Day By Night,
The Concert Diary 1968 - 1976

Nigel Young's epic book documenting Deep Purple's live gigs from their formation in 1968 to the final shows in 1976 is now nearing completion, having entered the design and layout stage prior to going to the printers. At its most basic, the book lists the band's gigs in chronological order. There are dates, venues and support bands where known. Reviews of the gigs are included where these exist, sourced from newspapers or the recollections of people who were there.

Where tickets, press adverts or posters survive, scans are included. Linking all this is a chronological narrative, which fills in details of recording sessions, release dates, solo work, rehearsals and any other notable activities. It's a great Deep Purple reference work, but there's also a huge amount of reading in it as well.

The format is A4 portrait, softback, colour front and back. Page count is still being determined but looks like being around 250 pages at the very least.

We'll be keeping you updated on the site (and in the next Darker Than Blue) as this exciting project progresses. The current plan is to have a launch edition for sale via the DPAS, hopefully before Christmas. It is then planned to have it in the shops later on. Price is not yet set as this will depend on final printing quotes, but you can pre-order via DPAS Mail Order and we'll let you know nearer the time.  SR

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