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The second volume of Mike Richards' excellent cassette analysis books is out at last. In his first volume, Mike set out to catalogue all known recorded Deep Purple shows between the years 1968 to 1993 which have turned up on tape. The idea is to give tape collectors some sort of basic reference work to help them identify tapes and check which are worth looking out for.

This second book follows the same sort of format. There are 80 pages of text (ink-jet printed and ring bound), covering the period from June 1994 (the brief Satriani tour of Europe following Blackmore's departure) up to the Concerto 30th Anniversary shows in September 1999.

In all, Vol 2 covers an amazing 250+ shows, and Mike has listened to each and every one. There is a set-list and comments on performance and quality. Chapters are divided with colour sheets to make locating tours easier, and for ten of the sections Mike has added a page of tickets and CD Bootleg covers etc. to make it visually more interesting.

The best recommendation I can give is that this is one of three or four reference works which never leaves my desk.

Mike has also added a "catch up" section to volume two, which details tapes from 1968 to 1993 which emerged after the first volume was printed. This means you don't have to buy the first volume all over again. With his permission we've been able to reproduce that section here on It certainly gives an idea of the scope and detail in both books.

As before, Mike is only producing the book in limited quantities. The price for Vol 2 remains the same as the first: UK £12.50. EU £15.00. ROW £17.00 These prices include postage and packing (it's quite a hefty tome) and copies are available from the dpas online store. Some copies of Volume 1 also remain, at the same price.

review by Simon Robinson.
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"The Catch Up"

15th/16th January 1970, Amsterdam - Doebidoe

Speed King/Mandrake Root/Wring That Neck/Into the Fire

TV show from Holland, but unlike Doing Their Thing, this one seems to be unedited, the numbers are shortened versions. The sound is a little thin, but very listenable. No solo as such in Speed King, Gillan really going for it. Lord's solo is hard to hear during Mandrake Root, but you can hear how busy Paice is. Similar story for Wring That Neck, a short solo from Glover added here. Gillan again really pushing himself for Into the Fire, a poor guitar solo in this. Letís hope someone tracks down the video footage.

Running Time 24 mins

30th January 1971, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Yodel/Speed King/Strange Kind of Woman/Child in Time/The Mule/Wring That Neck/Black Night/ Lucille/Good Golly Miss Molly

Very early 1971 show, thereís some distortion but it is listenable, Lord difficult to hear, even in the quieter bits. Blackmore sounds in fine form, he puts in some impressive stuff during Speed King. The in-between chat is edited out. Very short trade in Strange Kind of Woman, and they have two goes at it. Loads of hiss at the start of Child in Time, the interplay between Lord and Blackmore is great. Embryonic version of The Mule, the lyrics as we know them obviously have not yet been written, no drum solo either. Seems to be some edits during Lords solo in Wring That Neck. A longish trade between Blackmore and Gillan during Black Night, the very end of this one is missing. Audience told to go back to their seats before the band is allowed back for the encores, Gillan asks for the house lights to be turned off before Good Golly Miss Molly. Well worth having this tape.

Running Time 72 minutes

21st April 1971, Stockholm Konserthuset

No idea what is on this tape, a sample was released by the owner but nothing further, quality is said to be quite good.

16th January 1973, Berlin Sporthalle

Highway Star/Smoke on the Water/Strange Kind of Woman/Mary Long/Lazy/Space Truckiní/Black Night/Lucille

Sound quality not too bad, a little heavy on the bass which does lead to some distortion, and Gillan could do with being higher in the mix. Great blues introí to Smoke on the Water. Good audience response to the opening of Strange Kind of Woman, Gillan misses a little of the first verse, impressive solo from Blackmore and some good trading with Gillan. Mary Long is quite powerful, perhaps would have improved live if the ending had been better. Lord provides a great opening to Lazy, Blackmore's timings are a little off for this one. There seems to be an edit between Lord and Blackmore's solos during Space Truckiní, this leaves Blackmore's quite short. Gillan confirms the venue just before Black Night, Blackmore very late into this and he loses the plot around the chorus. Well worth hunting around to get this tape.

Running Time 85 mins

20th January 1973, Frankfurt Festhalle

Donít get too excited here, I waited for ages to get this tape and within 5 minutes discovered it was actually Nuremberg on 19th January 1973, shame.

19th February 1973, Manchester Free Trade Hall

Highway Star/Smoke on the Water/Strange Kind of Woman/Mary Long/Lazy/Space Truckiní/Black Night/Lucille

A little distorted, particularly the vocals and the sound comes from mainly one channel. New discovery from the final Mark 2 tour of the UK. Cracking versions of Highway Star and Smoke on the Water, the tape fades between each number, this does occasionally mean that bits have been missed. Mary Long is the only new number, Child in Time missing. Lord adding all sorts of stuff to the start of Lazy, such as America, the drum solo is heavily edited. Lord adds Three Blind Mice to the start of Space Truckiní, some great solos in this, Blackmore's seems quite short and there is an edit near the end. Lucille gets faster and faster, great show.

Running Time 73 mins

8th December 1973, Copenhagen KB Hallen

Burn/Might Just Take Your Life/Lay Down Stay Down/Mistreated/Smoke on the Water/You Fool No One/Space Truckiní/Whatís Going On Here

The first mark 3 show, sound is a bit distorted, Coverdale is low in the mix and there are edits all over the first half of the tape. Blackmore makes at least one mistake during Burn. Seems to be some problem with Lords gear before Might Just Take Your Life. Lay Down Stay Down sounds very polished, but the vocals are a little indistinct. Coverdale sounds flat in Mistreated, some great guitar in this, but the sound gets a little muddy, simple ending. Musically Smoke is very good, the vocals are a bit weak and they are both competing at the end. Very muddy sound during You Fool No One, no extended guitar solo. Coverdale sounds unsure of himself in Space Truckiní, Lord using loads of Synth in his long solo. Blackmore abusing his guitar. Whatís Going On Here cuts in Lord's solo.

Running Time 80 mins

20th November 1974, Los Angeles Long Beach Arena

Burn/Stormbringer/The Gypsy/Lady Double Dealer/Mistreated/Smoke on the Water/You Fool No One

Quite good quality, fairly clear sound with just a minor amount of distortion although Lord is difficult to hear. Burn cuts at Lords solo. some great touches added to Stormbringer by Blackmore, here the vocals are a little distorted. Vocals poor in The Gypsy, they seem to be singing in different keys, awful slide solo too. Good opening riff to Mistreated, again the vocals arenít great This tape has loads of edits between each track. Blackmore makes a real balls of his first attempt at the Lazy riff. Smoke sounds very "untogether" and Blackmore seems to try and have another go at the Gypsy solo. Tape fades out as Paice starts his drum solo.

Running Time 50 minutes

15th March 1976, Liverpool Empire Theatre

Burn/Lady Luck/Gettiní Tighter/Love Child/Smoke on the Water/Lazy/Homeward Strut/This Time Around/Owed to G/Stormbringer/Highway Star

Quite poor sound quality for the final Mark 4 show, which has finally been coerced from itís owner. Coverdale quickly confirms the venue for us, but his constant screams do get on your nerves. The guitar is way back in the mix. Very solid version of Lady Luck, some great improvisation prior to Gettin' Tighter, sounds very like The Doors. They also add Dance To The RockíníRoll at the end of this one, although you wouldnít spot this via the vocal. Vocals to Smoke are awful, by both of them. Entertaining solo from Lord, Lazy is actually very good, with a thunderous drum solo at the end. Hughes is telling us that this is the last gig for... then some voice in the crowd shouts "forever." Bolin leaves loads of gaps in his solo piece, which the crowd fill with abuse. Fairly strong version of Stormbringer, but it does meander near the end, forget about Highway Star, the sound quality has left the building.

Running Time 100 mins

17th September 1988, Merano Ippodromo

Highway Star/Strange Kind of Woman/Dead or Alive/Perfect Strangers/Hard Loviní Woman/Child in Time/Black Night/Lazy/Difficult to Cure/Knocking at Your Back Door/Space Truckiní/Smoke on the Water

Sound is a little muffled and distant, Lord is very hard to hear. Highway Star seems ordinary, not a word youíd expect to use for it. Blackmore adding some little touches during Strange Kind of Woman, but his solo is very poor, as is the trade with Gillan, Paice steals the show here. Hard Loviní Woman is very fast and the end of it is a mess. Sound improves for Child in Time, this could well be from a different source, very short solo. Gillan asks "what do you reckon Ritch" just before Black Night. As Gillan is thanking Paice for his drum solo Iím sure he says "howís your hair" canít see that going down too well. Space Truckiní is tacked on the end of Knocking at Your Back Door, with Gillan missing the chorus of each.

Running Time 85 mins

December 1989, Red Fox Inn Vinhall Vermont

Going Down/Thatíll Be The Day/Smoke on the Water

Here we have the rumoured warm up show just after Turner joined, however Lord is not present tonight. Itís quite funny listening to the audience trying to work out whoís on stage. The sound is dominated by Blackmore, Turner is way back, but as Blackmore is on good form this is OK. Going Down seems much more powerful than the Mark 3 version. Thatíll be the Day is belted out, very good version. Lots of tuning leading to Turner saying "tuning because we care" he also says the Lord is back at the condo. One of the best versions of Smoke from Blackmore since the reunion, without Lord he has to carry it and does. It only lasts 20 minutes or so but it is surprisingly exciting.

Running Time 20 mins

6th February 1991, Zagreb Dom Sportova

Burn/Black Night

Think this may be a TV broadcast, good clear sound, just a little thin. Quite a few errors in Burn, started by Blackmore who seems to miss a beat. Solid version of Black Night, Lord a little low in the mix. Interview with Turner and Glover follows, some different questions asked for a change.

Running Time. 15 mins

10th April 1991, Burlington Memorial Hall

Burn/Black Night/Truth Hurts/The Cut Runs Deep/Perfect Strangers/Fire in the Basement/King of Dreams/Love Conquers All/Difficult to Cure/Knocking at Your Back Door/Lazy/Hey Joe/Highway Star/Smoke on the Water

First date from the 1991 tour of USA, some sound problems with the recording but these settle down during Burn. Seems as if someone left the house PA system on during the intro tape. Turner confirms the venue for us. Blackmore missing at the start of Cut Runs Deep. Good version of Fire in the Basement. King of Dreams returns to the main set. Straight into Difficult to Cure, no frills tonight. Musically, Knocking at Your Back Door is very strong, vocally itís awful, good end solo. Gentle blues opening to Lazy, then Blackmore attacks it and they play it way too fast. Terrible guitar solo in Highway Star, heís either out of tune of off key. Sound very muffled at start of Smoke, and the tape cuts to the solo. Lord adds Hall of the Mountain King to this, the others join in.

Running Time. 90 minutes

22nd April 1991, Pittsburgh Syria Mosque

Burn/Black Night/Truth Hurts/The Cut Runs Deep/Perfect Strangers/Fire in the Basement/Love Conquers All/Difficult to Cure/Knocking at Your Back Door/Lazy/Highway Star

Sound is a little thin, very noisy audience at the start and between most numbers. Very good version of Burn, even Turner performs well. Turner confirms the venue, as he usually does. Long intro to Truth Hurts, but it wanders along not really going anywhere, a couple of lines from Fortuneteller are added. Lord very nearly misses the start of Cut Runs Deep, but they wait for him, Blackmore leaving loads out of this. Good version of Love Conquers All, well at least itís performed well. Good solo from Lord, a huge cheer as he starts Knocking at Your Back Door, some awful vocals during this. Lazy is again played far too fast. Vocals are terrible in Highway Star, again this seems to be too fast. Tape incomplete as there arenít any encores.

Running Time 90 minutes

24th September 1993, Rome Palaghiaccio

Highway Star/Black Night/Talk About Love/A Twist in the Tail/Perfect Strangers/Song of Joy/Knocking at Your Back Door/Anyones Daughter/Child in Time/Anya/The Battle Rages On/Lazy/Space Truckiní/Woman from Tokyo/Paint it Black/Strange Kind of Woman/Smoke on the Water

So we finally get to hear the first show from the 25th Anniversary tour, was it worth the wait ? well sound quality wise, no, quite distant with a very noisy crowd, unable to hear the solos clearly, but the most irritating thing is that this has been transferred to CDR and you get a gap between each track. Gillan confirms both the venue and the date, which is unusual. They seem to be waiting for Blackmore at the start of Twist in the Tail. Decent blues prior to Song of Joy, some good interplay between Blackmore and Lord. There is a great section near the end of Lords solo, he starts to play World in Motion and the rest of them join in. Slight edit at the start of Knocking at Your Back Door. Very short solo in Child in Time, and Lords gear is playing up at the start of Anya. Messy version of Battle Rages On, everyones timing seems a little out all the way through it. Gillan again gives the date, maybe heís spotted someone with a tape machine. Blackmore and Lord do a bit of interplay in Strange Kind of Woman, Gillan joins in and Blackmore ends it.

Running Time 125 minutes

31st October 1993, Katowice Zabrze Sport Hall

Highway Star/Black Night/Talk About Love/A Twist in the Tail/Perfect Strangers/Song of Joy/ Knocking at Your Back Door/Anyones Daughter/Child in Time/Anya/The Battle Rages/Lazy/Space Truckiní/ Woman from Tokyo/Paint it Black/Speed King

Twenty minutes of this show were already available from a TV broadcast, now we have the full audio, but itís not great quality, particularly the first half of the show, the band sound miles away. Very disjointed guitar solo in Highway Star. Gillan is poor in Talk About Love, heís missing loads of lyrics. A good reception for Perfect Strangers, but again Gillan is struggling. A variation of that wonderful riff added throughout this tour, tonight it develops into something similar to The Mule. There are loads of whistles as Knocking at Your Back Door starts, Blackmore is missing, and thereís a huge cheer as he walks on stage. The crowd are louder than Gillan during Child in Time. Anya is a bit of a mess, particularly around the end of the solo. Good drum solo and the sound is good too. Gillan misses a chunk of the lyrics to Woman from Tokyo. Very hit and miss show.

Running Time 125 minutes

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