48 Margaret Street, London

Deep Purple History:  48 Margaret Street once housed the famous 'The Speakeasy' club, where Mk 2 played their first gig.

The Details:  Deep Purple played twice at The Speakeasy in 1969, Mk 1 on March 20th just before their second US tour, Mk 2 on July 10th in front of what Ian Gillan has since described as a small audience of '35 or so'.

The venue opened in 1966, and became well known as a late night drinking club popular with customers associated with the music industry, ranging from roadies through to The Beatles. The Who included it in the "Radio London / Speakeasy / Rotosound Strings" commercial insert for their Sell Out album in 1967. The Speakeasy also hosted performances by some of the finest acts of the time, including Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and King Crimson (who debuted at the club).

Today:  As well as offices, 48 Margaret Street is now a nightclub called Cameo.

"When I joined the Metroplitan Police in 1995 I was first posted to Marylebone Division, which contains Seymour Place (Safari Records were briefly based at no.44, later on it was Connoisseur Records who were based there), Margaret St and Newman St.(Purple Records). Whilst learning my ground, expeirenced PCs would point out local places of historical interest, so when my time came to tutor probationers, I would do the same, but include my Purple Places as well!" Ian Williams

Getting there: Just north of Oxford Circus tube station.

DPAS Archive collection. Thanks to Ian Williams

48 margaret st., 2004

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