Rex Theater, Pittsburgh
14th May 2004

Four of us made the 11 hour trek from Sudbury Ontario Canada to Pittsburgh to catch the Blackmore's Night show at the very small and very very HOT Rex Theater in Pittsburgh. This was our first Blackmore's Night show and I had high hopes of catching Blackmore on a good night, but you never know what you'll get with Ritchie. The verdict?

Well, firstly I was pleasantly surprised by the stage presence of Candice Night. She sang superbly well all night and got top marks from all of us. And Ritchie? He did seem in good humour most of the night, with a just a few spells of moodiness thrown in. His acoustic playing was marvellous but I felt he was holding back on the electric numbers all night and he didn't deliver like I had hoped he would. He was not loud enough in the mix for most of the night, which was a bit annoying because that was why most of us were there..to HEAR Ritchie!.

I have seen Ritchie a few times over the years but in this setting I wasn't sure what to expect. There were some very good moments, but during some of the electric performaces when I felt he would let loose he played it safe. Over all I was a bit disappointed in Ritchie on this night. He decided to just play a chunky rhythm for most of 16th Century Greensleeves which to me didn't work... I would rather have heard a Blackmore's Night tune in its place.

What did work was a surprise Child In Time. According to Candice it was their first live performance of this Purple classic. Candice and the backing singers did a wonderful job on this! Overall it was an enjoyable but hot, hot night. I would go back to see this outfit again. Candice gets my top vote on this night anyway.

review: Rod Sein

"I've just read Rod Sein's review of the Pittsburgh Blackmore's Night show and one thing which struck me was his comment about Blackmore being too low in the mix. I caught Blackmore's Night at Buxton and Exeter on their recent UK tour and, although I enjoyed both shows very much, I too thought Blackmore was too low in the mix on both occasions. And others were far too high.

Is Blackmore becoming a shrinking violet (sorry, bad pun!) in his old age or does someone need to shoot his sound engineer? Or maybe all that volume over the years has destroyed his hearing so much he can't hear anything anyway. But joking aside, if this problem is persistent then it's a very troubling state of affairs! To not hear Ritchie properly - sacrilege!! Well I'm off to send an email to the Blackmore's Night website...."

Martin Burton, UK.