The Key to the track status is:
U : track or version previously unissued.
C : first time on CD.
R : new 24 bit remaster.
track listing plus sound samples.....
DISC 2: Deep Purple Mk1 & Mk2 (1969-1970) main page


[1] Why Didn't Rosemary
Deep Purple (Third Album). "An attempt to widen the scope of a plain 12 bar sequence; in fact the verses are 14 bars long and the guitar solo verses are 17 bars long" according to the LP notes. Strange lyrics and a great guitar solo. From the remastered CD.

[2] Hallelujah
a-side. Gillan and Glover's first recording with the band, done in June 1969.

[3] Ricochet U
August 11th 1969
BBC session. An early version of Speed King. For all the BBC studio sessions we have worked from the best available sources, restored missing solos, etc. All are in their original mono. DJ intros have been retained where these run over the music.

[4] Bird Has Flown R C
August 11th 1969
BBC session. Mk 2 cover a Mk 1 track, contrast this performance with the original on Disc 1. Tracks 3 & 4 were recorded for the BBC 'Symonds On Sunday' show, aired Aug. 17. 1969. This version came out as a b-side in 1980 but has never been on CD.

[5] Hush (live) R
September 24th 1969
Royal Albert Hall, London. Mk 2 retained a number of older tracks for a time. This was recorded during the band's pre-Concerto set. Remixed by Jonathan Allen at Abbey Road, April 2001.

[6] Concerto, Third Movement reprise (live) U
September 24th 1969
Royal Albert Hall, London. Called back for an encore, the band and orchestra performed part of the third movement again, started by Ian Paice. Remixed by Jonathan Allen at Abbey Road, April 2001 for the special edition of the Concerto album.

[7] Wring That Neck (live) U
October 4th 1969
Montreux Casino. Recorded live in Europe, Mk 2's instrumental show-case, showing the band's jazz leanings. Mastered from a quarter inch soundboard tape at Abbey Road, April 2002. The rest of the show will appear on a Sonic Zoom release later in 2002.

[8] Jam Stew U
October 31st. 1969
BBC session. An embryonic track which didn't survive the In Rock sessions, making this frenetic BBC performance doubly interesting. Blackmore later reused the riff on the title track of an album called Green Bullfrog.

[9] Speed King U
October 31st 1969 BBC session. A powerful taste of the album to come. Tracks 8 & 9 were recorded for Stuart Henry's Noise At Nine, aired Nov 9. 1969.

[10] Cry Free R
January 1970
In Rock out-take. This track was left in the can and first issued on the Powerhouse collection in 1977. It finally made CD on the 1995 Anniversary remastered CD edition of In Rock.

[11] Hard Loving Man U
April 21st 1970
BBC session. Though sadly truncated (the BBC edited tracks and then destroyed the original tapes), this has a raw energy which is hard to ignore. Tracks 11, 12 & 13 were recorded for Mike Harding's 'Sound Of The Seventies' programme.

[12] Bloodsucker U
April 21st 1970
BBC session. The edited versions were reused on a transcription show called 'Top Of The Pops', with DJ Brian Matthew enthusing at the end. Even with the cut, it still sounds awesome.

[13] Living Wreck U
April 21st 1970
BBC session. Once again despite Brian Matthew's talk-over at the start (which we've left on) and the editing, this version makes riveting listening.

[14] Studio Chat / Jam
A brief snatch of the band having fun during the Flight Of The Rat session.

[15] Flight Of The Rat
In Rock. "Just to remind you that there are other ways of turning on". Glover's remix from the 1995 anniversary CD.