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Ian Gillan . Child In Time

Ian Gillan,  Child In Time
Smith Gryphon. Published 1993.
Hardback & paperback.

This is Ian Gillan's original biography, written in collaboration with Dave Cohen. It first appeared in a hardback in 1993. A few years later a new edition appeared with some corrections. It's not a bad read, but really needed someone to question Ian at greater length to bring out more detail. As it is, it reads very quickly and after a while the endless drinking stories get very tedious, but fans will be able to find some actual facts or interest, though don't rely too much on Ian's dating of certain events!

This is available through the dpas mail order shop, but may now be out of print, so once stock has gone that's it.

Ian has talked of work in progress on a full autobiography but we don't expect this any time soon.