- 2nd Movement
 (vocals & bass) 

Deep Purple mk.2 lyrics
Gemini Suite Live

Second Movement

All I wish,
That I wasn't here,
Don't you know?
I've got a rotten feeling,
Of dizzy heights,
It's what they want to know,
Oh, well here I go,
Oh, what a funny show.

Take my time,
It's the odds that count,
Who am I?
What a silly sound,
Hold my breath,
Talk of sudden death,
Rhyme and reason must prevail,
I need a glass of ale.

Still I've a got a feeling now,
No need for me to tell you how,
It's kind of easy now,
Woh-oh like rock'n'roll.

Boogaloo and now I feel alright,
It's funky and it's out of sight,
Feeling good, feeling right,
It's gonna be alright.

Now I know where I'm going,
Now I know where it's at,
Can I treat you alone?

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