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September 6th, 2002. Hammersmith Apollo, London.  Too Many Superlatives!

Fireball / Woman From Tokyo / Mary Long / Ted the Mechanic / Lazy / Well-Dressed Guitar / When A Blind Man Cries / Space Truckin / Don's solo (& changeover) / Perfect Strangers / Speed King / Smoke On The Water / Hush / Black Night / Highway Star

I was trying to think of a good sub-editor's caption to start, but there are too many choices and too many superlatives.The show clocked in at roughly 1:45 each night. The set list was shorter than last time and less adventurous, but these were mostly positive changes. Fireball is a stronger opener than Woman From Tokyo, and kicks things off as they mean to go on. This is hard and fast Deep Purple. Space Truckin made a welcome return - I'd forgotten how much I like it as a live track. Brian Jackson

Reviews (auch ein Kritik in Deutsch)

September 7th, 2002. Hammersmith Apollo, London.    Deep Purple As A Ten Piece

A powerful performance. Space Trucking had the PA shaking! From the enthusiastic reception it is evident that in late 2002 a hell of a lot of goodwill exists for Deep Purple. Whether this is mainly Lord / last tour related or otherwise I don't know. Attendance figures on the next tour will tell. I felt they could have played a few more tracks. No Child In Time / Fools for example. 28.00 for under 100 mins is a lot of dosh per sec.!

Dickinson, Gers and McBrain from Iron Maiden joined the boys for Smoke On The Water. Gers striking no end of Blackmore derived poses, throwing his strat in the air and round by the lead etc..... Peter Mair

Reviews (auch ein Kritik in Deutsch)

If you've noticed recently that Jon rarely as much as steps forward of his rig after Highway Star, he did - just, only just - on the first night at Hammersmith. But tonight he did handshakes all the way along the front row!   Nigel Young

September 8th, 2002. The Barbican Centre, York.    Perfect Purple

I needed to see Mr Lord one last time, and set off for the show asking myself if would it be worth it...well, of course it was! The band were very tight and Ian Gillan was in magnificent form, with When A Blind Man Cries the highlight of the first half, especially when Ian sang "from his soul". The whole song was just perfect Purple.

The arrival of Mr Lord was brilliant, coming after Don had done a reasonable solo spot (the Star Wars theme was a bit dodgy!).

I think it's now time to move on. Steve has been in the band long enough not to have to play a show comprising 90% Mark 2 tracks. Philip Bradbury.

I have seen DP on every UK tour since 1973, and I have to say that I enjoyed the York concert more than most. The sound was great, the hall small and sweaty. Great to hear 'Space Truckin' live again. Don Airey is great, I have seen him several times over the years but what a hard act to follow. It was a shame, I thought, that Jon or somebody did not have something to say to the audience. Still I treasure Deep Purple each time I see them. I look forward to the 2003 tour with the new album! Tony Breslin

September 9th, 2002. St.George's Hall, Bradford.    Pumping Out The Classics

Well, I'll put finger to keyboard soon (in proper style) over York and Bradford, suffice to say that last night blew York into oblivion, a blinder of a show crackling with energy- band and crowd well up for it (whatever "it" is). Right up there in my top 5 Purple shows ever, performance-wise. I'll skip out on commenting on the setlist too much, unadventurous but definitely high energy, very much a short sharp burst, but man of the match must go to Mr Morse for his sheer blistering performance and for not having a wobbly when big Ian sang the final verse of Smoke instead of there being a guitar solo. Imagine what petulance that would have precipitated 10 years ago....
Martin Ashberry.   photo, Michael Richards.

September 11th, 2002. Newcastle City Hall.    Star Spangled Banner
This band just keep on getting better. Steve Morse played an impromptu version of the Star Spangled Banner which was touching...after the show he told me it was initiated by Don Airey. Deep Purple are on fire and the show was over before I knew it. Don fills Jon's shoes incredibly well, bringing his own sound and sense of humour to the music..(I look forward to seeing him play a full set). Steve is all over the stage and looks like he's having the time of his life..The whole band commented on how much they enjoyed the gig. I am sure there'll be people who will complain about lack of new material or Morse era songs, but this set list is just the bizz. High energy and exciting. See this band NOW!  Mike McBain
Fireball / Woman from Tokyo /
Mary Long / Ted The Mechanic / Lazy /
When a Blind Man Cries /
Space Truckin' / Don Airey Solo ~ Perfect Strangers / Speed King / Riff Raff ~ Smoke On The Water / Hush / Black Night / Highway Star.
"I did enjoy the gig but must admit I came away thinking
'move on for God's sake'.
Ian Gillan won't sing any Coverdale era Purple material,
yet Steve is stuck playing Blackmore
with the exception of Ted the Mechanic
and Well Dressed Guitar..."

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September 12th, 2002. Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow.    Hair Of The Dog   

I have been lucky enough to see Deep Purple many times over the years, going back to the mk4 UK tour but I have NEVER heard them sound better. There were so many highlights it's hard to single any out, but I'll try. When A Blind Man Cries was magnificent. Jon Lord's appearance was a delight, and the band stepped up another gear. We were treated to a suprise when Steve started playing Love Hurts, and up stepped Dan McCafferty from Nazereth to sing the first few lines. Don's solo included We'll Take The High Road and I Belong To Glasgow (a nice touch). This being Jon's swansong in Scotland he seemed to be pulling out all the stops and really enjoyed himself (Don has a rather large pair of boots to fill).
As they say in these parts "haste ye back" (soon please! Charlie King

"Ian's voice was in fine form and he looked relaxed in his white jammies..."
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