I wasn`t sure at first but its never been off my car cd for days now. Only one I categorically don`t like is Razzle Dazzle and that's mainly for the banal lyrics. Would have liked Contact Lost to have developed more and lasted longer and I positively love Haunted, especially very loud. Interestingly all the songs on the AOL webcast showed up well, or so I thought but then its all about opinions n`est pas? ... Brian Cizakowsky

The band is still alive and kickin', full of energy and ideas. For Purpendicular they had to evolve from the stale formula of Blackmore's ideas of a Rainbow/Purple sound, and they succeeded, this new record shows where the band should have gone right after Purpendicular itself. I still don't like one track, Razzle Dazzle, too commercial to my ears, but the rest is really good or great, no fillers, and great musicianship. The most positive note is Paicey playing like a fury, with accents and subtle enbellishments to every song, and Morse/Airey dueling in each instrumental run. Airey sounds like Emerson in some songs (eg. Bananas, my favorite), and Morse has taken full control of this band, trying to blend his fast playing to the old-style of Blackmore. And he has succeeded! Listen to the solo in Sun Goes Down. You can hear Morse showing the three bended note style of Blackmore's playing and morphing it into his trademark scale run. This record is a winner. Songs like Silver Tongue/ I got your number/ House of Pain and Picture of Innocence are among the best rockers DP have done since 1984. ...Luke Beyond, Italy

'Pictures....' has a real 'Rosa's Cantina' feel to it and 'Bananas' has a real 'Highway Star' vibe (trust me, listen and learn).......switching gears mid-verse. 'Sun Goes Down' - off-the-wall organ intro into a real rocker worthy of any reunion album. 'Doing It Tonight' with its slightly Arabic/Middle Eastern feel is one I am not sure about yet but I will give it another chance. I was slighly surprised at 'I Got Your Number' and 'Haunted'....these tracks kicked the proverbials live but lose it slightly. 'Walk On' is over-rated and am not sure what the fuss is about. Production sucks, big Ian's lyrics are amongst the worst ever but hey - it works for me! ...Raj Kohli, London

Dear fellow-followers I could have sat here and written about each track on Bananas. You might have been a little bored though, as each of us likes different things about the album. However I really like the whole package. Not at first. I thought mmm this is interesting, not what I thought it was going to be. But it has very quickly got into my brain and I can't stop hearing bits and riffs and I even find myself singing! There is one track which I love ,which I just have to mention and that is "Walk On". It stays with me and I can't wait to hear it again. Going back to the point of- not what I thought it was going to be - what were any of us expecting for heaven sake? Lets just expect good rock from a band that's been rocking for many a glorious year. A band who has never let us down. They are enjoying life and it shows. If like me you are a fan (33 yrs or more) then celebrate the fact we have another album plus it will mean the boys get to tour over here again. All the British do is complain, just look how well the album is doing in Europe! Come on lets be supportive. I love them. I'm going to put on Bananas again , if you can't hear it ('cause I'm going to play it loud ) then you don't know what you're missing !! Regards ...Annie Graham

I really like Bananas, but I really must admit that it no longer feels or sounds like Deep Purple. In fact it's the least Deep Purple sounding album, they've ever done ... Slaves & Masters has been called a Rainbow album, but it's streets ahead of Bananas as a DP sounding album. This begs the question "Is Purple really Purple without a Lord or Blackmore?", to my mind at least 2 of the founders need to be present. Don't get me wrong, I love all the musos that ever played in Purple, Rainbow, Gillan, Whitesnake, etc. But Bananas feels/sounds more like an excellent DP solo project, based on a Gillan/Glover project/idea, only better (not saying that they are bad, on the contrary). So to sum it all up, "I was disappointed, but not totally". I will of course give the album a thorough thrashing, but feel it's too middle of the road to be Purple ......... purplish maybe or a darker shade of pink? ...Tim Hall (Adelaide)

Bananas is the best reunion album (so far). Purpendicular was a wonder, but not as a killer as this one. We have six real classics and five more great songs. True that Razzle Dazzle is well below the Bananas standard, but I think it would have been a gem on TBRO and a good standard song on PS. Not on Bananas. Thanks to the band and Mr. Bradford. ...Atica


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I think almost every single Purple fan expected and deserved better than this. Personally, having heard all the Sgt Peppers talk, I thought it was time for Purple to reinvent themselves. The songs that stand out are the opener, Haunted, Razzle Dazzle, Walk On, Bananas, Never a Word and Contact Lost, but none of these could be called a classic. The rest are boring and unispired. The guys seem to have tried too hard and have forgotten the magic of simplicity. The truth is, though, that the production and individual performances are excellent (with the exception of Steve, who is still trying too hard to prove he 's one of the best virtuosos, with his flashy, but "shallow", empty solos). Maybe this album is ahead of our age, but right now, it doesn't say a lot to me. And, this proves that the Man in Black is the only one who's left to keep the dream alive... Sgt Peppers??? Gimme a break Ian ... Jim Spyropoulos

Really can't understand all the negative reviews on this one. It's an excellent album. No it's not In Rock or Machine Head, and it's not the 1970's either. A lot of the tracks only took two listens before I was hooked. House of Blue Light and Battle Rages On took about 7 years. House of Pain does sound like it could have been co written by Mr Blackmore but so what, his influences should still be heard on new albums he had been playing with four of the current line up for many years. Purpendicular was excellent, Abandon was above average, Bananas is excellent and will probably outstrip Purpendicular after we have had it about a year. Sun Goes Down/Haunted/Silver Tongue/Bananas are all future classics. Let's just hope the band have the balls to drop 90% of the old material when it comes to touring. I want to hear more Morse era stuff plus Strangeways / Mitzi Dupree / Hungry Daze. And what about No No No / The Mule / Flight of the Rat. How many of us would buy a ticket to watch that? I suspect there would be no need to drag along a co-headliner to attract people if it was the case. ...Kevin Reihill

Is the album GOOD? Yes, Is it great? No, Is it Sgt. Pepper? Lets hope not. It appears that this is a Gillan project, heavy on the vocals and ballads. Deep Purple needs Blackmore if for nothing else to keep Gillan in check. The songwriting is good but I miss the fire, the passion, the anger that Gillan/Blackmore provided, maybe they hated each other's guts but they were great together. It does appear that the band is having a great time and producer Michael Bradford has taken MK8 to a new horizon. Don't get me wrong I still follow Purple more than ever, and think Bananas is very good, just not the same. ...Jim Stoff Highland, IL

Well, after having attended a set of three rather uninspired summer gigs this year, Deep Purple have a new album that leaves me with the same impression I had during the live gigs: great musicianship, everything very well and neatly performed .... but no extras, nothing magical, nothing really stunning. Is this what they call routine? After quite a few listening sessions I still have to admit that few songs stay in my mind. House Of Pain is a good opener, which might survive among the classics in a live set, I already enjoyed Haunted live and it keeps standing strong on the album, Razzle Dazzle is a funny piece of music and I Got Your Number was also a pleaser live and so it is on this album. Never A Word is just a very beatiful piece of music, but it will not add up to the Deep Purple legend. I do remember some nice guitar riffs and bits and pieces of music.... but I really have to make an effort to remember songs, song names or catchy lyrics. As a conclusion, I think Bananas is hardly any better than Abandon, and does not reach the level of Purpendicular at all. Anyway, Deep Purple tends not to play any recent stuff anymore live and safely stick to its classics. ...Ludo Verhaege, Belgium

Good album. Some excellent songs, some good songs and a couple of duds. So not 10 out of 10 but a good 7 or 8. House of Pain makes a good opener but it's not to special. haunted is excellent, and then you have to wait two or three tracks for the really good album to kick in. Picture of innocence is terrific and sums up the world gone mad. Love Bananas. Would have been better to put Contact Lost in the middle so we ended on a high point. Gillan's a bit dominant in the mix. It's not Machine head or Burn, but those days are 30 years in the past, so let's live with today - Good effort and finally puts Abandon to rest (Thank goodness). ...Kevin Staden

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