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September 7th-12th 2003.    Tour Diary, Part I - Living Wreck Live

Ian Paice arrived in Brazil on September 7th and held a drum clinic at the "Blen-Blen" in Sao Paulo the next day. Photos from it can be seen at

On September 10th Deep Purple were interviewed on Brazilian talk show "Programa Do Jô" where they also performed three songs (Haunted, I Got Your Number and Smoke on the Water) . Next week they're scheduled to appear on tv comedy programme "Casseta e Planeta". The show will be broadcast on Sept 23rd. They usually have musical guests who appear in their sketches - the word is that the 'Cassetas' will be acting as goofy security guards for Deep Purple - and then get to sing comic versions of their songs.

Reports + photos by Vitao Bonesso & Marcel Vinicius de Morais

September 12th 2003.    Ginásio Goiânia Arena, Goiânia   The 'New' Set List Revealed

"At 10:00 pm tha band kicked off the official Bananas tour in front of approx.12,000 people in Goiania.

The set list: Highway Star / Woman From Tokyo / Silver Tongue / Lazy / Contact Lost / Haunted / Bananas / Well Dressed Guitar / Knocking At Your Back Door / Morse Solo / House of Pain / Airey Solo / Perfect Strangers / Smoke On The Water / Hush / I Got Your Number / Black Night.

I think ithe Goiania fans missed hearing the likes of Speed King, Strange Kind Of Woman and Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming. (This is first time that Purple have played in this city). The most frustrating thing was the absence of a drum solo." Vitao Bonesso

"Goiânia does not have many intenational concerts. The tickets were very cheap and there was no one wanting to miss this! There were three generations there; sons, fathers and grandfathers! Don played both the Goiás Football Club and Brazilian national anthems." Marcel Vinicius de Morais

September 13th 2003.    Classic Hall, Recife   Tour Diary, Part II

"The second concert of the Bananas tour was another sold out night. Approx 10,000 went to Recife´s Classic Hall see the band. The set list was the same as last night (Goiania).

14 Sept. Sunday: The band flew to Rio at 6:30 pm. At 9:00 pm the band and crew arrived at Santos Dumont Airport.
15 Sept: Monday: A day off - the band and crew rested in Rio.
16 Sept: Tuesday: The crew are due to go the ATL Hall in Rio at 9:45 am. the band go later for some interviews, a Globo TV recording and a sound check. The concert in Rio will be the band's 'solo' show in Brazil, before joining up with Hellacopters and Sepultura for the Kaiser Music tour.
Vitao Bonesso

September 15th 2003.    Casseta e Planeta   "My Name Is Not Walter"    updated sept 25th

Well, in the end: "They did it. They starred in a "F*cker and Sucker" sketch. The sketches make fun of those SWAT-like series. F&S are supposedly two American cops who get an internship on the corrupt Brazilian police. After the episode, Deep Purple played Smoke on the Water. The voiceover men translated the song as "Não me chamo Walter" ("My name is not Walter"). Wanna take a look at the pics? Here they are..."
Marcelo Soares,
photos: Jorge Albuquerque/Progressive Noise Magazine

"Globo TV have Windows media video files of Ian Gillan and Ian Paice giving backstage interviews at the Casseta recording. Poor Paice fell for sayng "Nabunda", which means 'In your ass'." Marcelo Soares

Ian Gillan Interview           Ian Paice Interview

"A Brazilian website has put up a short animation about Deep Purple's appearance on the Casseta e Planeta show. "Ian" sings, to the tune of 'Smoke on the Wate'r, about the misery of playing the fool on TV. "With all my fame /I'm here playing the fool/ OK, I'll do this program/ but I'll kill my manager/ Lucky me that where I live/ no one watches that show/ oh, God, does someone in England/ get Globo international?/ Oh, someone will pay", etc! "
Take a look: Ian Gillan Animation
Marcelo Soares , thanks also to Rodrigo Werneck

September 16th 2003.    ATL Hall, Rio de Janeiro  No Table Dancing

"A surprise in the beginning. All tables (tables!?) were removed at the request of the band. Some security guards told us that Gillan threatened that otherwise he wouldn't go on stage.

The band made a very relaxed start to the show, with everyone (including Gillan) in fine mood. Don Airey fitted in very well. The audience was incredible, we had almost 6,000 in a packed ATL Hall. High points were the new songs: House of Pain, Silver Tongue, Haunted, I´ve Got Your Number, Contact Lost, and some of the old ones: Highway Star, Hush, Woman from Tokyo, Smoke..., and Knocking at Your Back Door (awesome). During the Smoke.. intro, Steve played bits of Guns & Roses, Led Zep, Bad Company & Van Halen. Don Airey slipped Ozzy's Mr.Crowley into his solo spot.

For me, this was a better show than the Purpendicular show which I attended."
review: Renato Maestrali Moraes

"Some surprises:a change in the order of songs, the inclusion of Space Truckin´ and the comeback of Ian Paice's solo (small, but fuckin´great), in the middle of Hush. Bananas the song was dropped.."

full reviews by Vitao Bonesso & Marcel Vinicius de Morais  

September 18th 2003.    Gigantinho Stadium, Porto Alegre   updated sept 25th

"Well, the first night of Kaiser Music Fest with Hellacopters, Sepultura and Deep Purple was another sell out, with an audience of approx. 7,000 people. Deep Purple took the stage at 00:30 AM (19 september). The running time of the show was the same as the others - 100 minutes, and the set list was the same as Rio: Highway Star/ Woman From Tokyo/ Silver Tongue/ Lazy/ Contact Lost/ Haunted/ Space Truckin`/ I Got Your Number/ Knocking At Your Back Door/ Well Dressed Guitar/ House of Pain/ Don´s solo/ Perfect Strangers/ Smoke on the Water/ Hush/ Black Night.

19th September: The crew left Porto Alegre for Curitiba at 8 am, the band at 10:30 am." Vitao Bonesso

"After the warm-up from Hellacopters and the super heavy Sepultura, DP hit the stage with Highway Star. Everyone immediately went crazy, jumping and singing along. First new track of the night was Silver Tongue with its insidious riff that's still in my head, the improvisiation at the end was very funny. Space Trucking was a surprise, one of the best songs of the night. Don's solo included Star Wars (a quelle surprise), and Aquarela do Brasil. It lead into Perfect Strangers, where we couldn't actually hear Gillan above the singing of the crowd. It's amazing how tremendously popular the song is in Brazil. The encores were Hush (containing Paice's reinstated drum solo) and Black Night, which ended the show at 1:55am.

How has Ian Gillan kept his voice in such good shape? As the Zero Hora newspapper noted he is a survivor of the greats. Highlights: of the old songs: Perfect Strangers and Space Trucking. New songs: Contact Lost and House of Pain. Lowlights: the price of numbered seats that overcrowded the landing and the benches. The show was a bit short at 92 min in comparison with previous tours. The addition of Speed King after Smoke would be perfect. Long live Deep Purple!" review: Leandro M Granella

September 19th 2003.    Programa do Jô 

"Deep Purple appearanced yesterday on Brazilian TV station "Rede Globo" on "Programa do Jô".

They were interviewed by famous Brazilian interviewer and humorist Jô Soares, and played "Haunted", "I Got Your Number", and "Smoke On The Water" in the studio. Cheers mates, Rod Werneck"

September 19th 2003.    Expotrade Pinhais, Curitiba   Cancelled!

"The Curitiba show was cancelled just 5 hours before the first band were due to take the stage (Hellapcopters). The main reason is that a contru (from the public department of security), didn´t give the promoters the authorization to use the venue. Approx. 8,000 tickets were sold, and after the promoters made the cancellation known a small riot began, before the local police took control.

At the moment of cancellation all of the sound and light systems were ready, only the stage equipment had still to be installed. The band and crew (furious of course), stayed in Curitiba before flying onwards to São Paulo on Saturday morning." Vitão Bonesso.

September 20th 2003.    Paceumbu Stadium, Sao Paulo    Midnight Special       

"Deep Purple only went on stage at 00:20 am, to be greeted by a crowd of 35,000 people who sang along with all of their songs (including some from Bananas) throughout the entire show. Somewhere in the middle of the show Ian Gillan came up to me and said: '... man what amazing people, look at the energy!'" review by Vitão Bonesso

September 21st 2003.    Mineirinho Stadium, Belo Horizonte     Last Night Of The Tour      

"Well, the party is over after last night in Belo Horizonte. As it was a Sunday the concert started very early. The venue was Mineirinho Stadium. Another sold out night with approx 12,000 people there. Hellacopters took to the stage at 6 pm, Sepultura 7:30 pm, and Deep Purple at 9 pm. Their set was over 100 minutes with the same set list used since Rio. Sepultura´s guitarist Andreas Kisser joined the band for Smoke On The Water.

22nd September - the band left Brazil for Mexico City at 8 PM. Bye bye Purple... thanks for the fantastic tour!'" review: Vitão Bonesso

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