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Deep Purple • More Than Alive On Stage! The Poster Collection

Deep Purple,  More Than Alive On Stage! The Poster Collection"Like the Blackmore book, inspired by our Japanese contact, this one does what it says on the cover basically. Following the success of the poster gallery on the web site, the book brings together a fab array of posters, both concert and record company offerings. I've been busy working through our archive, and a number of other collectors have helped out. It's designed more as a visual treat than anything, although there will be captions."

The cover is shown here and more details will follow. It will come out in an English language edition. Simon adds that he'd love to hear from people who could fill a few of the gaps or might have material suitable for the book. So if you're up for helping get in touch as soon as possible before the final selection is made and get your name in the credit list..