Deep Purple Discography
Deep Purple In Rock

Mk 2. Recorded between Aug 1969 & Feb 1970 at De Lane Lea / Abbey Rd / IBC Studios.

Charts:UK 4/US 143

1 Speed King / Bloodsucker / Child In Time 2 Flight Of The Rat / Into The Fire / Living Wreck / Hard Lovin' Man
CD BONUS TRACKS: Speed King (piano vsn) / Cry Free /
Jam Stew (inst) / Flight Of The Rat (remix) / Speed King (remix) / Black Night (remix) / three minutes of between song studio chat.

Deep Purple In Rock, France, Coloured Vinyl



FRANCE V2 : Harvest DC 11 : 1978. DS
Pressed in purple vinyl for a time. 'Disque en couleur' sticker (see photo).


Deep Purple In Rock, Holland, Coloured Vinyl

HOLLAND V2 : Harvest 5C 062 91442 : 1978 DS Pressed in green vinyl limited edition (see photo).

Also issued as a single sleeve in several countries including:

BELGIUM (Harvest Sounds Superb 4M 036 91442 : 1982) Front as UK. Back as right hand half of UK inner gatefold. Sounds Superb logo.

Deep Purple In Rock, Greece GREECE (Harvest 14C 062 91442 : 1970- 1982)
where the faces were coloured pink (see photo)

Deep Purple In Rock, Israel ISRAEL (SHVL 777)
where the back was printed in cyan (see photo)

Deep Purple In Rock, South Africa SOUTH AFRICA (Fame P5)
with the Fame logo (see photo)

Deep Purple In Rock, Spain SPAIN (1J 062 91442)
(see photo of back cover)

Deep Purple In Rock, Australia

In AUSTRALIA (Harvest SHVL 777)
the back cover carried all the lyrics (see photo).

In MEXICO (Capitol SLEM 242 : 197- DS)
Black Night was added to the start of side one.

In NICARAGUA (Odeon 01.SHVL 777 : 19- SS)
the front was as UK but with the image reversed.

Deep Purple In Rock, South Korea

KOREA V1 (Harvest OLE 459 : 19- SS)
took off CHILD IN TIME and HARD LOVIN' MAN for cultural reasons.

The second edition in KOREA, V2 (EMI EKPC 0020 FA 3011 : 19- SS) had UK front reduced + black surround and had no missing tracks (see photo).

Deep Purple In Rock, Asia The album has been pirated a number of times in Asia and Russia, we've illustrated just one from each territory (see photos)

Deep Purple In Rock, Russia




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