th and 19th during their Japanese Tour. The track listing is: Devils Road / You Cant Stop Rock and Roll / Death Alley Driver / I Surrender / Stormbringer / Dark Days / Mistreated / No Stranger To Love / Can't Stop the Flood / Better Man / Ride the Storm / King of Dreams / Street of Dreams / Spotlight Kid. (ie. their full set minus encores and Joe's Japanese beer commercial track!) The HTP studio album was scheduled for US release this month on the Shrapnel label, with the live cd to follow within a few months. DB#900425 (thanks to Fedor de Lange)
Other News, Whitesnake,   Whitesnake Hits *updated 14.03.03*
The long awaited Greatest Hits set is issued here by EMI on March 24th. It's a single CD. It can be ordered now from the dpas online store. Tracks (nothing rare whatsoever) are: Fool For Your Loving 4.16 / Don't Break My Heart Again 4.01 / Love Ain't No Stranger 4.18 / Is This Love 4.40 / Now You're Gone 4.10 / Give Me All Your Love 3.29 / Ready An' Willing 3.42 / Guilty Of Love 3.23 / Would I Lie To You 4.27 / Long Way From Home 4.55 / The Deeper The Love 4.19 / Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City 5.43 / Too Many Tears 5.43 / Give Me More Time 3.42 / Standing In The Shadow 3.29 / Here I Go Again 4.33 / Still Of The Night 6.32    SR#900801
Other News, The Simpsons,   Highway Star *13.03.03*

For anyone in the UK who hasn't seen the Simpsons episode where Homer sings 'Highway Star', the episode in question 'Viva Ned Flanders' is on BBC2 today, Thursday 13th March, 18:00 - 18:20. According to the BBC website "Homer shows Flanders how to enjoy life by taking him to Las Vegas."  SR#900086

Other News, Jon Lord,   Bach To Bartok *updated 12.03.03*
According to the BBC website , on Radio 3, Saturday 15th March at noon "Michael Berkeley talks to Jon Lord, the classically trained keyboard player of the rock group Deep Purple. In 1969 Jon Lord made a pre-emptive strike for 'crossover' when his 'Concerto for Group and Orchestra' was performed at the Royal Albert Hall, conducted by Sir Malcolm Arnold. Today he reveals some of the influences on his own music, including works by Stravinsky, Vaughan Williams, Bach, Bartok and The Beatles." The show is called 'Private Passions', and will be repeated at 3pm on Sunday 16th. It will also be streamed 'on demand' via the BBC website: ie you'll be able to listen to it any time you like for a week. Click the "listen live" link to select it.  NY#9000851 (with thanks to Mark Jones at BBC5-Live)
Other News, Rainbow   Graham Bonnet Interview *8.03.03*
There's a new interview with Graham Bonnet on the excellent www.thefuze.com website. The interview was conducted by The Fuze two days prior to Graham's recent L.A. show. The interview covers his entire musical career, including his tenure with Rainbow. Todd Seely #900084
Other News, Jon Lord   Tingling Strings In Luxembourg *5.03.03*
Jon's piano concerto "Boom of the Tingling Strings" is due for its European premier on May 31st 2003, performed by by the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra with pianist Michael Kieran Harvey, conducted by Paul Mann. The concert takes place at the "Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg" starting at 8pm. The programme also includes pieces by Britten & Prokofiev. See Jon Lord's 2003 tour dates.
 Peter Judd, PJ#90082
Other News, Rainbow,   Anthology *28.02.03*
Yet another Rainbow compilation, Catch The Rainbow, is due for release on March 24th. Tracks are:
Man On The Silver Mountain / Sixteenth Century Greensleeves / Catch The Rainbow / Tarot Woman / Starstruck / Stargazer / Light In The Black / Mistreated (live) / Long Live Rock 'N' Roll / Gates Of Babylon / Kill The King / Rainbow Eyes / Eyes Of The World / Since You Been Gone / All Night Long / Weiss Heim / I Surrender / Spotlight Kid / Can't Happen Here / Jealous Lover / Death Alley Driver / Stone Cold / Tearin' Out My Heart / Power / Can't Let You Go / Desperate Heart / Street Of Dreams / Difficult To Cure (live)   
Other News, Blackmore's Night ,   Past Times With Good Company *updated 17.02.03*

Blackmore's Night have released their first live album, a double CD largely recorded in Groningen, Holland, on the 2002 Tour. A Limited Edition contained in a leather bound book (!) has two bonus tracks: an acoustic version of Fires At Midnight from Solingen, Sept 2002, and a 'Greek' version of Home Again. In Japan the CD was released by Yamaha on Nov 28th 2002 with a special live acoustic performance of Memmingen as the bonus track. It is due to be released on Feb 25, 2003 in USA and Canada, with two bonus tracks. The UK edition is available now from the dpas online store, and is reviewed in Darker Than Blue 55. Track-listing is CD 1: Shadow Of The Moon / Play Minstrel Play / Minstrel Hall / Past Times With Good Company / Fires At Midnight / Under A Violet Moon / Soldier Of Fortune. CD 2: 16th Century Greensleeves / Beyond The Sunset (instrumental) / Morning Star / Home Again / Renaissance Faire / I Still Remember / Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus (instrumental) / Writing On The Wall.   Check out the official Blackmore's Night website for full details. AG/DB #900533.

Other News, Whitesnake,   Whitesnake Return *updated 17.02.03*

David Coverdale has put 'a version' of Whitesnake together to tour North America, Europe and the UK in 2003. As well as David there is Doug Aldrich: Guitar/Vocals, Reb Beach: Guitar/Vocals, Timothy Drury:Keyboards/Vocals, Marco Mendoza: Bass/Vocals, Tommy Aldridge: Drums.The North AmericanTour kicked off in Jacksonville on January 29th 2003. Whitesnake are co-headlining a 'nice package' (ahem..) with The Scorpions. Dokken complete the bill. See our 2003 Whitesnake Tour Dates. SR/NY #900437

Other News, Jon Lord,   Rocking Down Under  *updated 6.02.03*

After bruising his hand at the last Concerto show in Australia, Jon's solo dates were threatened with cancellation as he hadn't the flexibility needed for playing the piano. Instead, the shows have been revamped and will go ahead. Jon will be now be going out with (ex-Rainbow bassist) Bob Daisley's band The Hoochie Coochie Men doing an r'n'b set, using a Hammond Organ. Jon is lined up for 3 shows in Melbourne, Sydney and The Sunshine Coast (Hyatt Regency, Coolum) starting on February 6th. On Feb.7th Jon and The Hoochie Coochie Men are due to play live on ABC TV's 'The Fat', Jon will then be interviewed along with (though not by) Michael Parkinson before being whisked off for his Sydney Basement performance. Remember, the Basement show can be viewed on the net. See our Australian Tour Noticeboard for details. DT/SR #900762

Other News, Tommy Bolin,   Three From The Archives *updated 31.01.03*
The Tommy Bolin Archives have released three new CD titles. Two are sourced from material obtained from the Glenholly Studios, where Tommy Bolin worked on new songs for many months prior to recording his first solo album. 'After Hours - The Glenholly Jams Vol.1' is a double, with each disc containing 70 minutes of instrumental jams. 'Naked - Volume 2' is a set of solo demos of Tommy singing accompanied by acoustic or electric guitar. A more unusual item is The Tommy Bolin Band Live In Miami At Jai Alai - The Final Show, an audience recording of his last ever gig. more details.The dpas online store were expecting a consignment, supposed to arrive in late January, which never arrived.    DB/MM#900466
Other News, Jon Lord,  An Audience With....   *updated 17.01.03*
Jon Lord is now due to kick off his Australian tour with three performances of the Concerto at Sydney Opera House, conducted by Simon Kenway. Australian band George will be playing the group parts. (An extra show has been added for January 26th). These are preceded by a free appearance at the Opera House on January 21st at 6pm, in which Jon "will be talking about his compositional work, from his first fully scored orchestral piece Concerto for Group and Orchestra through to his recent rock / orchestral compositions."The Brisbane show is due to feature the premiere performance of Jon's new piano & orchestral piece 'Boom Of The Tingling Strings'. Conductor Paul Mann has sent us more details.  NY/DT#900676
Other News, Glenn Hughes,  Hughes Thrall II *16.01.03*

Glenn has mentioned the long awaited Hughes Thrall II project in an interview on the-fuze.com: "I said "I'm getting shit from telling people we're gonna release this, and they keep saying 'You said that last year.'" Pat has not finished it yet. He has not mixed or finished the guitars due to the fact that he's very busy." One idea is to initially sell the project on-line, as a five or six track EP. Glenn has since expressed a hope that the project will be ready to release some time this year. DB/FdL #90073

Other News, Glenn Hughes,    Shaping Up *updated 11.01.03*
Glenn's Shape 68 band will play the NAMM trade convention on January 17th, as a foursome with the addition of keyboard player Dave Schultz. Also, the live HTP cd will get a US release in January 2003. The track listing is the same as the Japanese release and will feature No Stranger To Love which was omitted (boo!!!!!!) from the European version. Glenn is going to be playing at a peace march in downtown LA on Saturday January 11th. He will be playing with Slash, Robin DiMaggio and others. The peace march will end at the federal building where there will be a stage and speeches. PT/FdL #900682 
Other News, Episode Six,    Cornflakes & Crazyfoam *updated 8.01.03*

PUR 319. A new double CD of interest to fans of Episode Six and Deep Purple collectors, featuring the early work of Ian Gillan and Roger Glover. Assembled from the best of ten hours of old reel to reel recordings made by the band. The fifty one tracks (forty not issued before) comprise alternate studio recordings, unreleased singles, radio sessions, acetates, live shows and rehearsals. They range from their first 1964 demos through to their last sessions in 1969. Although they did a lot of covers, there are a number of original Gillan and Glover compositions. Some of the recordings were made under less than ideal conditions but despite this low-fi approach, the excitement of the time, and the rarity of this material, make it of real interest.pisode Six 'Cornflakes & Crazyfoam' is available now from the dpas online store. The cd is released on Purple Records. Check out our illustrated Episode Six discography, and Episode Six photo gallery. SR#900047

Other News, Glenn Hughes,    Freak Out Tonight *updated 8.01.03*
Italian singer Chris Catena will release an album at the end of January 2003 featuring guest artists such as Glenn Hughes, Tony Franklin, Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody and Tommy Aldridge. Glenn sings a duet with Chris called 'Freak Out Tonight' which, according to Chris, is "a funky rock song totally in the vein of Glenn's music". Glenn also sings a duet on Jeff Scott Soto's new album 'Prism'. The track in question is a cover of Sly & The Family Stone's 'I Want To Take You Higher'. Check out www.glennhughes.com for further news of these releases. Fedor de Lange, FDL #900533 (thanks to Chris Catena)
Other News, Glenn Hughes,   Songs In The Key Of Rock *7.01.03*
Glenn Hughes has announced that work is under way on his latest studio album, with sessions to continue until December 23rd. Work will resume again in January 2003. The album will be called Songs In The Key Of Rock. Glenn says:"I surrounded myself with 70's stuff: 70's clothes, 70's everything, and I found myself back in 1973. The sounds you will be hearing and the songs are trippy and hard and greased up rock." It will come out in Japan on Pony Canyon in May, and in Europe on Frontiers Records in June. More news when available! FdL #90071 (visit www.glennhughes.com for further details)

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