2001-2002 NEWS ARCHIVE

Deep Purple Mk7    As Seen On DVD  *updated 18.12.02*
Steve Morse's new DVD, 'Sects, Dregs and Rock'n Roll' is now available to order from Australia (as PAL or NTSC) via the official Deep Purple website. It has been released earlier than expected in order to be available at the Dixie Dregs gigs in January. It's a massive single DVD release with an unbelievable running time of four hours (!!!); including a full Dixie Dregs show filmed in 2001, and a wonderful solo electric / acoustic show from New York in 1992. The DVD is to be put on general release early in 2003 by T2 Media, featuring improved packaging but the same disc contents. The DPAS are waiting for the new edition before stocking the title. DVD Review: Sects Dregs and Rock'n Roll MR/DT#700335
Deep Purple Mk8    On The Road Again, Again!?  *13.12.02*
A Belgian website www.debevers.be/ is advertising a Deep Purple show for May 29th 2003 at the Schwung 2003 festival in Roeselare, Belgium (located around 40 km from Bruges). They are listed on a bill with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Girlschool and two other bands. Michel de Pourcq / MA #70067
Deep Purple Mk8    Live At Donnington CD & DVD *updated 2.12.02*

A double cd titled Legends Of Rock "Live at Castle Donnington" was released by SPV in Europe on November 11th. (it appeared in Japan on October 9th). It features performances by Uli Jon Roth, Jack Bruce, and UFO recorded at the Donnington 'Rock & Blues Custom Show' on June 23rd 2001. Don Airey plays in both Bruce and Roth's sections. The show is also available on DVD. Roth's performance included music from his 'Transcendental Sky Guitar' album (released Nov 2000), which also featured Don on keyboards. Both 'Live At Donnington' CD, & DVD (for now PAL only), and 'Transcendental Sky Guitar' can be ordered from www.skyartsinternational.com (based in Wales). DB#700632

Deep Purple Mk8    Touring With The Dregs  *1.12.02*
Steve Morse is to do a short US tour with the Dixie Dregs in January 2003. The dates announced kick off in Santa Cruz on January 10th, and finish in the LA House Of Blues on January 19th. For the full list visit Steve's official site at www.stevemorse.com. Daniel Bengtsson DBe#70066
Deep Purple Mk8    Machine Head & The New One  *22.11.02*

Roger Glover mentions both the coming Machine Head DVD and Deep Purple's new studio album in his latest letter to DP fans online. On Machine Head: "I have seen the DVD and it is wonderful, a lot of extra material. The most exciting part is video footage of us in the 70s, at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York, playing Smoke - as far as I know, the ONLY (72-73) film/video of us playing that song. Great stuff. Dick Clark owns it. Martin Smith, who put the documentary together, negotiated but was allowed only a minute or so of the footage. Dick Clark won't sell it apparently." On the new Deep Purple album: "The proposed November writing session was delayed because Michael Bradford, our producer, was unable to make it, so we are all gathering in Los Angeles in December. Rest assured that whatever may be going through your imaginations as to what will come out of it is also going through ours, and more_ the anticipation level is high. A first on many counts; writing with Don; working with Michael; being in LA. After the Christmas break we will, if all goes well, be in the studio recording what we worked on in December. As the first few months of the New Year go by we should have made huge inroads into the album." SR#70064  (thanks to Roger Glover)

Deep Purple Mk7    Not For The Pro's *updated 16.10.02*
The new Ian Paice has been released, and is in stock at the dpas online store. A limited edition free cd containing different mixes of the two Abbey Road jams is no longer available from us. The DVD is PAL all regions; plus we have a limited number in NTSC (same price). It contains "a 50 minute Ian Paice documentary, with Ian taking the viewer through his drum kit manufacturing plants around the world, a fist full of drumming tips that'll save prospective drummers plenty of angst, and never before seen footage of Ian Paice & his mates live on stage." That plus 2 tracks from specially recorded Abbey Road studio sessions also featuring Colin Hodgkinson and Miller Anderson. 'Roadieview Live' features full length tracks from DP's 2001 US jaunt: -Ted The Mechanic -Lazy -Knockin' At Your Back Door -Highway Star (from other shows on the tour, not Florida 2001 dvd footage) as well as shorter segments giving a "roadie bird's eye" view: -Monitor Problems -Fools (drum solo) -Pictures of Home (Intro) -Speed King (drum solo) -Dropped Drumstick. A 'drum clinic' features more footage and interviews. Total duration is around 120 minutes.
DPAS Review: Ian Paice 'Not For The Pro's' DVD   DB/DT#700524
Deep Purple Mk7/8    Space Truckin' 'Round The Stars  *16.10.02*
During the Sept 2002 UK tour Ian Gillan introduced Space Truckin' as a track to be used as a wake-up call during a forthcoming space mission codenamed STS-107. STS-107 is a shuttle mission devoted to research and will include more than 80 experiments that will study Earth and space science, advanced technology development, and astronaut health and safety. The launch date isn't set (sometime after mid January 2003) but if you want to keep an eye on things, visit the shuttle web site: http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/shuttle/ SR#70062
Deep Purple Mk7    The End Of The Never Ending Tour  *updated 1.10.02*
Deep Purple have now completed their last few remaining dates of the year. On September 22nd they performed at The Aviation Club, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, before finishing off with two shows in Athens. Click the links to read reviews of Dubai and both nights in Athens.
DPAS LIVE REVIEW: Dubai, Sept.22nd + press interview
DPAS LIVE REVIEWS + PHOTOS: Athens, Sept.24th and Sept.25th
DB#700573 Thanks to Nikos Angelopoulos (for the photos), Geoff Stout,
& Panos Papapanagou
Deep Purple Mk7    Curtain Call *21.09.02*
Deep Purple finished their rescheduled UK Tour on Thursday, Sept 19th at The Regent, Ipswich. It was also Jon Lord's final show with the band. There are reviews & photos of what was an emotional evening on our UK Tour Noticeboard. DB#700592
Deep Purple Mk7    Ian Paice: Shows In Italy & Austria *updated 19.09.02*

Ian Paice has some drum clinics and live shows lined up to commence after Deep Purple's European dates. The Italian dates will include Ian performing sets with local rock bands. Don Airey will also be playing, at Macerata and Venezia. The latter is an Ian Paice concert featuring Don, & Tolo Marton. Shows marked * are listed as including drum clinics. DB#700562.Thanks to Powerhouse & Paolo Sburlati Ent.

Sept 28th Alter Schlachthof, Wels Austria
Oct 1st Circolo Arci, Spilamberto (Modena)  new Italy
Oct 2nd Teatro Capital, Borgonovo (Piacenza)* Italy
Oct 3rd Cine Teatro Rossini, Civ.Marche (Macerata)* Italy
Oct 4th Discoteca 041, Marghera (Venezia) Italy
Oct 5th McRyan's Pub, Moncalieri (Torino) Italy
Oct 6th Area Ship Services, Viganego (Genova)* Italy
Deep Purple Mk7   The UK Tour Programme(s) *17.09.02*
Two programmes have been on sale during the UK Tour; one from the February tour, plus a revised edition including a double page spread on Don Airey. Both editions have identical front covers. According to the merchandising staff at Portsmouth the programmes were accidentally mixed together earlier in the tour (meaning that it was pot luck which one you ended up with), but the situation has now been rectified. Still, you'd be better off taking a peek inside before buying. DB/SR#70060
Deep Purple Mk7    2002 European Tour Dates *updated 30.08.02*
Deep Purple are due to play a short tour of Germany in late August/ early September. Tickets are available from www.kartenhaus.de. In addition, tickets are now on sale for two shows in for Athens, Greece on September 24th & 25th. See our 2002 Tourdates for more details. The Schupfart Rock Festival in Switzerland is confirmed for September 20th 2002, (the day after the UK tour). Marco Tanner has written in with information for anyone who would like to see the show but has a way to travel: "There will also be a show by the Hughes / Turner Project on Sept 19 in Basel region - Pratteln - as well as a Dio show on Sep 21st at the same venue. It might be worthwile planning to visit all of these shows, all being in Switzerland at the same weekend. For details, see http://www.z-7.ch/, http://www.z-7.ch/konzerte.htm, http://www.z-7.ch/bandinfo.htm#dio, and http://www.ticketcorner.ch/"
JR#700494 Thanks to Marco Tanner & Panagiotis Papapanagou
Deep Purple Mk7    Ian Paice : Extra Paice *updated 30.08.02* 
There will be a limited edition (but we don't know how limited) bonus audio CD available with all initial copies of the 'Not For The Pros' DVD ordered through the dpas online store. This disc contains seven slightly different mixes of the two Abbey Road tracks (one with bass drum up etc.). The CD track details are as follows: Dustbins ('Abbey Mix' / Dustbins ('Less Strings Mix') / Dustbins ('No Fade Mix') / PaiceSetter ('Abbey Mix') / PaiceSetter ('Alternate Mix') / PaiceSetter ('Alternate Two') / PaiceSetter ('Abbey Mix Take One'). SR#700532
Deep Purple Mk7    Deep Purple To Play A Show In The Gulf   *27.08.02*
Deep Purple are due to perform on September 22nd at the Aviation Club, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The band will fly into Dubai after playing their 14 UK dates and their Swiss festival date. They will then proceed on to Athens. Tickets for the Dubai concert will be available from September 1st, according to promoters Mirage Productions. DB#70057 (thanks to Srinivasan Seshadri)
Deep Purple Mk7    Florida 2001 DVD *updated 25.08.02*
The long awaited DVD & video of the show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, June 5th 2001, titled 'Perihelion' (que??) was released world wide by Image Entertainment on August 19th 2002. It is distributed in the UK by Direct Video Distribution and will be available via normal retail outlets in the UK and Europe. The tour was covered in Issue 54 of DTB, the set list is: Woman From Tokyo / Ted The Mechanic / Mary Long / Lazy / No One Came / Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming / Fools / Perfect Strangers / Hey Cisco / Blind Man / Smoke On The Water / Speed King / Hush / Highway Star. A picture gallery from the gig has now been added to the dpas gallery, including an enlarged version of the DVD sleeve. The DVD and VHS video are available now from dpas online, discount for dpas members is available. Suzanna Oakes / SR#700504
Deep Purple Mk7    Jon Lord To Play UK Tour  *updated 25.08.02*
Deep Purple have firmed up replacement dates for the cancelled UK shows. Tickets for the original shows will be valid for the new dates. See our 2002 Tour Dates page for the full list. It was officially confirmed on April 4th that Jon Lord would be doing the UK shows. The latest plan is for Don Airey and Jon Lord to share the honours. If you'd like to know a bit more, click here. If you want to keep it a surprise then don't! SR#700394, photo MR
Deep Purple Mk7    Snapshot  *updated 23.08.02*

Roger's 'Snapshot' album is due for release on Eagle Records on September 2nd. Promo versions label it as "Roger Glover and the Guilty Party featuring Randall Bramblett" on the front cover, and as "Roger Glover & The Insiders" on the rear. There are 14 tracks. It's generally a very mellow collection, with shades of Dire Straits, Ry Cooder, Fleetwood Mac, and 'Avalon' era Roxy Music. Roger sings lead on one track, 'Burn Me Up Slowly'. Faves so far are 'Queen of England', which brings to mind 'The Chain', and the closer 'It's Only Life', which is reminiscent of David Coverdale's 'Northwinds' album. The cd can be ordered now from the dpas online store  DB#700542

Deep Purple Mk7    US Tour Under Way *updated 15.06.02*
Deep Purple's US Tour kicked off on Friday 31st May at the Aladdin Theatre, Las Vegas in front of an enthusuastic 7,000 strong crowd. Set-list wise, there were no surprises, although 'Highway Star' made a return to opening the show. "The lights go down and BANG!!!!!! The set-list, 8:50 pm - 10:15 pm: Highway Star / Woman From Tokyo / Ted The Mechanic / Lazy / Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming / Fools / Well Dressed Guitar / keyboard solo by Don Airey leading in to Perfect Strangers / Speed King (with trade off solos by Steve Morse and Don Airey. Encore: Steve Morse's solo which included with the band playing along with snippets of AC/DC, ZZ Top, Rush etc, leading right into.... what else.. Smoke On The Water. By then the house was going crazy." Tommy Hittmann We have a 2002 US Tour Noticeboard in the Reviews section. You can contribute at the www.deep-purple.net mailbox. TH/NY#70051
Deep Purple Mk7    Roger On The Radio *15.06.02*
"Roger Glover will be calling in to The Allan Handelman Show this Sunday night, June 16th, after performing. We don't have an exact time as this depends on how long the show runs but expect him between 11:00 and 11:30 Eastern time. The Allan Handelman Show is a live listener call-in show and this will be a rare opportunity for fans can talk one-on-one with Roger. The show is syndicated on FM Rock stations and streamed over the Internet. The number to call is 1-800-ROCK-TALK (1-800-762-5829) or for those calling from overseas, 704-570-WRFX (704-570-9739). Also appearing (but not taking calls) will be Steve Morse of Deep Purple and Klause Meine of Scorpions. For more details, go to www.alhandelman.com." Thanks to T.Rob. JR#70052
Deep Purple Mk7   US Tour Approaching Fast  *updated 24.05.02*
Plans for Deep Purple mk.8's comprehensive 41 date US tour are nearly complete (sadly there's nothing for Canada). The tour will be a triple bill comprising Dio, The Scorpions and Deep Purple. The dates are due to kick off in Las Vegas on May 31st, finishing in Los Angeles on Aug.4th. Tickets for all of the shows are now on sale, including for recently added ones scheduled for Colorado Springs and Salt Lake City. The latest change is that the show pencilled in for New Hampshire on July 25th has been moved from Singer Park, Manchester to Meadowbrook Farm, Guilford (tickets go on sale for that one on May 25th). The full list is on our 2002 Tour Dates page, along with the closing act for each show (the honour is being alternated between co-headliners The Scorpions and Deep Purple.) For more details of the venues visit www.pollstar.com. SR/DB#700444, thanks to Brett Cornish
Deep Purple Mk7    Split Decision & Major Impacts *updated 18.05.02*
Steve Morse was set to have two albums released this year on the Magna Carta label. The Steve Morse Band's 'Split Decision' was released on 26th March 2002, with Dave La Rue on bass and Van Romaine on drums. There are short mp3s of all twelve tracks both at www.magnacarta.net and at www.stevemorse.com 'Major Impacts II' was due to follow, in October 2002, but the release has since been postponed. There is also word that there is an attempt being made to put together a compilation of Steve's work outside of Deep Purple. Copies of both 'Split Decision' and 'Major Impacts I' are available now from the dpas online store. MR/DB#700232
Deep Purple Mk7    Asia & Pacific Rim Tour *updated 6.05.02*
Deep Purple's Asian Tour kicked off in Jakarta, Indonesia on April 30th. We have reviews of the first of the Indian shows, plus an Ian Gillan interview in the new Live Reviews section. The tour concludes with shows in Thailand and Singapore. A Taiwanese show has been cancelled due to an earthquake. SR/DT#700433
Deep Purple Mk7    Ay Caramba!  *21.04.02*
In the latest batch of 'Q&A' on his personal website, Ian Gillan has been talking about Jon's retirement and Deep Purple's plans for the next year or two: "Jon decided that he was going to leave the band after the U.K. tour. This has been on the cards for quite some time. We all have sensitivities and so just to come out with a statement that Jon has retired and Don is the new ivory tinkler, would be, somehow, not quite DP. We are already booking tours for the autumn of 2004, and yes, we are making a new record. My revised guess is that we'll be spending quite some time in the studio over the autumn and winter months and looking at a release in the spring of 2003."  To read Ian's replies in full, visit www.gillan.com.
DB#70048 Thanks to Steve Campbell at 'Caramba'
Deep Purple Mk7    Australian Show Cancelled  *19.04.02*
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the control of the band, the Deep Purple 'Kangaroos benefit' to be held on April 26th has been postponed until later in the year. Stay tuned for further details DT#700412.
Deep Purple Mk7    Joe Bloggs On The Drums.....Yesss!!! *18.04.02*
Ian Paice has put his name to a signature snare drum manufactured to his own exact specifications by Pearl Drums. Launched in March, the snare comes with a number of unique design features, giving Paice exactly the sound he wanted. Priced around £230, each snare is numbered, with an autograph plaque on the side. More details in DTB55. Thanks to Steve Goulding for the details. SR#70047
Deep Purple Mk7    US Tour Taking Shape *16.04.02*
Plans for a comprehensive 40+ date North American tour are nearly complete (sadly there's nothing for Canada). The tour will be a triple bill comprising Dio, The Scorpions and Deep Purple. The dates are due to kick off in Las Vegas on May 31st, almost coming full circle before finishing in Los Angeles on August 4th. The full list is on our 2002 Tour Dates page, along with the closing act for each show (the honour is being alternated between co-headliners The Scorpions and Deep Purple.) Tickets for some shows are already on sale. For more details of venues visit: www.pollstar.com SR/DB#700443
Deep Purple Mk7    It's In Black & White *12.04.02*
Ian Gillan is interviewed in the current April issue of Record Collector magazine, which also carries a review of the Nottingham show (though we still fail to see the Guns 'n' Roses likeness!). MM/NY #70046
Deep Purple Mk7    Heading South *updated 8.04.02*
Steve Morse performs on classical guitarist Liona Boyd's new album 'Camino Latino / Latin Journey'. The piece on which he plays is titled "Rumbo al Sur" ("Heading South.") Other artists who guested include Strunz & Farah, Al di Meola, Pavlo, Johannes Linstead, Jesse Cook, and Innis. The album is only in Canadian record stores so far, though Liona Boyd expects to have it released within the US around June 2002 via her US distributor. Alternatively, there is a choice of 'Camino Latino' autographed or non-autographed (by Liona) available to buy online at www.lionaboyd.com    DB#700262 (Thanks to Helen)
Deep Purple Mk7    Jon Lord To Play The UK shows!  *updated 6.04.02*
Deep Purple have firmed up replacement dates for the cancelled UK shows. Tickets for the original shows will be valid for the new dates. In addition they have added two new shows; York Barbican Centre and Portsmouth Guildhall - tickets are on sale. See our 2002 Tour Dates page for the full list. It has been officially confirmed this week (April 4th) that Jon Lord is doing the UK shows. The final one (at Ipswich Regent) is sold out!   SR#700393, photo MR
Deep Purple Mk7    Ian Paice : Indian Summer *3.04.02*
During the break in Deep Purple's US Tour, Ian Paice will be fitting in an appearance at the three day Festival Holledau in Mainburg-Empfenbach, Germany on Saturday July 6th. He will be headlining on the second night, with a band featuring old sidekicks Miller Anderson, Colin Hodgkinson and Pete York. The festival is a charity event to aid native Indians in Ecuador. For more details visit: www.festival-holledau.de   DB#70045 (thanks to Tina in Berlin)
Deep Purple Mk7    Special Australian Show Details  *3.04.02*
Deep Purple are now confirmed to play a "one-off" Australian show on April 26th at Rod Laver Arena / Melbourne Park. This is going to be quite a special event in the form of a benefit concert, with an all-star line -up of Deep Purple, Jimmy Barnes, Diesel (Mark Lizotte), and Warped. Tickets will be on sale April 12th at 9am, but we have been told that it's important to keep an eye on Deep Purple's official Australian based site at www.deeppurple.com.au for advance ticket sales prior to the Ticketek launch. These tickets will be available only via the web and DP's site, and are being made available for all the band's Australian fans who have been so loyal over the years. It is expected to be a sold out show given the proposed bill and media support, so all efforts are being made to keep all fans in the loop. We will keep you informed as any further news comes to hand. DB/DT#70041.   
Deep Purple Mk7    Asia & Pacific Rim Tour  *27.03.02*
Deep Purple have some Asian shows coming up, check out the list on our 2002 Tourdates page... no mention of any shows for China PR. Mk 8 are lined up to play at the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne on 26th April - a one-off show. To get premium seats and discount airfares visit Deep Purple's official website at www.deeppurple.com.au, (listed in our Selected Links). SR/DT#70043
Deep Purple Mk7    Russian Tour  *22.03.02*
Here's the set list from St Petersburg on March 17th: Woman from Tokyo / Ted the Mechanic / Mary Long / Lazy / Child In Time (Gillan: "written especially for you") / The Aviator / No One Came / Well Dressed Guitar (introduced by Gillan as "Well dressed security guy") / Fools / Perfect Strangers (Don's solo intro included Russian folk and classical music, with Paice conducting using drumsticks!) / When A Blind Man Cries / Smoke on The Water / Speed King. Encores: Hush / Black Night (weird & intriguing long intro) / Highway Star. A 2 hr 10min show. Very similar set to the UK, but no 'Up The Wall'. AG#70042 (Andrey Gusenkov). To follow the tour, see our Russian Tour News & Reviews page
Deep Purple Mk7    Deep Purple Mk.8   *updated 21.03.02*
Don Airey is confirmed as Deep Purple's new keyboard player, and started work by playing the Russian tour. Jon Lord has officially retired from the group in order to spend time on a number of other recording projects which Purple's touring schedule wouldn't permit. He has however offered to contribute to the new studio album. To read more, including Roger Glover's letter to the Russian Deep Purple website, click here. SR/AG#70041
Deep Purple Mk7   Letter From The Road   *3.03.02*
Steve Morse has been giving his thoughts on the cancelled UK tour on his site...."It began with a scratchy throat, fever, chills, congestion in my case. Since I don't have to sing, it doesn't stop us from playing. Everybody but Ian Paice got sick from whatever that was going around, and everybody went on with the gigs. Ian Gillan did too, until he absolutely was hoarse and unable to sing. This tour has been really good for everyone in the band, since all of the other four are British born. They have enjoyed seeing their homeland and visiting all the cities that they used to play. So, nobody's happy about cancelling a show, ever, but these especially. All in all, the tour has been incredible as far as attendance and support. But, it's been rough with someone in the band always not feeling well on nearly every night. And the crew have had no picnic with that virus either." For the full text of this letter visit www.stevemorse.com/ MM #70038
Deep Purple Mk7     UK Tour Cancelled   *updated 26.02.02*
Ian Gillan has been unable to shake off the flu, and after he really struggled to get through the first Hammersmith show they cancelled the second show (23rd) and the (already resheduled once) NEC gig on Sunday (24th). The decision was then taken on the 23rd to cancel the whole of the rest of the UK tour. Deep Purple hoped to return in April to replay the cancelled dates, but some venues (eg Bradford) are now saying that the replays will be in September. Ticket holders are advised to check with venues whether to retain tickets for the new dates or obtain a refund. This is the first time ever the band have had to pull so many shows on a UK tour and you can be sure the decision wasn't taken lightly. We'll keep you informed of any developments re: the revised dates. We'd also like to wish Ian Gillan a speedy recovery. SR#70038
Deep Purple Mk7     Cassette Trading  *24.02.02* 
The second volume of Mike Richards' cassette analysis book has been produced. It sets out to catalogue all known recorded Deep Purple shows which have turned up on tape, covering the years 1994 to the end of 1999 (Vol 1 went from 1968 to 1993). There are some 250+ shows, with set-list and comments for each one. SR#90032. Available now via dpas online. BOOK REVIEW : DP Live Cassette Analysis Vol.2
Deep Purple Mk7      For Afghanistan CD  *updated 21.02.02*
Last year's Pavarotti & Friends For Afghanistan charity concert (Modena 29.05.01) has been officially released, though at first only at newsagents in Italy! It is retails there at 6.66 Euros (around £4), with 'a significant contribution from the proceeds being donated to fund the UNHCR's support of Afghan refugee children.The 50 minute long single cd features Deep Purple performing 'Smoke On The Water' (a fairly dire version backed by an orchestra), and is rounded off by Ian Gillan's unusual 'Nessun Dorma' duet with Luciano Pavarotti. It can be obtained by making a donation to the UNHCR at a number of approved banks. However the cost including postage is nearly 50 Euros (approx £30) including postage. You can call 0039 06 80212327 (Italy) or try the web site www.unhcr.it   DB #70032 (thanks to Alan Frizell)
Deep Purple Mk7     Pastures New *updated 20.02.02*
Ian Gillan gave a radio interview to Tom Dunne of Today FM on Friday 1st February during which he announced that this would be Jon Lord's last tour as a member of Deep Purple. The DPAS had been informed prior to the tour that this might indeed be the case - hence us urging everyone to get to as many shows as possible - but we didn't want to report the news in case it was wrong. Tom Dunne has confirmed to us what was said and will be repeating the interview soon. Many thanks to Vince Brightling. SR #70037
Deep Purple Mk7     NEC Show Cancelled *updated 17.02.02*
The NEC concert has been CANCELLED and RESCHEDULED for SUNDAY, FEB. 24th. Ian's cold was bad at Manchester and rotten at Liverpool, so they're resting him for a weekend in the hopes it clears up. Our advice is to check shows during the week commencing Feb 18th before travelling in case they have to reschedule any other gigs. Refunds will only be given out to people who contact the venue BEFORE the 24th of February. SR #70038a
Deep Purple Mk7     Something Old, Something New *updated 9.02.02*
If you don't want to know the set list - look away now. Thanks to Tony Kennedy for the info. The track choice is hardly ground-breaking, and two thirds is still pre-reunion oldies. And if using the Mk 3 logo to advertise the tour seemed strange, the commercial radio adverts for the gigs actually feature Rod Evans!! Dublin set-list Feb 4th 2002: Woman From Tokyo, Ted The Mechanic, Mary Long, Lazy, Child In Time, The Well Dressed Guitar, No One Came, The Aviator, Perfect Strangers, Up The Wall, Fools, When A Blind Man Cries, Smoke On The Water, Speed King, Hush, Highway Star. Check out our UK Tour News & Reviews page HERE, it's also linked from the front page. Contributions welcome! SR #70036
Deep Purple Mk7     Off To South East Asia, Again.... *7.02.02*
After the Russian dates, according to the official Thames Thompson website (see our Selected Links), Deep Purple are being booked up for a further series of globe trotting shows, taking in Indonesia, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and PR China. More details if and when these are confirmed. SR #70037
Deep Purple Mk7     Deep Purple Sell Out *25.01.02*

The DEEP PURPLE UK tour is almost sold out as of this posting. So if you're trying to make your mind up DO IT NOW! HAMMERSMITH third night will NOT be added now according to the venue. SR #70034

Deep Purple Mk7    To Russia With Love *23.01.02*

It has now been confirmed that following their UK tour Deep Purple have been booked to play six shows in Russia, kicking off in St.Petersburg on 17th March. See our 2002 Tour Dates page for the complete list. OD / DT #70030 (thanks to Andrey Gusenkov at the Russian Deep Purple website www.deep-purple.ru)

Deep Purple Mk7    Roger Glover / Solo Album In The Works   *11.01.02*

Roger Glover's new album (provisionally titled 'Snapshot') was recorded at Acme Studios in Mamaroneck, New York, and engineered by Peter Denenberg (who helped on the 25th anniversary remixes for 'Machine Head'). The album will be out later this year. It has fourteen original songs, some co-written with Randall Bramblett, and the titles include: 'If I Could Fly', 'Nothing Else', 'What You Don't Say', 'The Bargain Basement', 'It Could've Been Me', 'Burn Me Up Slowly', 'Some Hope', 'It's Only Life', 'Beyond Emily', 'My Turn' and, written by Bramblett, 'Queen Of England'. Besides Roger, the core musicians were Randall Bramblett (vocals, keyboards, saxophone) and Joe Bonadio (drums and percussion). Other people taking part are: Eran Tabib (guitar), Nick Moroch (guitar), Larry Saltzman (guitar), Warren Haynes (slide guitar), Joe Mennonna (saxophone/trombone), Vaneese Thomas and Deena Miller (backing vocals) and Gillian Glover (vocals, backing vocals). Vaneese Thomas is the daughter of Rufus Thomas and Deena Miller the daughter of Jimmy Miller. Details : DTB 54      SR #70009

Deep Purple Mk7     2002 UK & Irish Tour *updated 9.01.02*
While the members of Deep Purple convened in America for the final writing sessions on the next studio album, the dates for Deep Purple's UK Tour were confirmed on November 9th . There are 20 altogether (plus a probable third London show), making this the longest UK reunion tour EVER. They are preceded by the delayed Dublin date on Monday 4th February and finish in Plymouth on Monday 4th March. Check out our
Tour Dates for the full list, plus booking office contact phone numbers and ticket prices. Note that the booking / postage fees vary from the extortionate (Hammersmith) to Bristol ("is 50p all right?"). See you there!
The set list will include some brand new tracks, as well as older material. 'Child In Time' has been rehearsed for possible inclusion. Check out Ian Gillan's 'Caramba' website (in our Selected Links) for more details. SR/DB #70029
Deep Purple Mk7    Ian Paice/ Evenings With Ian Paice & Pete York *updated 9.01.02*
Pete York & Ian Paice did a few German and Austrian shows together during December 2001, with Miller Anderson (vocals / guitar) and Colin Hodgkinson on bass. They did five numbers as a band, then a question and answer section interspersed with solos from Pete and Ian, then three more songs. The set lasted about an hour and a half. The shows were recorded for possible CD release. Pete York's Superdrumming TV series will come out later in the year on 'Inakoustic' in Germany on DVD. Ian Paice's drumming DVD is due later this year too. Some filming was done at Abbey Road in August 2001, with Miller Anderson and Colin Hodgkinson. SR #70031
Deep Purple Mk7   The Bootleg Boxes *updated 8.01.02*
Thames/Thompson have released what was previously scheduled as the BOOTLEG BOX 2. This has been rebranded 'The Soundboard Series : Australasian Tour 2001'. The contents remain as previously announced, i.e. six double CDs featuring: Melbourne 9/3/01, Wollongong 13/3/01, Newcastle 14/3/01, Hong Kong 20/3/01, Tokyo 1st night 24/3/01, Tokyo 2nd night 25/3/01. The Kuala Lumpur masters could not be sourced in time but may appear at some future date. All the shows are taken from soundboard audio tapes, making it a must have release. It is reviewed in detail in DTB 54. BOOTLEG BOX 1 (consisting of 1984-2000 bootleg recordings) has now been officially deleted, but the DPAS still has some copies available at dpas online. SR #70010
Deep Purple Mk7     Ian Paice - Evenings With Paice & York  *updated 13.12.01*
Ian Paice and Pete York have performed a series of shows in Germany this month. The evenings included both music and anecdotes. There was a backing band. NY#70027 Some of the dates were:
Bamberg, Live Club
Berlin, Quasimodo
Bochum, Zeche
Hamburg, Fabrik
Mannheim, Capitol
Stuttgart, Altes Schützenhaus
Köln Casino Garden
Deep Purple Mk7     The Tony Ashton Memorial Concert *updated 13.12.01*
The Tony Ashton Memorial Concert at Buxton Opera House on November 4th was a memorable do. As well as being the first time Ian Paice and Jon Lord have played in public in the UK for over two years (not counting the Abbey Road show), a whole host of musicians linked to Tony's career came and performed, including Miller Anderson, Colin Hodgkinson, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Zoot Money, Geoff Whitehorn, Dave Berry, Zak Starkey and more. The do was so much fun that Jon Lord is working on ideas to stage a bigger version next year in London. Simon and Ann manned the small merchandise stall and it was good to chat to a lot of DPAS members. Tony Ashton t-shirts and prints from the evening will soon be available from dpas online. SR#70028

live review : Buxton Opera House, Nov.4th 2001

Deep Purple Mk8    Ian Paice Goes Mod *updated 1.11.01*
Ian Paice (drums) and Paul Weller (backing vocals) are special guests on former Traffic drummer Jim Capaldi's new solo album LIVING ON THE OUTSIDE. George Harrison also plays lead guitar. It was preceded by a single (ANNA JULIA) with them all on, issued by SPV. Both are now available from dpas online. SR #70020
Deep Purple Mk7     Steve Morse: Nylon & Steel *updated 1.11.01*
Steve Morse plays guitar on five tracks on a new EMI CD by classical guitarist Manuel Barrueco titled NYLON & STEEL (out July 2nd 2001). The other guest guitarists are Al Di Meola and Andy Summers. The aim of the music is to contrast Manuel's acoustic work with that of the three electric players. Now available from dpas online. SR #70014
Deep Purple Mk7     Lord and Paice Play UK Ashton Tribute   *10.01*
The all star line-up for the Tony Ashton UK tribute show is now being finalised. It will include DEEP PURPLE's JON LORD and IAN PAICE. ROGER GLOVER was hoping to take part but sadly can't make it. Jon Lord originally thought that he couldn't make it due to a charity do in Kuala Lumpur, but has now been able to rearrange his schedule.

Other musicians confirmed for the show include Miller Anderson (who toured with Purple during 2000); Colin Hodgkinson, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden and Neil Murray - which makes a few Whitesnake tracks possible! - Zoot Money, Chris Farlowe, Geoff Whitehorn, and more. John Entwistle and Zak Starkey are lined up providing their work with The Who doesn't over-run. The concert takes place at Buxton Opera House on Sunday November 4th 2001. Tickets are £25 or £35 and the aim is to raise money for the Tony Ashton Memorial fund. The venue is only a modest size so don't leave it too late if you want a ticket. The box office phone number is 01298 72190.

Purple Records hope to be there with a small stand selling copies of their recent Ashton Gardner & Dyke and PAL CDs. Sandra Ashton is trying to arrange a small display of Tony's artwork. There may be some rare video shown too if a suitable projector system can be hired in. SR#70025a

Deep Purple Mk7     Steve Morse - Feeding The Wheel *09.01*
As previously mentioned, Steve plays on the new album by Dream Theater keyboard player Jordan Rudess. "Feeding The Wheel" is scheduled for a 23rd October 2001 release on Magna Carta Records. Other guest musicians include Billy Sheehan, Terry Bozzio, John Petrucci, Peter Ernst, Eugene Freisen, Bert Baldwin, Mark Wood and Barry Carl from Rockapella. Check out www.jordanrudess.com for more details. DB#70024

Deep Purple Mk7     Ian Paice - Highway Star Session *09.01*

Italian guitarist Max Magagni's CD, "Twister", is already mentioned in our 'other news' section, as it features Glenn Hughes (co-writer, bass and lead vocals) on one track, "Can You Get It Up?". In addition however, it transpires that Ian Paice also plays on a track, a live cover of "Highway Star", recorded during Spring 1999. Haven't heard it yet, but it must be better than the cover of the actual album.. For more details check out the 'Italian Glenn Hughes Funk-Lab', at http://thefunklab.anvi.it/index-english.htm NY#70022
Deep Purple Mk7     On The Menu *updated 13.09.01*
DEEP PURPLE concluded their August / September 2001 European Tour on September 5th. Among the latter dates were three very unusual shows at the Salle Des Ètoiles in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Full evening dress was a prerequisite for admission, and the band were supported by an excellent meal, some light jazz, circus performers, (and presumably coffee and biscuits) before getting the local gliterati up and dancing around their tables. Don Airey stood in for Jon Lord at the Monte Carlo shows, and indeed throughout the tour. Jon has since been in touch with Simon at the DPAS to pass on his best wishes to everyone, and with the good news that his knee is healing. He hopes to be back in action as soon as possible. DB /SR# 70021
live review : Monte Carlo, Monaco. Aug.24th -26th 2001
live review
: Drøbak Festivalen, Norway. Aug.10th 2001
Deep Purple Mk7     Ian Paice - On The Drums...Yeah!!! *updated 23.08.01*
Ian Paice is working on a special drumming DVD for next year. Some filming was done at Abbey Road in early August, with Miller Anderson on guitar and vocals and Colin Hodgkinson on bass. He and Pete York may be doing some special live Superdrumming shows in Europe in late October / early November. Pete is also working on DVD releases of the three Superdrumming TV series for next year, making use of the live footage and unused interviews etc. Apart from Paice and Lord, the shows featured a huge number of rock musicians, many linked to the Purple family. SR #70013
Deep Purple Mk7     Jon Lord - Missing  *08.01*
DEEP PURPLE began their latest European shows without founder member Jon Lord, who has been forced to take time off for medical reasons. Jon will hopefully be back after a suitable recovery period. His place has been taken by one-time Rainbow player Don Airey, who was on standby for some time in case Jon couldn't make the start of the tour. And no, it's not the first Deep Purple show Jon's missed through illness, but there haven't been many... Don has by all accounts been doing an excellent job as you can read in our review of the second show of the current tour. SR# 70019
Deep Purple Mk7      Pavarotti & Friends Charity Show   *06.01*

Deep Purple performed at the Parco Novi Sad in Modena, Italy on Tuesday 29th May, as part of a Pavarotti & Friends show in aid of Afghanistan. The band did 'Smoke On The Water' (backed, fairly excruciatingly, by an orchestra), and then Gillan sang 'Nessun Dorma' with Luciano Pavarotti. Mondo bizarro. The event was filmed, and broadcast soon afterwards on RAI (Italian TV). Others on the bill included Tom Jones and Barry White.

Ondigital (sorry ITV Digital) are currently showing the Pavarotti Concert, including the Purple bits. It is showing on channel 54 at £3.99 a time according to DPAS member David Peel..DB#70008

Deep Purple Mk7      US Set List  *06.01*

The setlist on Purple's North American tour changed on a fairly regular basis. Limited to a 75-minute slot (they were second on the bill to Skynyrd at many shows, and blowing them off stage), the core 9-tracks plus encore set included nothing from the "Abandon" CD, and "Purpendicular" songs were dropped along the way. The set for the first show, in Illinois, was: Woman From Tokyo/Ted The Mechanic/Lazy/Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming/Fools/Perfect Strangers/Hey Cisco/When A Blind Man Cries/Smoke On The Water. Encore: Highway Star.

"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" and "Hey Cisco" were replaced by "No One Came" and "Pictures Of Home" respectively and, after Holmdel, "Knocking At Your Back Door" replaced "No One Came". "Hush" was added and remained as the opening encore on most dates. For the Florida show on 5th June (which was staged before film cameras for an upcoming US DVD release), they added "Mary Long", "No One Came" and "Speed King" to the set and started the encores with "Hush". Jon prefaced "Lazy" with a musical tribute to Tony Ashton. Full reviews will appear in DTB 54. NYMM #70015.

Deep Purple Mk7     Steve Morse - Seventh Key Session  *05.01*
Steve Morse has contributed to an album called 'Seventh Key', which was released earlier this year. It is by Billy Greer, one of the mainmen from his old band Kansas. Steve co-wrote and performed two tracks, namely 'Everytime it Rains' and 'No Man's Land.' MR #70017
Deep Purple Mk7      2001 North American Tour  *05.01*
Deep Purple will be playing 24 dates in the USA & Canada, kicking off in Tinley Park Illinois on June 2nd, and finishing at Spring Texas on July 8th. They will be touring as a triple-bill along with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Ted Nugent, although it'll be Purple and Skynyrd only at Clarkston, MI on June 28th. The band will be doing something like a 75 minute shortened set. Check out our tour dates page for the full list, and www.pollstar.com to contact the venues in question.. DB #70007
Deep Purple Mk7     Live At The Ahoy, Rotterdam *now available*
Purple's show in Rotterdam, Oct. 30th 2000 is now out as a mail order only release. The properly recorded 2CD set includes the full show barring the actual Concerto sequence. Track list : Pictured Within, Sitting In A Dream, Love Is All, Fever Dreams, Rainbow In The Dark, Wring That Neck, Fools, When A Blind Man Cries, Ted The Mechanic,Well Dressed Guitar, Pictures Of Home, Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming, Perfect Strangers, Smoke On The Water, Black Night and Highway Star. Eight of these songs were not performed at the Royal Albert Hall.. The disc will only be sold at concerts, via the Thames/Thompson web site and dpas online. Release date was August 1st 2001. Review DTB 54. (Thanks to Hans van der Meiden and Drew Thompson) SR #70016.
Deep Purple Mk7     The Video Collection 1984 - 2000 *now available*

Thames/Thompson have released their DVD / video compilation, which runs from footage from the start of the reunion in 1984 (with Blackmore) up to tracks from Montreux in 2000 - 27 tracks in all. Some are from existing Thames/Thompson releases, but the bulk of this is new to DVD (though some collectors may have pirate versions of a few items).The DVD format is multi region. It is reviewed in detail in DTB 54. Copies can be ordered via dpas online.  DPAS REVIEW: New Live & Rare DVD. SR #70012

Deep Purple Mk7     The Japanese Orchestral Dates  *03.01*

The orchestral set-list for Japan was very much as per the European shows last year. They had two days rehearsing with the New Japan Select Orchestra prior to the gigs. 'Pictured Within' was sung by Ian Gillan with a female backing trio. 'Sitting in a Dream', 'Love is All', 'Fever Dreams', and 'Rainbow In The Dark' were fronted by Ronnie James Dio. The rest of the set consisted of 'Watching the Sky', 'Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming', 'The Well-Dressed Guitar', 'Wring That Neck' (with a five piece Japanese brass section), and 'Fools'. There was then a short intermission followed by: 'Concerto (full version'), 'Perfect Strangers', 'When A Blind Man Cries', 'Pictures of Home' and the encore: 'Smoke on the Water'. SR #70005

Deep Purple Mk7     Australian Tour  *03.01*

Australian tour Purple's Australian tour ended last week. Seven shows together with a 30-minute set at Melbourne's Albert Park racetrack, on the day before the first Grand Prix: Highway Star/Black Night/Smoke On The Water. Encore: Speed King. For the Perth show, the setlist was: Woman From Tokyo/Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic/Pictures Of Home/Mary Long/Lazy/No One Came/Black Night/Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming/'69/Smoke On The Water/Perfect Strangers/Hey Cisco/When A Blind Man Cries/Fools/Speed King. Encores: Hush/Highway Star. Purple were augmented by a three-piece brass section for No One Came, Hey Cisco and Ted, together with three female backing vocalists for Ted and Cisco. However, some reports mentioned these being largely inaudible. The band were also joined onstage by Jimmy Barnes, at Woollongong and Newcastle, who sang with Ian on Good Time Tonight (during Speed King) and Highway Star and, only at Woollongong, on Hush. At Newcastle another ex-member of Cold Chisel, guitarist Ian Moss, was onstage for Highway Star. Pictures Of Home and '69 were both dropped and the running order changed after a few shows. As the tour progressed, the number of tracks on which brass and vocals were added had grown to include Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming, Mary Long and Hush. The brass section were also included on Perfect Strangers and When A Blind Man Cries, the vocalists on Smoke. NY #70004

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Deep Purple Mk1-6        Major Mojo Feature *19.12.02*
The new (January 2003) issue of UK's Mojo magazine has a seven page 1968-76 Deep Purple feature in. The author has kindly allowed us to put his original expanded piece on the site over Christmas. This covers the formation of the band in more detail and includes material Mojo edited out so they could generalise the article. See the full, illustrated Mojo Article. Also, Mojo has voted 'Listen Learn Read On' second best box set of 2002!! SR#600361
Deep Purple Mk1-6        More Boxes *24.11.02*
BMG in Europe have boxed up the "Slaves & Masters", "The Battle Rages On" and "Purpendicular" CDs in a wrap round slip-case featuring the dragon graphic. In France, EMI have similarly boxed together "Burn" and "Stormbringer" in a slipcase which uses the candles image. The dpas online store will have the latter available as an import shortly. MM#60034
Deep Purple Mk1-6         Classic Albums *updated 4.12.02*
MACHINE HEAD is the subject of a 50 minute documentary in the third Classic Albums UK TV series. The shows take an album apart, interview the musicians and producer, and tell the story behind it. All (yes, all) members of Mk 2 have taken part in interviews. Blackmore refused to play his riffs on the Strat, and did them on acoustic guitar instead. The programme was released early on DVD in the US, Nov.19th in fact. There are some details in Roger Glover's latest online letter. In the UK it was shown on Wednesday November 27th (ITV 1, 11.55 pm) and was released in Europe on Deceber 2nd. The DVD claims to be 100 mins long. Neither Lazy or Maybe I'm A Leo were mentioned, but the programme was great! Deep Purple also featured in TOTP 2 on Nov 27th, (BBC2). That turned out to be 'Black Night' from September 1970. The DVD can be ordered from the dpas online store and is shipping now. (look in the DVD section). DPAS REVIEW: Classic Albums, Machine Head + archive clips list    DB/SR#600259
Deep Purple Mk1-6         Classic Rock Special *12.10.02*
Deep Purple Mk3 will be the subjects of a nine page feature in the December 2002 issue of UK's Classic Rock magazine. It will be on sale from late November. David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes have been specially interviewed for the piece. There is also a cd accompanying the magazine, which includes 'Black Night' from the Sonic Zoom Aachen 1970 release. SR#60029
Deep Purple Mk1-6         Live In Denmark'72 *updated 3.10.02*
The pristine audio sound from the show at Copenhagen's KB Hallen, March 1st 1972 has been released as the first double cd in the Sonic Zoom series. It is available from the dpas online store. The video of Copenhagen has been available for some time, and has been used for bootlegs. However the VHS sound has always been a disappointment. This new release comes direct from the original one inch master and is a huge improvement. SR #600124      DPAS REVIEWS: DEEP PURPLE: Live In Denmark '72
Deep Purple Mk1-6         Abbey Road *14.09.02*
There was a launch do for the Concerto at Abbey Road Studio on August 19th, attended by Jon Lord and Malcolm Arnold, with play backs of the new formats. Fin Costello was on hand to photograph the composer and conductor. A 5CD promo of the material was handed out to guests (including a special CD with Jon Lord's commentary from the DVD edition), who included former manager Tony Edwards and conductor Paul Mann along with members of the rock and hi-fi press. SR #60028
Deep Purple Mk1-6        Concerto '69. Special Editions *updated 9.09.02*
The release date for the fully remixed and remastered editions of the original Sept. 24. 1969 "Concerto" is now Sept. 30. 2002. There have been some alterations to the various editions, and the Sir Malcolm Arnold piece will only be on the DVDA and SACD versions. However SACD does have some backwards compatibility and you will be able to play this on your existing CD machine. The full list of editions is: DVD - The film of the show, with just the Concerto on (the band were not filmed). There is no VHS edition scheduled. DVDA - Audio only. Remixed 5.1. Malcolm Arnold's 6th Symphony, the Deep Purple set (Hush - Wring That Neck - Child In Time), the Concerto For Group & Orchestra, the Encore (a shorter version of the third movement). Double SACD - Audio only. Remixed 5.1. As above. You can play the audio from this on your CD players but won't get the 5.1 sound. Double CD - Remixed. The Deep Purple set (Hush - Wring That Neck - Child In Time), the Concerto For Group & Orchestra, the Encore. You can order any of the formats on the dpas orderline. Orders placed with the dpas help support the fanclub and the website. Click here to see our illustrated Concerto discography. SR# 600063
Deep Purple Mk1-6         Dream Ticket *29.07.02*
The digital-only 'BBC6 Music' channel is scheduled to broadcast a Deep Purple concert on Tuesday evening, the 30th July (22.00 to midnight UK time) in their 'Dream Ticket' slot. No other details are given as yet, but it's very unlikely to be a repeat of the 1974 show they put out a month or two ago.
Gary Gilmurray GG#60027
Deep Purple Mk1-6         Machine Head Super Audio CD *updated 19.06.02*
MACHINE HEAD is also the subject of the first European Deep Purple Super Audio CD release. Warners in America have already issued a DVDA version (see the Q&A section). This dual layer SACD will feature the original album remastered, plus a second multi channel 4.1 mix. You can play the first part on any CD player, but to access the second layer you need SACD equipped hardware or compatible DVD player. The disc was to be issued in August. The existing CD edition will remain on catalogue. An illustrated Machine Head discography has been added to the online Deep Purple discography. MR #600262
Deep Purple Mk1-6        Beat Club DVD EP *1.06.02*
Deep Purple's tracks from German TV's 1960s-70s 'Beat Club' series are due to be released on a thirty minute Region Two (Europe) DVD. The three tracks are 'Halleluyah' from July 1969 (mimed), plus 'No No No' and 'Highway Star' live in September 1971. The DVD can be pre-ordered from July 15th at www.BlackStar.co.uk. Catalogue no. DVD7013X (Classic Pictures Entertainment Ltd). All three tracks have already been earmarked for a 1968-76 Deep Purple history DVD currently being assembled for release next year. MM #60024, thanks to Richard Black
Deep Purple Mk1-6         Italian Discographies *21.05.02*

Italian record collector magazine 'Musikbox' recently had a special issue featuring Deep Purple mks1 & 2; with a history of the line-ups, plus album reviews, and a full Italian discography of single and LP releases. The magazine costs 6,10 Euros per copy, not including postage. Anyone interested can e-mail Musibox at musikbox@tin.it or telephone (Rome) +39 06 483118. Paolo Ansali #60024

Deep Purple Mk1-6         Kilburn 1974 Digital Radio Broadcast *15.05.02*

A bit late I know, but Deep Purple headline tonight's (Wednesday 15th May) 'Dream Ticket' on BBC6's Janice Long show (22.00 - midnight). The live performance in question is Deep Purple's 22nd May 1974 'Live In London' gig from Kilburn State Gaumont. BBC6 is a digital-only radio channel. For details from the BBC website visit: www.bbc.co.uk/6music/bbcsessions/dream_ticket.shtml. We can't confirm the planned tracklisting. Gary Gilmurray #60024.

Deep Purple Mk1-6         Who Do We Think We Are *29.04.02*

The remastered CD version issued in Europe in 2000 is finally scheduled for the USA on Warner Archives / Rhino. The release is identical to the UK edition, with a 24 page booklet and 7 bonus tracks / remixes. Americans interested in this title are directed to www.rhino.com where a release date will be posted.
Two further reels of tape from the original sessions have recently been discovered. The first is from Italy and includes early run throughs of 'Woman From Tokyo'. The second is from Frankfurt and covers 'Mary Long', again with three early takes. Neither has solos or vocals. There is a very basic instrumental "blues" which would only be of interest to very hard-core fans, and some additional studio fun including a speeding up version of 'Telstar'. SR#60022

Deep Purple Mk1-6         Inglewood Forum *updated 15.04.02*

The second mail-order title from Sonic Zoom, a single CD of the band's complete support set from The Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles, California, in Oct.1968 (PUR 205), has now been released. The set lasts just under an hour and despite being over thirty years old, it's still an exciting experience - especially as so little evidence of Mk 1's live act remains. The sound is very good considering the age and the Sony half inch video source. You soon get used to the ambience, and the label has done the usual cleaning and restoration work. [1] HUSH, [2] KENTUCKY WOMAN, [3] MANDRAKE ROOT, [4] HELP, [5] WRING THAT NECK, [6] RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH, [7] HEY JOE   Reviews : DTB 55   SR #60018  
More details: www.purplerecords.net and click on SonicZoom logo. To order : dpas orderline 

Check out the mk1 photo page in our image gallery.   CD REVIEWS : Inglewood / Live In California

Deep Purple Mk1-6         EMI Singles Anthology *updated 21.02.02*

EMI released an 11cd set of reproduction picture sleeve singles on 18th February 2002, to tie in with the UK tour. The 11 singles (the actual contents differ from those posted on some sites) are those issued in the UK between 1968 and 1976 (+ one that was withdrawn) but use picture covers from different countries, plus rare UK promo sleeves, from originals in the DPAS archives. EMI have already issued three collections in the series, but this is the first to use rare 70s picture sleeves. To purchase the originals in this set would set you back six hundred pounds. A card giving a brief history of the tracks is also included. A feature on how this set came about will appear in DTB 55. To order this set go to the dpas orderline. For a full track listing, the box cover and sleeve illustrations go to : CD PREVIEW : Singles Collection 68-76  SR #60016.

Deep Purple Mk1-6        Singled Out *updated 8.01.02*
"The Great Single-Book of DEEP PURPLE", Dirk Schultz's fantastic new book catalogues and illustrates every known 7" vinyl Deep Purple single ever issued. Every sleeve is shown (front and back) in full colour and if there was no sleeve, then the label is shown instead. It's 166 pages long, an A5 format, properly printed softback. SR #60017 The DPAS now has copies, which are available to order from the dpas online store. UK price is £26.50 (including p&p). BOOK REVIEW : The Great Single Book of Deep Purple
Deep Purple Mk1-6        Concerto '69. Special Editions *updated 8.01.02*
The remastering of the original CONCERTO will result in a number of special editions later this year. There will be a fully remixed double audio CD with Malcolm Arnold's Symphony No. 6, Deep Purple's three track set and the full Concerto with all the edits restored. In addition the original encore (a shorter version of the third movement) will be added. This CD has been taken from the original multi-tracks. Next up will be a DVD, with the Concerto film plus extra channels for interviews, images etc. The rest of the show was not filmed! Finally there will be a SACD edition (the European version of DVD Audio launched in America last year). DVDA needs new hardware, SACD is backwards compatible. This promises stunning audio quality and takes the CD as a music carrier another stage further. SR# 60006
Deep Purple Mk1-6        On the Road, 4CD Box Set *updated 3.12.01*
Adverts for the Connoisseur 4CD box set ON THE ROAD claiming "seven previously unreleased tracks" can be explained as follows: 2 are from Tokyo 1975, 2 from 'Live In London' 1974, and 3 are from the 'Scandinavian Nights' video. So as we said before, there are no real rarities of any sort on the track listing and the box is aimed at more general fans. The packaging may be of interest to collectors, with a nice set of colour collectors cards showing all members of the touring band from 1968 to the present day. The set is shipping out now, and is available from dpas online. SR # 60005 For more details and a full track listing: CD REVIEW: On The Road
Deep Purple Mk1-6        This Time Around • Live In Tokyo *updated 2.11.01*
'This Time Around • Live In Tokyo' is available in Europe on Purple Records. It is also out in America on Sanctuary. Purple Records have done a special ltd edition in a slipcase with a reproduction concert ticket, handbill and other goodies, available only via mail-order. Captured live on the very last date of their December 1975 Japanese tour, the double CD contains the complete show, much of it previously unreleased and including five songs previously unavailable in live form on CD in the UK. The show has been completely remixed from the original multi-track masters for stunning digital sound quality. Regular and ltd ed. can be ordered through dpas online There is also a discount for DPAS members. SR#60004
CD REVIEW : Deep Purple 'This Time Around • Live In Tokyo'
DPAS Photo Gallery : Budokan Tokyo, December 15th 1975
Deep Purple Mk1-6        Get Yer Diabolicals Out *updated 23.08.01*
SPACE VOL 1 & 2, the first of the official bootleg (68/76) series, is a live recording made at an open air festival in Aachen, Germany, on July 11th 1970, considered to be one of the classic bootlegs of the era. More details can be found at Purple Records and click on the Sonic Zoom logo. The CD was reviewed in DTB 54. The official "Sonic Zoom" series makes available live recordings of the band between 1968 and 1976 to the collector. The CDs are available to everyone, but only via mail-order. The DPAS is the official outlet through dpas online and their mail-order catalogue. DPAS members are also eligible for a discount. SR #60008    CD REVIEW : Deep Purple 'Space Vols 1 & 2'
Deep Purple Mk1-6        24 Carat Purple Back Again... *23.08.01*
The world's oldest Deep Purple compilation has been reissued by EMI - again. 24 Carat Purple, with the same 8 tracks it had when it first appeared on vinyl over 25 years ago, now sports a 'Masters Of Rock' subtitle and a rather poorly rejigged cover image. However you do get four very nice colour pictures inside, though most of them are of Mk 4 who don't appear on the CD! Completists can order it from dpas online. The rest of us can shake our heads in disbelief. See DTB 54. DB #60014
Deep Purple Mk1-6     Spitfire Records  *03.01*

During 1999 Spitfire Records in the States did a license deal to issue a number of titles which had been available in Europe and Japan for many years, but which were either unavailable or deleted in America. Collectors should be aware that they contain NOTHING that isn't already on CD elsewhere. There are some packaging differences, caused by the loss of original artwork etc. Here is a list of the titles which Spitfire are issuing: Deep Purple Mk 1 : 'Shades Of Deep Purple', 'Book of Taliesyn', and 'Deep Purple' (all three are substantially as per the EMI Europe editions, though the front of 'Shades..' has been botched). Deep Purple Mk 2 : 'Scandinavian Nights' and 'In Concert 1970 / 1972'. On 'Scandinavian Nights' we asked them to restore the correct running order of the show and were told they would - hence the sleeve notes. They didn't bother in the end. There is also a spelling error on the front cover text which was corrected, but they ignored that as well. We will be reminding them of this! Deep Purple Mk 3 : 'The Mk 3 Final Concerts' only. In addition Spitfire will be issuing the triple set from the 'Made In Japan' concerts, and 'Live In London' (1974) after it has been reworked for Europe. Deep Purple family titles issued by Spitfire comprise: Rainbow - 'Live In Germany' double album, David Coverdale :'Northwinds' and 'Whitesnake', Jon Lord :'Sarabande', Curtiss Maldoon :'Sepheryn' (Ray of Light), and Roger Glover & Friends :'Butterfly Ball'. SR #60010

Deep Purple Mk1-6     Deep Purple Remasters  *03.01*

Despite the critical and commercial success of the EMI remastered Deep Purple series, which has now covered most of the Mk 2 albums, there is still no official word on the continuation of the series into Mk 3. Part of the problem is that Roger Glover doesn't feel it is right to get involved with albums he was not originally on. There is also a question of the availability of the multi tracks, some of which have yet to be located. It's unlikely that EMI will let the series lapse and we'll keep you informed as soon as anything concrete emerges. In connection with this, if anyone now knows who has the cassettes of out-takes from the 'BURN' album which Glenn Hughes passed on the a Swedish journalist some years ago, who in turn gave them to another Swede, please do get in touch so we can pass you on to Simon! DB #60002

Deep Purple Mk1-6     Beat Club on DVD

Compilations of Germany's BEAT CLUB rock TV show are circulating more widely on DVD now, though you have to buy two discs to get Purple's Sept 1971 appearence. "No No No" is on "Best of 71" and "Highway Star" is on "Best of 72". "No No No" was aired fairly quickly but the other track wasn't shown until 1972, hence the company splitting them up now. Audio versions are on the Connoisser Blackmore Rock Profile CDs. "Hallelujah" was mimed on the Beat Club in 1969 and will appear on DVD soon. Available via dpas online. Thanks to Hans van der Meiden. SR #60011

Deep Purple Mk1-6   Purple Records Sampler

Purple Records are promising a reissue of the 1972 original Purple label sampler album, featuring tracks by Deep Purple and other artists signed to the label. The sampler will be expanded to CD length with several very collectable singles and unissued tracks. A full track list will follow nearer the time. More details will follow on the Purple Records site. MM #60003

Deep Purple Mk1-6     Deep Purple Live  *03.01*

To clear up stories circulating elsewhere, the DP(O) are currently on the trail of a number of mixer desk or broadcast quality Deep Purple live recordings. These include sixty minutes from a show in Canada in April 1969 by Mk 1; a show from Paris in November 1970; a show from Holland in August 1969 featuring a very early Mk 2 performance, and another Mk 2 set from Montreux in October 1969. Details have been published in DTB except for Paris which will be covered in DTB 54. DB #60001

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Other News, Blackmore's Night       Ritchie's Christmas List *24.12.02*
There is plenty of Blackmore's Night activity planned for the coming year. A studio album in the making for release in 2003. Also, a DVD (live shows at Castles Wartburg & Solingen were recorded in July) is to be completed and released. The band are scheduling to tour Europe in May and North America in the autumn. (Tickets for some European shows will be going on sale by mid January). The USA/Canada release of the live double CD 'Past Times With Good Company' is scheduled for Feb 25th. It will have a new look to the booklet and new photos.   DB #900691. Thanks to www.blackmoresnight.com
Other News, Ashton Gardner & Dyke       The Last Rebel, Soundtrack  *updated 19.12.02*
Purple Records have released the THE LAST REBEL soundtrack (PUR 309). It has emerged that Jon Lord played a much more prominent role in the project than was first realised, writing most of the tracks (plus two co-written with Tony Ashton). The rock pieces were performed by Ashton Gardner & Dyke (in late 1970 at De Lane Lea), with Lord also playing on some - occasionally alongside Ashton. The soundtrack album was issued in 1971 and is now a hard to find item. The CD has been digitally mastered from the album master tapes, and includes an unissued track, alternate takes and studio chat. Visit purple records for a full history and sound clips. The cd can be ordered from the dpas online store. SR #900315
Other News, Hughes / Turner   New HTP Studio Album Planned For 2003  *12.11.02*

With The Hughes Turner Project tour now completed, it's reported on Joe's official website that he and Glenn will begin recording a second HTP studio album in April 2003, aiming for an autumn release. In the meantime Hughes will begin laying down tracks for his solo album in December, while Turner will enter the studio in January 2003 to prepare his next solo release. Click here to read our HTP tour reviews from Japan, Sweden and the UK.
January 2003 DPAS Interview: Joe Lynn Turner DB #90063

Other News, Glenn Hughes   UK Tour With Uli Jon Roth *updated 5.12.02*
Glenn Hughes recently played the UK along with Frank Marino and Jack Bruce, as part of guitarist Uli Jon Roth's 'Legends of Rock'_ by all accounts stealing the show throughout the tour. For his own slot he performed a number of Deep Purple mk3 & 4 classics, then joined the others for the encores, closing with a towering rendition of 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale.'   DB #90064 (thanks to Kevin Dixon & Ian Ellis)
Other News, Company Of Snakes      We Wish You Well *3.12.02*
An official statement from the Company of Snakes says that "The Company of Snakes is being put on hold until further notice. The Company Of Snakes have no plans for any shows in the future, until the summer of next year at the earliest. There are a number of reasons for this decision, the main one being the lack of record company support over the last year. However, we would like to thank all our fans for the outstanding support you've given us.." Check it out in full at the Company Of Snakes website. NY #90066
Other News, Jon Lord    Australian Tour *12.02*
Jon Lord is now due to kick off his Australian tour with three performances of the Concerto at Sydney Opera House, conducted by Simon Kenway. Australian band George will be playing the group parts. (An extra show has been added for January 26th). These are preceded by a free appearance at the Opera House on January 21st at 6pm, in which Jon "will be talking about his compositional work, from his first fully scored orchestral piece Concerto for Group and Orchestra through to his recent rock / orchestral compositions." The Brisbane show is due to feature the premiere performance of Jon's new piano & orchestral piece 'Boom Of The Tingling Strings'.
Conductor Paul Mann has sent us more details.
Jon will then set out along with old sidekick Miller Anderson to "perform a number of smaller shows with a string quartet and ensemble of ten players in most states." The music will apparently include pieces from 'Pictured Within',  'Concerto', 'Sarabande' and 'The Gemini Suite'. NY/DT#900676   For the full schedule - Jon Lord: 2003 Australian Tour Dates
Other News, Jon Lord    Brainwashed By George Harrison *updated 24.10.02*
Jon Lord plays on 'Brainwashed', George Harrison's farewell studio album, which is due to be released on November 18th. It will initially be appearing in a number of different formats, including a vinyl edition, and as a box set featuring a 'making of..' DVD. The tracks (including eleven Harrison originals) were recorded over a period of time, and knowing that he would be unable to finish the record, George left detailed notes for his son, Dhani and long time friend Jeff Lynne, who have spent much of this year completing the final work on the album. Apart from Jon, other 'guests' on the album include Sam Brown, Mike Moran and Jools Holland. It seems that Jon only plays on one song, contributing piano to the title track.     Ann Warburton #9000611, thanks to Jim at EMI
Other News, Glenn Hughes    The Alchemist *updated 24.10.02*
The Alchemist is the brainchild of composer/producer/instrumentalist Carl Kennedy, who most recently was the drummer in the Greg Lake band. "Westside" is a "collection of songs that blend intricate tribal rhythms with guitar driven passion, delivering powerful blued-eyed soul ballads" according to the press hand-out. The CD features Glenn Hughes (lead vocals), Tim Pierce (guitars) (Toy Matinee, Roger Waters, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls), Ian Crichton (guitars) (Saga), Carl Kennedy (drums / percussion / keyboards) (Greg Lake). It was issued in America only on the LedSled label (6969). Track Listing: Westside / Taboo / Right Before My Eyes / Til the End / Full Moon Rising /Fools at the Wheel / Right Before My Eyes (instrumental). Glenn Hughes actually does vocals on five tracks in total, the rest being instrumental. dpas online is now stocking this title, though there are only a few left. SR#900372
Other News, Jon Lord,   Retiring To Spend More Time With His Concerto *16.10.02*
Jon Lord is lining up more work relating to The Concerto. There are likely to be two more performances of it with Australian band George in Perth on March 1st and 2nd 2003, with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra conducted by Paul Mann. The work is also to be performed at the Sydney Festival on January 24th and 26th but without Paul. Jon's involvement at this event is uncertain. Thanks to Paul Mann for the details. Jon is also set to perform a track at a fund-raising event being held at The Royal Albert Hall on October 16th for the controversial Countryside Alliance. SR/PM#900582
Other News, Whitesnake,   Here They Go Again *11.10.02*

Geffen (USA) are releasing "Here I Go Again: The Best Of Whitesnake" on October 29th. It's a double cd, containing their last three 1980s album ('Slide It In', '1987' and 'Slip Of The Tongue') complete and remastered, plus a few extra items including 'Need Your Love So Bad' (b-side of 'Give Me More Time') and a 'radio mix' of 'Here I Go Again'. Not exactly the best of Whitesnake, but nevertheless a useful collection of the material from their most commercially successful period. DB#90057, thanks to Claus Cheng

Other News, Glenn Hughes,   Glenn Hughes Goes Pop *updated 2.10.02*
Glenn Hughes has formed a new "power pop" trio called SHAPE 68. As well as Glenn (bass/vocals), it features Robin DiMaggio (drums) and Jeff Kollman (guitar). They play their first gig at the Platinum Club in Studio City, California on 16th October. For more information visit Glenn's official site at www.glennhughes.com. Glenn's mail-order only "Soulful Christmas" CD is available now via his website. SR#900562. Thanks to Fedor de Lange and Paul Thomas
Other News, Rainbow,   The History of Rainbow *updated 30.09.02*
The detailed written history of Rainbow we mentioned before is now being printed. Jointly authored by Mike Heatley and DPAS contributor Roy Davies, it's an extensive study of the band from the formation in late 1975 up to the final chapter with Dougie White. It is accompanied by a comprehensive concert list put together by DPAS contributor Nigel Young, which is the best we've ever seen. There is also a modest photo selection showing the different line-ups. It can be ordered via the dpas online store. In addition to the regular paperback edition, there is also a 500 run limited edition hardback version, which is almost sold out. This is only available via the DPAS, the publishers Helter Skelter, and More Black Than Purple (our apologies for not mentioning that before. We weren't told that they are also stocking the book).
Other News, Rainbow,   Day By Day  *updated 30.09.02*
To coincide with the launch of 'Rainbow Rising', Roy Davies' new biography, www.deep-purple.net is presenting a comprehensive on-line Rainbow gig guide. Painstakingly assembled by Nigel Young, the listing is the most complete ever seen, and provides fans with a day by day guide to Rainbow's touring schedule, along with additional information, album lyrics and more. The guide (which appears in a simplified form in the book) is now on-line. It is hoped that this listing will prompt feedback and help to plug some of the gaps in the earlier Rainbow tours. RAINBOW GIG GUIDE   SR/NY#900542
Other News, Glenn Hughes,   Spock's Beard *24.09.02*
Spock's Beard man RYO OKUMOTO has a solo album out on October 14th 2002, with Glenn Hughes singing on one track ('Highway Roller'), along with other guest musicians including guys from Toto etc.
The CD is titled "Coming Through" and is distributed via Koch.
SR#90055. Thanks to Pete at Koch
Other News, Hughes / Turner,   Live In Tokyo *updated 24.09.02*
Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner are due to have a live album released on August 21st by Pony Canyon Records (Japan) and October 7th by MTM (Europe). It was recorded at Club Quatro,Tokyo on May 17th and 19th during their Japanese Tour. The track listing is: Devils Road / You Cant Stop Rock and Roll / Death Alley Driver / I Surrender / Stormbringer / Dark Days / Mistreated / No Stranger To Love / Can't Stop the Flood / Better Man / Ride the Storm / King of Dreams / Street of Dreams / Spotlight Kid. (ie. their full set minus encores and Joe's Japanese beer commercial track!)
Visit the revamped www.joelynnturner.com for soundclips. DB#900424 (thanks to Fedor de Lange)
Other News, Tommy Bolin,   Live On King Biscuit Flower Hour *updated 28.08.02*
THE TOMMY BOLIN BAND LIVE 9/19/76 CD is available to buy from dpas online. It has been re-mixed from the original 16 track masters originally recorded in Albany, New York by the King Biscuit Flower Hour Radio Show. It's a short set, the tracks are 'Teaser', 'People People', 'You Told Me That You Loved Me', 'Shake The Devil' (which has already been released on 'From The Archives Vol.1') and 'Post Toastee'. SR/NY#900242
Other News, Glenn Hughes,   Stages Of Glenn Hughes *updated 23.08.02*
A double cd called 'DIFFERENT STAGES / The Best Of Glenn Hughes' is being released in August on the Steamhammer label. It'a a compilation of twenty tracks taken from Glenn's last six solo albums. It includes tracks from "Burning Japan", "Feel", "Addiction", "The Way It Is", Return Of Crystal Karma", and last year's "Building The Machine". - along with the bonus live Brazilian album. There are no rarities included and the sleeve notes are brief. Still, it's a useful round-up if you've not followed Glenn's career during the nineties.
It is now in stock, and available to order from the dpas online store       
Other News, Glenn Hughes,   UK Tour With Uli Jon Roth *22.08.02*
Glenn Hughes is to tour the UK in November as part of guitarist Uli Jon Roth's three hour 'Legends of Rock' show. In one section Glenn and Uli will be performing classic Deep Purple material plus Uli's "Requiem For An Angel". The show will also have a segments dedicated to The Cream (with Jack Bruce on bass & ex-Jethro Tull man Clive Bunker on drums). Michael Schenker has had to withdraw due to a dislocated shoulder. He will be replaced by Frank Marino. Uli Jon Roth / Legends Of Rock UK Tour Dates
(The show originally listed for Brixton Academy on November 17th will now take place at Shepherd's Bush Empire)
The tour is due to carry on in mainland Europe, with dates to be announced for December. Musicians lined up for that leg include the great Jan Akkerman. Don Airey may also be taking part, Deep Purple committments allowing. Keep an eye on Uli Jon Roth's Official Website for further details. JR/FDL #900522, with thanks to Ian Parry Jones & Fedor de Lange
Other News, Tommy Bolin,   The Glenholly Studio Recordings *updated 16.08.02*
Blackmore's Night have a new single out on August 12th 2002 on the SPV label. An edited 'Home Again' is backed by remixes of 'Waiting Just For You' and 'All Because Of You', plus 'Home Again' again (unedited). All of the songs originally appeared on last year's Fires At Midnight album. The band appeared on German TV's Fernsehgarten on August 11th, miming to a playback of 'Home Again'. A Blackmore's Night double live cd recorded during the April / May 2002 European tour is due out in September on SPV. MR#90048
Other News, Blackmore's Night,    Shows Recorded For DVD Release *14.08.02*

The Blackmore's Night shows at Castles Wartburg & Solingen in July were recorded for a live DVD release, due to be "the first DVD worldwide recorded on the ultra new DTS 96/24 sound system. This sound system (96 Khz and 24 Bit) is almost twice as good as the conventional / traditional DOLBY 5.1 standard (48 Khz und 16 Bit) and therefore promises an absolute new sound experience! Perfect to bring the particular sound and optics of BLACKMORE'S NIGHT into the living room," say label SPV. The DVD will also include interviews, plus footage of the band doing their wandering minstel thing in the Eisenach forest. In addition, a video only release "Under A Violet Moon - Castle Tour" will be shipping at the end of August. It includes live footage from the 2000 German Tour and interviews "from the Great Hall in Schloss Rabenstein". It can be ordered from www.blackmoresnight.com   DB#90051

Other News, Tommy Bolin,    Teaser & Private Eyes Remasters  *13.08.02*

Sony Legacy in America are working to restore Tommy Bolin's two studio albums to the best possible quality for 2003. There are plans for an initial 2 CD career overview, followed by pristine sounding versions of Teaser and Private Eyes taken from the original album tapes, including bonus tracks and perhaps some additional high quality remixes. MM#90050

Other News, Blackmore's Night,    New Single *11.08.02*
Blackmore's Night have a new single out on August 12th 2002 on the SPV label. An edited 'Home Again' is backed by remixes of 'Waiting Just For You' and 'All Because Of You', plus 'Home Again' again (unedited). All of the songs originally appeared on last year's Fires At Midnight album. The band appeared on German TV's Fernsehgarten on August 11th, miming to a playback of 'Home Again'. A Blackmore's Night double live cd recorded during the April / May 2002 European tour is due out in September on SPV. MR#90048 (thanks to www.ritchieblackmore.com)
Other News, Blackmore's Night,    On German TV, Sunday 11th August *10.08.02*
Blackmore's Night are due to appear on German TV's "Fernsehgarten", Sunday 11th August. The show starts at 10.40am (9.40am UK time), on ZDF. "Fernsehgarten" is a two hour family entertainment show, with this week's edition being recorded in Mainz. Blackmore's Night appeared on it last year, miming to their then current single 'The Times They Are A Changing'. DB#90047 (thanks to www.ritchieblackmore.com)
Other News, Rainbow,   An Introduction To Rainbow *26.07.02*
Some better late than never cd news! Polydor released a compilation album called "All Night Long: An Introduction to Rainbow" on May 6th of this year. The tracks are: 'Temple Of The King', 'Tarot Woman', 'Stargazer', 'Lady Of The Lake', 'Eyes Of The World', 'All Night Long', 'Love's No Friend', 'Spotlight Kid', 'Stone Cold', 'Firedance', and 'Weiss Heim'. It's a little different from a standard 'greatest hits' type package then, though the real item of interest is that 'All Night Long' is a live recording from the 1980 Donnington Festival (it was previously only available on a vinyl compilation released shortly after the event). See reviews of Rainbow at Donnington 1980 and the 'Monsters of Rock' compliation LP in our abridged DPAS magazines. DB#90045
Other News, Hughes Turner Project,    European Tour Line-Up *25.07.02*
A September / October European Tour is being put together, including two gigs in the UK. Most recently, two Norwegian festival shows have been added to the schedule. To see the list as it currently stands, click here. Thanks to www.glennhughes.com and MTM Records for the dates. The band line-up for the tour has been announced as: Joe Lynn Turner - Vocals / Guitar, Glenn Hughes - Vocals / Bass, JJ Marsh - Guitar, Joakim "Jocke" Svalberg - Keyboards, Thomas Broman - Drums. DB#90044 (thanks to Fedor de Lange, & Lisa Walker)
Other News, Blackmore's Night,    Nights in White Stockings *updated 25.06.02*
Blackmore's Night are planning a European tour for the summer of 2002, described as a 'castle / medieval towns / theatre tour'. Thirteen dates have now been announced, for ticket information visit Ritchie's site, listed in our Selected Links. DB#900403
(visit www.ritchieblackmore.com for more details)
July 15 Ascoli Piceno Medioevo Festival Italy
July 16 Vittoriale , Gardone (near Brescia) Italy
July 18 Cittadella Del Carnevale, Viareggio Italy
July 21 Castle Plassenburg, Kulmbach Germany
July 23 Heidelberg Stadthalle Germany
July 25 Castle Solingen Germany
July 27 Castle Waldeck Germany
July 28/29 Castle Wartburg ('intimate shows'), Eisenach Germany
August 1 Michaeliskirche, Leipzig Germany
August 3 Memmingen Stadthalle Germany
August 5 Kloisters of Furstenfeld (near Munchen) Germany
August 7 Schloss Wertheim Germany
Other News, Glenn Hughes,  Pieces Of My Heart *6.06.02*
Glenn Hughes sings on a recently released compilation called "Classic Rockers Vol. 1". It's an album of covers (Whitesnake's 'Fool For Your Loving' is one of them). The backing musicians include Don Airey and Neil Murray. Glenn sings on one track, 'Piece of My Heart'. The same performance also appears on a new Nazareth tribute titled 'Another Hair Of The Dog'. Neil Murray and Bernie Torme are among the musicians credited on the album. You can order 'Classic Rockers Vol 1' from the dpas online store now, the Nazareth tribute will be available very soon. DB/SR#90041
Other News, Joe Satriani,   Beautiful Summer Tour *updated 22.05.02*
Joe Satriani's new studio album entitled STRANGE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC is scheduled for June 2002. Following the release, Joe's 'Beautiful Summer Tour' will begin in Europe during July, kicking off in Bulgaria at the Sofia Palace of Culture on July 1st. Seventeen other Euro dates have been pencilled in, including the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 7th. The dates for the British Isles are:
Jul 18th Shepherd's Bush Empire, London England
Jul 19th Birmingham Academy England
Jul 20th Manchester Apollo England
Jul 21st Red Box, Dublin Rep.Ireland

The tour reaches the United States in August / September. For more information visit www.satriani.com. DB#900392, thanks to Bettina Demus
Other News, Hughes & Turner,   The Hughes Turner Project Live In Japan  *13.05.02*
Hughes & Turner are currently on tour in Japan. The set list for the first show, at Drum Logos, Fukuoka on May 11th, 2002 was: Devil's Road / You Can't Stop Rock & Roll / Death Alley Driver / I Surrender / Stormbringer / Challenge Them All / Dark Days / Mistreated / No Stranger To Love / Can't Stop The Flood / Better Man / Ride The Storm / King Of Dreams / Street Of Dreams / Spotlight Kid / --encore-- / Burn / Highway Star. Glenn is playing bass for the tour. The rest of the band (excepting JLT!) are Japanese musicians. For more details visit www.glennhughes.com. DB#90043 . Thanks to Fedor de Lange
Other News, Colin Towns,   Going Full Circle *updated 12.05.02*
Further to our news 20.04.02 news story about the Colin Towns Meridian TV documentary, we can now report that although some of it has already been filmed, the rest is still in the planning stages, meaning that it's unlikely to be broadcast until later in the year. It primarily concerns Colin's next project; composing music about five of surrealist artist Rene Magritte's paintings. Meridian is the South-East England ITV franchise, and the programme is unlikely to be networked. Colin's latest album is ANOTHER THINK COMING by the Colin Towns Mask Orchestra (an 18 piece 'jazz big band'). It features eight new Towns’ originals plus an arrangement of 'I Am the Walrus'! This, plus other solo / Mask Orchestra cds can be bought at www.provocateurrecords.co.uk. For more information check out the Colin Towns website in Selected Links. DB/SR#900382,thanks to Gary Gilmurray
Other News, Ian Paice,   Los Angeles PETA Concert on DVD *8.05.02*
On September 18th 1999 Paul McCartney played a short live set at a Los Angeles PETA concert [described in DTB 53]. His band included Ian Paice and Dave Gilmour. Their six song set is now available on a DVD and video, "Paul McCartney & Friends: The PETA Concert for Party Animals." The show also featured the B-52s and Chrissie Hynde among others. For more information visit the peta website. The DVD and video can be bought from their online store. Ian Paice was in McCartney's band for his 1999 Cavern Club show, which is also available on DVD. DB#90042
Other News, Ritchie Blackmore,   Ritchie Blackmore Fans In Lincolnshire *7.05.02*
There's a new Blackmore club for people in Lincolnshire. Mike Garrett has launched the Ritchie Blackmore Fans In Lincolnshire club. He's producing a six page newsletter and arranging get togethers to chat and socialise. For details: mikegarrett@pgen.net. More info DTB 55. MR#90041
Other News, Hughes & Turner,   'The Hughes Turner Project'  *updated 3.05.02*
Joe and Glenn's album was released in Japan on February 6th by Pony Canyon. The full track listing is: 'Devil's Road', 'You Can't Stop Rock & Roll', 'Missed Your Name', 'Mystery Of The Heart', 'Sister Midnight', 'Better Man', 'Heaven's Missing An Angel', 'Fade Away', 'Ride The Storm', 'Run Run Run', 'Against The Wall', 'On The Ledge'. 'Against The Wall' is likely to be used as a Japanese bonus track. The album was released in Europe by German label MTM on March 18th. Hughes & Turner are due to tour Japan in May, and maybe Europe in September. The album is now available from dpas online  DB/MR #900082
album review : Hughes Turner Project
Other News, Van Romaine,   Live In Europe *3.05.02*
If you're in the British Isles, and your wife / girlfriend / mother..whoever is just dying to go and see Enrique Iglesias's latest tour, offer to take them! His drummer is none other than Van Romaine from the Steve Morse Band. They kick off at the Glasgow Clyde Auditorium on 5th & 6th of May, followed by Manchester on 8th & 9th, then Cardiff, Birmingham,and three nights at The Royal Albert Hall from 14th-16th. Then it's on to Belfast on the 19th and Dublin on the 20th, before hitting mainland Europe... See the full tour date list at Van's new site at www.vanromaine.com. Enrique's 1998 band included ex-Rainbow men David Rosenthal and Chuck Burgi. DB/NY# 90040
Other News, Eddie Hardin ,   Original Wind In The Willows LP *updated 28.03.02*

Eddie Hardin's rare WIND IN THE WILLOWS studio album from 1985 has been issued by Purple Records (PUR 327). This has never been on CD before. The main interest for Purple fans is a rare demo with IAN PAICE. Other guests include TONY ASHTON. The CD also has a couple of tracks from the live concert (already on CD), one with JON LORD and DON AIREY playing together. Eddie is looking at doing a DVD of the live show next year. Eddie was a guest at Purple's Monaco shows in 2001. SR#90017
More details : purplerecords To order : dpas online.

Other News, Blackmore's Night,  European Tour  *updated 24.03.02*

Blackmore's Night will soon be touring Europe, kicking off in April. Here's the list so far. Some of the earlier ones are selling out fast. For more info, visit Ritchie's official site at www.ritchieblackmore.com. Reviews and pics are welcome, send them to the DPAS. DB#90035

Apr 14th Luzhniki Sports Palace, Moscow Russia
Apr 17th Philharmonic Hall , St.Petersburg Russia
Apr 20th House Of Culture, Helsinki (SOLD OUT) Finland
Apr 22nd Cirkus, Stockholm Sweden
Apr 23rd Tradgarn, Gothenburg Sweden
Apr 24th Slagthuset, Malmo Sweden
Apr 26th Passions Kirche, Berlin Germany
Apr 28th Dom Muzyki I Tanca, Zabrze Poland
Apr 30th Konopiste Amphitheatre, Benesov Czech Rep.
May 3rd Oosterport, Groningen Holland
May 4th Labadoux Festival, Ingelmunster Belgium
Other News, Miller Anderson,   Anderson Sings The Blues  *15.03.02*
Anyone impressed by Miller Anderson at the '99 Concerto gigs (and on Lord's last solo album) should try and catch him on one of the current Spencer Davis Groups shows, headlining over The Yardbirds and The Troggs. The tour runs until April 9th. Dates at www.flyingmusic.com. The band also features Eddie Hardin on Hammond B3, Pete York (who does a brilliant drum solo) and Colin Hodgkinson. Anderson gets to shine on a couple of blues classics including House Of The Rising Sun, and the others are worth seeing as well. SR #90036
Other News, Jon Lord,   Before I Forget  *5.03.02*
The packaging for the CD of Jon Lord's 1982 solo album 'Before I Forget' has had to be revised after the previous filmwork was lost by the pressing plant. Following requests from fans the label has reinstated a version of the original album art to the front, while the inlay has been reworked as a twelve page booklet in line with the rest of the catalogue. Apart from that the contents remain much the same. See the Before I Forget picture gallery. More info DTB 55 / www.purplerecords.net.
Other News, Company Of Snakes,   Burst The Bubble  *28.02.02*
The first all new CD from Bernie Marsden's band is issued across Europe on Feb 28th through SPV. 15 tracks of new material (two are less than 60 seconds!) , it marks a change of direction for the group who up until now have mostly spent their time covering old Whitesnake tracks. Micky Moody and Neil Murray are also on board with Stefan Berggren on vocals and John Lingwood on drums. Review DTB 55. SR#90032
Other News, David Coverdale    World Tour 2002   *14.02.02*

David Coverdale is coming out of hiding to do a live interview on TotalRock on Saturday, February 16 at 7pm (UK time) on Doom & Co. They've asked us to pass on this information (bit short notice, we apologise) If anyone has questions they want to ask the great man, then e-mail them in advance to Malcolm@totalrock.com putting 'David Coverdale question' in the subject box. TotalRock can be accessed at www.totalrock.com and sky channel 885. Questions like "why don't you join Company Of Snakes for a gig or two?" probably won't get passed on. NY #90030

Other News, Rainbow   Long Live Rock'n'Roll  *7.02.02*

Polydor in Japan are reissuing the complete Rainbow album catalogue in reproduction CD sized card covers. These run from the first album to Bent Out Of Shape, along with the compilation Final Vinyl. This is a limited edition series and is based on the US and UK remastered versions which came out a couple of years ago, so no extra tracks. They are quite pricey at around £21 each. SR #90029

Other News, Glenn Hughes   Ellis III  *1.02.02*

Glenn does vocals on one track from Stacy Ellis' new album "Three", titled "Growing Wise". "A slow throaty GH blues vocal which grows into quite a hard rocking number" says Steve Gonzales. More details DTB 55. SR #90028

Other News, Ian Gillan    Naked *updated 8.01.02*

Just out on DVD and VHS is a reissue of 'Ian Gillan Live', the 1990 Naked Thunder show filmed by Central TV in Nottingham. The band included Steve Morris and Tommy Eyre, plus ex-Alex Harvey men Chris Glenn and Ted McKenna. Tracks on the video reissue are: Gut Reaction / Demon's Eye / Living For The City / Puget Sound / Sweet Lolita / No More Cane On The Brazos / I Thought No / When A Blind Man Cries / No Good Luck / Lucille / Smoke On The Water. There are no extras on the DVD, in fact Puget Sound and Sweet Lolita are both missing from it. Now available both on dvd and video from dpas online. SR #90020

Other News, Rainbow  Strat For Sale *13.12.01*
www.rockstarsguitars.com have one of Ritchie Blackmore's Fender Stratocasters up for sale. It was apparently the particular guitar favoured by Ritchie in early Rainbow days, and is the same one used on the Munich 1977 Rockpalast show. It was finally broken in 1980. Ex-Rainbow drummer Bobby Rondinelli is pictured with it, and has written an accompanying letter of providence.The same company recently sold a broken neck from one of Ritchie's California Jam guitars. SR #90026
Other News, Joe Lynn Turner    Down To Earth *11.12.01*
Joe Lynn Turner has released his latest solo album 'Slam'. It appeared first in Japan,on Pony Canyon, complete with an extra track not available elsewhere. The material has been co-written with Japanese guitarist Akira Kajiyama, and is described as being similar to the heavier tracks on the 1982-83 Rainbow albums. The keyboards are handled by Paul Morris, who was in the most recent Rainbow line-up. For more details check out www.rockforever.com & Joe's official site (both listed in our Selected Links) DB #90025
Other News, Hughes & Turner     The Hughes Turner Project  *updated 23.11.01*

According to Glenn's excellent official website, recording for the 'Hughes Turner Project' studio album has been completed. Work began around 22nd September. Among the musicians playing on it is ex-Whitesnake guitarist John Sykes. The aim is to "recapture the old Purple days, nobody's doing that," exclaims Joe, "there's nobody out there now, including Deep Purple or whatever you want to call them, Dixie Dregs or something. The Deep Dregs..." Ok, enough already.. The album is due out in February 2002. For more information check out Hughes & Turner's official websites (both listed in our Selected Links page). DB #90008

Other News, Whitesnake    Whitesnake Live In Japan *updated 1.11.01*

To be released by NMC Records next year is a radio sourced double live set recorded at the Olympic Pool, Tokyo on 13th June 1988. It comes from Whitesnake's most commercially successful period; the band consisting of David, plus Rudy Sarzo, Tommy Aldridge, Adrian Vandenberg, and Vivian Campbell. SR#90022 (additional: it didn't happen...)

Other News, Blackmore's Night    Home Again  *updated 1.11.01*
Blackmore's Night kicked off their UK Tour on 22nd September (the 21st September Ayr show was pulled); more details can be found at their official website (see our Selected Links). There is a full tour report in Darker Than Blue 54. A second single from the CD ('All Because Of You' / 'Home Again') has been issued in Germany but will not appear in the UK. The third BLACKMORE'S NIGHT album, titled 'Fires At Midnight', was released through SPV in Germany in July 2001. There is also a limited edition version in a mock velvet box, with poster, collectors' cards and an extra audio track plus the video track which came on the first single, 'The Times They Are A Changing'. The CD, Limited Edition CD, and first single are in stock at dpas online.  live review : Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Sept.22nd, 2001
Other News, Glenn Hughes    Robot Wars  *updated 1.11.01*

PUR 320 / Paice Ashton Lord- Malice In Wonderland Special Edition. A special edition of PAL's only studio album, newly remastered (and previously unissued on CD in the UK), together with around thirty minutes of eight previously unissued outtakes from their never released second album, taken from a monitor mix done in 1977. This was never intended for release but it is all that now remains. Given the source, the quality is pretty good. The CD is available now. More details : Purple Records. CD will be covered in DTB 54. SR #90003

Other News, Tommy Bolin     Return of The Red Baron *28.10.01*

One of the unissued tracks from SPECTRUM has surfaced on a new BILLY COBHAM ANTHOLOGY called RUDIMENTS, a double CD issued so far only in America. The bonus track is called ALL 4 ONE, a four minute edit from a longer jam. The set also contains the complete Spectrum album. As this has long been a rather weak sounding CD, this digitally re-mastered set is probably worth looking out for. It also has a further 19 tracks from his other albums. In a follow-up Rhino are also issuing a DVD-A of Spectrum shortly. For more information check out www.rhino.com/features or The Tommy Bolin Archive (listed in our Selected Links) (Thanks to Jon C.) SR#90021

Other News, Don Airey     Airey / Bonnet / Paice / Morse *21.10.01*
One time Rainbow singer Graham Bonnet, and Purple's recent keyboard deputy (and fellow ex-Rainbow man) Don Airey have been taking their Best Of Rainbow band a stage further with more UK gigs. Visit Don's website at www.1212.com/a/airey/news.html to access the dates.

Don Airey is also recording an album with Italian film composer Mario Fasciano in Naples, which will also feature Ian Paice and Steve Morse. NY#90023

Other News, The DPAS     Search No Further *18.10.01*
We've added a search engine to the site, which means people can book d-p.net as their home page if they want. We chose Google as we find it one of the least cluttered and most efficient search engines around, free of the big corporation mentality of most software devices - we get no kick-backs from Google for offering this facility! The DPAS on-line discography is now starting to reappear. It began on the purplepeople site but looking at how people use the web and what they want from a discography has led us to rethink this area, so you'll find it easier to use, with basic information on the original vinyl versions, plus recommended CD editions and pictures of the rarest covers. It'll be expanded over the next few months. The full monty version will be maintained off-line for publication later on. The DPAS lyrics pages are also up and running and will be added to over the weeks. Needless to say this is the most accurate collection of Purple song lyrics on the web. Simon
Other News, Glenn Hughes & JLT    Voices For America *updated 3.10.01*

"The Voices Of Classic Rock" have recorded a cd called 'Voices For America' for the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Along with Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner are Spencer Davis, Bobby Kimball (Toto) and Alex Ligertwood (Santana). Sales are initially in USA only, on Intersound Records. Tracks include 'America The Brave' and 'America The Beautiful'. (Thanks to Paul Thomas) Hughes and Turner will also be joining a free outdoor concert series called "Red, White, and Rockforever" at Universal City Walk, Orlando. Hughes will be appearing on December 14th, Turner on December 18th. The shows "will feature electric and unplugged play of each respective Artist's greatest hits, in addition to renditions of the patriotic classics on the 'Voices For America' release". So there you have it. For more details, visit www.rockforever.com. SR#90018

Other News, Blackmore's Night      Third Album Released *07.01*

The third BLACKMORE'S NIGHT CD, titled 'Fires At Midnight', was released through SPV in Germany during July 2001. There is also a limited edition version in a velvet box, with poster, collectors' cards and an extra audio track plus the video track which came on the single 'The Times They Are A Changing'. More details : www.spv.de. The CD, Limited Edition CD, and single are in stock at the DPAS. Review, DTB 54. MR/SR #90011. The UK Tour Dates are listed below. (visit www.ritchieblackmore.com for further details)
23/9/01 Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
24/9/01 Buxton Opera House
25/9/01 York Opera House
27/9/01 Swansea Grand Theatre
28/9/01 Milton Keynes The Stables
30/9/01 Reading Concert Hall.

Other News, Glenn Hughes & JLT    The Nostradamus Project  *05.01*

On May 21st the SPV label released the 'Nostradamus' concept album in Europe ( May 22nd in USA) It's the latest from Nikolo Kotzev, who has already been behind two albums under the project name Brazen Abbot. Glenn Hughes sang on the first of those, Joe Lynn Turner on the second. Both appear on the new one, which may be of interest to fans of 1980's style 'classic rock'. Or maybe not. Ex-Rainbow frontman Dougie White is the 'narrator'. For more information check out http://www.nostramusic.com. The CD album and single are in stock at dpas online. DB #90010

Other News, Glenn Hughes    Hughes Thrall II *04.01*

Glenn's third mail-order release is titled SONGS FROM THE WEST SIDE. Details will follow in due course. Meanwhile, two more session appearances have been spotted; Glenn does vocals on the track 'Can You keep It Up' on the cd 'Twister' by Max Magagni, and on 'Killer Queen' from the Queen tribute cd 'Stone Cold Queen' (Thanks to Paul Thomas). Glenn and guitarist Pat Thrall are also hoping to complete the long-awaited second HUGHES / THRALL album this year. SR #90014

Other News, Paice Ashton Lord     Malice In Wonderland  *03.01*

PUR 320 / Paice Ashton Lord- Malice In Wonderland Special Edition. A special edition of PAL's only studio album, newly remastered (and previously unissued on CD in the UK), together with around thirty minutes of eight previously unissued outtakes from their never released second album, taken from a monitor mix done in 1977. This was never intended for release but it is all that now remains. Given the source, the quality is pretty good. The CD is available now. More details : Purple Records. CD will be covered in DTB 54. SR #90003

Other News, Ashton Gardner & Dyke    Let It Roll  *03.01*

Tony Ashton is featured in a new archive CD from Purple Records. PURPLE PUR 307 : ASHTON GARDNER DYKE 'LET IT ROLL , LIVE 1971'. The CD was released in June 2001. Although their studio LPs are on CD, no example of AGD's powerful stage act has ever been issued. Recently Tony Ashton was presented with a reel of tape which Ian Paice had found in his loft. It turned out to be a live recording from a show in Belgium, 1971 which Tony approved for release. The CD includes a rousing version of their hit "Resurrection Shuffle" but much of their material was a unique fusion of prog rock, R&B and jazz, very innovative and ahead of its time. More details : Purple Records . CD will be covered in DTB 54. SR #90002

Other News, Ian Gillan Band     Live In Hiroshima  *03.01*

A soundboard recording from Japan 1977 by the Ian Gillan Band, taped at The Yubin Chokin Hall, Hiroshima, has been circulating for a good while. It was recently bootlegged on CD and this has now been released by Angel Air. I don't fully understand how they can do this as I'm told Ian Gillan has not approved it (or any of the Angel Air titles). It is missing four tracks which are on the bootleg. DB #90001

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