Deep Purple • Come Taste The Band

Fans of Deep Purple's final original studio album can start to get excited. 2010 will finally see the addition of this material to the racks. The multi-tracks which have been over in America since 1975 came back to the UK to be gingerly opened, checked and archived. 

The digital copies were then sent to LA where Glenn Hughes oversaw some remixes (as with Stormbringer), with Kevin Shirley at the controls. Two extra tracks from the Come Taste The Band sessions surfaced. There have long been rumours of an extra track, fuelled by comments in interviews over the years. One is a five minute jam with Paice and Bolin, the other a short three minute track.

David Coverdale has apparently been sent some of the results and pronounced himself delighted with the results.

Progress Report, 28th January 2010

Come Taste The Band has been confirmed as a deluxe 35th Anniversary 2CD release for late July 2010. Disc 1 will include the remaster and a rare US single edit, Disc 2 will include the remixes and two unissued tracks. Limited Edition slipcase for the first print run, and a big booklet. You can pre-order now at dpas mailorder.

Progress Report, 12th March 2010

Come Taste The BandThe vinyl edition has yet to be confirmed but is looking likely.

There may be a further special mail-order only gift set edition, we will keep you posted.

The image shows the proposed slipcase cover.


Come Taste The Band poster
Progress Report, 15th March 2010

Three people have suggested one of those renticular cover designs, with the cover glass going from half full to empty as you tilt the CD case. I must admit we did think it would be fun but hadn't pursued the idea. However, prompted by the requests EMI are looking into it. I have a few of these 3D type CDs so the technology clearly exists, but costs may be an issue. People are also looking into the practicalities of an etched glass as per the album sleeve, in particular shipping such a fragile item.

Our thanks to Wolfy Smith and others for the scans of the American album poster, which is (as some of you will know) very very strange.

Deep Purple poster gallery

Come Taste The Band - Japanese advert

Above: Come Taste The Band Japanese advert

Come Taste The Band

Thanks to everyone who has been helping with bits and pieces for this project.

To be going on with here are images of the reel to reel tape edition from the USA, cassette edition from Germany, 8 track cartridge from the USA, and a full page advert for the album from the Japanese music press. More to follow!

Scans courtesy DPAS Archives, Simon Robinson, Christian Mayer zu Natrup, Kurt Senn.

Left: US 8-track cartridge edition
Below left: US reel-to-reel edition
Below right: German cassette edition

Come Taste The Band Come Taste The Band

Progress Report, 25th June 2010

It looks like a release date of early September is now likely for the 2CD. The vinyl edition has been confirmed at last; this will be a double set with the regular album and the remixes, in a gatefold sleeve with inner bags.

The remaster has been checked and went back for some adjustment (the feeling was that it felt a bit 'bright'), and the bonus remix disc is also now being finished up. A source of rare colour rehearsal images is also being investigated to try and clear some of these for the packaging.

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