The Junction, Cambridge
19th October 2003

I think the set list's right but canít be 100% sure about the running order. Certainly they started with In My Blood and itís immediately apparent what an awesome instrument Glennís voice is. You have to see (and hear) him live to appreciate the power he gets into it. Very very impressive.

In My Blood / Higher Places /
First Step Of Love / Written All Over Your Face / Seafull / Can't Stop The Flood / Blue Jade / Mistreated / Wherever You Go / Getting Tighter. Encores:
Seventh Star / You Keep On Moving

Although he looks happy to be on stage and throws some terrific shapes, Glenn doesnít seem entirely happy with the sound tonight, constantly signalling for adjustments by the sound man. I have to say everything sounded fine from where I was and I thoroughly enjoyed the gig. The band steamed along with both J. J. Marsh on guitars and the drummer (whose name I didnít catch Ė I beg his pardon!) catching the eye whenever they got the chance. The drummerís performance on Mistreated in particular was thunderous, pardon the clichť!

Highlights for me were Mistreated, as mentioned, and Seafull but I could pick loads of things (Dance to the Rock & Roll during Getting Tighter, the crowdís reaction when Glenn started You Keep On Moving, the roadies continually checking the numerous joss sticks around the stage were safely taped in position!)

Any downsides? Well the gig seemed to fly by. The set is noticeably shorter than Simonís set list for Bradford, maybe due to the sound, I donít know. The place didnít seem very full either. Itís the first time Iíve been to The Junction (a rather ugly brick building in the middle of a building site it seemed to me!) and itís not big and was far from packed. People missed a good one. Glenn was telling us that the UK shows are being recorded for release Ė when it comes out go and buy it. You wonít be disappointed. There was a video crew working as well which might be fun. The house lights came up after You Keep On Moving and I bolted for the railway station. The lights may have gone down again for the band to come back on for Burn but I doubt it. There was an air of finality around. And yes, I caught the last train home, thanks for asking!

review: Greg Harrop

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