Steve Morse

Another in the series of Magna Carta retrospectives, this rounds up 9 tracks that have appeared on various of their Steve Morse related releases, plus a bonus 11 minute video interview with the Deep Purple guitarist (taken from his instructional video series).

However, you do get to hear him playing alongside the likes of Billy Sheehan, Jordan Rudess, John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, Dave LaRue and Terry Bozzio, which makes this a bit of a muso wet dream..

Now you have to assume that most Steve Morse fans will already have his solo and band albums which cover 5 of the 9 tracks, so they’ll probably only be interested in the odds and sods round up which encompass his version of ‘La Villa Strangiato’ from a Rush tribute album, ‘The Clap’ from a Yes tribute, a track recorded with Dream Theater bloke Jordan Rudess and a Vapourspace remix of ‘Led On’. Nothing rare, but nice to have all in one place.

Of the tracks on offer ‘Heightened Awareness’ from the Steve Morse Band album, ‘Split’ is 4 minutes of pure genius, showing everything that makes Morse so highly regarded and why he has been such a valued player in Kansas, Dixie Dregs and Deep Purple. Of the covers, ‘La Villa Strangiato’ from ‘Working Man – Tribute To Rush’ is well worth a visit, as he takes the Alex Lifeson tour de force and makes it his own over 9 minutes. However, ‘The Clap’ from ‘Tales From Yesterday – Tribute To Yes’ is dull in the extreme, the only track on the CD that you can skip over.

I’m still not sure who this is aimed at, but if you want to begin exploring his world away from his day job in Deep Purple, this is the place to start.

review: Stuart Hamilton, c/o


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