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All photographs © Asa Spriggs

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These pictures were taken at the Newport Centre, Newport, Wales, on 7th December 2011, a show described by Asa Spriggs as "awesome". Steve Morgan however viewed the show differently:

"Hadn't seen them for 25 years and was fully prepared to make allowances for the ravages of time. I didn't know the first half a dozen songs and waited patiently for old favourites, but was disappointed with weak attempts at Fool For Your Loving and Here I Go Again. I felt suicidal by the end of a full half hour of tuneless guitar and drum solos which, although the drummer was an entertainer, was not what the audience was there for. Coverdale still has stage presence but has lost most of his vocal prowess. Had to leave before the end, it was that bad, and definitely won't go again."


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