Deep Purple Discography
Deep Purple,  Concerto For Group & Orchestra
Mk 2. Recorded September 24th 1969
at Royal Albert Hall, London.
Charts: UK 26 / US 149.

1. First Movement: Moderate - Allegro / Second Movement: Andante Part 1  2. Second Movement: Andante - Conclusion / Third Movement: Vivace - Presto

CD bonus tracks: Hush / Wring That Neck / Child In Time / Third Movement: Vivace - Presto (encore)



AMERICA V1 : Tetragrammaton Records T 131 : December 1969 DS

Front as UK. Rare edition as label went bust early 1970. AMERICA V2 : Warner Brothers WS 1860 : 1970 DS

Deep Purple,  Concerto For Group & Orchestra. UK

GREAT BRITAIN V1 : Harvest SHVL 767 : January 1970 DS

See photo. Back has similar photo. Inner gatefold has b/w photos from the concert. Laminated outside. Printed by E.J.Day.

GREAT BRITAIN V2 : Harvest SHVL 767 : 197- DS

As V1 but laminated inside as well. Front photo cropped slightly differently at top. Printed by Gerrard & Lofthouse.

Deep Purple, Concerto For Group & Orchestra. Germany
Deep Purple, Concerto For Group & Orchestra. Argentina

JAPAN V1 : Warner Brothers P 8093W :
June 25th 1970 DS

JAPAN V2 : Warner Brothers P10331W :
1976 as above

All other vinyl editions substantially the same as Great Britain except GERMANY (Harvest 1C 062 90749 : 1970) which had a single sleeve, with the back as the right hand side of UK inner gatefold (see photo); GREECE (Harvest SHVL 767 : 1974) which was gatefold as UK but in very weak colours;
GREECE V2 (Harvest 062 1907491 : October 1984) which corrected colours but went to single sleeve.

ARGENTINA V2 (Harvest 64009), as UK but had title printed in Spanish on front in different typeface (see photo).



JAPAN : Warner Brothers P 8093W : June 25th 1970 DS Japan promo copies were pressed in red vinyl. Ultra rare.

AMERICA : Tetragrammaton Records T 131 : December 1969 DS Promo copies exist in white sleeve with titles etc. added on a sticker.



GREAT BRITAIN : EMI CDP 7 94886 2 : 1990 CD
Upgraded to include extra sleeve notes and two extra tracks: Wring That Neck / Child In Time sourced from the band's short set which preceeded the Concerto.
(these originally appeared on the vinyl compilation POWERHOUSE)

GREAT BRITAIN : EMI 07243 541006 2 8 : 2002 2CD New artwork (see photo). Double CD with Deep Purple's three track set, Concerto in full and unissued encore, a reprise of the third movement. All remixed from original multi-tracks. Excellent sound but short edit in drum solo.

GREAT BRITAIN : EMI 07243 541009 2 5 : 2002 2 SACD
As above plus Malcolm Arnold's 6th Symphony, stereo and 5.1.

GREAT BRITAIN : EMI 07243 5410129 8 : 2002 DVDA As above, stereo and 5.1, plus short clip of video.

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