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Deep Purple • 1968-1976 Archive DVD

Although Simon left this project last year, a lot of the research done earlier (with the help of numerous fans and collectors) has been 'used' for the release. Tracks marked with * have not been issued officially before.

There is also a documentary which is basically lots of clips from the rest of the DVD sequenced together, along with a few other bits, including short silent clips from Japan 72, interviews off French TV, scenes of the riot in Japan in 1973 (which sadly has been lifted from material bought and owned by the DPAS without anyone asking), and loads of memorabilia (much of which ditto).


*Help is the fabulous sequence filmed in Denmark right at the start of the band's career... in a car-park (you can see the Danish dolly-birds gathering round at the end). The band are miming but it is a different recording to the Shades album track. It's the earliest footage of the group to survive. B/w.

Hush is the well known 1968 Playboy Club TV performance, in colour. This has been available officially in the US for some time. The other two clips of the band (including a very short And The Address) are also on the DVD but as bonus items, not sure why they didn't run it all together.

*Wring That Neck - There have been a lot of requests to know where this comes from. This is a short performance filmed in De Lane Lea in early 1969. A Canadian film crew came over to do a piece on the band. It's very atmospheric, with some of the band sat down playing, and close ups of the tape reels rolling, etc. A friend in the industry found it; he was working on a John Lennon documentary a few years ago and got a viewing copy from Canada of some material, and right at the end this popped up unlisted! B/w.

Hallelujah is the oft repeated but still great German TV Beat Club screened performance from 1969. B/w, mime.

*Mandrake Root is from The South Bank Pops set in 1970. Live. Colour. Edited.

*Speed King is the Vicky Leandros fronted Ich Bin special from 1970. Colour, mimed. Beware scenes of dead bodies and broken cars!

Black Night is the well known Top Of The Pops mime. Great stuff, though it has been out a few times. Colour.

Child In Time is the Granada TV Doing Their Thing performance from 1970. It has been out on DVD. Colour.

Lazy is from Danish TV 1972. Previously issued on DVD. B/w.

* Strange Kind Of Woman is indeed strange - a Top Of The Pops 'promo' without the band. (Usually this was done when the artist were unable to appear on the show). It's just a go-go girl frugging about on her Harley (well BSA more likely).

*Fireball Writing Session is a short poor quality b/w film shot at the Hermitage, with a few clips of the band at work, but no audio.

*Fireball is a mime from the Disco 72 TV show in Germany. Colour. Watch out for Ritchie playing the back of his guitar!

*Demon's Eye is from the 1971 German TV special Music Today, whch featured several groups. It also has annoying cutaways to the audience mid song, and credits over the end.

No No No. Again from Beat Club, 1971. This version has been out offically, but this and an alternate run-through (which breaks down near the end) without the eye dazzling graphic overlays are on the bonus disc. Colour.

*Into The Fire is from the 1971 German TV special Music Today (same show as Demon's Eye). Colour.

Never Before is that weird low budget promo Purple Records knocked up in 1972 where Ian's shirt keeps coming on and off and on again. Previously released on the Machine Head classic albums DVD. Colour.

Highway Star is the well-known 1971 Beat Club rendition, which has been out a few times. Colour.

Smoke On The Water is the ABC TV edited version as used on the Denmark DVD bonus footage. Colour.

*Burn is the student documentary performance from the UK tour in 1974. Colour.

Mistreated is from the 1974 California Jam show. Colour.

*Love Child
*You Keep On Moving
both from Rises Over Japan promo film, live in Tokyo 1975. Colour.



*LEEDS POLYTECHNIC This is the entire programme from which Burn (the only complete song) on DVD1 is taken. More edited live clips and backstage interviews.

*BILZEN JAZZ FESTIVAL The 1969 film which was edited into a 25 minute programme for Belgian TV. B/w

*POP DEUX The French TV film from 1970, also edited into a 25 minute show. Colour.

*DEEP PURPLE IN NEW ZEALAND A short documentary showing roadies setting up gear, also some press conference interview footage. Very short live clips but no audio so they dubbed on album tracks. Colour.

BLACK NIGHT PROMO This is the one shot inside the studio for an EMI promo. It was included on the Classic Albums DVD.

There is also a short French TV news item, again mainly of the road crew backstage, with some frustratingly short and grainy live clips. Also an interview with manager Tony Edwards (in French) from the 1977 Jukebox documentary.

(The screenshots are taken from viewing copies of Deep Purple material in the DPAS archives, not from the dvd.)

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deep purple - help 1968
deep purple - help 1968
deep purple-vicky leandros show 1970
deep purple - demon's eye 1971
deep purple - burn 1974
deep purple - burn 1974
jon lord - new zealand 1975