Roger David Glover was born on November 30th, 1945, at Brecon in South Wales. When he was nine his parents decided to become publicans near Earls Court, where Roger listened to visiting groups. He had taken piano lessons but skiffle, blues and rock became his prime musical interest.

Roger took up the bass because it seemed an easier instrument to play than a regular six string guitar. The family moved to Pinner, and Roger attended Harrow County Grammar School where in 1961 he formed The Madisons with friends. They became proficient enough to be occasionally booked at London venues like the Last Chance Club. In 1963 Roger went on to Hornsey College of Art but kept in touch with his friends, who decided to merge with members of another school band The Lightnings, and they became Episode Six in early 1964. Episode Six began cutting demos to try and get a deal, and an agent found them work all over the south of England and in Europe. When their singer Andy Ross quit in early 1965 they recruited Ian Gillan and got a deal with Pye Records.

In 1969 Gillan was offered an audition with Deep Purple. Taking Glover along on a session basis for a recording, the band liked his playing and writing skills and offered him a job as well. Glover stayed until 1973. During that time he became interested in production work, helping on some of the Deep Purple albums, as well as other artists on their new label Purple Records. Glover left in June 1973 when he heard Blackmore wanted to fire him.

He went straight into full time production work with Rory Gallagher, Nazareth and many others. He also developed The Butterfly Ball album in 1974, and a solo album Elements. He was recruited by Ritchie Blackmore to produce and then join Rainbow in 1979, staying with them until the Deep Purple reunion in 1984.

He cut a second solo album The Mask, recorded Accidentally On Purpose with Ian Gillan for Virgin Records, and recently cut a third solo album Snapshot. He also produced all the Deep Purple reunion albums until 2003.


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