Live In 72/73
The Deep Purple DVD Archive Collection Vol.1

I've just had my first glimpse of the Deep Purple 72/73 DVD, and come away feeling pleased overall.

The Denmark 1972 show is what it is, a lot of us are pretty familiar with it, so it's great to have it officially on DVD, but the real buzz is the Hofstra 1973 material, which is electrifying.

It comes as quite a shock, seeing Ian in '72, all neat and tidy, and then clocking him just a few months later, looking tired, unshaven and world-weary, but the performance is really tight, and full of unspoken gestures, body-language and attitude - which I'm sure will register with hard-core fans, and pass others by. The tension when Gilan turns round to start the guitar/vocal inter-play in Strange Kind Of Woman can be clearly felt, and the way he moves right to the far side of the stage speaks volumes. Yet, despite everything this is going down off-stage, even Ritchie can't help breaking out into a grin (though he quickly tries to hide it!).

The sound is brilliant, even on a normal TV setting, so I'd imagine it's stunning if you have surround-sound speakers. It's been a long time reaching the shops, but I reckon it's well worth it. I've not yet seen the finished packaging (mine was a preview copy), but everyone at EMI is jumping around over this too - so fingers crossed.


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