Deep Purple mk2
Deep Purple Mk2, 1969


Deep Purple MK2, 1969 Deep Purple MK2, 1969
Deep Purple MK2, 1969 Deep Purple MK2, 1969

These pictures of Deep Purple MK2 all date from their first months together, June - August 1969. Two are from the June / July rehearsals at Hanwell Community Centre... the group shot (top left) taken outside, and the action shot (top centre) inside. The photos above right of Ritchie Blackmore, and the group with Malcolm Arnold, were taken at the Speakeasy Club, London, on July 10th, MK2's first gig. The shot of Gillan is most likely from the Bilzen Festival on August 22nd, MK2's fourth show and their first outside the UK. Twenty minutes of the Bilzen show were broadcast soon afterwards on Belgian TV show 'Tienerklanken', footage which still survives today.

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