Rio's, Bradford
12th February 2005

We had to endure a couple of pretty poor support bands, including the Lizards, with a pretty big drummer (in Bobby Rondinelli) giving us a 20 minute drum soundcheck. The guitarist played a few bars and jokingly said 'thanks very much, that's all we have time for', sadly he was joking, though Mike Dimeo does have a decent voice.

On to Glenn, who looked in really good shape, and still has an incredible voice. Starting with Soul Mover, moving into Orion, both from the new album, with confidence. We were treated to 6 new songs from the Soul Mover album, all of which came over very well. Older stuff was kept to a minimum. Medusa was brilliant, and JJ Marsh excelled here. I always come away from a Hughes show thinking JJ is brilliant, but then have doubts when I'm about to see him again.

This show confirmed that Glenns 'secret weapon' really is a wonderful player. Hughes himself was simply stunning during Mistreated, particularly with his extended vocal ending, showing his full vocal range. The encores of Seventh Star and Burn, really went down well. The only downside of the night was the arsehole who got on stage, which clearly unerved Glenn - his roadies' reaction was very slow, the guy dived into the audience expecting to do some surfing, but landed on the floor, shame. So a really good night, how far away is Sheffield exactly?

review & photos : Michael Richards

I laughed at Simon's comment about Bobby Rondinelli soundchecking his drums for 20 minutes at the Bradford gig. Due to the lack of space left with the various backlines of amps for Glenn's band and the Lizards, his drums were almost falling off the stage, it was quite hilarious. Unfortunately my mate insists on always standing at the front at these gigs so we had to endure this whole session whilst virtually leaning on his bass drum whilst Bobby chewed his toothpick and bonged away for ages. Id just commented on how loud he was (hoping he might hear me and calm down a bit), when they started to mike the drums up to the bloody PA making it even louder! Talking of drummers, all the reviewers so far (including SR himself) have neglected to mention Glenn's drummer Thomas Broman. This guy is just great, what a showman. The new Keith Moon. Brill. Its worth turning up just to see him, never mind Glenn.

review: John Blackburn

Maybe this is less than a review than a moan! Coming on at 10.30 is not a great idea - don't they know it's past my bedtime?!! They told me Glenn would be on at 9 when I phoned, but when I turned up I had to endure the support act, the Lizards. And yes, Bobby Rondinelli decided that he needed half an hour to get his drum sound just right, and squeeze that huge Paiste Gong plus stand onto the minimal space on stage. One of their songs was called 'Down', I believe.

I agree with Glenn's the practice of playing new material and 'resting' the old favourites for now. From the oldies section, I'd like to have heard him do some more stuff from his 90's albums (Into the Void?). Also some more Hughes/Thrall, a little more Trapeze plus some MkIII/IV Purple that never got played live - 'Hold On' with Blackmore as guest on guitar! Keep dreaming...

review: Tony Bilny

Soul Mover / Orion / Land Of The Livin' / Mistreated / Can't Stop The Flood / Let It Go / High Road / Medusa / Don't Let Me Bleed / Wherever You Go.
Encores: Seventh Star / Burn

After what seemed like an age of sitting through the 2 support bands and endless change-overs of equipment Glenn and his band finally hit the stage and treated the fairly packed venue to a high energy show which drew heavily on his most recent offering, the excellent 'Soul Mover' album.

The show started with a looped intro tape (which was still playing as the band took the stage - a la Gillan on the Toolbox tour)and in all a total of 6 songs from the newie were aired. Fortunately it seemed like most of the crowd were familiar with the album, as there was plenty of singing along. Glenn seemed genuinely moved by the audience response and was misty eyed on at least 2 occasions during the gig.

His band were excellent - guitarist JJ Marsh is a star, and as for the energy drummer Thomas Broman puts in - sheesh, the guy must sleep all day to come this alive at night. Tasteful keyboards filled out the sound as required and a good sound at the venue all made for a very enjoyable gig, leaving me trying to figure out a way of catching another show on the tour.

review: Tim Summers

glenn hughes - 2005 uk tour