Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, Australia.
March 31st 2008

The support act was Skintilla, a metal band formed in 1998. Their website claims that they blend dual attacking guitars, a pounding rhythm section with ground shaking power vocals, all coming together to make their live performances both entertaining and unforgettable. They are right about the last point – unforgettable, loud, no make that very, very loud metal thrash.

Whitesnake were on stage for about 100 minutes, 14 songs mostly about love, good love, bad love, my love, your love, ol’ love. David did take a shine to one of the local lovelies; well at least until she pointed out that the guy next to her was her husband! The band was David Coverdale : vocals, Doug Alrich : guitar and vocals, Reb Beach : guitar and vocals, Uriah Duffy : bass and vocals, Timothy Drury : keyboards and vocals, and new recruit, Chris Frazier : drums, but no vocals. Is there a reason why there are so many backing up David’s vocals? In a word yes!

Given that this is only the fifth gig with Chris Frazier and it is at the start of a “world” tour there are many reasons to be worried. I trust that things will improve, both vocally and musically. They had to stop two songs, one where DC missed his cue – “I was admiring the band”, the other when two songs were being played at the same time. It had the guy on the mixing desk scrambling for his set-list. David joked about the set-lists and “blamed” one of the roadies wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt (boo, hiss).

The solos in Snake Dance were indulgent; Doug’s guitar solo didn’t really fit together, a bit of slide, a bit of fast stuff, a bit of the melodic stuff, a bit if this and a bit of that. The drum solo didn’t get the crowd involved. The crowd did react to the favourites and did a laudable job singing the choruses but overall the 1,200 didn’t red line the dB counter until Burn and then lifted the roof off. It was great to hear Burn.

David jokingly blamed us for the fact that this was only his second tour in twenty one years – geez louise, that’s stretching things a bit much. He can twirl a mike stand with the best of them and there was all his usual posturing but I think really he should call it a day before we call it a nightmare love.

Full set list:
Intro / Best years / Fool for your loving / Bad boys / Love Ain’t No Stranger / Lay Down Your Love / Is this Love / Blues for Mylene (Snake Dance) / Crying in the Rain / Ain’t No Love / All for Love / Give me all your love / Here I go again. Encore: Still of the Night / Burn

review & set list: Graeme Milton

Fantastic show , the sound was great and David was in great voice. Smallish crowd (probably less than 1500) , but as the concert was fairly poorly promoted here I was surprised that there were that many !

A few new songs , which were well received. Quite a good spread of material from the different eras . A great version of  "Fool For Your Loving " was the second song , which the crowd loved , and a stunning "Burn" in the encore. David had left before we got around the back ( he must have been quick !) , but we spoke to Doug & Reb (both very friendly) . They said that David was very happy with the reception here , which is why he played Burn. Interestingly , there was a couple of false starts on a couple of songs (at one stage the new drummer and the rest of the band started a different song , due to a set list mix up , much to everyone's amusement).

All in all a great show , actually much better than I was anticipating.

Also went to the ASO plays Deep Purple show on Friday (which was very good)so an excellent week all around !

review: Gary Massie

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