Zagreb International Fair : Hala 5, Zagreb,Croatia.
6th December

Why? Why? Why? Why did the concert have to consist of sooo many solos??? I wonder how come they don't also let their technicians have solos during the show!!!!!

I would rather hear (and watch) the worst song from the band than the best solo!!! I got mad when I see a concert where one musician takes his place onstage and the rest go for a beer!!

So, after that introduction, let me tell you about the concert itself! It was Deep Purple's first visit Zagreb since 1991, when Joe Lynn Turner was on vocals; and the third all in (1st was way back in '75 with David Coverdale singing). The concert took place in one of the halls of the Zagreb International Fair. It was very hard to tell how many people were there because it was THE first time that a concert had aken place there! I would say there were around 6 -7,000 people. The place was completely full!

The set list was the same as in Katowice with some differences in Don's solo: he played both STAR WARS and FUR ELISE! The audience was extraordinary, I reckon most people knew all the lyrics! The band was very surprised with the welcome and the positive energy that was coming from the audience. The sound was OK. Gillan's song introductions were strange to begin with, in between the first 5 or 6 songs he was just mumbling the same story over and over. My personal highlight of the show was CONTACT LOST. At that point, the guitar sound was EXCELLENT ( it wasn't always) )and it was absolute pleasure to hear and watch this masterpiece being played LIVE! Congratulations Mr.Morse! Gillan introduced the song in memory of the people who died in Space Shuttle accident.

All in all, the audience were delighted with the show. Personally, I had a bit of problem with this concert... just a few days ago, on 28th November I was in Wroclaw, Poland at an Iron Maiden concert. And, it's very hard to be objective after THAT!

review: Sasa Jurisic

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