(Clear Air Turbulence Tour, 1977)
250mm X 220mm. 16 pages. Thick glossy paper cover, with monochrome interior (apart from colour centre pages). Each band member has his own bio page. Support act The Strapps have one page.
(Mr Universe Tour 1979)
A1 folded to A4. 16 sides. Colour one side and duo-tone. This is a fold out sheet with a typed page from each band member plus pics, and a side for each of the two support bands Samson and Speedometers. Reverse side is a large live colour poster of Gillan. Designed and published by Publicity Wise. NOTE : sold across Europe.
Around The World In 80
A4. 16 pages. Colour and mono. Two pages for each band member with colour and b/w photographs. Pages for support band The Broughtons. Page for cheap looking merchandise. Page for joining the Gillan FC in Slough from which very little was ever heard! NOTE : Although it says around the world, only March UK dates are shown on the back!

Glory Road (1980)
A4. 28 pages. Colour and mono throughout. Lots of pictures and writing from band. Colour group photo across centre with all crew and support bands. Three pages each for support bands Quartz and White Spirit. Another tatty merchandise selection. NOTE : includes Pete Frame Family Tree across two pages.

V/Artists inc GILLAN
Reading Rock 1980
A4. 72 pages. Colour and mono. Big souvenir programme with all the bands from the festival, inc pages on Gillan and Whitesnake. NOTE : 20th anniversary of festival, with 30 page looking back section inside.
European Tour 1981
A4. 16 pages. Colour and duo-tone. Two pages for each band member. Colour group photo. Two pages for support band Derringer. NOTE : sold across Europe.

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