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February 10th 2005.    Popcentrum 013, Tilburg, Holland   updated, February 27th

"Jon told about his inspirations for some songs, such as A Smile When I Shook His Hand, which is about his first meeting with George Harrison ("Do you look like me, or do I look like you"), referring to their long hair. Tony Ashton was also honoured with a superb version of I'll Send You A Postcard. The title comes from the last words between Jon and Tony, when Jon was with Deep Purple in America. Miller Anderson said that he hopes that Jon won't write a song about him, because everybody has gone! ......" Peter Rossen's full review + photos

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February 12th 2005.    Musikhalle, Hamburg  updated, February 27th

"Jon had a Steinway and a Hammond C3, and mostly played the Steinway. His Hammond looked like the original one. Furthermore, it sounded like it - I got goosepimples all over when he played it!! There were a lot of Deep Purple fans in the hall, but not a single Deep Purple t-shirt. A few wore suits! And best of all: no drunken idiots...."

Peter Wiesner's full review + photos

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