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Deep Purple

Deep Purple, Japanese Photo Book
Shinko Publishing. Published 1976.
A4+ paperback, Japan

The size and format is similar to the HM Photo Book. Its a strange book, being a mixture of lots of black and white photographs of the band (on and off stage) chosen mostly at random, with a selection of lyrics translated into Japanese throughout.

There are quite a lot of rare photographs (mostly of Mk 2 and Mk 3), including a number from the 1972 and 1973 shows in Japan, so it's worth hunting for, but it is an old publication and only published in Japan, so copies are not easy to find. It came with a dust jacket.

Note also that (in common with a lot of the older books listed here) if you're buying second hand, the glue in the binding does dry out over the years so covers - even pages - often come loose.