For US dates in October, singer / songwriter Lorraine Ferro returned to the ranks, having previously toured with the band in 2002.

The tour proved to be the last for Barry Waller, who returned to being a singer / songwriter. On completion of the dates Lorraine Ferro returned to touring with her heavy rock outfit LoudLife, and has since been involved in a variety of musical ventures, including Tre Bella, an Italian-American all female trio.

In March 2008 Blackmore's Night announced their 'Secret Voyage' tour, which began in May 2008. Their new studio album appeared in June.



Blackmore's Night pulled in two new recruits in time for their first show of 2008, which took place in Plock, Poland. Long Islander Mike Clemente (dubbed 'Earl Grey of Chamay') came in on bass and rhythm guitar, and Tina Chancey's old violin spot was filled by Elizabeth Cary (or 'Gypsy Rose'), who has managed to divide her touring time between Blackmore's Night, The Empty Hats, and prog-rockers Igor's Egg.

Most of the new touring band, along with regular producer Pat Regan, were involved in the recording of the 'Secret Voyage' album. It featured more electric guitar work than usual, with the tracks in general having being stretched out to give space for the guitar. As with the previous album there was a Rainbow cover, this tiime 'Rainbow Eyes' from Long Live Rock 'n Roll.

The year was rounded off by a charity show in December, which marked the return of Des Geyers' Albert Dannenmann to the ranks as 'Minstrel Albert'. The now seven piece band toured regularly throughout 2009, including a 'Summer Nights' tour of Europe and 'Autumn Nights' tour of the US east coast. Support was provided by members of the band, with both Dannenmann and Clemente showcasing their instrumental skills.

photo: Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night, Mike Clemente, David Baranowski, Elizabeth Cary, Malcolm Dick

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June 2008 (UK) - studio album
In many ways a regular Blackmore's Night album, but with longer tracks giving space for more guitar. Includes a cover of Rainbow's 'Rainbow Eyes'.
• Locked Within the Crystal Ball

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