Deep Purple • Live In London 1974

"Live In London was recorded on Deep Purple Mk 3's only British tour, at the Gaumont State, Kilburn, North London, on May 22. 1974, towards the end of what had been a very successful tour. The BBC, who had previously recorded Deep Purple for two In Concert shows at their own studios, asked for and got permission to record the show for the programme. This was quite a big deal at the time, something relatively new for the BBC and great for the fans, many of whom (like I did) spent ages hooking up tape recorders to receivers to capture the show on cassette or reel to reel. It was finally issued on a single album LIVE IN LONDON in 1982. In 2005 a 2CD edition was released in Japan but this hasn't had the remix or the edits restored. As this long-awaited reissue is prepared, we'll keep you up to date here of the progress

If anyone who went to the Kilburn show (or any of the other UK gigs) wants to jot down their recollections for the booklet please email us. If you have any ideas for a limited edtion CD version send them in. A number of Mk 3 releases have appeared since LIVE IN LONDON first appeared, but this is still the only official recording from the UK available, and it captures the feel of the tour admirably. On the whole it's a great gig too, with just one or two off-moments, and while they do ramble at times during SPACE TRUCKIN', it is of the time (and has some powerful work within it). There's a preview of the original album release in Issue 25 of DARKER THAN BLUE / STARGAZER, and reviews in Issue 26.

Progress Report / March 2006
The various Live In London tapes have been taken out of storage. There is the full 90 minute show on five 16-track 2" reels (see photograph). These were copied in 1982 at CTS (De Lane Lea's old studio in Wembley), possibly from the remaining 4-track reels supplied by the BBC. The BBC quickly assembled a first version, broadcast as a specially extended 90 minute "In Concert" programme on June 6th. This may have been broadcast in quadraphonic, for which you needed a quad amplifier and speakers (this might also explain the 4 track reels the BBC had). The BBC did experiment with the format for a short while. The BBC later rebroadcast the gig but in the more usual 60 minute "In Concert" slot. This was achieved by dropping the 34 minute long "Space Truckin'" but to fit the different time slots, there were some other changes.

The original 90 minutes version had some short edits. For example, the second broadcast version of YOU FOOL NO ONE has, during Blackmore's 'blues' solo section, an extra minute of Blackmore picking tunes which is missing from the first airing. There was also a bit missing from the start of MISTREATED and the drum solo. If anyone has spotted any other differences, do let us know.

There was a BBC Transcription Record cut from the second broadcast which has been the source of vinyl and CD bootlegs. For the 1982 vinyl version of LIVE IN LONDON, EMI used the first broadcast, so as well as getting the material into shape for the 2CD version all the edits need to be restored. If the encore was recorded, it is now lost for good.

Initial work on the tapes will probably take place in April at Abbey Road.

Update / March 21st 2006

Where is the missing Kilburn encore? Don't blame the BBC. Gary Hurley has written to confirm that the band didn't play one. Gary recorded the show for himself on a small Philips tape cassette recorder, and says they finished with "Space Truckin'".

Update / March 23rd 2006

"I can certainly confirm that the complete Kilburn show WAS recorded, but the 2" 16-track tapes were re-used about 2 or 3 years later to record a Wishbone Ash show with! I know, as I one day peeled off the labels and was confronted with the Purple labels still underneath." Gary Critcher.

Thanks Gary! For younger Deep Purple fans, Gary used to work for the BBC and was instrumental in helping us get the two In Concert shows released officially. His tales of BBC shelves groaning under the weight of warping transcription records which he was told to throw out haunt me to this day!

"Concerning the differences, please remember to restore the original concert intro, "This band's been called the loudest band in the world, they didn't say they're the best band in the world. Put your hands together please, burn with Deep Purple."" Angelo Mutinelli.

The show was introduced by the BBC DJ with the words above. We wanted to keep this on the vinyl 'Live In London' back in 1982, but amazingly someone at EMI thought it sounded like he was putting the band down. He is the only person ever to have thought so! We will do our best to restore this to the new edition.

"If there's somethin' left of the quadrophonic mixes, it would honour this release if it became the first Mk 3 SACD or DVD-A or maybe even Dual Disc release." Harrie Hendriksen

This is a good idea Harrie, I'll see what turns up when we listen to the tapes. I'm not sure what the economics are but we can ask.

Update / May 25th 2006

EMI have booked the studio to sort the tapes and prepare the mix in June. They will also look at the possibility of a 4.1 mix at the same time for SACD.

Update / May 26th 2006

We're trying to find copies of tickes from shows on Deep Purple's 1974 UK Tour. Click the ticket on the right to see what we've got so far.

Update / June 14th 2006

Abbey Road have spent a day on Live In London, and copied over the 4 track tapes. The good news is that it seems to us as if the bits missing from tapes used for the vinyl are here, as is the full "Space Truckin'". The strange news is that the separation is weird, with vocals, drums and bass all on one track. Happily as this is a mostly instrumental number, it'll not present too many problems. Peter Mew at the studio is now going through the stereo tapes to check all those and preparing listening copies so we can work out exactly where any "lost" bits are prior to cutting these back into the final CD production master.

Some more tickets from the tour have come in from fans, and we've been and photographed the fabulous Kilburn State Gaumont for the package too, with a member of the DPAS having penned us a short history of the venue for the sleeve notes. These old cinemas might seem invincible, but developers are trying to get permission to demolish the magnificent Art Deco Odeon in Kensington this very week (and don't get me started on the 1960s Commonwealth Building opposite, for which Blair's mob are prepared to change the law on listed building status so they can raze it to the ground).

Tickets from Deep Purple's 1974 UK Tour, in chronological order...

The only British tour 74 gigs we are missing tickets images for now are Southend Kursaal, Norwich (first night), and Stoke On Trent. Can anyone help? If you can add to the collection, please get in touch. Can anyone help? If you can add to the collection, please get in touch.

Update / June 19th 2006

It looks like we may never see a Deep Purple / Southend Kursaal Ballroom, June 27th 194 ticket! Audie Philips writes to say that for gigs there all tickets were taken in, and counted. You could then pick one up as a souvenir on the way out. However for the Deep Purple gig, the management held onto all the tickets, so fans couldn't get one after the show. Unless there is anyone out there who didn't go to the gig, that's it...

Update / September 1st 2006

All the missing bits have now been timed and the list is back with Abbey Road. One bright spark in the DPAS (hello Martin) imported the various audio versions into a PC so the sound waves could be compared visually to help double check the work. Abbey Road will now compile a finished version of the show for us to listen to. We've asked them to go steady on the compression as I know this does concern a lot of fans.

Assuming this gets done in September (which is a busy time as studios finish up major Christmas releases) a release around November does look very probable. Which is good; I wasn't looking forward to chewing pointy hat for Xmas dinner... In the meantime, Mike Garrett at the RB Fanclub (Lincoln) has been down and photographed the Kursaal venue for the A-Z.

Update / September 19th 2006

"I seem to remember the concert at Birmingham (3rd) had a lot of technical problems involving Ritchie's amps. As he moved around the stage his guitar would go dead. As a result of this the rest of the band did not have a very good gig either. This was the first time that I'd seen Deep Purple live so I was a bit disappointed and began to wonder if this new line-up could really cut it live. I then saw the band again a few weeks later at Wolverhampton Civic and my worries were unfounded. Purple played a blistering set. I actually walked past Blackmore on the stairs during the break after the support, and he had a smile on his face, so he was in a good mood. I was lucky enough to be right up against the stage in front of him for the whole show. At the end he did a complete destruction job on his guitar. I managed to get a plectrum which I still treasure! The gig still stands as one of the best I've ever seen." Adrian Smith


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