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February 29th 2004.    Maslak, Istanbul

"They are still playing basically the same set after two years. As this was their first visit to Turkey we were ready for anything, but for the next time they'd better change the setlist. Also, their playing was little bit under rehearsed, and lacked improvisation. The role of the keyboard player was minimal..." full review by Tarik Burcoglu

photo left by Tarik Buecoglu, see the full Istanbul photo gallery

March 8th 2004.    Motion, Bergamo / Zingonia, Italy 

"The new band is probably better than the previous one: J.J. is still a delightful player, the drummer proved himself powerful and talented, and while I really couldn't hear much of the keyboard player, he seemed to do a good job on Jon Lord, Don Airey and Dave Rosenthal's solos. Glenn was the real star of the night. Joe's voice was not at its peak: he struggled a bit in performing his vintage material." full review by Daniele Purrone

photo right by Daniele Purrone, see the full Zingonia photo gallery

March 11th 2004.    Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland


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photo by Daniele Purrone

April 6th 2004.    Rio's, Bradford

"Glenn was as good as ever despite the poor audience reaction., still does nothing for me. Normal JLT posturing, swearing like a trooper etc. Best thing was it seemed like a Glenn show at times with JLT off stage for at least 75% of the time. Glenn mentioned it was the 30th anniversary of the California Jam, in fact every show Glenn does he mentions the Cal Jam. Glenn mentioned he would be back later in the year." Steve Cole

Setlist:- Hold On - You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll - I Surrender - Losing My Head - Alone I Breathe - Mistreated - Street Of Dreams - Getting Tighter - You Keep On Moving - Death Alley Driver - Stormbringer Encores:- Devil's Road - Spotlight Kid - Burn

full review by Tim Summers

April 8th 2004.    Mean Fiddler, London     new April 12th

"Well....... the Hughes part was good! Glenn belied his years with an excellent display. The range of his voice was incredible. The unaccompanied singing at the end of Mistreated was utterly spectacular. He was good-humoured & funny, his bass playing superb - a true star.

As for Turner.... 'rock star poseur' writ large. Glen IS a star - he didn't have to try to prove it. I hope Glenn comes back soon (sans Turner). Maybe without the guitarist too - he did not impress and he came close to ruining Mistreated by messing around with the riff. Please note JJ, less is more (and bin the titfer)." Mark Bulldeath.

"Joe Lynn Turner had his moments with Rainbow material such as 'I Surrender', 'Death Alley Driver' and within the encore 'Spotlight Kid'. It was noticeable however that Glenn seemed to be the lead man of the show with Joe sometimes off stage altogether during certain slots. The cynics would say that the pair of them relied very heavily on old material but for me it made a truly legendary performance to remember..." .....full review by Ray Fox

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