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Blackmore’s Night • The Minstrel Hall re-issues 2010

Shadow of the Moon (MHM001)

Blackmore's Night cd coverTracks, as per the 1998 UK re-issue/US release. Artwork at the rear loses the BMG logo and gains the MHM logo. The track listing is in a darker / bolder type face. CD artwork and inner rear CD tray artwork now incorporates the central section from the front cover.

Under a Violet Moon (MHM002)

Tracks as per the original UK version. Artwork on rear has the track listing done in a different font and is centralised. The production notes have been removed, and there is the MHM logo. The bands logo appears on the spine of the cover. CD artwork, bands name and album name are in a large font size, and the production notes have been removed. The track listing is again in a new font.

CD Booklet is 12 pages long and is different to the original 16 page UK version.

Fires at Midnight (MHM003)

Tracks as per original UK release, not the same as the deluxe box version. Rear cover artwork, the band logo is slightly larger with a black outline, making it more distinguishable from the fiery background. Has MHM logo.

Ghost of a Rose (MHM004)

CD artwork removes SPV logo and replaces it with MHM logo. The bands logo appears
on the spine of the cover. Track listing is same as the basic UK version, however
“Way to Mandalay” video has been added.

Words, and fine attention to detail: Kevin Dixon

The Blackmore's Night - Minstrel Hall reissues can be preordered from the dpas online store