Tommy Bolin

Three From The Archives *13.11.02*

The Tommy Bolin Archives have released three new CD titles. Two are sourced from material obtained from the Glenholly Studios, where Tommy Bolin worked on new songs for many months prior to recording his first solo album. After his death the tapes were kept by the studio owner and copies were not leaked, so none of this material has never been heard before. It includes jams, as well as acoustic and electric demos. Comments in italic are from DPAS member Tim Clark.

The first CD is titled 'After Hours - The Glenholly Jams Vol.1', a double, with each disc containing 70 minutes of instrumental jams featuring Tommy, with Bobby Berge on drums, and (most likely) Stanley Sheldon on bass. There are audio downloads from the sessions at Bobby Berge's website. "After Hours is excellent quality - infinitely better than the MP3s on Bobby Berge's site. However, I don't believe the actual music from these MP3s is on After Hours."

The second CD of Glenholly material is 'Naked - Volume 2', a set of solo demos mostly of Tommy singing accompanied by his acoustic or electric guitar. These include three versions of Post Toastee (including two electric instrumental demos with guitars, bass and drums, all apparently played by Tommy). Other songs include Sweet Burgundy, Gypsy Soul, The Grind and Lotus, plus eight new songs. Total playing time is 52 minutes.

A more unusual item is The Tommy Bolin Band Live In Miami At Jai Alai - The Final Show, 'taken from a first generation dub of the best audience recording from this tragic night': December 3rd 1976. The set list includes Teaser, People People, You Told Me That You Loved Me, and Wild Dogs, closing with a 15 minute version of Post Toastee. We've no details on the sound quality of this cd. Best not to expect too much. "Jai Alai seems a pretty good performance, and about the sound quality of a fairly good bootleg _but by no means perfect."