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I recently purchased the 6 cd box set. Great stuff! However I am wondering if you have received any complaints about the sound, specifically on disc 6 ? My own copy has a background screech on This Time Around and Love Child. All the other tracks are fine. Is it possible to get a replacement disc? Russell Taylor

There is an high pitched background noise on these two tracks which seems to become audible in one or two places. It wasn't on the early listening copies but they were pre final mastering (I never got a final test set!). I have asked EMI for their explanation. They have no plans at present to press a revised disc 6. Although a bit of an annoyance, we will have the album fully redone at some stage, and I shall make doubly sure we get to the bottom of it before that happens.

In what way is the Stockholm version of "Mandrake Root" different to the previously released version (from Scandinavian Nights) ? I cannot seem to find any differences in the mix, although admittedly, I havent closely compared the two as yet. Tom Bradbury, Australia.

The tape Connoisseur had was a finished master from 1970 - ie had been mixed at that time for the broadcast. This was thought to be all there was. The box set used a multi track which came to light and which was specially mixed. If you can't tell the difference then stick with the Connoisseur version.

Was there ever a third, unreleased version of the track "Burn", taken from from the 1975 Final MkIII Concert tapes, which could have been used in the Box Set?
Tom Bradbury, Sydney, Australia

Hi Simon, I had hoped something new from the Made In Europe era may have been included, does a recording of the full show(s) exist ?? Martin Waldron

A couple of the shows do exist in full and one will probably be issued on Purple Records later this year. However there wasn't the budget to spend on remixing these shows for the box set.

Dear Simon, I think the track listing for the box set is great, but I was surprised by the omission of "Coming Home". In the "Foxbat" liner notes, you state that a live version of the song exists; but it suffers from a fade. Why not mix the song with a live version of "Burn"? I know it might upset the "purists", but it would be a great way to make the track available.
Michael Leone

The fade on "Coming Home" is mid-performance which makes it quite problematical, and I think the only way to use it is as a bonus item sometime; and let people know that it is incomplete. I'm not sure mixing it into another live track to disguise the edit is such a good idea as we try to be as faithful to the original performances as we can on the archive releases!

I hoped that Hallelujah would have been remastered this time as the last of the Mark 2 studio tracks. Do you know if the master tapes are missing? Bo Hansson

No they're not missing. It may be remastered for this set, but that information wasn't available to me at the time I was finishing the artwork.

On the remastered Fireball CD in 1996 there was only one version of Strange Kind Of Woman. It's a little longer than the single version but I saw somewhere that the US album version was the longest released studio version. Bo Hansson

As far as I'm aware both the US album version and the UK single version are about the same length. There was a story at the time that the group would record a longer version for the album but they never did.

Were no more of the Foxbat tapes salvageable?
John Buchan, Glasgow

There are a few more items on the Foxbat tapes but they're badly faded or cut short. We'll try and have a full study of this material at a future date just in case anything more can be done with it.

Hello, I'm Simon from Italy, I know that "Grabsblatter" is an instrumental track used later for "I'm Alone". I'd like to know if the instrumental version included on the box set is the only version that Deep Purple recorded.

As far as I'm aware this is the only surviving version.

Hello Simon. Chris Charlesworth mentioned in his Deep Purple book that they wrote so much material for Stormbringer that there were plans to make it a double LP.
If that`s the case wouldn`t it be possible to release some of those songs?
Gert Larsson

There were plans, but writing is not the same as recording!
I suspect some of the material written was saved for solo projects by Blackmore (Rainbow). No extra tracks were taped.

I would have much preferred the 'Live In London' version of 'Space Trucking' left off the box set completely. When EMI finally get around to releasing 'Live In London' we will have the track all over again. What's the point? Now you might as well make 'Live in London' just a single CD release without 'Space Trucking'. Lea St Laurent, Folkestone

The point is that this is a much requested track and Live In London is still a long way off from the looks of it. Also this long number balances those on the box by Mk 2 well and shows that Mk 3 were no strangers to lengthy live work-outs. But of course we could (and probably will) argue for ever about the track choice!

I noticed that instrumental extracts from the two recently discovered additional reels of tape from the "Who Do We Think We Are" sessions (Mk1-6 News, 29.04.02) did not make it onto the Box Set. Are there plans to release these extracts via mail order to "serious collectors" in the future?
Tom Bradbury, Sydney, Australia.

There are no plans to issue these at present. In all honesty the contents were very patchy. Bits could have been added to WDWTWA if we'd had them then, but some of the material is very basic. Easy for me to say I know...

Is Mary Long in full length, without the fade-out, and when can we expect the whole jazzy end of Place In Line?
Tim Sinzenich

Mary Long is only a couple of seconds longer than the original album version though the mix does bring out a lot of different aspects of the track. Place In Line was not remixed for the anniversary release and would thus need to be specially done by Roger sometime.

As the 1974 version of Space Truckin' from Kilburn is on the new box set does this mean "Live In London" will not appear this year as planned? Steve Richards, Kent.

I'm afraid not Steve. There's always a balance to draw between keeping fans happy with older releases from EMI and not detracting from any new releases from the band. The box set and the reissued Concerto will probably be it this year.

Hi..anything on a release date for Canada?? Best wishes, Glen LaBuc

The box set is a European release only Glen. Warners / Rhino did their own thing in USA / Canada a couple of years back and are unlikely to want a second box set. There will doubtless be importers bringing it in (or you can buy it through the dpas online store).

It might have been nice to have had the single edit of Woman From Tokyo on the box set, rather than the full length version available elsewhere. Was this ever considered? Graham Dobb

That's one that passed us by I must admit. It might have been interesting as Paice did the editing too. It is already on the Singles set though.

Dear Simon, the one question I would like to ask is about the Mark 4 tracks. It states on the website that these tracks have been remastered from the "original 1975 tapes". I'm a bit puzzled by this. Does that mean the original multi track master tapes have at last been found ? Alastair Waugh

No, what it means is that for the first time EMI have gone back to the original quarter inch album master and worked from this, rather than rely on the first thing that comes to hand. However we do seem to have a lead now on the multi-tracks, though it'll take us a while to be certain. Plus, somebody Stateside thinks there were TWO extra instrumental tracks done for the album, rather than just the one which Coverdale mentioned years ago.

Why was 'You Fool No One' from 'California Jamming' chosen for the box, when there are other better quality versions of the track? David Browne

This only came into the equation very near the end of the mastering. I'd have preferred to delay the box until next year to do some more work, but EMI wanted it out this year (it was after all promised for late 2001!). It was an important show and part of the band's history, so I took the view that this meant we ought to include a track from it.

It says 'Strange Kind of Woman' from BBC In Concert is remastered, do the BBC have multi-track tapes of that performance? Judy Cunniffe

No, only the broadcast version survives.


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