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2006 European Tour Noticeboard
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October 3rd 2006.    Arena, Salzburg

"The new Salzburgarena wasn`t sold out, although there were approximately 2,000 fans present. It all sounded amazingly fresh, and even playful. When A Blind Man Cries lacked the customary keyboard intro, instead beginning with blues guitar. Into the Fire came across really heavy - sporting a new arrangement which had Ian Gillan smiling from ear to ear. The mood was good; during the solo spots non-participating band members sat and sipped beer behind the drum-kit. Throughout the night Morse played in a much more blues based style than usual. We all left happy. I can see them doing it all again, another album and a tour from 2007 to 2009!" review: Erik Hoeller

"I was lucky enough to watch the soundcheck. Among others they rehearsed Living Wreck and Ted The Mechanic, neither of which were played during the show itself." report, and photos: Sam Schlagenhaufen

The full Salzburg set list: 01.Pictures Of Home 02. Things I Never Said 03. Into The Fire 04. Strange Kind Of Woman 05. Rapture Of The Deep 06. Fireball 07. Wrong Man 08. Steve's solo - Well Dressed Guitar 09. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 10. When A Blind Man Cries 11. Lazy 12. Don's solo - Perfect Strangers 13. Space Truckin´ 14. Highway Star 15. Smoke On The Water 16. Hush - including a very short drum solo 17. Roger's solo - Black Night.
set list: Nigel Young

October 5th 2006.   Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana

"Deep Purple once again proved that they are one of the great live bands. They were performing in Slovenia for the third time in less than three years, and show was once again (almost) sold out. The concert was awesome, the band appeared very fresh and relaxed, and it was obvious that they still enjoy being on stage. Every member gave 100%, and the overall performance was perfectly tight. The set list was the same as Salzburg. The only drawback was pretty weak sound. As a photographer I was impressed by a light show, it was easy to take nice shots!" review and photos: Janez Pelko

October 8th 2006.   Cez Arena, Ostrava, Czech Rep.

"A great, powerful show!! Deep Purple once again proved that they are one of the great live bands. It was Roger's night, he played splendidly throughout. The set list was very good. Especially 'Into the Fire' , 'Fireball', 'Things I Never Said' and 'Wrong Man'. We all left happy. The set list: Pictures Of Home, Things I Never Said, Into The Fire, Strange Kind Of Woman, Rapture Of The Deep, Fireball, Wrong Man, Steve Morse Guitar Solo ~ Well Dressed Guitar, When A Blind Man Cries, Lazy, Don Airey Solo ~ Perfect Strangers, Space Truckin´, Highway Star, Smoke On The Water. Encore: Hush, Black Night."   review and photos: Katarzyna Jakubowska

October 9th 2006.   Torwar, Warsaw, Poland

"Deep Purple played a very powerful show. Highlights were the Rapture Of The Deep songs, with Wrong Man the most powerful riff I’ve ever heard, it really shook Torwar to its foundations. The classics were played with great intensity,especially Into The Fire. Now this song shines, during the Gillan’s Inn Tour it lacked something. Ian Gillan is in top shape, I have never seen him singing that well before in Poland (even in 1996, 1998 and 2000). If he wanted, he could hit every high note in Child In Time. Steve played a great solo spot, complete with his riff parade. Roger and Ian Paice were as solid as ever. And Don Airey played marvelous solos. Ever wonder what this band is about? It is about great music and authenticity." review and photos: Marcin Rybacki

"A surprisingly good show, however the expectations were rather low after short phone reports of the show the day before (Ostrava). Although Warsaw was not sold out, the band were in good mood and enjoying a very positive and enthusiastic response from the audience. Ian Gillan was in fine form and didin`t use his lyric cribsheet.

The set: Pictures Of Home / Things I Never Said / Into The Fire / Strange Kind Of Woman / Rapture Of The Deep / Fireball / Wrong Man / Well Dressed Guitar / When A Blind Man Cries / Lazy / Perfect Strangers / Space Truckin´ / Highway Star / Smoke On The Water and the encore: Hush and Black Night.

What I would like to highlight is Into The Fire - nice to have it back, and a really fast and powerfull Fireball. They cut out one track (Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye) from the Salzburg set list. The result was only 1 hour 45 minutes (again...) of live music. Do they have to take keep an eye on 'time limits' ? The track order is of course fantastic for the public but is not what you`d love to hear when you`re a die-hard fan. Anyway, Deep Purple didn`t disappoint. As always. Last Thursday night (Oct 12th) I heard on the Polish radio Program 3 that during an informal talk after the show, Ian Gillan mentioned he would come to Poland soon with 'a small band' (meaning Gillan`s Inn project I suppose), but I can`t confirm it and until it appears as an official news I would treat it as an idea, rather than part of a scheduled tour." review: Domink Bednarski

November 4th 2006.   Zenith Arena, Lille, France

"Dean Howard appeared on stage to do a little duet with Steve, and then to play on 'Smoke On The Water'. Highlights for me were Into the Fire, Fireball and all of the Rapture tracks, which sounded really good. The only thing that could make these gigs better would be to change the end of the shows, the sequence after Lazy hasn't changed for years except n January/February, and it would be great to have Speed King back !" review: Regis Lamoline (For the french speakers there's a more complete review on : )

"Oh, what a night… my third Deep Purple show… the other two being in Brazil. I was in the front row; watching Roger Glover playing up close was amazing… he was perfect (as always). The worst part for me was in Perfect Strangers, when my girlfriend felt unwell and was taken away by the security. On the bright side, she returned during the next song, Space Truckin’, she returned, and in the mean time I'd managed to grab one of the Roger’s custom plectrums… great souvenir!

The set list: 01. Pictures Of Home / 02. Things I Never Said / 03. Into The Fire / 04. Strange Kind Of Woman / 05. Rapture Of The Deep / 06. Fireball / 07. Wrong Man / 08. Steve Morse's solo / 09. Well Dressed Guitar / 10. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye / 11. When A Blind Man Cries / 12. Lazy / 13. Don Airey's solo / 14. Perfect Strangers / 15. Space Truckin´ / 16. Highway Star / 17. Smoke On The Water / 18. Hush (incl. drum solo) / 19. Roger Glover's solo / 20. Black Night.    review, set list and photos: Octavio Farias

November 5th 2006.   Zenith de Caen, France

"I don't speak English very well, so I can't write you a review, but it was a great show, as was Lille."

Arnaud Delrot.

(thanks for the photos Arnaud!)

November 7th 2006.   Le Galaxie, Amnéville, France

Set List: 01. Pictures Of Home / 02. Things I Never Said / 03. Into The Fire / 04. Strange Kind Of Woman / 05. Rapture Of The Deep / 06. Fireball / 07. Wrong Man / 08. Steve's solo / 09. Well Dressed Guitar / 10. When A Blind Man Cries / 11. Lazy / 12. Don's solo / 13. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye / 14. Perfect Strangers / 15. Space Truckin' / 16. Highway Star / 17. Smoke On The Water / 18. Speed King Medley / 19. Roger's solo / 20. Black Night.

"My only previous visit to Le Galaxie was for Purple in the Joe Lynn Turner years. The catering is surprisingly dreadful for France: only one food stall, serving microwaved soggy pizza and pre-wrapped burgers and non-existent hot dogs. At least there were no queues for the beer. Toilets adequate, but in need of a clean. (thank goodness for that..) The venue didn't look full. The crowd were lively, especially for the In Rock and Machine Head numbers. Fireball didn't achieve the same reaction – maybe the album didn't sell well in France. Don was up to his usual tricks, incorporating local ditties in his solo (is his lack of knowledge of the Luxembourg national anthem the reason why Purple haven't played there since 1998?). Steve played the medley of riffs during his solo which he has used as an intro to Smoke On The Water in the past. Ian forgot his lines on a few occasions. I must admit I make mistakes in singing along with Strange Kind of Woman, but, then again, I didn't write it. The encore started with Speed King when we were all expecting Hush. A nice surprise, especially as it meant we got a total of 1 hour 55 minutes: a bonus of 10 minutes!" review: James Whitworth

For more on the show, see (French DP site)

"Dates for a Deep Purple French tour in 2007, as seen on a flyer at the Amneville show: 16/03 Reims / 17/03 Tours / 19/03 Nantes / 20/03 Rouen / 22/03 La Rochelle / 23/03 Pau / 25/03 Strasbourg / 26/03 Beauvais / 28/03 Bordeaux / 29/03 St Etienne / 30/03 Grenoble / 31/03 Limoges."
Mathieu Pinard. 
photos: Arnaud Delrot.

November 9th 2006.   Zenith de Toulouse, Toulouse, France

"The opened up by blasting the place with "Pictures of Home", followed straight away by a very punchy "Things I Never Said". The sound was very heavy even if it wasnt all that loud, just what was needed for a venue holding upwards of 8,000 people. It was such a pleasure to hear "Strange kind of Woman" again, and 'Rapture Of The Deep' really took wing, with the crowd singing along. "Wrong Man" suffered from bad sound, but all was well by the time Steve Morse lead into "Well Dressed Guitar", punctuating his virtuosity with a parade of famous riffs and solos from the likes of 'Stairway to Heaven', 'Sweet Home Alabama', and others. Don's solo spot featured "Toulouse" (a famous local anthem written and performed by C. Nougaro, a singer born in the city). At the end of the set there was a 2-3 minute break before they returned to hammer into "Hush" and "Black Night"...... " review: Fred Chandevau

November 11th 2006.   Musikhall , Rennes, France    updated, November 22nd

"......The day after, we had an 800km drive to Rennes. Ian Gillan wasn't on top form at this show, and said so during the first two songs, but it was still a great show. During "Into the Fire" he forgot words in the middle of the song, had a laugh about it with Roger and Steve, then went back tried again! The set list was the same as Toulouse, but the sound seemed better, the atmosphere warmer and the crowd younger. The two last times I saw Deep Purple, at the "Vieilles Charrues" in 2005, and Paris with Lynyrd Skynyrd in 2003 seemed too short, they could'nt fully express their talent. But here we are now, back to the form of the Purpendicular tour, with all the energy af a shooting star. It would have been good to hear some of that album too." review: Fred Chandevau, photo: Mathieu Pinard

November 13th 2006.   Palais Nikaia de Nice, France
Set list: 1.Pictures of Home, 2.Things I Never Said, 3. Into The Fire, 4. Strange Kind Of Woman, 5. Rapture Of The Deep, 6. Fireball, 7. Wrong Man, 8. guitar solo + Well Dressed Guitar, 9. When A Blind Man Cries, 10. Lazy, 11. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, 12. organ solo ~ 13. Perfect Strangers, 14. Space Truckin', 15. Highway Star, 16. Smoke On The Water. Encore : 1. Hush + drum solo, 2. bass solo + Black Night.

"Deep Purple in Nice was quite an event, as in this part of France, hard rock is generally not many people's "cup of tea". The show took place at the Palais Nikaia, the newest venue in Nice, which can accomodate up to 50,000 according to the type of band performing there (the Stones concert took place there last summer). In the case of Deep Purple, the venue was configured to hold 5,000 to 6,000. The venue was almost full. The sound was very good. Ian Gillan's voice needed some improvement in the beginning but got better and better during the first three songs. He seemed to be in very good form, and even congratulated a woman in the crowd for her "air-bags"! Some highlights of the show : "Into the Fire" and "Fireball", both of which I heard live for the first time. This was a pure pleasure despite some vocal problems during the former. We were glad to see a little drum solo back in the set as we didn't have one when we saw them in Monte Carlo in July. Ian Paice is still the best drummer in the world! They left the stage after almost two hours, throwing picks and drum sticks to an ecstatic crowd. As a conclusion: Hats off ! Excellent show, excellent band. The only "negative" opinion that I would like to express concerns the set list - come on guys, surprise us a little bit more ! "

eview: Nathalie Milliet -

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