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October 24th 2005. Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City.  

"I´ve arrived at Auditorio Nacional half hour before the time. The architecture was inspired by aztec pyramids, and the arena was a wonderful combination of old and new, with happy people milling around everywhere. Right on 8:30pm the show started with local band "Àgora", who weren't bad, and played for 25 minutes.

After changing the stage set and a brief soundcheck, about 9:20pm Deep Purple kicked off with FIREBALL. Ian Gillan´s voice sounded very good, and very powerful. STRANGE KIND OF WOMAN was followed by two new songs: WRONG MAN and KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE. Both sounded heavier than on the album. Next up was DEMON´S EYE, followed by RAPTURE OF THE DEEP, played with great energy and featuring interesting work from Ian Paice. The show continued with CONTACT LOST then the GUITAR SOLO spot leading into WELL DRESSED GUITAR. Then came DON AIREY´S SOLO which lead into the intro of PERFECT STRANGERS. HIGHWAY STAR included a long intro, then SPACE TRUCKIN´, and SMOKE ON THE WATER rounded off the main set.

The first encore consisted of LAZY and HUSH, the second encore was BLACK NIGHT. It was a very good show, maybe not one of their best, but worth seeing of course.!" review: Rodrigo Victor

October 30th 2005. Estadio Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, Argentina.   updated, nov 5th

"With only one show (sold out -and more-) Deep Purple arrived in Buenos Aires at 8 am. The concert opened at 8 pm with a local band, and Deep Purple arrived on stage 9 pm. First up was Fireball, in a raw porformance, followed by Strange Kind Of Woman, then a new great heavy song Wrong Man, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye and Demon's Eye, which caused mass delirium in the crowd. All of the music was excellently played.

Another new song fin the set was Rapture Of The Deep itself, which got all of the stadium singing along with the Arabian instrumentation. Steve Morse continued the show with Contact Lost and Well Dressed Guitar. Don Airey's solo spot was one of the best moments of the night, including two Piazzola classics, before leading into Perfect Strangers. He has really added a new touch and new force in the band, which was there for all to see tonight. Highway Star, Space Truckin' and Smoke On The Water completed the main set.

The encores: a fantastic performance of Lazy, with Hush and Black Night finishing off the show. It really was a great concert, maybe a bit short at one hour 30 minutes, but I've been left with the conclusion that Deep Purple are the best band in the world once again." review: Gabriel Gonzalez from Deepest Purple and Purple People, La Plata, Argentina

"There's a chronicle of the show in Obras Sanitarias (in Spanish) published in our blog "Berp!"  Berpblog

November 1st 2005. Credicard Hall, São Paulo, Brazil   new, nov 4th

"Nothing different from Argentina, as it seems. It was also another sold out Deep Purple gig at Credicard Hall, an 8,000 people venue. The show started about 10:30pm and the set list was same as that on recent shows: Fireball / Strange Kind Of Woman / Wrong Man / Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye / Demon´s Eye / Contact Lost / Well Dressed Guitar / Don Airey´s solo (Star Wars spot followed by Brazilian "Aquarela do Brasil") / Perfect Strangers / Highway Star / Space Truckin' / Smoke On The Water. The encore was Lazy / Hush / Black Night (which contained possibly the best improvisation of the night, with highlights of Zeppelin´s "Rock´n Roll" by Morse, and Ian starting to sing on second part!). The band seemed to be tired. There was no drum solo.

Backstage after the show we saw a guy called Eduardo (who plays guitar in a Deep Purple cover band and is a real Ritchie Blackmore clone) enter the band´s dressing room, where Ian Paice knelt and Bruce Payne made the sign of the cross! It was a hilarious scene." review: Roberto Souza, São Paulo

"Intense and full of power. Of the new songs Wrong Man has really grown in a live setting, and no doubt that Rapture Of The Deep will become a new classic with its Arabian rhythm. There were new and different long introductions to Highway Star and Lazy. Don Airey was the star of the night, bringing freshness to the band and extra motivation. The only negative points were the short 95 minute set list, and the paucity of songs from the Morse era, but I still think that Deep Purple are the best band in the world. Thank you guys!" review: Leandro M Granella

November 2nd 2005. Credicard Hall, São Paulo, Brazil   updated, nov 5th

"I first saw Deep Purple here in São Paulo, when they came with the "Slaves and Masters" tour. Last night the show was wonderful. The guys were really having fun, which was so good to see. Ian Paice was vey impressive, as was Don Airey, who played with a heavier sound than Jon Lord. Another point is that Steve Morse is using another guitar besides his blue one. The sound with the new one is a lot better and seems much more appropraite for the band." review: Rogério Aguiar Munhoz Soares, São Paulo

The set list was: Pictures of Home / Strange Kind of Woman / Wrong Man / Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye / Demon´s Eye / Rapture of the Deep / Contact Lost / Well Dressed Guitar / Perfect Strangers / Highway Star / Space Truckin' / Smoke on the Water. Encore : Lazy / Speed King / Black Night." Felipe Martins

"I'm getting a bit worried about the gig reviews which are being posted. Looks to me as if people are trying to be positive and nice, but the overall feeling is a bit down. Mostly the set list looks very dull, the same old songs again. The band MUST play the new songs more and not rely on all the old stuff. It would be great to hear songs from all the Morse era albums and then a few oldies. Mk3 and Mk4 showed the way here didn't they! How about the Astoria being a Blackmore-song free gig." John Blackburn

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