Jon Lord & Paul Mann

Jon Lord & Paul Mann radio interview,
presented and produced by Charlotte Wilson
and first broadcast on
December 22nd 2006 on 'Upbeat',
Radio New Zealand Concert, a network of Radio New Zealand.

- Part One: Jon discusses rock and classical music (streaming mp3, 4 minutes)

- Part Two: Jon on why he left Deep Purple (streaming mp3, 3 minutes)

- Part Three: Jon talks about resurrecting the Concerto (streaming mp3, 4 minutes)

- Part Four: Paul Mann talks about Jon's music
(streaming mp3, 10 minutes)

- Part Five: Jon talks about Boom Of The Tingling Strings (streaming mp3, 5 minutes)

- Part Six: Jon talks about Disguises (streaming mp3, 7 minutes)

With thanks to Paul Mann and Charlotte Wilson.
The material is Radio New Zealand, and is used with permission.
Thanks to Miles Rogers.


2007 DPAS/Darker Than Blue.
Not to be replicated, reproduced, stored and/or distributed in any way without prior written permission