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Deep Purple California Jam book  *27.05.12*
California Jam book

A massive book on Deep Purple At The California Jam has been officially announced. 300 pages of rare and unpublished photographs, memorabilia and more, plus a lengthy historical text from Simon: "I reckon arguably Deep Purple's most famous concert deserved appropriate treatment and the more people I contacted the more material began to turn up. One photographer alone is contributing over 150 shots many of which haven't been seen before. There are some amazing documents as well from the archives of a noted American collector, from the initial booking of the band to the bills to repair the camera. Obviously working with a third party to publish the Whitesnake biography was a bit of a learning experience, so on this one we hope to have both the impressive big format hardback edition and a more affordable version, and orders will not be taken until we're happy it is on schedule."

In the meantime there will be progress reports on the DTB blog and fans are recommended to have a look at the publisher's special webpage: - you can sign up there for updates and also pre-release price deals nearer the time. The plan is to have it out in the Autumn.

As well as the book, there will be an upgrade of the DVD later this year, to include the original BBC edit and other bits and pieces.


Deep Purple The BBC sessions 1968/70  *updated 19.11.11*
deep purple bbc sessions The BBC Sessions set is shipping this week from the DPAS. Please send us your reviews!

Many of the sessions have been on various remasters and (the now deleted) box set but this will be a handy way to have them all in one  place, along with seven previously unreleased session tracks. It is likely that one or two new tracks will appear on a BBC Session various artists compilation ahead of the full set.

A full sessions list is on the DTB blog, and we hope collectors can add their own input to this (discussion  on the blog shaped the release plans).

Deep Purple, The BBC Sessions 68/70 can be ordered at DPAS Mailorder.

DPAS preview: Deep Purple, The BBC Sessions 68/70

DPAS mp3 jukeox: Deep Purple MK1 BBC Sessions


Deep Purple In Rock & Phoenix Rising   *4.09.11*
Deep Purple - Phoenix Rising t-shirt

Two new shirt designs are in stock at the DPAS Online Store, featuring the classic Deep Purple In Rock design (on a blue background), and the recent snazzy Phoenix Rising compilation cover art on a grey shirt..



Ready to order from the DPAS Online Store
Deep Purple Perfect Strangers deluxe   *20.04.11*
Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers is due to get the Universal Remastered treatment this summer (first mooted back in 2009). It will likely be a 3 disc set, albeit not quite as exciting as we might have hoped.

CD1 will be the remaster. CD3 will be the old Interview Disc Polydor issued as a promo for the album. CD2 will be an odds and ends disc with some tracks from Knebworth (already released as a stand-alone package), the b-side and hopefully the instrumental out-takes which surfaced in Japan some years ago before being withdrawn. The idea of a remix has been dropped as nobody can find the tapes. That'll teach them not to let me archive stuff properly.

See also our illustrated Perfect Strangers discography.


'You can pre-order at DPAS Online and read more at the DTB Blog.
Deep Purple Mk4 documentary   *updated 19.04.11*
Phoenix Rising DVD

The Mk 4 DVD is now being scheduled for late May 2011. It is now retitled Phoenix Rising, and is a DVD packaged with a live audio CD. The DVD has a documentary (titled Gettin' Tighter); this was originally a sort of 'making of' Come Taste The Band, with studio knob twiddling, interviews, and footage of Deep Purple Mk 4, but is now extended to tell the story of the Mk 4 tour. More live material has been unearthed but we still do not know exactly what will be included beyond the 30 minute Rises Over Japan film.

There are three editions planned, a CD / DVD pack in a CD sized case. A DVD / CD pack which will include a small book and be a limited edition. A blu-ray edition with both video and audio elements on one disc.
The DVD will offer surround sound on the Rises footage. The disc will be NTSC only. So, it will play in the US, and on most DVD players worldwide. However, we have no info on a US label release at present.

The audio CD will include tracks from the Tokyo 75 and Long Beach 76 Purple Records releases.

The title can be pre-ordered at the DPAS online store.


Deep Purple Made In Japan plan  *10.03.11*
Made In Japan

It looks as if a special complete edition of Deep Purple's August 1972 tour might happen later in 2011; all the shows complete.

Details are sketchy but what we do know is detailed on the DPAS blog, and people can put forward their own ideas (or if they have rare memorabilia get in touch).


Deep Purple BBC session vinyl  *21.02.11*
deep purple single

EMI are issuing a special retro Deep Purple single to mark Record Shop Day on April 16th 2011. It will be a 7" vinyl pressing, in a unique picture sleeve, and available via participating stores. You can find out more on the DPAS blog

Here's is the A Side.


Deep Purple Italian vinyl Concerto  *updated 17.02.11*
Concerto 1999 vinyl

A specialist Italian vinyl company has produced a very limited run of the 1999 Concerto Albert Hall set as a four album vinyl edition, in a big gatefold sleeve, with special bags etc. This is an official product licensed from Eagle. They have only done 500 copies and the label itself has already sold out.

I did put a link up for a German stockist, which I ordered from, but have never received notification on how to pay, so assume it's sold out. As the site doesn't have a proper shopping cart system, I've taken the link off.

SR#6002551 (Thanks to Michalis Salahoris for the news.)

Deep Purple Deep Purple Mk1-4 calendar  *updated 12.12.10*
Come Taste The Band album - 2010 slipcase artwork

The DTB calendar is due towards the end of the year. Each page has a group or individual photograph from the classic era (68-76), mostly rare live photos and lots which have not been published before (including some from Simon's own slides and negatives), many in colour, plus a daily calendar for the month. The calendar also has an attractive cover (shown) is wire bound so it can be hung up and the pages flipped over as needed. Card backed and shipped in an extra card- backed envelope to keep it rigid.

The DTB Calendar has now officially sold out. Anyone who ordered will have their copy sent out during the week beginning December 13. 2011. I have deleted the page about this from the blog as it is now out of date.


Deep Purple Criminally underrated records  *18.11.10*
Who Do We Think We Are

I've just been directed toward a nicely written piece by Alexander Marshall, discussing his ten most neglected rock albums. Amongst the haul are three with Deep Purple connections - namely Who Do We Think We Are and Come Taste The Band (fairly timely given the recent reissue), as well as Sabbath's 1986 offering Seventh Star. A.Y. argues the case cogently for these and seven other records he feel get a poor press simply because of people being too quick to go long with perceived wisdom. Check the article out at A.Y.Marsh's Blog. And then get stuck into his posting titled King Of Pilchards...

SR #700228

'Come Taste The Band', !Who Do We Think We Are' and 'Seventth Star' are available from dpas mailorder
Deep Purple Deep Purple Vs Led Zeppelin  *8.11.10*
Deep Purple - Japanese magazine cover

Robert Maitland (one of the civil servants chucked out by the Government - his job was to collect tax revenues - square that circle if you can Brown and Cameron) is putting some of his spare time to use working for his local community radio show, and plans a special programme based on the Zeppelin vs Deep Purple feature in Darker Than Blue magazine 58. It'll be aired early in the new year, and he'll give us a heads up as the show is also available over the web so people not lucky enough to live on the Isle Of Bute can listen in. Those who do find their early morning breakfast show reverie regularly broken into by the Deep Purple track his manages to sneak in when presenting.


Deep Purple Come Taste The Band on CD and vinyl  *updated 4.11.10*
Come Taste The Band album - 2010 slipcase artwork

The new Come Taste The Band reissue comprises the remastered album done at Abbey Road, and remixes overseen by Glenn Hughes, plus a rare US only b-side mix and two unissued tracks from the album sessions, one being a Bolin / Paice jam.

This 2CD edition can be ordered now at dpas mailorder. DPAS mail-order have made available a reprint of the original 7 page  American press sheet about the group and the album, along with a label  copy data sheet. In stock at dpas mailorder now.

The vinyl edition is a double set with the regular album and the remixes, in a gatefold sleeve with inner bags. We have been told that the Come Taste 2x LP vinyl edition has sold out  already, and EMI will not be repressing. dpas mailorder still have some  stock.

First impressions (updated 6 November)

Send in your reviews to the dp-net mailbox.


Deep Purple Beyond The Purple   *1.09.10*
Beyond The Purple box set cover

Beyond The Purple is a box set of the regular Deep Purple albums  released in Japan in September.

You can read more at the DTB Blog:


Deep Purple Deepest Purple anniversary   *13.08.10*
Deepest Purple album cover

Deepest Purple, the TV promoted compilation from 1980 dreamed up by  EMI's marketing department, is due for a 30th anniversary make-over  for the Christmas market (on sale October), along with a few video  clips to spice it up for the iPhone generation (and another teaser  from the Made In Japan footage to tempt the hard-core) as a CD/DVD duo  sort of thing.

Here's a pub quiz question for you - What was the very first Deep  Purple EMI release to be issued on compact disc? Answer - this one!


Deep Purple Singles & EP Anthology 1968-1980  *updated 8.04.10*

deep purple - singles a's & b's cover 2009

That venerable old CD collection Singles As & Bs, issued back in 1993, has been out of print for some time. It has now being replaced by a double disc set. This new 2CD set includes all the band's A & B sides from that time, along with a bonus selection of sometimes surprising tracks and edits issued on single outside the UK.

Record Collector and Hi-Fi World are planning features on Deep Purple to tie in with the release of The Deep Purple Singles & EP Anthology 1968-1980 (to give this set it's unexpurgated title), but the vinyl edition seems to have been dropped. This 2CD set is out now and shipping from dpas mailorder, who also
have a nice tie-in poster for the CD on offer which is due in very soon.

DPAS illustrated discography : Deep Purple, Singles Collection 68-76 (with full track listing)


Deep Purple, Singles Collection 68-76 is available from dpas mailorder
Deep Purple Come Taste The Band magazine special  *6.04.10*

Deep Purple magazine cover

The new edition of Brazilian Rock magazine "Rock Brigade" (which has now been running for 29 years) includes a five page special on 'Come Taste The Band' to celebrate the album's 35th anniversary. Deep Purple also feature on the cover, with a shot of David Coverdale taken by Simon at the Liverpool Empire Theatre in March 1976.

(This reminds me, we're due an update in the magazine covers gallery... soon!)

DB#6002472 (with thanks to Albertino Viveiros)

Deep Purple Greatest live album poll  *3.03.10*
Made In Japan - Uruguay

Planet Rock - seemingly going from strength to strength under the new owner - has polled listeners on the greatest live album of all time, and they decided that a much overdubbed 'live' album by Thin Lizzy is better than a proper live album by Deep Purple! Top five were:

1. Thin Lizzy - Live & Dangerous
2. Deep Purple - Made In Japan
3. UFO - Strangers In The Night
4. The Who - Live At Leeds
5. AC/DC - If You Want Blood, You Got It

Rainbow's On-Stage album lurked way down at 37 thanks probably to the skimpy running time and missing tracks. Still think Live In Stockholm 1970 takes some thrashing myself!

SR#600258 (with thanks to Tom Dixon)

Deep Purple, Made In Japan is available from dpas mailorder
Deep Purple Heavy Metal Britannia & Rock Family Trees  *updated 2.03.10*
Jon Lord, 2010

UK's BBC Four are screening a 90 minute documentary on Friday, March 5th at 9m, called 'Heavy Metal Britannia', which tracks the origins of 'metal' in the UK . Deep Purple tracks featured include 'Child In Time', 'Black Night' and 'Highway Star' - although in which form we don't know. Ian Gillan is apparently interviewed, as is Jon Lord - who demonstrates the very naughy flattened fifth - a note once banned by the church. Jon's devilish ivory tinkling is available to preview at: (UK only so it seems!)

In addition, BBC Four are also showing a rare repeat of the excellent 1995 "Rock Family Trees - Deep Purple People" documentary on Sunday, March 7th, at 11:50pm, (immediately followed by “Rock Family Trees – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” 12:40am Monday morning).

DB#6002571 (with thanks to Keith Livingstone, Nick Naylor and Sarah Murphy)

Deep Purple Classic album shirts  *15.01.10*
Deep Purple t shirts

There's a new range of authorised Deep Purple shirts, based on the classic album sleeves. The range includes Fireball, Machine Head, Burn and Stormbringer designs. These are due out in February in a number of different sizes.

dpas mailorder are taking pre-orders.


Deep Purple Finnish trilogy  *13.01.10*
Glenn Hughes

EMI Finland are finalising plans for the third and final compilation in their CD hits trilogy, with sleeve notes by the Finnish fan club man Fyi Teppo. The last two have been very popular over there (reviewed in Darker Than Blue). This last one takes live material from the EMI vaults.


Deep Purple Space Truckin' Round The World / Live '68-'76  *14.12.09*
Deep Purple - Space Truckin CD

To mark the tenth anniversary of Purple Records' relaunch, their first ever Deep Purple compilation has been put together. It proves a remarkable journey through the group's live repertoire, and covers all four of the original line-ups with tracks sourced from across the label's entire catalogue.

More details at Purple Records



Deep Purple, Space Truckin' Round The World is available to buy from dpas mailorder
Deep Purple Family trees *updated 11.12.09*
Pete Frame rock family trees artwork

A fabulous limited edition print of Pete Frame's family tree is now available, signed by the rock archivist himself. They're not cheap, but with just 100 copies to be sold, they are real collectors items.

You can read a little more about these here, and the page has links to Pete's web site to order.

View the full Pete Frame Deep Purple family tree poster at Pete's site.


Deep Purple Colin Hart autobiography  *26.11.09*
Colin Hart

Colin Hart's long-time in the making autobiography is finally schedule for early 2010. Colin was central to the Deep Purple crew for many years, following his first tour with them in America back in 1971. The book traces his experiences right up until he left the band in 2001 following a period of illness. More news to follow.

SR#600249 (Thanks to Jerry Bloom)

Deep Purple Live Encounters again  *updated 9.11.09*

Deep Purple - Live Encounters

The label behind the 1996 Polish recording Live Encounters have dusted off the tapes, remastered them, and put it out as a 2xCD set and a 2xCD set + bonus track (No One Came) in a digipak. Previously it was issued in 5 different editions, some of which also had the bonus track. The original audio wasn't of the best quality, we're not sure if this remaster will do much.

As before it is technically limited to East Europe, but DPAS Mailorder have it available as an import if you missed it last time.

DPAS discography : Live Encounters


Deep Purple Live At Inglewood 1968  *updated 24.06.09*

deep purple - inglewood 1968

Out of print for a few years now, the only surviving complete recording of a Mk 1 Deep Purple show is being reissued at last. Hip new American label Tetragrammaton pulled out all the stops to secure Deep Purple a prestigious U.S. live debut in October 1968, opening for Cream on their farewell tour of America at the Forum in Inglewood, Los Angeles, California.

Amazingly a reel of tape, thrown out when the label closed, was spotted and rescued by a fan. So little evidence of Mk 1’s live act remains that this tape is of great interest, with the band exhibiting a brash confidence in front of 16,000 Cream fans. As a support act, Deep Purple’s set was a little shorter than normal but despite the passing of over forty years, it’s still an exciting experience. Sonic Zoom had access to that original tape and restored it as much as possible, though limitations in the sound do remain. It comes in a new cover with an illustrated booklet, part of the respected Official Archive Collection.

This title is now shipping from DPAS Mailorder.


Deep Purple Live At Long Beach 1976, more first Impressions  *updated 30.05.09*
Deep Purple, Long Beach 1976 album cover

This concert, first released as the On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat bootleg, and issued officially on CD way back in 1995, is now being totally remastered from the original half inch tapes. It is generally regarded as one of the best Mk 4 concerts, with some great performances and over half the Come Taste album tracks included. The two bonus tracks from the original are retained but properly positioned at the end of side two so they do not spoil the running order.

It will appear first on the Sonic Zoom label in a limited edition digipak with a faithful reproduction of the old bootleg sleeve and a booklet.

This title began shipping week starting May 18. 2009. DPAS Members are getting an automatic discount on this title which will show on their receipt. Purple Records say the digipak is limited to the first 3,000 copies and is almost sold out through pre-orders. The vinyl edition is still on the cards but a couple of months off. More details soon.

DPAS Jukebox : Deep Purple - Live At Long Beach 1976 DPAS Photo gallery : Deep Purple - Long Beach Arena, February 27th 1976

First impressions (30th May): "Foxbat arrived yesterday, giving me the chance to BLAST IT through the stereo. Blimey, even though I know this concert by heart, it's SO MUCH BETTER than the 1995 issue. I was worried that it might be an over compressed /digitised mess, but not at all. A gigantic congratulations needs to go to the engineer." Timothy Campbell

"Blimey! Sometimes it's good to have a reissue just because it makes  you go back and listen to something all over again. I have to say  that the opening half hour of Long Beach sucks you in and spits you out the other side with ringing ears and a smile on your face. Of course it's live, the balance isn't all we'd like it to be and DC is  under pressure in places, but none of this matters a jot once you're  in there. The amazing performances on drums, bass and guitar just carry you along on a stream of adrenalin.

Lady Luck is under three  minutes long for heaven's sake, but so perfectly and noisily formed  that you could make out a case for them inventing punk! Needless to say they follow this text-book example of minimalism with a journey  through Gettin' Tighter which comes close to quarter of an hour, but  there's never a dull moment as Glenn, Ian and Tommy crank up the funk  rock groove and ride it out.

The remastering is spot-on, subtle and  not over-loud, slamming you right in there with the mad for it Long  Beach audience. Most Mk 4 fans are of course familiar with the recording but if  you're one of those for whom it slipped under the radar at the time,  you're going to think Christmas has come early!" SR


Deep Purple Deep Purple Archive Collection DVD *28.05.09*

Deep Purple Archive DVD - Japanese editon

Our sister site in Japan has posted details of the Japanese edition of the upcoming 2xDVD archive collection which as you might expect has done their own thing and gone for a different cover design. They are also including some little repro tickets from the various Japanese shows over the years. If you can read Japanese the site is linked from our - er - links page!

It's out there a little after Europe by the looks of things (24th June).


(Thanks to Masaki Tanaka for the news)

Deep Purple New Biography *updated 19.05.09*
Deep Purple, Gettin' Tighter, book cover

Another book on the band's classic era, this one taking it album by album and using exclusive interviews the author has done over the years. 250 pages, text based (but nice colour cover).

This title is in stock at last at DPASMailorder, and shipping to customers who preordered. The author has signed all the copies.

Thanks to author Martin Popoff for the review copy (it will be covered fully in Issue 60) and John Tucker for the heads up. More at the books page.


Deep Purple Hanwell Community Centre saved  *19.05.09*

hanwell community centre

Hanwell Community Centre has been saved from the clutches of the local council who tried to sell it off for luxury apartments, and is currently being refurbished before being reopened as a ... community centre.

The trust running it have a stall at the Hanwell Carnival (on June 20th, Elthorne Park, Hanwell, not at the centre itself) and the DPAS have donated text and images for a display panel about Deep Purple's association with this grand building. You can read more at the A-Z page. SR#600246 (Thanks to Diana Sedgwick )

Deep Purple Montreux Jazz Documentary *updated 28.04.09*
Montreux Casino 1971

German TV station ZDF Doku are broadcasting a 60 minute Montreux Jazz Festical documentary this week, called "Smoke on the Water, Claude Nobs and the Montreux Jazz Festival", with the first showing on Monday, April 27th at 21.45 CET. Deep Purple's involvement mainly comprises of a clip of Smoke On The Water from Montreux 2006. Claude Nobs also discusses the song, illustrated with some spectacular colour shots of the 1971 casino fire. The link music is a soft jazz version of 'Smoke..' with female vocals, one for the Smoke On The Water page!

The documentary is due for repeat on April 30th at 02.15, and May 1st at 12.00 and 23.00.

DB#6002482 (with thanks to Denis Zurcher)

Deep Purple 1968-76 Archive DVD   *updated 5.04.09*
deep purple, denmark 1968 deep purple, denmark 1968 deep purple, denmark 1968

Here is a track listing for dvd one of the Deep Purple archive 2xDVD, which is now due in June 2009 in UK, a little earlier in Japan. It can be pre- ordered from dpas mailorder.

DVD One Mk 1 - 1) Help 2) Hush 3) Wring That Neck Mk 2 - 4) Hallelujah 5) Mandrake Root 6) Speed King 7) Black Night 8) Child In Time 9) Lazy 10) Strange Kind Of Woman 11) Fireball Writing Session 12) Fireball 13) Demon's Eye 14) No No No 15) Into The Fire 16) Never Before 17) Highway Star 18) Smoke On The Water Mk 3 - 19) Burn 20) Mistreated Mk 4 - 21) Love Child 22) You Keep On Moving

DPAS preview: Deep Purple 1968-75 Archive DVD, discs one & two updated, April 5th

In response to a number of enquiries about the reported inclusion on the DVD of a clip from the 1972 'Made In Japan' shows, this originates from some Super 8mm footage known to have been shot during the tour, though we cannot as yet confirm. (Some Super 8mm footage was also shot of the band in Liverpool 1973).



Deep Purple The Damned United *updated 5.04.09*

michael sheen as brian clough

Someone in the Deep Purple office is earning their corn with new movie "The Damned United", which chronicles Brian Clough's tenure as Leeds Utd manager in 1974.*

The soundtrack boasts "Flight of the Rat" (Roger Glover remix) and "Hush" twice each; with a big chunk of "Flight of the Rat" when Leeds arrive at Derby for a cup match, and then during the match itself. (The match scenes were filmed at Chesterfield's ground, due to its authentic 1970s feel!)

* Brian Clough: An outspoken and brilliant English football manager; although not a fan of Jan Tomaszewski !

Simon adds: The Chesterfield ground is indeed an amazing survival, with the rusty corrugated iron cladding on the backs of the main stand looming over the houses behind the ground. It's well worth a potter round outside (even if, like me, you're not a massive footie fanatic), especially as they are supposed to be building a new ground soon and demolishing the old one. It's also a handy place to park up free if you're visiting the town - well worth it for the great part- medieval town square (which they also tried to demolish a few years back!) on flea market day! Who needs the Rough Guides?

DB#6002471 (with thanks to Audie Philips)

Deep Purple Listen, Learn, Delete  *2.04.09*

jon lord with deep purple

Boo! EMI have just announced the deletion of the Listen Learn Read On box 6CD set. Released back in 2002, this monster set is certainly the most luxurious collection on the band ever issued, and was twice runner up in 'best box set' category in Record Collectors annual poll. While it was a very expensive item to produce and has been kept on catalogue longer than expected, EMI actually let it go right out of print BEFORE announcing the deletion, so dpas mailorder who normally buy up the last stock of titles like this have had to delete it as well.

2002 DPAS review: Deep Purple, Listen Learn Read On box-set


Deep Purple Deepest Trilogy Box   *5.03.09*
deep purple mk1 box set

JVC in Japan are boxing up the three Deep Purple Mk 1 CDs for sale in April under the title Deepest Trilogy Box; same editions as previously sold  separately. They have also boxed up all their recent mini sleeve titles in a  rather bland looking slipcase with just the Taliesyn art on the side.

Thanks to Masaki Tanaka for the information.


Deep Purple Stormbringer, Coming Your Way...   *updated 3.03.09*

Deep Purple, Stormbringer, remaster album sleeve

Deep Purple, Stormbringer, remaster, vinyl  album sleeve

Deep Purple, Stormbringer, remaster, vinyl album record bags


There is a disc CD limited slipcase edition. CD1 is the original stereo album remastered, plus Glenn's excellent remixes and a couple of the quad mixes reduced to stereo. CD2 is a DVD format carrying the full quad album in 4.1 audio (it is NOT a true DVDA or SACD). Despite earlier hopes (and one or two sites suggesting otherwise) there is no actual video material on the second disc.

There is also a double gatefold vinyl edition, also limited, in a gatefold sleeve, with album art fully restored and looking loads better than the original. The inner gatefold has all the lyrics. There are special printed inner bags with full sleeve notes, pics and memorabilia (see images left). DPAS Mailorder have warned us that the vinyl edition is already looking like a sell out, so please do orderquickly if you want this. Recent changes  to the sales and supply chain at the label mean getting extra stock  after release date is going to be almost impossible.

These editions are available to order from dpas mailorder, and are shipping now!

T-Shirt : there is a limited edition repro US 1974 shirt design available. See details below or pre-order here.

Poster : a lot of fans have asked about this, and there will be a limited edition poster (approx 600 X 1200mm) available shortly with the gatefold artwork in full. You can see an image of this here. It can be pre-ordered.

Once the 2 disc Ltd Edition has gone, the title will revert to a lower priced 1CD regular edition with the album, remixes and a few other items. The old CD version is being deleted so if you haven't got this, best order sharpish.


1. DPAS Features: Stormbringer progress report with pictures (updated November 29th 2008) 2. If you want to see the EMI vinyl remasters, there are some clear photographs of these at the new Japanese website Click on the 'rare things library'. 3. You can read all the lyrics to Stormbringer here. 4. The DPAS Jukebox currently features streaming mp3 clips of the Glenn Hughes remixes.

There's a short interview with Glenn on the subject of Stormbringer which he did with GTFM Rock Show presenter Andy Fox, available at their site to listen to or download. Thanks to Mike Garrett for the


Deep Purple Stormbringer Reissue Crack   *3.03.09*
Deep Purple, Stormbringer, remaster album sleeve

Can't find the Quad versions? Read how here!

A few folk have not been able to listen to the quad mixes. EMI have put two mixes on the enhanced DVD. If you go into the Play All or Track Selection straight off, the disc seems to pick the default PCM Stereo option, the original stereo album takes of the tracks. If you go into Set Up and select DTS 5.1, you get the quad mix. Thanks to Martin Ashberry for the help. He also adds:

"The quad stuff sounds effing ace, really sharp and crisp, much less muddy in many areas with the sound stripped back to expose the vocals and bass as much as some previously unheard synth bits that I can't pick out on my wafer-thin `74 vinyl copies."


Deep Purple Stormbringer T Shirt  *updated 19.02.09*
Deep Purple, Stormbringer T-Shirt

There is a promo t-shirt to tie-in with the Stormbringer release, based almost exactly on the tour design available on the band's late 1974 American tour. This has the rather smart winged horse logo (as seen on the slipcase of the remastered CD) in colour on black. As with previous shirts this will only be available for a short period.

This is in stock (Feb 2009) and due to many requests a variety of  sizes are available , and details can be found at dpas mailorder. We also have a rare shot of Coverdale wearing the shirt, which was taken in late 1975.


Deep Purple More Shades Of Deep Purple   *updated 19.02.09*
Shades Of Deep Purple album cover

Exciting plans are apparently afoot for a 40th anniversary edition of Shades Of Deep Purple according to Simon. This follows exploratory studio run-throughs of some of the old tape reels (prior to the Hush Jaguar commercial) which proved more than promising. "I was pleased when we got the material for the Remastered EMI CD in 2000, as that was a big-leap forward from the existing analogue source tape. But frankly we were speechless after hearing these 'new' tapes, which really prove just what an incredible sound they had right at the start, and how heavy they were too. Derek Lawrence deserves a medal for archiving the work in progress like this, especially given the pressure and deadlines he was under to record and mix an album in just a few days." This project didn't get  beyond the decision makers.


The 2000 remaster, with bonus tracks exclusive to that edition, is available at dpas mailorder
Deep Purple DVD Warning   *27.01.09*
Deep Purple pirate DVD

Please be very wary of this latest pirate DVD release. It's a rubbish copy of The California Jam pretending to be something unissued. Some sites have been plugging this.

IMV Blueline has set a February 10, 2009 release date for the DEEP PURPLE "Live 1974 (TV Recordings)" DVD. According to the sales sheet, the disc features "DEEP PURPLE performing for the TV cameras in 1974 in Germany, originally broadcast in Argentina."

Absolute tosh.


(Thanks to Michael Eriksson and others for the warning)

Deep Purple Perfect Strangers 25th Anniversary *updated 14.01.09*
Roger Glover, Deep Purple

Roger Glover has talked of remastering the Perfect Strangers album for the twenty fifth anniversary in 2009. Which will make a lot of fans happy as well as making some of our younger readers suddenly feel very old!

"Early in December I did manage to get time to explore some of the tape archives in a search for Perfect Strangers recordings. The reissue is planned but more work has yet to be done."

UPDATE : We have spoken to the label co-ordinator and they are hoping to do anniversary editions of all three Deep Purple Polydor albums starting this year. And yes we have reminded them about the longer takes of House Of Blue Light tracks!


Deep Purple Deep Purple Reunion SHMCD Releases *updated 14.01.09*
Deep Purple, Perfect Strangers album cover

The first three Deep Purple reunion albums get the SHMCD treatment in paper sleeve editions. Perfect Strangers, The House Of Blue Light and Nobody's Perfect will be issued in this format in Japan in late February 2009 as limited editions.

SHM CDs will be reviewed in Darker Than Blue 60 and compared to earlier pressings. If you have any thoughts on the format, do please email us.

UPDATE : Given that remasters of these titles are now on the cards (see above) I would suggest these are mostly of interest to packaging collectors.

SR#6002371 (Thanks to Bill Peter)

Deep Purple Original DPAS Newsletters  *26.11.08*
Deep Purple Appreciation Society, 1974 logo

In 1974 the first UK DPAS was set up by two fans still at school. The  newsletters were very basic and ceased in 1975 (a detailed history of  the club appears in Darker Than Blue Issue 59). After many requests a reprint of all seven newsletters is now  available via dpas mailorder.


For more info, and for digest versions of Ritchie Blackmore Appreciation Society / Deep Purple Appreciation Society magazines from 1975-2001 see the dpas magazines page
Deep Purple The Videosingles   *4.08.08*
Deep Purple, Videosingles CD Video

Cherry Red are reissuing the old Deep Purple Video Singles title on DVD ... today! It contains just five promos - Bad Attitude / Call Of The Wild / Perfect Strangers / Knockin’ At Your Back Door / Nobody’s Home. A must have buy when it first came out on VHS, all the titles (plus 22 other tracks and clips) are now available on New Live & Rare, issued in 2000 and still available (in stock at dpas mailorder) so I'm not sure who this new version is aimed at.


Thanks to Neil Hunt.

Deep Purple Deep Purple In Card   *30.07.08*
Deep Purple, Come Taste The Band, album sleeve

Warner Pioneer in Japan are issuing all their DP titles in card sleeves again (we think this is the fourth time now!). From Concerto to Come Taste The Band. Due out September.

They have been remastered for a format called SHMCD. This is a new clear plastic developed in Japan for LCD screens, now used on CDs, which they claim allows the laser to see the data more easily and thus improve quality. The actual data has not been tampered with in any way. We will add a more technical entry to the DPAS format guide shortly.


Deep Purple Jaguar Advert     *updated 28.02.08*
Deep Purple, Jaguar Advertisement

Jaguar's ad campaign for their new XF saloon began airing in Britain during the first week of February 2008. The TV commercial comprises a fast cut visual set to an edited version of Deep Purple's original 1968 recording of Hush, albeit taken from the remastered CD. The campaign was originated in America, where the song was such a big hit.

During development work on the commercial, we unearthed an amazing tape reel with all the progressive mixes of the song. There will be more about this in the next issue of DTB.

The Jaguar advert debuted in America in the middle of the Academy Awards TV coverage and again at the end. (thanks to Tony Edwards and Carla for the news)

SR# 900254 (thanks to James Bateman, and everyone who has reported sightings of the ad!)

Deep Purple Memories Of Deep Purple     *updated 23.01.08*
Ritchie Blackmore, 1974

The request on the web site for people's recollections of seeing Deep Purple back on the British tour of 1974 produced a whole load of interesting submissions, some of which we used on the Live In London CD booklet. To mark the 40th anniversary of the band next year, we'd like to open this up a little more, and would invite people who saw the group between 1968 and 1976 to send us their thoughts and recollections or the show, the day, or anything about the event. We'll be using some in the magazine and on-line. This will be an ongoing feature, so do drop us a line. If you've still got a ticket stub (or photos/local ads/reviews), send a scan of those along as well if you can. Simon.

Many thanks for all the many, varied and wonderful contributions received so far. Please keep them coming. They are all very much appreciated!

SR# 9002521