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The Band....
• Ritchie Blackmore - guitars
• Candice Night - vocals, penny whistles
• 'Bard David of Larchmont' - backing vocals
• 'Lord Marnen of Wolfhurst' - violin
• 'Squire Malcolm of Lumley' - drums & percussion
• 'Sir Robert of Normandie' - bass guitar
• 'Sisters of the Moon: Lady Nancy and Lady Madeline' -
backing vocals

May 23rd 2003. Kinga Chapel, Wieliczka, Poland.   Amp Trouble

"It's a part of a salt mine, the chapel hall is located underground, created inside a cave where the salt used to be mined. The place has an altar with the sculptures made of salt too. It's really a magical place, one of those extraordinary locations that Ritchie is always looking for." Martin

"The new songs aren’t much of a sensation, they include average covers of Joan Baez’ “Diamonds & Rust” and Jethro Tull’s “Rainbow Blues” (which has actually been introduced before)...."
full review by Ola Szajbel & Bartek Kazana

*Way To Mandalay / Play Minstrel Play / Minstrel Hall / *Diamonds & Rust / Under A Violet Moon / Soldier of Fortune / Durch Den Wald Zum Bach haus / Past Times With Good Company / *Nur Eine Minute ~ *Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword / *Ghost Of A Rose / *Rainbow Blues / *Queen For A Day / Renaissance Faire / Fires At Midnight. Encore: *Dandelion Wine   (* = tracks from the new album)

May 25th2003. Roma Theatre, Warsaw, Poland.

*Cartouche / Play Minstrel Play / Under a Violet Moon / Minstrel Hall / Past Times With Good Company / Soldier of Fortune / Durch Den Wald Zum Bach haus / *Ghost Of A Rose / *Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword / 16th Century Greensleeves/ *Queen For A Day / *Diamonds & Rust / Fires At Midnight / Renaissance Faire / I Still Remember You / Home Again / Village On The Sand / *All For One.
: The Clock Ticks On / Difficult To Cure / Writing On The Wall / Black Night / Now & Then.

May 31st 2003. Caribian Conference Hall, Turku, Finland.    Therapy

"Blackmore's Night had its second concert ín Finland yesterday. We had quite the same as last year. They did four or five new songs. Nothing special. Candice said it was their first concert ever in a hotel! The venue was a congress center near the center of Turku, the oldest city in our country. I hope Ritchie will one day go back to rock music. I feel this therapy is enough for him and is sure enough for me. I give it 7/10. ."   review: Petri Myllylä

June 5th 2003. Peer Gynt Salen, Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway.   Pure Magic

"I was lucky to get Ritchie and Candice to autograph my ticket at their hotel. They had come straight from Haugesund and looked very tired.

The concert was very well played, witth nice guitar all throughout. Ritchie was in very good form; smiling, talking and joking. I think Candice's voice has really developed, and has become more powerful. She sang really well. The rest of the band sounded good, and tight too. The concert lasted for two and a half hours. For us it was pure magic, with very good music. The new songs (from Ghost Of A Rose) sounded very promising and we are looking forward to its release. The "older" songs also sounded good to us.

All in all; very good value for the money. Hope they will visit Oslo next time." review: Morten Larsen

June 7th 2003. Oettker Halle, Bielefeld.   Cancelled

""Germany: Summer Castle Tour 2003. Dear Fans and friends, it has come to our attention that there are insurmountable technical problems affiliated with the Bielefield show. Please note this performance will be removed from the Blackmore's Night tour schedule."

July 3rd 2003. Stadthalle, Wuppertal.  The Next Leg Of The Tour

"The show was simply fantastisch!! No comparison to the concert in Solingen last year. This time we were not hampered by rain and power failures.." full review by Jens Brauweiler

July 10th 2003. Schloß Wertheim, Wertheim.  
July 11th 2003. Burggarten, Rothenburg.

"Encores and the beginning of a somewhat surprising electric section opened with a thumping version of Hendrix classic 'Purple Haze' with Sir Bob of Normandy handling lead vocal duties. A short break before the opening bars of 'Swan Lake' give way to 'Writing on the Wall' c/w snatches of 'Burn' and lengthy electric solo well received by the faithful following. Yet more surprises: 'Difficult to Cure' and an electric version of 'Self Portrait' "
full reviews by Richard Gillitt
   new, Oct 1st

Wertheim & Rothenburg photos in the dpas gallery

September 17th 2003. Theater Of Living Arts, Philadelphia. 

"I flew into Philadelphia from Los Angeles to catch the September 17th show at the Theater of Living Arts. Capacity looked about 400 or so with many people dress in medieval costumes. The band hit the stage about 9:45 or so and played close to 2 ½ hours!. Lots of smiles and joking around from Ritchie and Candice including a jab at Ronnie James Dio’s height…or lack there of. We were even treated to Ritchie playing the Hurdy Gurdy…wow! At one point he even handed his mandolin to someone in the front to join in. When the show ended the band left the stage but Ritchie and Candice stayed behind for a few minutes and signed autographs at the front of the stage. I thought I would enjoy this but I was really blown away. I think this is what Ritchie was meant to do all along.

Here’s a partial set list: Cartouche / Ghost Of A Rose / All For One / The Clock Ticks On / Play Minstrel Play / Minstrel Hall / Renaissance Faire / Under A Violet Moon / Past Times With Good Company / Durch den Wald Zum Bach haus / I Still Remember / Village Of The Sand / Diamonds and Rust / Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword / Soldier Of Fortune / 16th Century Greensleeves / Fires At Midnight / Bits of Beethoven’s 9th, Burn, Self Portrait / Writing on the Wall / Rainbow Blues / Home Again / Now and Then."
review: Jim Kennedy, Los Angeles, CA

October 31st 2003. Pepsi Stage, Amsterdam.   updated Nov. 3rd

"The venue was a (fake) old theatre - obvious but not very suitable for creating the right ambiance for Ritchie and his company. Still, to my surprise it was a great concert. Although limited as a singer, Candice is getting better and better. Ritchie was in a very good mood, his playing on his white Strat was rousing . He even dared to play Smoke On The Water, a song he didn’t wanted to play any more in his Deep Purple days.

Highlights of the evening were Minstrel Hall and Diamonds and Rust. Just at the end of part one, I found my way to the front of stage. Watching Ritchie from a very short distance was an unbelievable experience. Candice was really moved by all the white roses she got from us after the song Ghost of a Rose. A great evening!
review: Johan Antonides, set list: Frank van den Broek

Cartouche / Play Minstrel Play / Minstrel Hall / Under A Violet Moon / Past Times With Good Company / Soldier Of Fortune / 16th Century Greensleeves / Diamonds And Rust / Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus / Home Again / Mr. Peagrom's Morris And Sword / The Storm / Village On The Sand / Fires At Midnight / Renaissance Faire / I Still Remember / The Clock Ticks On / Ghost Of A Rose / All For One /
Difficult To Cure ~ Self Portrait / Rainbow Blues / Black Night ~ Woman From Tokyo /
Smoke On The Water / Now And Then

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