Deep Purple

CD 1: Hush / One More Rainy Day (UK promo cover)
EMI Singles Collection 68-76
Cover Design*
CD 2: Kentucky Woman /
Wring That Neck (Italy)
CD 3: Emmaretta /
Wring That Neck (Denmark)
CD 4: Hallelujah / April (Part 1) (UK promo cover)
CD 5: Black Night /
Speed King (India)
CD 6: Strange Kind Of Woman / I'm Alone (Italy)
CD 7: Fireball /
Demon's Eye (Spain)
CD 8: Never Before / When A Blind Man Cries (Portugal)
CD 9: Woman From Tokyo / Black Night (Live)** (France)
CD 10: Might Just Take Your Life / Coronarias Redig (Fra.)
CD 11: You Keep On Moving / Love Child (Yugoslavia)

**This was never issued in the UK although it was scheduled
* This is the final cover revamped by EMI, which will be printed in metallic ink.
The original visual for the box done by 'easy on the eye' is shown with the box set news item in

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