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May 10th 2003. The Regent. Ipswich

"David Coverdale and his hired hands arrived in Suffolk for a warm-up show for the Monsters Of Rock tour (why they need to warm up after 30 plus US dates is beyond me!!!!!!!!!) and delivered a set biased towards the earlier era of the band. Despite this, they opened with Bad Boys from the poodle perm era!"
full review by Paul Thomas

May 12th 2003. The Brighton Centre     First Night Of The Monsters Of Rock

"Ever got home feeling tired and realised you've a gig to go to? I did and it's a testament to the present incarnation of Whitesnake that I had such a great time. Coverdale knows how to work an audience so even non-fans are soon eating out of his... hand!

DC jokes with the crowd, shows them respect and appreciates it in return. At 51 years young with his incredible voice he may be the best in the business. In fact the entire band was excellent, hard to believe they haven't been together long. They genuinely seemed to be having a good time. Hopefully they'll tour again. Even the solos were entertaining and not too long. The set was well chosen, admittedly the bulk of it is from 1987, but as it sold over 10 million in the U.S. alone, what do you expect?

I'd have liked to have heard stuff like Lovehunter and Don't Break My Heart Again. But you can't have everything. It was a joy to hear classic's such as Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues sounding every bit as good as it did on the Live... In the Heart of the City album from 1980, and was obviously included especially for the English tour. Songs from the vaults, such as Sailing Ships, were included via acapella versions, a superb evening!"
review: Jimbo Ballard

David Coverdale has revealed on his official website that Jimmy Page and John Colletta came along to see him perform in Brighton. NY

May 13th 2003. Bournemouth International Centre   "Sonic Tapestries From Hell?...nah...

....just a damn good night really! Bournemouth was packed, and I for one did'nt know what to expect really, having never clapped my gig goggles on Dave and the crew beforehand. A quick note about the opening acts; Y&T were great, (the "Mayor from Hell" Len Haze solid and reliable), plus Gary Moore who was good, but needs to inject some life into his admittidly solid playing bassist.

Now then, rock god time, and cheeky Dave had the balls to play "Burn" beforehand on the PA! Yeah, I know he sung on it, but it still raised a smile!! All I can say is that the whole band were fantastic. You could really see that they were enjoying themselves, and if I'm truthfull, the reaction took "Elsie" by surprise!

The highlights of the night for me were "Ain't No Love...", "Slide It In" and "Here I Go Again", plus a superb acapella version of "Soldier Of Fortune", which stunned a girl behind me so much, I think she ...urrmm, yes well, imagine what you will, filth hounds!!! (what...she dropped her handbag?) All credit to every single band member of every band on the night. Great rock and roll, which you should miss at your peril!"
review: Craig Storey

"Umm. Quick fire review_ Coverdale: awesome. Tommy A: awesome. Rest of band: OK. Lighting and sound: awesome. Choice of songs; OK. length of set: OK. Breasts on woman at front: awesome. Verdict: It could have been perfect. Journey Home: long." Joyce (Joyce??!)

May 15th 2003. Manchester Arena   Only My Soul

"Well I dont really know what to say, except I was a bit wary of the line up on show tonight, but was pleasently surprised by the professionalism of the players on show this evening.

The set unsurprisingly consisted mainly of the 'hair days' material which is excellent but not a scratch on the pre '87 stuff. The biggest cheers seemed to be for the acappella versions of Only My Soul, Blindman, Lovehunter and Soldier of Fortune. The only downside was the lack of crowd in the cavernous M.E.N arena, which holds 15-16000, but tonight was less than half full. Maybe this was to do with the overpriced tickets, as I know of quite a few people who were put of by this."  review: Michael Smith

"The band? Well the drummer and bass player are jolly good and entertaining, but the two guitarists were straight out of Spinal Tap..." full review by John Blackburn

May 16th 2003. Birmingham NEC   Something Missing

"David Coverdale and Whitesnake gave it the full and utter treatment at the NEC, but there was something missing at Birmingham.....and not just the audience of the two-thirds full NEC. What is a terrible shame, is that these obviously (technically) very skillful players didn't appear to be able to feel the music, as well as previous Whitesnake members. I went along to hear some great rock music in a style that was completely unique, and instantly recognisable as Whitesnake. But the arrangements at Birmingham just didn't seem to show the songs off to their best..." full review

May 17th 2003. Wembley Arena   Overall, Thumbs Up

"Been looking forward to this one for a while now. I was worried I would miss the gig as my new baby was born only a couple of days before - but needs must !! I thoroughly enjoyed the gig they played at the Shepherds Bush Empire on the last tour, however, this time around, I was a bit concerned, especially from the US tour reviews, the favouritism given to the 87 material.

I arrived only in time for the last few numbers of Gary Moore - why he wishes to sing lead vocals is beyond me. Hire a lead vocalist please !! The amount of bum notes he hits adds to the pleasure of his playing (it gives me hope !!)

Whitesnake were thoroughly enjoyable. They have been such an influence on me since the Bradford St George's Hall concerts from 1979 & 1980, it was impossible not to enjoy it for me. DC was in great form, and the drummer was first class (not enough Ian Paice syncopation for me, mind you). The oldies will always stick out for me - Ain't No Love and Fool For Your Loving particularly. Walking in the Shadow of the Blues was a little weak, but overall I had a great time. Will DC come back in another five years (or earlier) with a further reincarnation? - that is the question!"

review: Mark Connolly

May 17th 2003. Cardiff International Arena  An Emotional Evening

"Many a long year ago it seems, I was a member of the DPAS and recall contributing a review of Rainbow's Down to Earth for the magazine. Well for one reason or another, (work I suppose), I've not really kept abreast of what's going on musically. However Whitesnake's gig at the CIA presented an opportunity I couldn't pass up and I ended up taking my 13 year old son along to find out what excitement I've been missing. It ended up being quite an emotional night for me as just as they say your life passes before your eyes when drowning, seeing DC on stage again took me back 25 years to Cardiff Uni when I saw the original incarnation and had the pleasure of meeting DC backstage. God he's aged well!! I'd like to use this opportunity to thank David for a wonderful night of entertainment. The band were great, in particular Tommy Aldridge who drives everything along like a nuclear powered train. The memory of DC stood at the edge of the audience alone singing Soldier of Fortune will live with me forever. Set highlight apart from mid song interludes for me was Fool for your loving which was given bucket loads of extra grunt and almost took the roof off. It was a joy to watch DC command his audience with a capital C. The easy going banter and stage histrionics were a joy to behold.There's never have been a better frontman in my eyes. I hope it's not so long before he retuns again. Lastly DC should be commended on the strength of the opening acts as both Y&T and Gary Moore were excellent. Gary Moore I expected but Y&T were a very pleasant surprise. Cheers Dave!! Fron Kev (A rejuvenated music fan) and Matthew aged 13 a new fan!"

review: Kev Roberts

May 22nd 2003. SECC, Glasgow   Shape Throwers

"Just got back from the show and thought I might as well get this written while its fresh in my mind . First of all Y&T entertained us with some great music, shame they only got half an hour . Next up Gary Moore. I must admit to being slightly concerned after reading previous reveiws that weren't exactly complimentary about Gary, but after a few minutes I realised this guy is something special. Ok so he may not be the best singer in the world and he can play his guitar better than he can play an audience but that doesn't alter the fact that he has a great talent. Highlights were a version of the Free classic 'Wishing Wel'l and Thin Lizzy's 'Don't Believe A Word' .

Now onto the main event: Whitesnake. David Coverdale's singing was as good as it's ever been as the band powered through what was basically the popular stuff from the 1987 era. I personally would have liked a broader mix of material ('Mistreated' for example) . The band themselves are all very capable, the drummer in particular treated us to an interesting solo, half of which he played without sticks by slapping the drums with his hands!

So all in all a good night was had by all . I must add that I have one gripe about DC's performance. His swearing was way over the top and when he found what appeared to be a g string that had been flung onto the stage his comments would have made Roy Chubby Brown blush."

review: Charlie King

"The band are all excellent musicians, but therein lies the problem. It all sounded so ... technical, so soulless and no amount of shape throwing can hide the fact..."  
"The sound was loud and clear with all band members audible, from opening song Bad Boys to set closer Still Of The Night it was an incredible night..."  

Robert Brown, and Martin Waldron . Read their full reviews

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