Deep Purple • Live In Europe 1993


"Well, it is what it is. Two full gigs pulled unexpectedly out of the archive ether on a take it or leave it basis. Which is all right by me. We all know the outcome of the tour, and a lot of us saw the second of these shows at the NEC (the first is from Stuttgart three weeks earlier), but it's always good to have them boxed up and nicely presented - which these are (clearly a decent contemporary design budget if nothing else, though sad not to see better use made of the few pics there are). Apart from that (and the fact that nowhere do they bother to number the tracks - grrr) it would be hard not to recommend this to the core audience - in other words us! (Less dedicated fans might prefer to stick with the edited highlights of "Come Hell Or High water").

The sound is really sharp and clear, and with the warts (of which there aren't many) and all approach which most fans prefer (cop IG missing his cue in "Hush" and then singing "I don't know the words" - the crowd comes to his rescue!). Presenting as it does the very last of the Blackmore / Lord era it'll be something of a reaffirming nostalgia trip for those who haven't gone with the Mk 7 flow, and in truth we've not heard Blackmore hack it like this for over a decade now. His gentle picking before "Smoke" is worth all seven Blackmore's Night albums to me. Gorgeous. Oh and perhaps the timing of the release might have been a little more carefully handled."
Simon Robinson

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