1. House Of Pain: Not quite ripe enough yet. Still green with a few spots of yellow starting to show.
2. Sun Goes Down: Deep yellow with a few nice light brown spots. Maximum flavour and plenty of potassium.
3. Haunted: Totally green. Inedible. Not enough sun.
4. Razzle Dazzle: Totally Black. Too much sun. Unfit for consumption as is but make a nice banana bread.
5. Silver Tongue: A very nice yellow but I like 'em a bit more ripe.
6. Walk On: Size matters. Just a tad green but makes up for it by being so long.
7. Picture Of Innocence: Deep yellow/light brown spots. Like this one a lot. This one reminds me of a banana I've had in past but the words have abandoned me. PS: Lord, I miss somebody
8. I've Got Your Number: The nice firm banana that we come to expect from most of this outfit.
9. Never A Word: What an unusual shape. I think I might like it once I get past that.
10. Bananas: Best of the bunch?
11. Doing It Tonight: Still a bit green.
12. Contact Lost: A tad undersized but very nice. Again, size matters.


The preceding review was written by Ted The Greengrocer. Except that his name isn't really Ted
(it's Jon Cooney), and he probably isn't a greengrocer. He might be, we haven't asked him.
That said, he knows his 'nanas, and that's good enough for us..

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