The Key to the track status is:
U : track or version previously unissued.
C : first time on CD.
R : new 24 bit remaster.
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[1] Mandrake Root (live) R
November 12th 1970
Stockholm Konserthuset. A 4 -track of this number was found in March 2002 and specially mixed for this set by Peter Mew at Abbey Road, June 2002. The track previously appeared on the Scandinavian Nights CD. (It has been incorrectly labelled on the first pressing of the box set as being from Aachen 1970)

[2] Grabsplatter C R
September 23rd 1970
BBC session. A mono BBC set recorded for a BBC transcription disc and not broadcast in the UK at the time. The first number is based on the riff to I'm Alone, a track they recorded a couple of months later. This version came out as a b-side in 1980 but has never been on CD.

[3] Child In Time U
September 23rd 1970
BBC session. 'The story of a loser - it could be you.' One of the band's best loved tracks, with a remarkable vocal performance from Gillan, and Blackmore matching his stunning studio solo in quality. These versions are often as good (maybe better) than the studio ones.

[4] Jon Lord interview U
The BBC's Brian Matthew asks Jon about the success of the hit single (below).

[5] Black Night U
September 23rd 1970
BBC session. The session included this taut performance of the commercial and progressive hit in question, which was high in the charts by this time.

[6] Into The Fire U
September 23rd 1970
BBC session. 'Out of the frying pan...' Perhaps the heaviest track the band ever did. Hard rock summed up in a concise, powerful three minute nutshell, with a rambling DJ intro.

[7] Fools U
Fireball album outtake. Normally Gillan worked on top of finished backing tracks and only his final take was saved, so this May '71 version with Gillan ad-libbing vocals is fascinating and unique. Mixed by Glover during 1996 there wasn't room on the Fireball CD, but it has been the subject of more requests since it became known than just about anything else.

[8] Fireball R
Fireball. This LP title track taped in February (kicking off with the sound of the studio air-conditioner being powered up!) gave the band their third and last U.K. hit when pulled off as a single. From the 1996 remastered CD.

[9] No One Came R
Fireball. One perk of helping compile this set is to include a few personal favourites. This track to me is the band at their absolute creative peak in the studio. Funky and inventive hard rock with a masterful vocal performance. From the 1996 remastered CD.

[10] Demon's Eye R
Fireball. The last number recorded for the LP in June 1971, to replace Strange Kind Of Woman which Warners insisted go on the American edition. Glover's remix from the 1996 CD.