The Key to the track status is:
U : track or version previously unissued.
C : first time on CD.
R : new 24 bit remaster.
DISC 1: Pre Deep Purple + Mk1 (1968-1969) main page


[1] The Outlaws / Keep A Knockin'
Ritchie Blackmore. This was the band's last UK single, featuring two manic Blackmore guitar solos. Produced by the legendary Joe Meek. Remastered a-side.

[2] M.I.5 / You'll Never Stop Me Loving You R
featuring Rod Evans (and Ian Paice). The a-side of their one and only single, this was Evans' first recording, a very Gene Pitney-ish smoocher.

[3] M.I.5 / Only Time Will Tell R C
featuring Ian Paice (and Rod Evans). A typical mid-sixties beat number with Paice on drums, the b-side of the above single. Never reissued before.

[4] Johnny Kidd & The Pirates / Send For That Girl R
Nick Simper. Simper only recorded a few tracks with Kidd, who died in a car-crash in 1966.

[5] Santa Barbara Machine Head / Porcupine Juice
Jon Lord. Recorded as a try-out for a new band, they ran out of money after recording just three instrumental tracks, which were then shelved. The full session is on the Pre Purple People CD.

[6] Episode Six / I Can See Through You
Roger Glover (and Ian Gillan). An early example of a Glover composition, issued on a Pye a-side, and one of the band's best studio performances (Gillan on vocals).

[7] Episode Six / Mr Universe
Ian Gillan (and Roger Glover). One of the earliest Gillan screams on record, a Chapter One b-side, and a song he later revisited in 1979 with his own band.

[8] Trapeze / Medusa
Glenn Hughes. A good example of this power-trio in early progressive rock mode on their second album, with Hughes on bass and vocals.

[9] The Government / Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is
David Coverdale. A faithful cover of an obscure 1969 Chicago b-side from Coverdale's only known pre-Purple studio session.

[10] Zephyr / See My People Come Together
Tommy Bolin. From their much improved second album, an example of Bolin's early compositional skill and confident guitar work.

Deep Purple

[11] Hush
Shades Of Deep Purple. Taken off the album, this strong cover gave them their first big American hit and an early boost to their career. From the remastered CD.

[12] Help
Shades Of Deep Purple. The band wanted this cover of a Beatles track as their debut single but were over-ruled. From the remastered CD.

[13] Shield
The Book Of Taliesyn. A strong original number from the second album with more than a hint of psychedelia. From the remastered CD.

[14] Listen, Learn, Read On
The Book Of Taliesyn.This original number from the second LP inspired the sleeve illustration. From the remastered CD.

[15] Kentucky Woman
The Book Of Taliesyn. Neil Diamond was pleased when the band covered one of his numbers. The Book Of Taliesyn was recorded in 1968 but not issued in the UK until 1969. From the remastered CD.

[16] Playground
The Book of Taliesyn out-take. Recorded for the LP but left without a vocal and not issued until 1989. This mix by Guy Massey was done in 1998 at Abbey Road for the 2000 remastered CD.

[17] Emmaretta
a-side. Recorded in January during the third album sessions for release as a single. From the remastered CD.

[18] The Bird Has Flown
U.S. b-side. Recorded at the same session, this version was only issued in America on a single. From the remastered CD.