Live In Nurnberg 1976, Possible Fault *10.12.07*

Rainbow / Live In Nurnberg 1976 T2CD0111. Disc Two. Possible fault.

Some copies of this disc have a mastering error on CD2 which may cause the between song chat at the end of track two - Still I'm Sad - to repeat the last few seconds before moving into the following song. The error has been rectified but some copies may have reached the shops. If you have a copy which has this error it can be replaced free of charge.

We have arranged for Darker Than Blue to handle this exchange for us in Europe. Send Disc 2 only (keep CD1 and the rest of the package) to: Darker Than Blue (Rainbow exchange) 74 Nethergate, Sheffield S6 6DJ, Great Britain.

Include a piece of paper with your FULL NAME and ADDRESS. A correct replacement Disc 2 will be sent out. This exchange only affects this disc, no other product is affected.

SR #9002333

2007 DPAS/Darker Than Blue.
Not to be replicated, reproduced, stored and/or distributed in any way without prior written permission