Roadmender, Northampton
19th February 2005

Well, shall I or shan't I........... this is the thought I pondered whilst waitng for Glenn to appear at Sheffield. I was pondering whether to go down to Northampton, and see his last show of the current UK tour. The decision was made for me by the end of the Sheffield gig. Northampton, here I come!

Doors opened at 7.30, and they wouldn't let us in the stage area until spot on 8 o'clock. When they did, I took up my usual position, (as I had at Dudley, Bradford and Sheffield )- directly in front of where my favourite singer/bassist would be. For me, the Lizards didn't really do it in Dudley, but by Sheffield I was a fan! I had bought their latest CD, and can't stop playing it! They were by now, a favourite of mine, and I thoroughly enjoyed them at Northampton. I just wish they would smile once in a while!

Okay, so the main event. A quick change around of gear, and on come Glenn and his band. I obviously knew the setlist, from earleir gigs - and Glenn did not divert at all (save dropping Burn at an earlier show due to tech problems I believe). For me - ALL the SOULMOVER songs worked very well. The album was not an instant catch to me - but since the gigs it has become a firm favourite. Also I think Glenn is very proud of the album, as he continually referred to it throughout the show.

When he got to the song Let It Go - he once again referred to his earlier days of substance abuse - not something I am a fan of - but he is very obviously still thankful to be away from it - and is writing great songs about that time. No apparent technical problems tonight, including JJ's little gizmo, which appeared to have had the desired effect ( I only say this because he did not throw it on the floor at this show!).

Glenn was certainly on top form - and the show was well improved (as was the sound) from the earlier, and first, show in Dudley. True, we had the usual shouts from fans of "Getting Tighter" etc, but they went unheeded - well who needs them now - Glenn has made his mark - with his own material, which is excellent quality.

Glenn praised his band on two occasions - and quite rightly so - JJ has grown tremendously since I first saw him ten years ago. Thomas Broman, the drummer, in my view has his own style and technique which perfectly compliments Glenn's music. The keyboardist too, who played brilliantly throughout, especially on the vocal refrain part of "Mistreated" - with Glenn nodding approvingly at what was most obviously improvisation. I got my prize at the end of the night - Thomas's drum stick - I now have one from each gig I attended.

Glenn bid us farewell, and left the stage - leaving a very satisfied crowd behind. We now have to wait only a short while to see him again, later in the year with Iommi - Glenn is really living up to his promises of some years back - that is to say - he is touring the UK more often.

review: Steve Dunbar, photos: Martin Ashberry

glenn hughes - 2005 uk tour