The Key to the track status is:
U : track or version previously unissued.
C : first time on CD.
R : new 24 bit remaster.
DISC 4: Deep Purple Mk2 & Mk3 (1971-1974)

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[1] No No No (live) C
September 1971
German TV. The Fireball album didn't transfer to the stage too well but this dynamic, over the top rendition (with a very well refreshed Gillan ad-libbing in places) shows how good it could sound, performed live in a television studio. Unedited.

[2] Highway Star (live) C
September 1971
German TV. Just when they should have been promoting the Fireball LP, they surprised the TV audience with this brand new track, the earliest known performance of a Mk 2 classic. Unedited.

[3] Smoke On The Water C R
Machine Head, Quad Mix. A collection without Smoke? We daren't! Sometimes it's worth going back to the original of such a well-known song to remind ourselves just how powerful it was. The first number taped for the album too. From the UK Quadrophonic mix done by Peter Mew back in 1974, first time on CD.

[4] Never Before C R
Machine Head, Quad Mix. From the 1974 UK Quadrophonic mix, first time on CD. For once everyone in the band agreed with EMI's choice of this a single, it was both funky and catchy, yet it sold relatively poorly - maybe everyone had bought the album already...

[5] When A Blind Man Cries
Machine Head ...If so they missed this gem on the b-side. Recorded during the album sessions, a slow plaintive vocal performance over a nicely minimal blues backing, it sounded even better on Glover's wonderful remix from the 1997 anniversary CD.

[6] Strange Kind Of Woman (live) R
March 9th 1972
Paris Theatre, BBC In Concert. The band's second impressive showcase on this important show concentrated on Machine Head, but did include a rendition of this Fireball track, extended by some clever and exciting vocal / guitar interplay. Remastered from the 2CD set.

[7] Lazy (live) R
August 17th 1972
Tokyo Budo-kan. Deep Purple's double live LP Made In Japan set a trend for Japanese live albums, though few came close to matching the sheer quality and power of this release. From the 21st anniversary remixed Live in Japan 3CD.

[8] Black Night (live) U
August 16th 1972
Osaka Festival Hall. Despite the original 2CD set and the remixed triple, fans have been vocal in their demand for the remaining unissued Made In Japan encore. The band sound exhausted during this enjoyable if chaotic performance.

[9] Woman From Tokyo
Who Do We Think We Are. One of the most popular tracks from Mk 2's final, problematical studio album. Glover's revealing 1999 remix from the 2000 CD.

[10] Smooth Dancer
Who Do We Think We Are. It was clear from the first listen that Gillan was exorcising his Blackmore demons in the bitter lyrics which he wrote for this hard-hitting track. From the remastered CD.

[11] Mary Long U
Who Do We Think We Are. Mary Whitehouse is now part of British media history, though those who campaigned hardest against her prejudices are probably aghast at the rubbish which now fills our TV screens. Glover's 1999 remix was left off the 2000 CD edition due to lack of room.

[12] Burn R
Burn. The new boys made their mark from the off, as this opening title track from the first Mk 3 album shows. Coverdale was so nervous he supplied three sets of lyrics for Blackmore to choose from. Remastered for this set from the original album.

[13] Might Just Take Your Life R
Burn. Mk 3's slower and bluesier direction also began to make itself felt as well. Remastered for this set from the original album. This is the first time any of the Burn tracks have been properly remastered..