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Photographs of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

Photographs of Ritchie Blackmore's RainbowAs this one has been drawn primarily from Simon's own collection, we'll let him explain: "I had our Japanese business contact over recently to discuss a book of Ramones photographs (!) and he spotted some of my old Blackmore prints. He suggested do something with the material; time marches on and this stuff is already over thirty years old. So the concept of a book of photographs came together.

The stuff has been filed away and most of the negatives (and just about all the slides) have never been published. I had no official access, everything was done off the cuff, but there was much less aggro back then and when I dug out the shots they seemed full of the atmosphere of the time.

As I understand it the emphasis will be on the 1976 and 1977 tours, although the Japanese may want later tours covered as well." We will have links through to the European publisher shortly, and some trial pages. In the meantime we are able to show the proposed cover.